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Bears announce Dvoracek to have exploratory surgery on Friday

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The Bears announced that Dusty Dvoracek will undergo arthroscopic surgery on Friday in an effort to determine with exactly is wrong with his right knee.

The defensive tackle was injured in the third quarter of Saturday's preseason victory over the New York Giants, and the Sun-Times reported that a source said he will miss the season with a torn ACL. Dvoracek disputed that report. All the Bears have acknowledged to this point is that Dvoracek has a sprained MCL, the type of injury that rarely requires surgery.

"Dvoracek has been diagnosed with a sprained MCL, but he may also have suffered a torn ACL. If that's indeed the case, it will be repaired during the procedure by team doctors Gordon Nuber and Mark Bowen, and cause Dvoracek to miss the entire season. If his ACL is intact, he will be available to play in 2009."

Dvoracek has landed on season ending injured reserve in each of his three previous seasons. The third-round pick from Oklahoma in 2006 has appeared in just 13 regular-season games.

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Hope the news allows Dusty to come back soon. Certainly the Bears need clarity before cutdown next week. Lets hope Dusty and the Bears get good news.

I think it's time to put Dvoracek on the shelf and call his career with the Bears over.

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Who cares? This guy will have zero impact on this season as he has had the previous three. Time to cut him loose. Dusty I hope you have a skill other than getting hurt because you won't be playing in the NFL any longer.

I love the guy as a player and have no reason to doubt the facts in this story. It just seems likely that at the end of the day we will find out that Dusty has a sprained MCL, torn ACL and a bad case of denial.

I would love to be wrong. Wishing him well.......

I've always been a big Dusty Dvoracek fan, and I'm hoping it's just a sprain. The guy is a good player, last season before he went down he was leading all defensive linemen in tackles. Dvoracek was a very good run stuffer from his nose tackle position. But, if it is a tear, they gotta let him go.

It would be nice to have Dusty in 09, but Chicago has some pretty good talent at the nose position already in Anthony Adams and Marcus Harrison. I think Harrison is primed to have a breakout season from the nose tackle position, I've always liked Harrison for the nose position since they drafted him in 08. Anthony Adams is also a very good player at the position, Chicago should be fine at the position with or without Dusty.

Now the under tackle position is a whole different story. Hopefully Tommie Harris can get back to form, thats gonna be key. If Dvoracek is exit stage left, Chicago will have another body for the under tackle position in Matt Toeaina. Toeaina, who we last saw two seasons back, seemed to have good burst of the line and could penetrate. Hopefully the guy has improved since his rookie season, it should be interesting to find out. And I'm telling ya, I still like rookie Jarron Gilbert for the under tackle position. If I were Chicago, I'd be getting Gilbert reps at the under tackle position. But, with that being said, Tommie Harris and Isarel Idonije will get most of the reps at the three technique, so being at defensive end might be the best way for Chicago to get some kind of contribution from Gilbert this year. Gilbert played end in college, but didn't really burst onto the scene till he moved inside to tackle. And you gotta love that 22 tackles for loss he had at DT which led the nation. Again, I like him as a DT, but Chicago will probably play him at end, he could surprise at end, we'll see, it should be interesting either way GO BEARS!!

Surgeons have gone exploring for the reason Jerry Angelo wasted a third-round pick on this clownish lush with bad ink and anger management problems who played at Oklahoma, otherwise known as the University of Busts (Troy Aikman doesn't count, people...)

We all recognize the player(s) that spend 6-10-14 years in the league and herald them, and yet there are many whose careers are fairly short.

I wish this guy the best, and I'd like to see him healthy and in a Bears uniform in 2009. I think he has a true competitive heart and spirit, one that resonates here in Chicago.

He has been snake bit, I believe. Even if the Bears cut him, he'll be back, he brings that kind of spirit and attitude and those players are important, even if they aren't on the field 100% of the time. I know I wouldn't want to see him elsewhere in the NFC north

Dusty was the third DT on the depth chart this year, he should have been third last year as well.

Kevin Gilbert will probably playing swing man during the regular season. I think because they know Harris is not going to be very effective, that they had to change there plans and move Izzy back to the position. Which means they need a swing man to replace him, Gilbert fits that bill, thats why he is playing both End and Tackle in the preseason. Just look at the Depth chart and you can see how it makes sense.

DT/NT: Adams, and Harrison,
UT: Harris(who you can't rely on) after him the next guy with the most experience there is Izzy.

So while the Bears made a huge mistake trying to rely on Harris even though they new he had to have minor surgery on his knee and is not reliable to begin with and a huge injury concern to boot, thought it would be a good idea to ask Izzy to drop weight and move back to End this off season. That would be stupid move number one. Stupid move number two was not going out and getting a vet to help support your DT's knowing full well that Harris, Harrison and Dusty all have injury issues. 3rd bad move, they moved Harrison to DT knowing full well that this would leave Harris without a backup. Think about it, they put both of Tommie's backups from last year at different positions, Izzy to end and Harrison to DT. This after he told the team he was having problems with his leg. Now Dusty is hurt and Tommie has looked pretty awful, making the DT position even thinner.

Gilbert is a rookie who is both talented and very raw. No way they will make him the main guy at UT this year or even the number two guy. So they needed Izzy to move back so they know they have a vet at the position. Gilbert is going to be the swing man he will play both Kevin, he is just not fast enough to be an edge rusher in the nfl full time. They will use a 4 man rotation at end with Gilbert being the 4th man, he will see most of his work on special teams this year, unless Harris is just that bad. He will also be part of a 3 man rotation at UT. They will use a 2 man rotation at DT and Harrison will probably play both positions as well.

If you actually look at the line and line play this preseason, you can see some interesting things.

You realize that 3 out of the 4 positions on the line are either better or equal to last year, however the UT position which is the main cog of this defense is worse. I myself have no problem with a 270 UT, however I do have a problem with the way the position has been hadled this off season. This is why I go on and on about not relying on players who are major injury concerns. Cause it can really make a mess of things. It's not about cutting them, but it is about not penciling them into a spot. You cannot have a guy anchor your line if he is not healthy enough to be that anchor. All the best teams have an anchor on thier lines.

New England, Seymour
Carolina, Peppers is a perfect example, when he is good thier defense is good when he is bad thier defense is bad.
Minnesota, Kevin Williams, I know you hate him, but the guy is good
NY, I am using Strahan as the example.
PIT, Casey Hampton totally under rated
TEN, Had Haynsworth, what an anchor
CHI, Harris is not longer reliable as the anchor and Brown is a great number 2 guy but he is not a dominant player.

The Bears need an Anchor on the D-Line, it works on offense to, you need an anchor on the line actually a really good line will have two anchors. But a dominant LT is a the best place to start. A great guard or center to compliment the interior is a huge plus. We may have an anchor in Pace or Williams, but health is still a major concern again.


Nice article on Olsen our Pro Bowl TE to be :)

I always liked Dusty as well. Hope he he even stays on the team now. He sure has not been healthy enough. But with Harris not showing anything yet, we need all the DT we can. Hope Harris actually does something this year but I would like to see more Harrison/Adams as well. Adams I saw got the double team against the Giants and Harris only was singled. That says alot right there.

The defense is designed for the nose tackle to occupy 2 blockers, to give 1 on 1 matchups to the other 3 DL. If the NT is doing their job well, they will always be doubled. That is why the under tackle lines up in most cases on the outside edge of the guard, so the chance to double him is pretty limited. The nose shades the center and guard to his side, and shoots the gap at the snap, forcing both to react to him, which leaves the DE on that side 1 on 1 with the OT. The opposite side guard blocks the under tackle, and the tackle goes against the DE on his side as well. If the nose cannot force a double-team, the offensive line can give all day to the QB to throw, since there is an extra guy to help where needed on the DEs, and the pocket stays intact for the QB.

But there is no one that fears Tommie Harris right now. I watched him get pushed around pretty easily, and he was stalemated on just about every play. I am wondering how he graded well, which is what he said in an interview the other day. He sure didn't look like he was accomplishing anything around collapsing the pocket or pressuring the QB. He had better step it up, or we are in trouble on our pass rushing, and will be forced to blitz a lot more than we can afford to given the condition of our secondary.

Creighton, I agree with what your saying. But I never said anything about Gilbert ever being the primary under tackle. I just think that would be his best position, and Gilbert could develop a lot better if he were getting the bulk of his reps there.

In a perfect world, Tommie Harris would be healthy enough to be the anchor, and with Harris being back to form, Gilbert could have been the #2 under tackle. But, unfortunately, this isn't a perfect world, and Harris might not ever be the player he once was. So that is probably why Israel Idonije was moved back inside to the three technique. Personally, I think the best spot for Idonije would have been at left defensive end. If Chicago would have been able to keep him there, he probably would have developed into a pretty good left end for Chicago. Idonije is a solid under tackle, but I just think he is better suited outside. Having a player like Idonije is nice, depth wise. But being moved around so much has made it very difficult for Idonije to come on/develop at any one position. With a player like Gilbert who is raw, and with the kind of potential he has, might be better off being left at one position.

As far as Gilbert is concerned, I think Chicago just wants to check him out at different positions to see where he best fits in. In the end, Gilbert is gonna be either a left end or an under tackle. I also agree that Gilbert is raw, so it is very important Chicago decides quickly on a spot for Gilbert, that way they can work with Gilbert and develop him better being at one position. The key being at one position, Gilbert is never gonna develop into a major contributor being a utility player, i.e. Israel Idonije/Danieal Manning. My point above was I just think Gilbert is better suited inside and would develop better if he was asked to learn just one position, i.e. Earl Bennett. But, if being a utility player will get Gilbert on the field quicker, so be it, you can't beat good old game time action in helping a player better develop.

One last thing Creighton, I do disagree with you on Marcus Harrison. I think his best position will be nose tackle. In college he played a lot of under tackle, and the guy does have a good burst off the line. But he doesn't have the kind of burst you want from an NFL under tackle. Again, Harrison does have good burst, not elite, but very good, especially for a player of his size. So with Harrison's size [310-320ish] and his burst, he could become a very good nose tackle for the Bears, we'll see GO BEARS!!

Joe, your dead on with your assessment on the nose tackle position. This is why I think Marcus Harrison is gonna be such a good nose tackle. With his size 6-3 310-320lbs, on top of his burst, when he gets going, he could be a hard one to stop. And should make it easier for the rest of the line. Harrison should have a breakout season from the nose position GO BEARS!!

Kevin I never said you said Gilbert should be the primary UT. I was pointing out that they don't have depth at the position and that the coaching staff has no choice but to move Izzy back because Gilbert is a rookie. In the begining of camp Gilbert was the number 3 guy at the position, well numbers 1 and 2 are hurting leaving Gilbert as the defacto number 1 or 2, which did not fly with the staff so Izzy got moved back. The traded jobs in effect. I agree Gilbert is better suited inside as well but they don't have a choice right now because of the off season choices they made.

Kevin I never said Harrison was better at DT or UT this year. Last year I said the coaching staff would play Harrison at UT because of depth concerns. This year they moved him to DT/NT, which I said they wold last year. I said I thought with Harrison and Adams at the position that the position is better than last year. UT is the position that has gone backwards. I pointed out that moving both Harris's backup's from last year was a bad move because they never replaced them with a vet. To top it off they did that knowing that Tommie was having problems. They have really done a poor job of handaling the position is all I was saying. Even when healthy you still need one reliable backup. They left Harris with zero knowing he was unhealthy. I don't even understand why they would do that. What where they thinking? That he would play every snap?

Perect example of the problems at UT, they where trying out Melton there. I mean common, thats a stretch.

Did anyone see Goon have any sacks against the Giants??? Did we (our No.1 D) have any sacks? - I saw a pass knock down by Brown, but I really saw little hard pressure from the DT/DE - dang, can we please get a DE with some moves/strength and let Goon go finally. I saw we ran some pretty good stunts but really they were slow in getting there. Rod may know what he is doing but I am not so sure about Goon and/or our sack totals. I say let Gilbert play and I really don't care where but this no sack crap is getting very old. Noting like a good hard hit on the QB to start off the game good I always said. (always)

Kevin a & Creighton: The Bears are making an effort to get more size on the d-line, that is why Gilbert is getting a look at end. We all have languished the lack of production from anderson since his rookie season, and we have a lot of bodies to play the tackle position. with Wale in a contract year it makes sense to see what Gilbert can do at end. Good 4-man line teams have big rush ends, and the BEARS have been relatively small for years, Randy is right we may be re-building our d-line with both harrison and Gilbert to add to Brown, Izzy and Wale, plus we are waiting to see if Tommie can get back on the field.

Any word on Turrene guys, I've been out of town and have not found out why he got no playing time against the Giants last week, Burgess was on the field and I had not heard much about him other than he was a practice squad player......Go BEARS Cutler goes to Denver this week.......We already know neckbeard, we already know....

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