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A couple leftovers from the first practice of training camp

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill.--Plenty of action from Fridays' first day of practice that we didn't get to in the print/online edition or in the blog previously. Let's take a look at some quotes from the day.

Lovie Smith on cornerback Zack Bowman, who made a couple plays in practice including securing a bobbled interception.

"Zack had a good offseason. I know he made a couple plays out there today, but that's what we've seen from him every time we've given him an opportunity,'' Smith said. "He's got a long ways to go. Again, all the things that happened so far, none of it's been in pads. We're anxious to see the guys in that next step. But with the opportunity Zack's had, he's made the most of it."

Our spin: Bowman has already become Corey Graham from a year ago. Graham capitalized on a good offseason and then produced when Charles Tillman missed time in training camp. The more Bowman impresses, the tougher it will become for Graham to get a look. At some point you would figure secondary coach Jon Hoke will want to get a look at him though.

Alex Brown on the first workout with new defensive line coach Rod Marinelli.

"It's tough,'' Brown said. "Sheesh. It was everything we thought it would be though. It was more upbeat than OTA's but we knew it would be that way, but we knew that coming in. It's nothing we didn't expect but what you can't really plan for is being off for a month and a week and coming back for football. You can work at it as much as you want, but it ain't the same. It was good out here. You're going to be tired on the first day."

Our spin: Marinelli looked at home back as a position coach. He drilled them hard on getting off the ball quickly and their technique, all the little things. It was impressive and worth watching if you're coming to camp.

Anthony Adams on Marcus Harrison and him being on NFI for being overweight and out of shape.

" I think he should be out there, but you have to suffer the consequences,'' Adams said. "They asked him to be at a certain weight and he wasn't, so he just has to, I mean he brought it on himself. I talk to him and encourage him because I've been in some of the same situation before and just want him to keep his head up. We're praying for him and fighting for him and he'll be out on the field as soon as you know it. I guess I kind of got the benefit of the doubt [when I was overweight] because I was new coming here and I didn't know all of the stipulations and things like that. I wasn't so far over the weight where it was unbearable and they let me get the message.''

Our spin: Harrison's teammates have been very supportive of him and hopefully when he returns he'll be more motivated to perform. General manager Jerry Angelo wasn't sure it would be only a few days for Harrison.

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Can anyone provide details regarding the infamous Marinelli "30 minutes of hell" drill? Exactly what does he put these guys through? It seems that Bears D-lineman have problems finishing plays, lots of missed tackles, no follow-up pass ruch moves. If the pass rush is fixed, the Bears will have a top-10 defense again. Exactly what was Brick Haley doing in his time here?

I hope the Bears get a look at Graham back at free safety if Bowman is doing so well, with the new rookie Moore and McBride also as backup corners.

Graham has too much talent to waste him as a backup, he could be working in at safety, learning the position and possibly challenging to start by the end of preseason. It would be good to get a look at both Manning and Graham at Free Safety.

Harrison is on the yogurt and sweating diet, it works every time. Harrison will be come on and most likely start by the end of preseason but Adams deserves a shot and did not take plays off last year like a few on the defense did.

I am a fat ass who can't play. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars can I make?

Tommie Harris already sitting out because of his knee??? Yeah, things have really changed.

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