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Bears makes first cuts to get to 75

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A day before first cuts were due, the Bears got down to 75 players by making four moves.

Defensive tackle Dusty Dvoracek was waived/injured. Wide receiver John Broussard, punter Richmond McGee and long snapper J.J. Milan were placed on waivers. McGee performed well during training camp but wasn't going to unseat veteran Brad Maynard.

Final cuts to 53 are due on Saturday. Teams can begin establishing an eight-man practice squad on Sunday.

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It will be interesting to see who gets cut out of the WR's and LB's on Saturday. I hope DA and BR make the squad as WR's!

Brad, what is the technical difference between cut and waived injured? Does it make any difference in the player's future relationship with the team or another team's ability to claim him? Just curious. Thanks!

Who will remain after Saturday should be interesting. I think the wide receiver choices are the toughest,and what to do about running backs a close second. Adrian P. looked very good on offense and on special teams as well, which complicates things, for me at least. I thought he was probably going to be the one left out but now I'm not so sure. In any case, I will be keeping close tabs on who remains when it's all decided.


I posted two lists on my blog about it. The first was made before camp and the second was done today. Some highlights:

Had Dvoracek gone on both. Even without the injury.

Have Rashied Davis, Michael Gaines, and Brett Basenez gone.

In today's I have Hunter Hillenmeyer out but Malast and McClover in. After really second-guessing myself I think Hillenmeyer makes it with Bears keeping 7 LBs, so that doesn't bode well for one of those two.

Freeman is gone, maybe make the practice squad.

There will be more of those 4th and 1 runs that we all love this season because Jason McKie will be back.

I just don't see where Wolfe is better for the Bears than AP? At WR I keep BR and DA over Rashied Davis, that guy should never play WR for the Bears again with all of these guys in front of him.

Adrian Peterson looked better than Kevin Jones. They should give AP a chance.

A few of my own tidbits from the game....

1. We need to keep Peterson and cut Wolfe. Adrian can still get it done and just looks better than Wolfe. Also, Wolfe trying to go up the middle weighing maybe 170, what a waste of a play. They also want to come up with plays for Wolfe. Why take out our best player in Forte and Jones has also been looking nice.

2. This actually should be #1. Trumain McBride SUCKS. Can't cover, can't tackle, can't play. Please make and call and pick up Chris McCallister to add some veteran depth. If Tillman and Bowman get/stay injured our secondary is weak. Only 1 worth anything is Graham.\

3. How about Cutler? Thank you d-bag Mcdaniels and the donkey crew up there at mile high. We have known too many mediocre QB's here in Chicago. WE finally have 1. What a season this is going to be.


My bold final cut prediction.......Kevin Jones, gone!! He does no good to us on special teams. We keep only three RB's and four TE's.....stay tuned!!!! Poor Orton............

NeckBeardSucks, common man it's over, I think it's time to let the Orton hate go. He is not on the team and it was not his fault the Bears drafted him or started him. He's a mediocre QB on another team who has never said a bad word about the Bears. We have Cutler now, so lets not go acting like no class Bronco fans for the rest of the year. Even though the whole paper cut on the finger is just begging for me to hammer him, I am letting it go. Good luck to a guy who at least worked hard while he was here and made no waves for the team. He is not Benson, Johnson or Lloyd.

OMG Dusty, I can't believe it. I can't believe it took this long to cut him.

Hey Brad anyone good get cut yet? Anyone we could use on the Bears, a Safety or a WR perhaps. Common miracle, I get the feeling we will know by next week what is going to happen to Marshall.

I wonder why they even have these initial 5-man cuts a week before the others ones? I mean, "Just 5?" and "Just a week before the others?"

I agree with Creighton about Orton and would add the same for Grossman. Neither of these guys ever did anything to deserve the hatred of Bear fans. They weren't very good, though Orton could be good enough if given the right talent around him, but that's not their fault. Neither caused any trouble for the Bears by complaining about not starting, both worked hard as backups, and both were team players. If you're angry that the Bears have stuck everyone with bad to average-at-best QBs, take it out on the front office, not the players. I'm still angry and embarrassed about the booing of Grossman in a preseason practice last season, in preseason, and when he had to fill in for an injured Orton. Saying that the Bears need to do better than Orton is one thing, but to spew hatred of him constantly is really lame.

I think they have the first wave of cuts to allow teams to cut obvious guys (like DD) and for older vets that they respect to give them a little more time to find another team.

I don't see why people want AP and R. Davis gone so badly.

In case people forgot, special teams is a very important part of this team's success, and both are excellent at what they do on special teams.

Personally, i'm sick of the little boy experiment with Wolfe. He is not better on special teams than AP, and is worthless on offense.

And there is no way I keep Rideau over Davis. Rideau is another guy. He's had years to demonstrate he's better than Davis, and has failed every time.

Davis may not be a starter, but he is certainly good enough to be the No. 4 reciever on this team.

But if they go out and get a vet like Deion Branch, they can get rid of both of them.

Bite me all you fair weather fans!!!!!....Orton SUCKS and you all know it!!!'re all nicey-nicey now that he is gone but if he was still here you'd boo him just like Rex!!!!!...LOSERS!!!!!!!


By NeckBeardSucks on September 1, 2009 11:47 AM
"Bite me all you fair weather fans!!!!!....Orton SUCKS and you all know it!!!'re all nicey-nicey now that he is gone but if he was still here you'd boo him just like Rex!!!!!...LOSERS!!!!!!!"

Look you little punk I have been nice to you up to this point, but you are pushing your luck. You where not close to being the first person on this board who wanted Orton gone. He is now gone. Don't give me that fair weather garbage either, hating on Orton has nothing to do with Bears anymore. The fact that you can't let it go is your own messed up issue. What are you going to do, hate on Orton for making a bad play for the Broncos? Are you a Bronco fan now? You must be, be a Bronco fan cause you are all upset about Orton. The way I see you got a choice to make, you can either go over to the Denver Post and blog your brains out about Orton, or stay here and talk Bear football. But as of right now we don't see Orton or the Broncos again, which means there is not much to say about him. In fact what dose Orton have to do with Bears cuts, he is not on the team. Get over it, before you end up under it. Wasting your life talking about a none issue. He has no effect on your life anymore.

i agree about kevin jones AP looked stronger and bullish when running and for his job perhaps.. cut jones loose and see about getting a power runner to compliment forte.. wolfe too has to go.. see whats available on waivers to see whose worth a look.. also basanez BUH BYE!!!!

ahhh....tathts right neckbeardsucks! why is their so much hate in youtr heart my son? why cant you be a good posative ,man like myself? my mommy says taht if you cant say anything nice then dont say anything at all. ans i now you loosers are thinking well gee Crap-ton you bash people all teh time. from angelo to steltz to wolfe to tommy harris to kevin payne....

yes but feelas itsd all ok wehn i do it sense these guys are on the bears ans this is a bears blog. ans i now you loosers are thinking well you also bash guys like orton, grosman, benson, lloyd...ans their no longer bears.

oh ans you also talk about how great the packers are ans how much you love their 3-4 defense so much. are you a packers fan? maybe you should go root for theM??

ans i say...uhhh...uhhh....

but you guys now me old crap-ton just trying to be poastive....

p.s. "I will be outside soilder field in a hot pink panties that say spank me." so bring teh family! ans tell them old crap-ton sent ya!@

Creighton........Lighten up, Francis!!!!!

As for the skill positions here are the guys I would cut.

RB: Wolfe (he hasn't shown anything worthy of keeping over AP)
WR: Iglesias (sorry 3rd round pick -- I would have picked Knox over you anyway. if JI can somehow fall thru to the practice squad then fine. otherwise, no big loss.)
TE: Gaines (i don't have anything against Gaines but we already have three TE's and four is just too many on an NFL roster.)
QB: Basanez (if Cutler and Haine go down we're better off with Hester under center then this dude. does Northwestern still have a football team?)

Oh, yea, and before you cut these guys ask the Broncos if they'll swap Brandon Marshall for the lot. Poor Broncos :(

I agree with the cutting of Wolfe...just too lite in the pants i've seen enough of what he cant do.

WR....yeah the JI the third rounder has shown anything to me...Great college slot but not ready for the teams plans...Practice squad if he is lucky...okay and i sort of agree about Davis only for the special teams but, BR has bigger play potential so Davis thanks for the memories

TE...yeah Gaines didnt make sense to me anyways

QB....hmmm Tampa got one to throw to us...cause that Bas kid Sucks the diary there Marcus Freeman...but say hello to the practice squad.

Hey NeckBeard, why don't you try growing up and acting like a mature adult for once. It's time to let all the hate for Orton go.

I wanted Rexy to play QB for us last year over Orton, but still tried to support him when he won the starting job. I'm not a fan of Orton, but do understand is a smart QB that makes good decisions. He just has NO mechanics. That is why Matt Forte lead the Bears with 63 catches last year, Orton can't throw down field.

BTW, does anyone here actually think that Orton was a Pro Bowl QB during the first half of last year? Hell NO, is the correct answer to that. I'm getting tired of those idiots at ESPN saying that shit.

Anyways, I could carry on about the Bears loss against the Falcons last year, but would be a moron to do that. It's a new year and time to forget about what happened in 2008. So you fu%king idiot NeckBeard, it's time to get a life and think about 2009.

Hey ( neckbeard )

Grow a pair and move out of your parents basement already !!!!!!!!!!!

Neck Beard Sucks,

Let me sum this up for ya. Orton did a alright job as a QB. Pro Bowler? No by no means was he. He was a steady QB with a strong arm from 1-30 yards. Rocket Arm? No by no means was he.

But what he(Orton) did do well was impress McNugget. Impressed him enough to reject the Skins offer for 2 first rounds 3rd round and Cambell and took the Bears 2 first rounds Orton and a 3rd round.
So as much as you NBS want to bash on Orton we was the final peice in getting Cutler!

So the Sum up. No Orton No trade. We would have seen Cutler in a Skins uni.

Roger, I agree with you on all of them except Iglesias. I really like how he came along in camp and think he will excel next year.

However, like a lot of rookies, Iglesias still has to learn the playbook, routes and the speed of the NFL. That's going to slow down a lot of rookies. The same goes for our 1st pick Jarron Gilbert. In fact the only rookie that will make any kind of impact this year will be the 6th round pick from Oregon State Al Afalava and that could be mostly because of injuries.

Oh yeah Roger, I wouldn't be asking the Broncos for Marshall. Do you really want that on the team. Hell no!!!

Cut Wolfe? The guy led the team in special teams tackles last year even though he missed a few games. I say keep Wolfe.

I'm glad AP impressed so many people running through 3rd stringers, but his niche was supposed to be STs and Wolfe seems to have surpassed him in that role. AP's worried me lately on STs. He had that 15yd penalty against Green Bay last year, totally unecessary, which could have cost us the game. And what was up with that headlock he put on the return man at Invesco Field?

Also, what's up with all the hate for NBS? He's just telling it like it is. I mean, has anyone seen Orton play this preseason? He does suck! Four picks to one TD, c'mon!

And to think how after the high scoring Vikes game (where STs scored two TDs) some in the Chicago media were screaming that Angelo sign Orton ASAP to a long term extension. Man oh man would that ever have been the wrong move.

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