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Benson: Bears "know they made a mistake [releasing me]"

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill.--The Bears will get to see two members of their lost draft class from 2005 this season, starting with Kyle Orton in 26 days when they travel to Denver for the Cutler Bowl in the third preseason game. With NBC's ``Sunday Night Football'' crew handling the game, it's sure to get plenty of hype in the coming weeks.

Orton was the lone remaining member of the 2005 class until he was traded with a bounty of draft picks for Cutler on April 2. Five of the six players from that draft remain in the league, but the Bears are scheduled to see only one of them, and that person probably has the date circled on the calendar. Running back Cedric Benson will face his former team in Week 7 when the Bears head to Cincinnati. Benson is locked in as the Bengals' starting running back after signing a $7 million, two-year contract in the offseason. Cincinnati signed him off the discard pile in Week 5 last year after injuries ravaged its backfield, and the former No. 4 overall pick was thrown into the mix immediately.

He finished with career highs in carries (214) and yards (747) in two-thirds of the season and without the benefit of much of a passing game as Carson Palmer was injured. Benson cemented his future in the Queen City by rushing for 355 yards on 84 attempts in the final three games. Granted, two of those contests were against the 28th-ranked run defense (Cleveland) and the 30th-ranked run defense (Kansas City).

"I'm sure they know they made a mistake [releasing me]," Benson told me on Monday for the National Football Post, "after the way I finished last season. But I'm not worried about them. It's in the past and I've moved on. I had a career-high in touches and yards in a little more than half a season, more than I ever had in Chicago. That tells you the story right there."

There remains no love lost between Benson and ex-Bear Thomas Jones. The pair combined for 1,857 rushing yards during 2006 en route to the Super Bowl, the same season that Jones once slugged Benson in practice. It was Jones who got into an on-field tussle Monday in Jets' camp.

"Typical," Benson said. "That's the kind of guy he is. I don't pay attention to what is going on in his world."

Benson vows he's moved on, though, and certainly he's escaped the expectations that were held for him here. He turned into a colossal failure for general manager Jerry Angelo as Benson made off with nearly $13.8 million for his three seasons.

"I think the only person that wanted me there was Lovie [Smith],'' Benson said. "The Bengals sure hit the jackpot.''

*** The Bears will get going at 3 p.m. today. We'll monitor the situation at left guard where Josh Beekman has been getting all of the first team reps, and take a look for some other developments.

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You know, a part of me wants to see Cedric succeed. First of all, I was a fan of bringing somebody in with a higher ceiling than Thomas Jones. Second, I'd like to believe that running backs are generally an easier position to scout coming out of college, and that there was simply no way that the Bears' talent scouts and management misjudged Benson's physical capabilities so badly. He could fulfill the role of a Rudi Johnson fairly easily in Cincy I believe, I'm not sure Rudi averaged over 4 yards per carry in any of his good seasons while on the Bengals, which is about where Benson probably will be.

dear cedric~

forgive me if i dont lose sleep over your absence from our roster. before you we had a running back with the capacity to run for 1300 yds and catch 50 balls for 400-500 more.

we got rid of him so we could begin your brilliant tenure. in the period of time where you led the bears ever so fearlessly, i think you smoked more blunts than the low number of yards you ran for. during your years with the bears you managed to holdout of training camp, cause a locker room rift, get injured, and you even added an arrest for drunken boating for all of our entertainment. the one thing you never did was actually produce on the field.

fast forward to 2008, we get rid of the magnificent one, and magically, we have a running back capable of going for 1300 and catching 60 balls in his rookie season. Interestingly, during this span, the bears operated with virtually the same offensive line (with the exception of beekman and st clair last year).

oh the agony. cedric benson, ladies and gentlemen! the only player in nfl history who can set a franchise back by 4 years (we picked this moron 4th overall?!?!?!?!?) yet still boldly claim that their mistake was not drafting him in the first place, rather, it was releasing him.

"The Bengals sure hit the jackpot."

Hahahaha!! Oh, we'll see, we'll see. Especially now that
he got paid. That's usually the time for Mr. 2.25 Yards Per Carry to take a Benson boating vacation.

A classless comment from a classless guy. It was Angelo who gave Benson a positive review when the Bengals came calling about his attitude and performance. He will never be the player that Forte is, or the professional that T. Jones is. Period.

Interesting that Cedric feels the BEARS made the mistake! How short does a players memory have to be, when I see no where in the article he owns up to his part in being cut from the team. He was the one who got arrested, the BEARS backed him not once but twice....Yes, he and TJ had issues co-existing, but we got rid of TJ to give him the job before he got in trouble again and then cut loose...I'm glad to see the kid has gotten himself on the right track, but feel that he should have nothing but praise for the organization who drafted him, stood by him when he was in trouble, and ultimately let him go so he could get a fresh start time he opens his mouth up to say something negative about his BEAR experience, some one should shove a fist right in it!.....Go BEARS...

Yah know, I was big on Benson coming into the organization. I also thought the tandem of Jones and Benson would be something to watch over the years. I am certainly looking forward to the Forte/Jones show for the next few seasons, yes seasons. Kevin Jones should remain a Chicago Bear and will shadow Matt Forte very well. Cedric Benson turned out to be a flop, this was brought to his attention his last year with us as a crap or get off the pot. Who remembers that Seattle game where he FINALLY broke a 40 or so yard run...seemed to take forever for him to get the TD. He never was able to produce the way we all thought he could. Cedric never did it the right way to make a home for himself here the way he handled himself, how he treated his teammates and how he treated Thomas Jones. I was also very big on Thomas Jones, never release a leader. Thomas was that, but this never would have worked out with Forte either. Thomas would not have wanted to give up his spot. Cedric never tried to earn respect, he bad mouthed his way into a situation to where the bears defense LET HIM HAVE IT at one of the practices. Cedric, I wish you nothing but the best. You have found your home with the Bungles. But, we, the Chicago Bears, gave you 3 years in which you couldnt do it. That was more then enough time. Do not knock us, as we play you week 7. This defense will be a fine running/well coached team. You will not gain more then 30 yds on us. Best of luck, your going to need it. BEAR DOWN!!

Yes, Bears made a mistake but in signing Benson, not releasing him. Guy has absolutely no vision, he was diving when gap was opening. Many times. He was able to get through the D in college just based on his power, but not in the pros. Good riddance.

I hope that Benson never runs into Jones in a dark alley. For Benson's sake.

Dear Cedric,

Being the 4th overall pick coming from a school like Texas we expected big things out of you. The only big things we got were your head and your swollen injuries every other game. You do however have an uncanny ability to get arrested more times than a drug addict within a months time. You probably are correct that we are going to regret releasing you, and in all honesty we should, because we should have done that a year earlier and kept TJ to run the ball, stay on the field, and stay out of jail. I only wish he would have hit you a little harder to knock some sense into, but apparently it just made you even more stupid. I wish you luck in your new adventure in Cincy as they appear to be the only team in the league who puts bail money into their contract language, and for that part alone you should be THRILLED! Good luck on another 6-9 season, 3 arrests, a year suspension, and 2 injuries.

"The Bengals sure hit the jackpot."

that is your early season leader for "Quote of the Year".

have to agree a couple of posts earlier. all Thomas Jones did was come in every season in incredible shape, lead the offense, and make the team better. his performances vs. the Ravens in 2005 and Saints in 2006 are some of the best games I have seen a Bear play (i was too young for Walter)

Benson NEVER became a reliable pass blocker, and didn't seem interested in fixing that. i never liked the pick at #4, and thought it was indefensible for Angelo to basically give away TJ to accommodate the higher salaried player. talent and dedication did not win out, and cost the Bears the 2007 season.

finally - TJ should do better with getting along with his teammates if it is true he got in a fight recently, but it also shows how passionate he is about the game. can anyone say that for Cedric?

the best thing Cedric Benson did for the Bears was forcing the team to cut him and leading to the Matt Forte pick

"Benson vows he's moved on, though, and certainly he's escaped the expectations that were held for him here."

He vows he's moved on yet he made a statement specifically directed at the bears about how big of a mistake they made over a year ago and he calls out a former teammate who he didnt like 4-5 years ago, who was a locker room leader for the bears and whose teammates adored him.

As for the expectations that were held for him here, wouldn't benson have been a failure if he was a 3rd round pick, and all we could have hoped for was a player who was not a clubhouse cancer, stayed out of jail, rushed for 3.7 yards a carry, and lasted four years on our roster?

benson was a loser then and its still apparent that he hasnt matured past the ameteur level that we had to endure here for years.


I need the season to start NOW....

This idiotic fool stole money from the Bears. I blame Angelo for this complete and utter WASTE OF MONEY. He has the nerve to talk now? Forte did more in his one season than this goof has done in his whole career. Thomas Jones has more heart than in his eyelids than this fraud has in whole body. This fool is a fraud and I hope someone takes him out when we play the Bengals.

Cedric you're a fraud.


Well they do say marijuana is a gateway drug. It's quite apparent Benson has moved on to crack. I took the liberty of fixing this for Cedric "2-yards and a cloud of bust" Benson:

"I'm sure they know they made a mistake drafting me," Benson told me on Monday for the National Football Post, "after the way I finished every season in Chicago. But I'm not worried about them until later this season when I'm sure I'll fold like a cheap card table like in the Super Bowl. It's in the past and I've moved to another city but still can't STFU about it. I had a career-high in touches and yards in a little more than half a season, more than I ever had in Chicago. That tells you the story right there. I needed more money for drugs so I had to put together a career high against bottom-feeding teams ... YAY ME! Now I can go back to picking up my paycheck with a gun and a mask!"

"I think the only person that wanted me there was nobody in their right farking mind'' Benson said. "I sure hit the jackpot when I found a desperate ass team in dire need of a piece of crap head case with no desire to throw more money at me. I ROCK!''

What a complete tool. I agree with the posters who predict more of the same old same old Benson now that he was paid. I do agree with him that Jones was part of the problem too. I would much rather have Forte than either one of them.

Kinda sad really.

Want to know why a relatively known commodity like Cutler is worth two unknown first rounders, and then some? This is why.

Can't wait to watch Benson and Bobby Wade in the Pro Bowl.


I need the season to start NOW....

This idiotic fool stole money from the Bears. I blame Angelo for this complete and utter WASTE OF MONEY. He has the nerve to talk now? Forte did more in his one season than this goof has done in his whole career. Thomas Jones has more heart than in his eyelids than this fraud has in whole body. This fool is a fraud and I hope someone takes him out when we play the Bengals.

Cedric you're a fraud.


The only mistake the Bears ever made with Benson is drafting him!!

Stop with the Dear Cedric posts! Its sooo effin lame. Go Bears!

There was nothing wrong with Cedric Benson that a little coaching
couldn't have cured.
Ever since he was stood up on the five yard line and had his foot
bent 90 degrees he started running with a pronounced body lean, trying to take all his hits up high and protect his ankle.
If he is physically and mentally over the injury no reason he can't
average at least 4 yards a carry.
Thomas Jones was real good at running straight ahead, thru big holes
and going down on first contact.Just watch the tape.

Really?? has anyone thought about who we missed out on by picking this worthless piece of crap???

Antrel Rolle Would have been a great option at safety
Carlos Rogers Very good cb
DeMarcus Ware Can you imagine Urlacher, Briggs and Ware?
Shawne Merriman Ditto!
Jammal Brown How about bookend tackles Brown and Williams?
Thomas Davis Safety or LB
Derrick Johnson Solid LB
Alex Barron Solid tackle
Marcus Spears Good enough that the boys let Canty go
Mark Clayton- Could have had our Marks brothers; Clayton and Bradley
Fabian Washington
Aaron Rodgers Could have killed two birds with one stone
Jason Campbell
Chris Spencer
Roddy White True no. 1 receiver
Luis Castillo
Marlin Jackson
Heath Miller Solid TE
Logan Mankins

How many pro bowls has this group accumulated? just one would be more than the pro bowls the GREAT Cedric Benson has and will EVER have. Why would any reporter waste their time on this air head.

I love Jay Cutler, but if we had drafted Arodg we would have saved the draft picks and had a pro bowl caliber quarterback while ripping the Pack all at the same time.

MOMMMYY! MOMMMMY! thats what benson was heard crying after he was hancuffed and what he'll be crying after pisa whatshisname hits him for a loss, but, to be fair, turner does deserve an assist in this bust with all them five to eight yard pitches into the backfeild. Benson had to run five yards just to get to the line of scrimmage.

Well about the only time I have ever read a 100% consensus on the CST Bears blog is when it is about CB which stands for (Complete Bust) Cedric Benson.

I can't wait to see CB (complete bust) strap em on to play the Bears this year, lets see how he does? I think a few of the Bears D players Urlacher, Mike Brown and others did not take too kindly to CB (complete bust) when he was a Bear. Remember when they took him out during one preseason practice?

Soon it will be time to take him out again.

Dear Da Church of Da Coach.

That was the funniest sh*t I've ever read. Seriously man. You've been on fire this week.

Dear Ced,

The only thing bigger than your ego is your bong. We all knew you were a p*ssy when you cried on draft day. I guess you were excited that you could afford as much crack as you wanted for the next several years. Good riddance *ssh*le!

real NICE! story on Da Bears

and guys, let your `I'm the greatest, I never ever did nothing wrong' attitudes go to someone that believes you! Ced, made a mistake, he will rebound and have a very good year, I feel he would have had a solid year last year here. - Sure we shoulda kept Jones, stupid as the Harris trade..duh. But don't blame Ced for JA drafting him that high, what? did you expect him to say no. I don't deserve to be 4th? We shoulda kept Jones period. Ced was not wanted by the other players and Jones was. and as far as the boat thing.....dudes, how many MEN would not do that? cmon be for real! Ced is still in football and he could have given up - but he didn't - so don't knock a man thats trying. Remember Stan our Tackle of the future? Some guys don't even try, at least Ced is trying.

and NM - Who the F r u? that u have to bring some stupid comment about drugs into the conversation? Keep it real,.....

guess it's not a consensus is it? cause Im man enough to admit I have made mistakes, and fought through them - and it would seem most of the punks on this site are not that.

Rrriiiigghhttt. Because, after drafting Forte, the Bears are clearly still lamenting letting Cedric go.


That's rich. Pretty sure they never regretted letting him go. I'm absolutely positive that, even if they did, Forte made them forget about that enormous 4th-pick-overall bust.


Thanks and glad ya like it lol


Wow, I could tell you about how wrong you are on so many levels but what does Benson's injury have to do with his inability to pass protect or learn the damn playbook?

In an article ON THIS VERY BLOG, Brad Biggs asked Benson about coaching and changing his style of running. Benson's reply was classic Ced: "Benson says you can't teach a running back how to run, ''but they definitely try.'' ... And how does he deal with that? ''In one ear and out the other,'' (Benson) said."

Yup sounds like he just needed some coaching. He also needed to learn the line of scrimmage isn't a defender and the next tackle I seem him break will be the first.

Thomas Jones went to the Pro Bowl last season; Cedric Benson smoked a bowl and then gave this interview. Huge difference.

Benson is garbage. I remember when the Bears played the Raiders, the next day the paper quoted the Oakland announcers (one of them Tom Flores), "Benson looks like he's running in slow motion." He always looked slow, the team for the most part didn't like him, he was hurt at least twice and he ripped the Bears off for 17 million dollars. It's not like they can't afford it, but it'll always look bad on Angelo's resume'.

Dear "anonymous",

You know it's hard to take someone really seriously when they call out a regular poster like NM with "Who the F r u?" ...

".....dudes, how many MEN would not do that? cmon be for real! Ced is still in football and he could have given up - but he didn't - so don't knock a man thats trying. Remember Stan our Tackle of the future? Some guys don't even try, at least Ced is trying."

Lots of men. Every single day. Men who go to work to feed their families and don't have millions in being the 4th overall pick to fall back on. Men who lose their jobs and take anything that will come their way.

WTF? Should we all give Cedric a trophy like in teeball because he's trying? Who the F r u???

If you ever want to read about athletes who deserve accolades for chasing their dream try picking up a copy of "A Few Seconds of Panic" by Stefan Fatsis, or watch "Invincible", possibly read up about guys like Eric Moulds who was considering quitting football before a certain 5'8" qb showed up in Buffalo and gave him a 2nd lease on life.

Cedric Benson is a bust who lives in his own little world. I was not knocking him for being in the NFL ... I was knocking him for being a delusional douchebag on par with the great Heath Schuler or Freddie Mitchell of the NFL variety so who the F r u crappin???

Sorry Cedric..not like we just let Walter Payton go the Bungals...It's you and your heading is getting so big that the only thing you are going to do is fall down from its weight. I'll take Matt Forte any day over your drugged up A**

Cedric, you still suck pal....

The best thing that Angelo did was cut your soft, alcoholic Arse and eat the $13 million the Bears wasted on you....

On the brighter side of things, If you hadn't been such a poor Pro we wouldn't have drafted your replacement, Matt Forte. I'll take Matt's 1715 cobined yards, 12 TD's in his break out rookie season over your wussy like 2073 combined yards, 10 TD's in (3) lowsey seasons as a Bear....

3 yards and a cloud of dust Cedric....

Go Bears !!

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Cedric should have learned while he was here. You never wake a sleeping Bear.

No one begrduges Benson trying again to make it. but why does he have to run his trap? The posters who correctly pointed out his inability to know the whole playbook and his lousy pass blocking have it right. This guy was handed the job on a silver platter and blew it and NOW spouts off. I remeber last year on a pass play a LB came free on a blitz and Forte correctly read it, stayed in to block and flipped the guy over his head. Benson would have either not read the blitz or been run over if he did happen to try and make the block. good riddance. Oh yeah, that fumble in the SB was someone else's fault too.

i cannot believe anyone (anonymous) would stick up for a guy who swindled the franchise out of millions of dollars would actually make the argument "back off because ced couldve quit but he kept trying". That is EXACTLY the point. cedric benson never put in the necessary effort to improve himself or the bears. instead, he tried to divide the locker room from the second he arrived in chicago as a prima donna #4 pick who was overpaid and overweight.

ced held out of training camp (lack of effort) for a giant rookie contract, was content to spend his big contract on weed and resultant late night taco bell binges that must have kept him carrying extra weight (lack of effort), and spent his offseasons livin t-pain's dream gettin hammered 'on a boat' (lack of effort).

forgive me if im not impressed, but in vintage benson fashion, he rushes 214 times for 747 yards (a whooping 3.4 ypc) and then crowns himself the guy who is going to come back and haunt the bears. i find it far more likely that he will take his new contract and use it as an excuse to quit trying to improve himself and just consider it validation of a career that has otherwise been an incredible failure.

Cedric is more delusional than my Grandma. And she's got Dementia!

It is what is! Benson is a Bengal and the Bears have Forte! The Benson era didn't work out for the Bears but we're better off now. Hopefully Benson will make someone a nice 8th round fantasy pickup. Forte is a keeper and Jones will soon be pushed by Shonn Green. All I know is Ced better have it strapped on when he plays the Bears! Go Bears!

Professional or world-class athletes often will have that believe-in-yourself-no-matter-what confidence in their abilities; they wouldn't be very good if they didn't. Of course, few are dumb enough to blurt it out loud, especially when your resume doesn't back it up, and especially in an interview with a respectable reporter.

Bear with me here because I happened to have the pleasure of watching the Bengals-Browns game at the end of last year when Benson gained 171 yards on 38 carries (no TDs). That was also the game in which Bengals backup QB Ryan Fitzpatrick had to attempt only 9 passes the entire game, and the futile Browns had only one offensive drive in which they were able to cross midfield on their way to being blanked. Incidentally, that was also the game in which Benson had his longest run of the season, a 46-yard run, at the end of which he fumbled and turned the ball over to the Browns; in essense, a punt. Let's do some math: (171-46)/(38-1)=3.378 yards per carry. So those are the numbers from what was widey reported as Benson's career day. I think that's just about right.

But really, good luck, Ced. Go Bears!

Well guys my dad always used this slogan when it came to "cancers" on a team that are talented and no matter how many times you try to help them they still remain bad news. He said" You can roll a turd in powdered sugar all you want but it will never become a jelly donut." How true!!! Of course he said you cant polish or shine a turd. Good luck Cedric and have fun are a real "seeman."

Hey, everyone, it's the Bengals! The Delta Tau Delta of the NFL.

"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through your pro career, son."

i hope our defense sticks it to him when we meet this year.. let pisa urlacher and briggs stuff him like a turkey that he is.. BEAR DOWN and good riddance!!


Pretty close to a consensus on CB.

What is important, is that it is quite evident that CB has not realized he has areas he needs to work on and improve.

I admire people that have experienced difficulties in life and have worked to overcome them, that does take a real strong and dedicated individual to rise back up from the boot straps.

I do not see Cedric as one that recognizes his own misgivings yet.

I hope the Bears kick his ass, maybe that will help him have the epiphany that he needs.

To me he comes across as an arrogant jerk.

Cedric- no, what it tells me is that you needed to get paid again. Money is your only motivator, and it will always be the only one. I truly expect this year you'll get injured or will be ineffective yet again.

I don't follow college ball, so I had no idea who Cedrick Benson was when the Bears drafted him. Nevertheless, I was furious. The Bears badly needed a left tackle, not a running back -- we already had Thomas Jones, who BTW is a great leader, and Adrian Peterson. Then I read an exchange between pro scouts outside the Bear organization that basically went like this: "I can't believe the Bears drafted this guy fourth." "I can't either, he's not that good." "Yeah, what the hell were they thinking." So as if it wasn't bad enough that the Bears drafted a position that they totally didn't need, they wasted the pick by drafting a guy who other scouts did not deem worthy of being such a high draft choice.

In order to be successful at this level of sports, you have to really want it. I never saw that from Benson when he was with the Bears, with a few rare exceptions on a few plays. The highlight films I saw of him on Cincinnati last season looked good, but without watching him for an entire game it's not possible to see how he actually did. I realize that Bear players didn't like him from the moment he held out, but if you're that thin skinned pro football is not the place for you. He could have earned his teammates' respect with good play and hard work, but he didn't. In conclusion, GOOD RIDDANCE!

I'm really impressed with the childish creativity behind many of your hater-insults. Let's hate Cedric Benson because he doesn't run like Payton or flex like Jones! After trading a team captain and 2 first round draft picks, I can only hope that Cutler wins the Superbowl, or at least match...Eric Kramer (expectations, right).

1) For 2 seasons, Benson was an excellent complimentary back that contributed to a top-10 running game and a Superbowl appearance.

2) As a starter, he was running behind a terribly old offensive line. Forte averaged fewer than 4 ypc.

3) Benson has never been convicted of using drugs.

4) Thomas Jones demanded the trade because he wanted to get paid. He didn't care about the team, he wanted cash. Thomas Jones was the "cancer" fighting his own teammates. If the Bears paid him, then they wouldn't have selected more talented Forte.

5) Like Louis Gates, Benson was twice arrested...for no reason (charges dropped). Whether it was racial profiling or an illegal arrest, no professional - athlete or otherwise - should lose their job after being arrested falsely. Angelo and the organization owe Benson a public apology for victimizing the victim of false arrest/racial profiling.

Irrational, hypocritical, partisan HATERS.

I, for one, will be happy for Benson when he breaks 1000 yards.

Jerry jr, your a loone !!

All because a high priced lawyer gets charges dropped doesn't mean that Benson was falsely arrested. Benson owes every season ticket holding, Chicago Bear merchandise buying, tail gater an opoligy for stealing thirteen million plus dollars from our pockets.

Louis Gates is a boob as well. If he acted like a civilized person he would'nt have been arrested in the first place. Abama even stepped back from his criticism of the police after he initialy got caught up in the whole "racial profiling" thing. For all those fools playing the race card on this issue they must not have noticed the picture of Gates in handcuffs accompanied by a Hispanic and African American officer !!! It was just a caucasion Officer and an inocent black man, yeah right !!!

According to Jerry Angelo Jr. the bears owe ced benson a public apology because we cut him after he was arrested.

Maybe we do owe him an apology; Cedric, sorry for cutting you after your second illegal arrest rooted in racial profiling. You still suck, and i could not be any less intimidated by your threats to make us regret losing you.

Thanks for the revelation Jerry Jr. You are so forward thinking.

if you are going to take THE BEARS BLOG and try turning it into a place to debate public issues and race relations, please spell our president's name correctly.

i don't think this is asking too much, he is only one of the 10 most famous and recognizable people on the planet, right behind Da Church of Da Coach.

A-O, whatever it is. Me thinks it was Jerry Jr. who drew first blood dubs.

Maybe he i a jerk, I don't know, but I would have been on that Boat! and JA is the one that screwed up drafting him when we had a competent back, and then let Jones get away. So I do not blame Ced at all, Jones/Ced were a great tandem, but who would you let go??? Jones?? No way. But he is still trying to make it and I have seen alot of jerks that don't even try, are out of the league, and maybe he will make it, we will see, but for fans to blame Ced is crazy, when we had our RB right there all the time. Then we had a great tandem right there - then nothing nada. But I feel Ced would have been fine if we had not released him - but it's fate as we got Forte, I believe in fate - but my point is Ced could hav egiven up but he did not.

I agree Jones `asked' for a trade, but still, if I am JA, I trade Ced, or keep them both as they were good together, we didn't do much w/o both of them in the SB. But I keep Jones anyways. Trade? right. Sit or Play

I'm impressed. He's a comedian and a crappy runningback.



Cedric proved everyone wrong. I think it's very funny that he was not even tried for the boating or dwi case - yet NO ONE mentions this. He was not found innocent because there was never even a trial. They HAD NO EVIDENCE - coupled with the fact that the defense could actually prove the cop was racist. The grand jury found that there was not even enough evidence to indict him!!!! It is pretty easy to get that minimal amount of evidence. The officer that assaulted him was actually released from the Leander force for racist acts against civilans! COME ON PEOPLE - try and read a little bit before forming such diffinitive opinions. As for the DWI - he was stopped by a cop on a bike who was faced the other direction. And I'll tell you from listening to his testimony, he's about as hillbilly as they come. He said all summer he would be #1. Every single day he reiterated he was going to the pro bowl this year no matter what. There was not a morning that he did not work out - all morning. He ran up and down huge hills everyday for hours. There was not a day that he did not stick to his gluten free/no yeast diet. (No YEAST=NO BEER....just a side note..) But he was doing that the summer the bears let him go as well. He wanted to do well in Chicago so bad that he had an entire body scan to determine what foods would put him at his optimal body weight, what foods he had minor allegries to etc. He put a lot of effort into the summer he was released. He is the best Texas high school football player of all time - 3 state championships at midland. The Bears made a mistake that they will feel on OCTOBER 25. I can gaurantee this is the one game he has been waiting for all year. He is hungry!

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