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A dozen random thoughts out of Giants-Bears meeting

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The offense certainly looked much better in the 17-3 victory over the New York Giants, and the Bears mounted a better pass rush but I am not sure if it was "relentless'' as Lovie Smith described it after the game. Here are some random thoughts before I re-watch the second half some time on Sunday.

1. The offense looked pretty good running a little no-huddle and that is a good way to combat a team with a strong defensive line like the Giants.

2. You would see if every now and then when you watched Denver play, but Cutler is really good on the run. Receivers are going to have to never give up on plays because they just aren't going to know what will happen.

3. Maybe more impressive than the 32-yard touchdown run by Matt Forte was the move he made to get outside to the left earlier in the drive on a 17-yard run. I wrote it last week and I will write it again, the Bears are being smart with him.

4. This was a spot where I was critical of cornerback Nathan Vasher after the Buffalo game. Need to note he made a nice open-field tackle on Ahmad Bradshaw in the second quarter, cutting the running back down low.

5. Maybe I missed it, and that is entirely possible, but didn't see as much Al Afalava this week.

6. Once again, Corey Graham looked good bringing some pressure off the edge as the nickel back. If there is a silver lining to Danieal Manning missing most of the summer it's that Lovie Smith has been able to train someone else in the position he personally coaches. Graham is hungry to get on the field any way he can and he's making himself noticed.

7. Paging Mark Anderson. Alex Brown and Adewale Ogunleye both looked good notching sacks but again Anderson was nowhere to be found. This isn't going to be so much an Anderson issue any more, it's going to be a team issue. Ogunleye and Brown cannot play every down. They need a healthy three-man rotation. Perhaps the coaches see something different on tape, but Anderson is 0-for-2 preseason games so far by my account. The Bears are going to need a complementary guy, and Israel Idonije looks pretty occupied inside right now. Is it possible general manager Jerry Angelo keeps his eyes peeled for a veteran?

8. Any questions on Frank Omiyale now? He took out Giants middle linebacker Chase Blackburn on the 32-yard Matt Forte touchdown run, showing the agility to get to the second level. Blackburn isn't the Giants' starter, but he was the player in the way of Forte and the end zone.

9. More playing time for the offense next Sunday at Denver means more chances for Devin Aromashodu and Brandon Rideau. Aromashodu made a nifty catch on a great Cutler throw for a 38-yard gain. The sample size is too small right now. Offensive coordinator Ron Turner needs to make sure he gets them ample looks next week. The question is can either do a lick on special teams?

10. It's looking more and more like Adrian Peterson will be on the outside looking in when it comes time for final roster cuts. He still runs hard though.

11. So much for a good ol' quarterback dilemma in Denver. Kyle Orton completed 18-of-26 passes for 182 yards, one touchdown and one interception at Seattle, setting him up for his first home preseason game Sunday against the Bears. Orton should have had two touchdown passes but Jabar Gaffney dropped a wide open opportunity in the end zone. Chris Simms only attempted seven passes. UPDATED: Simms was given no work with the first team, and left the field with a sprained ankle.

12. Which brings us to Cutler's thoughts on returning to Invesco Field in a game that will be broadcast on NBC's "Sunday Night Football.''

"Lot of fun,'' Cutler said. "Y'all going? It's a preseason game, obviously there's going to be a little bit of drama wrapped around it, but we just have to focus, keep moving forward as an offense and keep doing the stuff out there on the field that's going to help us in the future."

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I truly hope this game quells some of the doubts and negativity that are being expressed in disproportionate amounts. I too have my doubts, especially with certain positions, but I still feel really good about the team and this season. And Cutler is simply awesome. I've never seen a Bears QB launch the ball so accurately and so effortlessly; it almost brought tears to my eyes.

Cutler looks a lot better when he's not having to force passes to Devin Hester, and he's spreading the ball around instead.

Food for thought: Having seen highlights from the Browns game, Josh Cribbs aappears to be able to contribute as both a wideout and a return man...


On your item number 11....

From the denver post this morning....

"Broncos coach Josh McDaniels not only didn't waver in his faith in Orton following the San Francisco debacle last week, he didn't let backup quarterback Chris Simms take any first-team reps during the final week of training camp."

In addition...didn't Simms get a leg injury last night? Maybe that is why Simms only attempted seven passes.
From the denver post again...

"Backup quarterback Chris Simms limped off the field at the end of the third quarter and left the locker room after the game hobbling on crutches. He said tests revealed a sprained left ankle. "Somebody fell on it, but I'll be fine." "

There will be no QB dilemma because Simms most likely won't play the rest of preseason....and the head coach is set on Orton to be the starter by ensuring that the backup QB doesn't get any reps with the first team during the final week of training camp. don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that there is no QB dilemma just on the training camp note.

How about the truth for a change, Briggs. If I wanted to listen to a bunch of made up stories, I just need to turn on fox news.

The game was a pleasure to watch from a Bears fan's perspective. Did Hester have anything to say about the Cutler bomb that he misjudged? That's what preseason is for I guess.

What a difference a week makes. Great game by the Bears. It is amazing to see the Bears offense look like a real NFL offense. I do have a question about Garrett Wolfe's role on this team. When the Bears bring him in as a 3rd down change of pace back, they take out Forte, who is their best runner and was their best receiver last year. Instead of giving the Bears more options, inserting Wolfe would just seem to make the Bears more predictable. Whatever Wolfe can do, Forte can do better and more. I would understand it if Wolfe could be considered in the same class as Darren Sproles, but he is not and he can only be in for certain situations. If Jones is the back up and they are going to keep 3 running backs and a full back, wouldn't it make sense to get a big running back for short yardage situations, which is what Forte struggles at?

I think Hester and the Giants were stunned that Cutler could throw the ball so far. Sunday night should be fun - Da Bears!

Maybe it's just because I've been watching the Bears for so many years that my expectations of QB play are overly deflated, but I'm blown away by how good Cutler is. It makes me wonder how he was the third QB drafted on his class behind Vince Young and Lienart. He was number 11 over all, if I recall correctly. I mean, just watching him play the position with arm strength, accuracy, mobility, etc. It seems like he has the potential to be one of the top QBs of his generation, yet he was the third picked in his class. I know it's more art than science but it seems scouts would be better at projecting which college players will succeed in the NFL. I do remember watching the draft at the time after Denver picked Cutler and they were showing some film on him one of the analysts said that he believed Cutler was the most NFL ready QB of the class. I don't remember who said it, and it might have had more to do with the system at Vandy than with Cutler himself. It's really just awesome to watch. I still have trouble believing the Bears pulled off that trade. The Broncos got the steal of the 2006 draft and then the Bears stole him from them.

Now if Obama will just give Plaxico a presidential pardon if he agrees to sign with the Bears, then we'll be all set. (joking, of course.)

Actually, I was impressed with Mark Anderson's play last night. He was in the backfield a couple times, I believe he had a couple hurries, and he blew up a screen by hustling to the quarterback and forcing him to throw it into the ground.

Does anyone else picture Cliff Claven when Eric Kramer does the games? I keep waiting for him to say "It's a little known fact that football is actually a modern version of an ancient Egyption game involving cats and human skulls..."

T Dawg
I think you are right on the money when it comes to Wolfe. Why take a fantastic dual threat back out of the game, and not replace him with a guy with the potential for 1,000 yards in Kevin Jones? Wolfe brings nothing to the offense that is not already there. He is not especially elusive, certainly not adept at breaking tackles or pass blocking, and makes the Bears less unpredictable. I think Adrian Peterson has run his course in Chicago, but Wolfe does not make us a better team on offense. Keeping Forte or Jones on the field in my opinion is a better way to go.

I would be hard-pressed to believe that a pass rusher who can help us is going to show up on the waiver wire at the end of camp. Anderson has been terrible in game action so far (still need to watch last night's game to evaluate, but no sacks or pressures is still no sacks or to live in Cheeseland), but I think we will have to count on Izzy and Gilbert to be the rotation on the outside and inside.

Speaking of Cheeseland, one of the drawbacks of living here is we get a ton of Packer coverage, and I had the chance to watch them last night (can't see the Bears game until 6 tonight on NFLN). Given Capers' track record for fast turnarounds on defense, I wanted to see where they were as far as progression in the 3-4. They are a lot further along than I expected them to be, and the pressure packages he has installed are working very well. Their offense is clicking, even with the weakness on the line, and their defense is flying all over the place. A few things to note, given they were playing our opponent from last week, the Bills, so there is commonality to performance:

--If they line Raji up on Garza's side, he will be in Cutler's face all day long. He looks like he can press the pocket pretty consistently, and Garza is not a good anchor. If he plays the end, we should be able to push him past the pocket, as he doesn't show much in the way of moves, but his bull rush is pretty strong. He will likely get better as he plays more, but probably not markedly so by opening night
--Al Harris will be a weak link in the zone packages they run, but with the pressure scheme, the safeties were jumping everything. We will need to max protect and give Cutler time to let our guys get open. Even in the no-huddle, Buffalo couldn't move the ball on them. I also got to see how well press coverage does in preventing the quick slant. It wasn't open at all last night for the Bills, and Green Bay worked it consistently all night long as the Bills were playing off coverage.
--Olsen should have a huge game, as the Bills TEs were wide open all game long
--Ryan Grant looks quicker this year, making the backups in Jackson, Wynn, and Lumpkin look even more pedestrian. Grant will be an issue, but when he is on the sideline, the running game is nothing to worry about
--Brian Brohm is a flat-out bust. Matt Flynn got hurt last night, but he will be the backup again. If Rodgers goes down, this team is in trouble. Could say the same thing about Cutler though.
--Poppinga, Kampmann, and Hawk look a lot more at home than I expected. Hawk and Barnett will both struggle as teams figure out the pressure packages, but right now, Hawk is running free to the ball and racking up tackles
--The receivers for the Pack were getting separation on Buffalo's DBs like they weren't even there.
--We need to be aware of Jermichael Finley--he looks like a serious threat at TE in the passing game

I was slightly disappointed to see how far along they were on defense, because I was hoping we would have a shot at getting them before they were ready for us. But we should be able to move the ball, and once we start backing them off from the pressure, we can open up the game on them. We will need to score points, because they will be doing the same.

I agree that Wolfe brings nothing to the team other than special teams and even that isn't exactly special. Don't compare him to any of the small backs because he isn't elusive like they are and can't break a tackle. I would not look too much into this game like we shouldn't have looked too much into the last one. There are growing pains still to endure. Still, Cutler is better than anyone I've ever seen in a Bears's uniform throwing the ball. Even those preseason wunderkids never threw this impressive in a game. I know he will have some bad games and will accept that as well.

I know that they have been smart by limiting Forte, but I'd go a step further and almost completely keep him out the rest of the preseason. I see no reason to for him to take extra hits when he looked as loose and ready to go as he did against NY.

Just as I said after the Buffalo game that the absence of Forte and olsen had an effect on the O performance. As I did not get too excited about the loss I will remain optomistic about the win. We all need to remember that the pre-season is a time to evaluate the talent and weed out the weak. Go BEAR!

Angry people out there, chill. There is no conspiracy at play so relax. If you're tempted to throw bitter darts of rage, then take it easy Francis. YOU MUST CHILL.

Dang, I hope our corner play and D Line play is better than expected for the better part of the year. This could be beautiful.

Biggs, you rock the blogosphere. Thanks for a great offseason of Bears news.

I doubt anyone is gonna be yelling for a veteran receiver, at least not this week. I still think Chicago is gonna be fine at receiver with their current personnel. Speaking of Chicago's current receivers, how about that grab by Devin Aromashodu last night?! This kid could be a find, hopefully he continues to develop for Chicago.

Last week, as far as the offense, I think the biggest problem was the absence of runningback Matt Forte. Forte showed us all last night, that he could be on his way to being one of the leagues best backs. With Jay Cutler on board now, Forte should rush for around 1300-1400 this season, and have about 50 grabs as a receiver out of the backfield.

Frank Omiyale did look pretty good last night. On the teams web site, Larry Mayer said the Bears wanted Omiyale inside because they thought he had more strength than Beekman. And yes, I know Brad has been saying that all off-season also. Hopefully Omiyale will be an upgrade as far as strength, because that Raji kid in Green Bay looks like a beast. If Omiyale is an upgrade as far as strength inside, he'll help vs the Vikes also, we'll see.

Corey Graham does look good in the nickle, its good that Chicago has a chance to develop another player for the position. Manning is suppose to go back to free safety when he comes back. So Graham could remain at nickle for the rest of the season. Nickleback might be the best spot for Graham anyways.

Mark Anderson has been a major letdown, the sad thing is, if he doesn't come on, I doubt Chicago is gonna find a decent pass rusher on the free agent scrape heap after the roster cut downs either. Most teams won't cut guy's that can get to the quarterback. So Chicago has got to hope Mark Anderson can come on. Either that or Chicago is gonna have to pet Idonije back outside fulltime and let rookie Jarron Gilbert be the primary backup behind Tommie Harris.

One last thought, Chicago got the best quarterback during the off-season. Jay Cutler is probably the leagues best young gun. But I think Denver got a pretty good qb also. Orton might have struggled last week, but like Cutler, he needs some time to get use to the new system he is running in Denver, a quarterback friendly system by the way. I said it before, and I'll say it again, Kyle Orton will prove to be better than Matt Cassel, But Jay Cutler is hands down better then either one. Denver was crazy for trading him. GO BEARS!!

Hate do it but there are some things missing from your thoughts Brad.

1. It's preseason

2. It's true if you where concerned about the offense and Cutler you are just plain mental.

3. The Giants had 6 starters down for the night.

4. The Giants are a one dimensional team with the loss of both there starting recivers from last year. The Bears where strong against one dimensional teams last year, the Giants are a running team and don't have much of a passing game. The Bears are strong against the run.

5. Omiyale came free on Blackburn. But why did he come free? Because Kruetz hooked the LDT, which is the toughest block to make, Olin made play not Omiyale, all he had to do was run free to the LB. Give credit where credit is do Brad.

6. The Giants played little hurry up or no huddle, which is a weakness for the Bears.

7. Manning is so over paid.

8. Tommie Harris got pushed all over the place by a backup OG. Brown looked good, but came free a few times.

9. Hester looked bad and should not be a starter, at least 4 WR's played better than him again.

10. Orton completed a ton of passes, a ton of short dink, dunk passes. This is the Patriots offense Brad, the most high powered offense in football, he has the recievers, the TE's and the Oline, he has 1 TD and 4 picks, two picks in the endzone. Believe me there is a dilemma. Not to mention you just saw most of there offense. Denver is in trouble. The Seahawks won the game easily. He had 26 attempts in game two. They keep up all the passing and teams are going ot be sitting on it. They had 11 rushing attempts with Orton in there. As soon as SEA sat on the Pass, Denver did little.

11. Dusty is hurt again.

12. What is wrong with Lovie, why is he trying to force Hester to be something he clearly is not. Is he willing ot screw up the offense just because he refuses to admit when he is wrong.

Oh and one extra thought.

13. You never mention special teams Brad which once again looked great. It seems like Toub has the ability to make guys look good in the return game. Cause lots of guys look good returning.

It was a nice game, the offense looks really solid. We will see the secondary tested against Denver, open field tackling has to improve. Denver has a great Oline we will see how the Bears defense looks. Lucky for us they have no running game.

Joe F I talked about GB last week when they beat the Browns, you are right that defense is further along than excpected and looks pretty good. Kramer said they where the class of the North last night. I don't know about all that but coming from a Homer as big as Kramer that is saying something. It's going ot take a few real games to actually guage Both GB and CHI. This division could easily be real tought this year.


The offense looked good last night as did some of the receivers, Olson of course and Bennett seemed to get better seperation than the rest of the group. NY was banged up but still had tight coverage in many instances although Cutler's passes were perfect often placed in exactly the right spot. Also there was not any real pressure on Cutler, that changes things a whole lot.

Although as a group they (the receiver's) did look good I would not assume that the Bears would not do bettere with one good NFL veteran receiver. It may help the Bears chances of taking the hill and winning the SuperBowl, which of course is every years goal.

It might be a little premature to say all is well with the receiver's group, they certainly look better but it was again a preseason game not the real deal.

Just one top line receiver talent is the ticket. I know, easier said than done.

Have to disagree with you Creighton on the Hester thing, but not completely as Hester is one dimensional, he runs and catches :) but thats all we need if Cutler hits him for that TD. - Think about it, if Hester breaks free on that play one time every game (which he is very capable of) then the D will have to put their fastest DB on Hester and make sure they cover him deep with another body. Which free's up the dinks and dunks and Bennet and Orton. So really Hester is only needed for that run and catch ability. as I do agree he is not a true fake em out WR.

Also if the other teams dink and dunk the Bears all day and win against us - then whats fair is fair, now that hurry up, yes and Harris? d!@# did we just up his contract?? sorry but there's a few Defensive players that need to just go away. and we maybe should have kept Brown.

and finally Wolfe what a draft steal there Jerry, gee what was he a 3rd? that guy has fewer moves than Devin at WR. JA can't draft I'll give him Forte but not much else. Good thing he trades great lol

Why is everyone bashing Wolfe? You've gotta be kidding me. The kid hasnt been used right since he's been here. And the dude that said he has no moves...Seriously guy? Id love to see what games your watching, because Ive seen him play for the last 6 years and i havent seen many guys with his arsenal of moves, ask Ohio St and Michigan. He's the best special teamer we have, and the best backup running back we have as well if they would use him correctly!!! Had to defend the guy, no need to beat him up

Look out! There is a monster chomping at the bit trying to get out of it's box up in Green Bay. They look tough on all sides of the ball. Their offense is explosive, without any weak spots and the defense is dramatically improved. Given that they lost 7 games by four points or less, had significant defensive injuries and lost a couple on easy field goals, they could be big trouble. If the O line gels they may run away with the division.

Brad, did you actually watch the game? Anderson was active at DE and applied pressure on the QB several times. I'm watching the replay on the NFL Network and the announcers praised Anderson on a couple of occasions. What do you have against Anderson? Wake up and watch the action!

So, what Wolfe did in college is how we are supposed to judge him? I've watched him for 3 years and haven't seen anything to despel the notion that he isn't anything special. Use him correctly? In what capacity? We should take Forte out every other series to make Wolfe more than one dimensional? Sure they know what we're going to do when he is in. And even with Cutler in Wolfe is still a liablity. When has he avoided a tackler with the Bears? Why does it come down to IF we use him properly. That to me that is saying that we should change our offense to accommodate what he might do well- which is what again? Slip a tackle. Elude a tackler. He goes down with the first bit of contact. He doesn't make anyone miss. I've never seen it. Even the 220lb Forte will make them miss. A small guy should never play small and he does. I know that you admire him and I'm not downing him to be spiteful. It's just that he isn't that good in my opinion.

RHO1953 ???
Who on this site gives a crap about your tiny geean lawnmower? 1 of the TD's was given to you on the 5 by a blown call by the refs. I look froward to watching the Bears OVERWELM that scrub team in week 1...then we will see the real monsters of the midway chomping on something! Go BEAR!

As for Wolfe. His packages include single back with Forte out on the wing. Which leaves a group of options for Cutler. His (wolfe) Special teams play will keep on the roster alone. His speed running lanes is unmatched and he was first to the returner on several occasions. I never seen the kid play in college but I do see what he brings now. Toub lost a group of excellant ST players to other teams and needs guys like Wolfe on this team. Forte ,Jones, Wolfe and Peterson will make up the RB field with 2 being outstanding ST players.

Sorry Randy but you are wrong about Hester and the reciever position. It's not just running and catching. Any coach, QB or WR will tell you that. In fact Cutler told you that last weak. He has mentioned Hester on Radio shows as well. Hester is not Cutlers prefered target. In fact he is his least favorite target. You do realize that Cutler has taken fewer snaos with every reciever on the team than Hester yet he has better timing and chemistry with every reciever on the team. Perfect example was that 60 yard almost TD that Hester slowed up on, he can't time a ball, he reads from the childrens version of the WCO play book. He is bad, sorry man like him all you want but he is not a reciever and Cutler will treat him that way. You saw it last night, 2 rec for 14 yards. He has openly stated he likes other guys better.

Anyway just so you know I wish Hester the best, but again I tell you now he is not nor will he ever be a good reciever.

You know what thinking if the Bears really want to make the most out of having Pace and want to keep him healthy and give Williams a chance to learn LT. They should sit Pace a few games this year to rest him. The most he has started in the last three years is 14. Why not give him 3 or 4 games off this season against teams with a weak pass rush. You have an early bye week in in week 5, then yo ucan give him week 8 off against the Browns, the week 13 off against the Rams and finally week 17 off against the Lions. This will also keep Shaffer ready to go and give Williams some time at LT. It's a good move if you think in terms of playoff health, they did it during camp.

Another player that stood out vs the Giants was free safety Kevin Payne. I liked the pass breakup he had, and he seems to be getting in position better in coverage. Payne doesn't have the speed you would like in a free safety, but the guy can still play the ball. Payne led the Bears with 4 interceptions last season. Payne might be Chicago's best option at free safety, especially if Danieal Manning doesn't come back pretty soon hear.

Danieal Manning needs reps at the free safety position. Manning has the athleticism, its just the mental part of the position that has always hurt Manning. Payne on the other hand seems to have a pretty good grasp on the position. If Manning doesn't return soon, it might be a better idea to leave Payne at free safety and keep Manning at nickleback, a position he excelled at last season. But if the coaching staff feels confident in Manning, I wouldn't mind checking him out at free safety, especially with his athleticism, it should be interesting either way GO BEARS!!

"We should take Forte out every other series to make Wolfe more than one dimensional?"

No, we should take Forte out every other series so that we don't kill him. If the Bears keep using Forte the way they did last year, Forte's career will end when he finishes his rookie contract. I don't think Wolfe is as bad or one-dimensional as you think, but the key is that the Bears need to be serious about finding the right way to use him and Jones, or else Forte will be done way too soon.

I finally got to watch the game last night. I was much happier with the performance of the team as a whole, but a few things jumped out:

--Chris Williams I thought did an excellent job on Justin Tuck, who is one of the more dynamic pass rushers he will face this season. He moved well, he finished blocks, and held his own on most of the running plays.

--Bennett looks quick on the field, and definitely trusts Cutler. He will give up his body to make the catch, which we will need this season.

--Tommie looked as bad as I have ever seen him. He got pushed around by anyone and everyone.

--Tackling will be an issue for this team. Guys are trying to knock people down instead of bringing them down. They need to tighten that up

--I saw Wale use the Reggie White Club move on his sack....If he adds that to his repertoire, he could be very good this year.

--As usual, the Bears confuse me in how they use personnel. They tout Melton's athleticism from the DE position, so when it comes to game time, they put him inside. They put Gilbert outside to get all his reps at DE in meaningful time. They waste our time with Ervin Baldwin and Joe Clermond on the ends, who did nothing against scrub competition. If they are going to ask Gilbert to drop weight and become a 6'5", 270 lb. DE, then it makes sense, but they are going to need Izzy and Gilbert inside, especially now that Dusty is out for the year. At least he had the decency to take himself out before the season starts, so we can get someone some playing time before we kick off in Green Bay.

--Pace is a man when it comes to pass blocking, and he at least doesn't give up ground in the running game. That will make a big difference in Forte's production

--Olin is moving a lot better now. I wonder if he had a nagging leg thing going on from OTAs and early training camp. Unless he gets shot, you won't hear about injuries with him.

--Corey Graham is looking good off the edge. He moves well, and can close on the QB. I still think that we will need him at CB more than nickel, but that remains to be seen. We will know as Tillman and Bowman work their way back.

All in all, a dominant performance against a pretty good team. I don't count Alex, who always abuses Diehl, but as a group, the DL seemed to be a lot more aggressive. That opened huge holes in the running game, but if not for poor tackling, we would have controlled that as well. Cutler looked sharper, and seems to be getting comfortable with his wideouts. I was wondering on Hester's early game route mishap which one of them made the mis-read, but I am ok with chalking that up to developing communications. The bomb was a beautiful thing, and that will probably be the last time Hester slows down on a route....Forte looked great, Olsen looked like the player we think he will be, and Rideau, Aromashodu, and Iglesias all had their moments.

We may not be contenders, but we will hold our own for sure.

I agree sit Pace a few games, and you make a good point on Hester/Cutler timing. It should be there by now. But still he can stretch the DB
Kevin yes! Payne played really good, as good as Url played bad, did anyone else see Tino P.?? sp?? (at work hurry up typing offense :) )
hit Jacobsen and knock him down and Url bounced off Jacobsen like a rag doll? several times. Can we please ghet a return on our $$$ to Url??/ Tommie as well?

Brad - I disagree about Anderson, and I think someone else hit on it earlier.

Watching the whole game, Anderson got to the QB twice, once resulting in someone else getting the sack (Bullocks?) and the other resulting in that blown up Screen pass mentioned earlier. That's at least two QB pressures. He didn't "get the sack" but he caused a sack, and that is important. He didn't look good at Buffalo, that one is right, so I say he is 1-1.

Actually I thought Wolfe showed some good things, both inside and outside when he got a chance. Jones too. That said, there is no controversy at running back. Forte is clearly the man.

As far as AP, I've said before that he would likely be the odd man out. Even so, we have to always remember one thing about the running back position in the NFL. That is that NFL head coaches will never tolerate anybody who they fear would keep putting the ball on the ground. If Wolfe or Jones want to give Peterson some job security, they only need to keep doing that.

I dont understand why everbody thinks Wolf is better than AP, He (wolf) often puts the ball on the ground and I just dont see anything special on him, the only reason wolf has a job is because he was a 3rd round pick, and is making Jerry A. look very stupid for Picking Wolf with the 3rd round on the Draft, I hope the bears know that Wolf was a waste of Draft pick.

Joe Hester made the mis read, he did the same thing last week as well. He breaks the wrong way, you can hear Cutler screaming, no your other left.

Randy you do know that Aromashodu has 4.38 speed and is as fast as Hester:

POSITIVES: Explosive receiver with an unpolished game. Quickly releases off the line, sharp running routes and gets separation from opponents. Comes back to the ball using his frame to protect the pass and adjusts to the errant throw. Possesses a burst of speed, playing faster than his 40 time and beating opponents in a foot race. 40 Time 4.38

That was 3 years ago.

Creighton, I like your thoughts on resting Pace. But given the nature of the game where there are no sure wins, I don't think it will happen the way you describe it. If the Bears win the division and home field advantage throughout early with nothing else to prove, then maybe at the end of the season you give your starters a rest (at the risk of being rusty come playoff time), but until then the only way you can play is going 100% with the best guys you got, with rests only in the 4th quarter when you have a blowout. I read that Pace's in the best condition he's been in in a while, so let's hope he gets enough 4th quarters off this season.

Overall a good game by the first team offense the tackling on the first team defense started off horrible. They were looking to dominate by going for a knock out and looked as if they were trying to climb a greased pole. Jacobs is a big strong back and taking him on high is a waste of time as the Bears defense witnessed. I had to wait till Sunday night for the game but from what I saw it was what Lovie wanted improved play. The cornerbacks remain the big question mark for me. I don’t see the aggressiveness there at all I’d like to see more play like Cortland Finnegan who refuses to allow a receiver to move into a play uncontested. Trumaine McBride is about the same size as Finnegan and had a very poor game he missed an interception opportunity and was fortunate we don’t have Canadian football rules in giving up a pass play that was caught out of bounds at the five. Bullocks faired no better missing a potential interception on a play down the middle of the field. Had the pass been lead to the left hash mark he would have been burned for a touchdown. Secondary play has to improve with Bowman only playing 13 college games no reason to suspect he can play an entire NFL season. Tillman is the man but now with a back injury and the shoulder surgery he may be pushing his recovery time. Moore who we were told plays big demonstrated a lot of courage on kick offs but still trails in pass play coverage. Issues with ball possession affected the other two backs fumbling on the opponent’s side of the field. Wolfe’s fumble was critical because it eliminated a potential scoring opportunity. I know the conversation has been what type of role Wolfe will play in the offense and I liked his running production but he’s more north and south than a scat back and a smaller target on pass plays so there’s more evaluation needed on how to play him. Overall a good game but I’m watching the secondary after finishing 30th last year that has to be one of the most improved areas for the Bears to focus on. I didn’t get to see Woody Turenne at all yesterday would like to see how well he plays.

Big improvement, the Bears looked really good overall. The offensive line opened holes and the defensive line pressured Manning consistently, the two main areas in which I was looking for improvement. Yes it was preseason and yes New York had six starters out, but the Bears looked good nevertheless.


I agree that Hester is not yet a good receiver, but he has a lot of physical talent and still might become one. I agree with you that I'd love to give him a brain transplant, but he does seem to be improving, just very slowly when it comes to the mental aspect. I don't know if he'll ever get it, but he has too much potential for the Bears to give up on him this soon. And like Randy pointed out, if Hester only stretches the field and attracts the fastest DB, that's a big benefit right there.

I don't want to down Hester off one pass play because I would rather he misjudged it and it was overthrown than to have what happened last week. He is a work in progress. It's not like he is out there bragging and acting like T.O. so I'm not going to down him because he's learning. I don't care how much more seasoned at the moment that these other players are over him because I know that he strikes fear in DBs much more than those other guys. Basically he's the starting Wr because they couldn't pay him to just run back kicks. It was their idea and he's just going along with it. I see effort from him. I see him blocking as well as anyone. And I see him catch in traffic and run up the field after the catch. Or at least try to. He's more dangerous than anyone else catching the ball because you can not disrepect speed. I don't think he needs to be a genius to play and it will come to him more and more each game. Let's not throw darts at him like I see constantly on this blog. Now, for the last time: I don't see anything special in Wolfe. How can we utilize him better? Honestly.. How? Even if we gave him a series I wouldn't expect him to get any yards on 1st and 2nd downs. Then if they don't throw a screen pass he's not doing you any good getting lost amongst the trees on 3rd and long. Everyone knows that on 3rd down he can only hurt you by having a screen play called. And the element of surprise helps no matter who you have in there. Cutler can't look across the line of scrimmage and say they he's throwing a screen pass to Wolfe and it will work. He can't say that he's throwing a 30 yard pass to Hester thru the seams and it will work. They can guard better against everything that they know is coming. No matter who you are throwing to. Wolfe takes that away.

You are correct Wrigley, he is improving, and he is blocking, thats a key considering we seem to use him as a decoy and then run into his `area'. He may never be the Pro Bowl WR but he is good on those quick inside slants and has good hands on those type of throws. He and Cutler will do alot better now that Hester has admitted that he slowed down - I would think after all this time (they have been practicing together for awhile on their own) they would have better rapport than what they showed but Cutler was throwing on the run and they both could have done better on several plays together. For some reason Hester really does a better job of the quick slants. I do expect Hester to have a positive influence on our offense just by being a decoy and also catching a few and keeping the D honest and off Foret/Olsen.
Aromashodu - what a catch! Good hands.

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