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10 observations: Cutler's toss of blame toward Hester a curious one

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ORCHARD PARK, N.Y.--I'm going to hit a quick rundown of 10 points coming out of the Bears' 27-20 loss to Buffalo Saturday night in the preseason opener.

1. I thought my colleague Mike Mulligan said it best when he pointed out Tony Dungy and Mike Ditka have questioned the leadership ability of Jay Cutler, and the quarterback made the point worth pondering again in post-game remarks. Cutler was asked an innocuous question about what happened on the interception by Leodis McKelvin on an underthrown. Cutler appeared to throw off his back foot, and he pretty much implicated wide receiver Devin Hester.

"Devin is more of a go-get it guy, he is not really a back shoulder or jump up and get it [guy],'' Cutler said. "You learn from it. We made some mistakes. It's the first preseason game. Luckily enough, we have some time to correct them and keep going."

Say what you want about the quarterbacks that came before Cutler, and Kyle Orton's three-pick stinker Friday night in San Francisco said a lot on its own, but those guys never placed their receivers in front of the bus.

2. Great move by Lovie Smith to rest running back Matt Forte. There is no need for a running back to play in four exhibition games. Smith informed Forte at breakfast Saturday that he would not be playing. Forte hoped to get some action but LaDainian Tomlinson has gone entire preseasons without touching the ball.

3. If you're not worried about the Bears' secondary, you must not have watched the game. Trent Edwards was 10-for-10 and his replacement Ryan Fitzpatrick was 13-for-16. No, they didn't hit the Bears for much deep stuff, but nobody did last year and the Bears still finished 30th in the league in pass defense. Keep in mind, the Bills were without Terrell Owens. Buffalo systematically picked the secondary apart. Alex Brown did pick up a coverage sack, and Corey Graham looked smooth blitzing off the edge as the nickel back to get another sack. Here's what is scary about the defensive backfield right now, the Bears are counting on injured guys to come to the rescue. They're also counting on Nathan Vasher to bounce back. If they're playing blackjack here, it doesn't look like they're holding any face cards at this point.

4. Strong safety Al Afalava moved around pretty well. Looks like he is on the inside track for a starting job but that means Kevin Payne will be at free safety.

5. It's not going to surprise anyone if the Bears consider going with two quarterbacks on the 53-man roster. They thought about it last year. Brett Basanez is going to have to get much better. One of his three picks wasn't his fault, it went off Johnny Knox's hands, but it was a bad outing. Meanwhile, Caleb Hanie looked decent. He picked up where he left off last season by making plays with his legs.

6. You have to wonder if the Frank Omiyale era has begun at left guard. Smith said Josh Beekman would start there. Beekman is healthy and played with the twos.

7. Undrafted free agent Kevin Malast was credited with seven tackles by press box statistics. Look for the Bears to keep a linebacker on the practice squad. He and Mike Rivera have both had some moments in training camp. Malast helped himself here.

8. Maybe I missed something, and that is entirely possible, but the solid camp Mark Anderson has been enjoying didn't translate into the game. He was completely out of position when Edwards bootlegged around left end for a 14-yard gain on fourth-and-one, and Anderson's pass rushes took him wide and beyond the quarterback.

9. Looked like defensive tackle Marcus Harrison was playing with pretty good energy and he got a nice push upfield on a number of plays.

10. The Tommie Harris watch begins again in camp on Monday. Will the defensive tackle play Saturday against the New York Giants?

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Can you give us more context to that quote? From what you posted here it looks like Cutler was saying Hester screwed up. It reads more like Cutler was saying Hester likes one type of pass (down the field) whereas Cutler threw him another type of pass (jump ball). If that's the case, he's taking the blame and not putting it on Hester.

I love this blog - I think you're one of the best sportswriters in Chicago... but I can't see where you're getting the headline based on the quote alone.

I think Cutler is just saying that he (Jay) is in the process of learning what different individuals can and can't do and that next time He (Jay) will know better than to throw Hester a jump ball. I don't think Jay was putting Hester in front of the bus. I believe he was just stating a learning observation. Jay also said "We made mistakes" not Hester made a mistake. In a way Cutler was taking the blame for throwing a pass not suited for a certain players ability. Hypothetically, if that pass would have been thrown to Olsen, maybe a different outcome (and yes I know Olsen didn't play).
I thought the Buffalo no-huddle offense seemed to be a real problem for the Bear defense. I liked Afalava! I was not impressed by the Bear receivers ability to get off the line of scrimmage in the fist half or the O lines ability to pass block. Seems to me Cutler and Hanie were on the move most of the time. Overall assumption - most areas need work. Go Bears!


Let me get out a few points of my own. First of all, I waited x number of months for this C R A P!!!
1) I thought our best free agent acquisition was supposed to be Rod Marinelli, because he was going to transform our D-Line. Okay, so other than the fact that we had the most anemic pash rush ever...what has he done. Anderson WAS out of position and couldn't get to the Qback. No interior pash rush, and Adams and Harrison looked like floundering seals out there. All 4 quaterbacks looked like All Stars, because they had so much time in the pocket. Thanks Rod, great job, u r transforming our Bears into the 2008 Lions....real smart pick up Angelo.
2) Our secondary is much improved over last year. Yeah right!! Can you cut Bullocks now...he looked terrible out there. And the only cover guy, who even looked decent other than Afalava was Turenne, who won't make the final roster cut. Again, all FOUR of Buffalo's QBs looked like Pro Bowl QBs after our defense got done with them. Did Urlacher spit shine their shoes for them while they were at it! Maybe Briggs could carry their equipment for them. What if Owens was playing...jeez!!!
3) Our O-line is much improved over last year....huh? R U Kidding. Our QBs were running for their lives. Run blocking, does that exist...could Kevin Jones and his new explosiveness get off the line...LOL....yeah right! Fogedaboutit. Looked terrible and allowed one of last years worst D's to have a field day, thank goodness Cutler was only out there for a few possessions, or he might have been murdered.
4) Special Teams - Well, looks like Dave Toub, needs to go back to the drawing board, didn't see anything impressive after he lost his ability to use Izzy and three other guys as a battering ram up the field.
5) WRs - Devin Hester needs to go back to KR/PR and part time WR not the other way around. He is no Larry Fitzgerald. He made a really poor attempt to get to that toss up ball by Cutler, I would probably through him under the bus too, if he made me look that bad on a throw. I should say in Cutler's defense, it seemed to me that he was trying to take collective blame for the Bears stinking so bad as a whole unit. No WR looked good last night....plenty of suckiness to go around.
6) QB play - Is Mike Vick still available...LOL. Cut Brett B a s s s anez now, he is terrible!!!! Cutler looked mediocre at best and Hanie actually looked okay, again. I think the training camp picture that we all got, was due to the fact that our O was playing against such a horrible D.
I was sooooo excited about yest game and was thoroughly disappointed with the outcome...yes maybe they were using a Vanilla O and Vanilla D, but come looked like last year all over again with mediocre QB and WR play, and anemic D line pash rush with horrible Cover 2 CB play, allowing the slant ALLLLL DAY LONG!! This game S U C K E D!!! Embarrassing to be a BEARS fan after that one!
Bears coaches and players....YOU GUYS BEDDA TURN IT UP A NOTCH or find somebody ELSE who CAN!!!!!
Disaapointed in BEAR LAND,

let's call a spade a spade here, people. a "jump ball" was thrown??? that was a back footed, i dont wanna get hit, grossman-esque, lame duck throw. i am not dogging cutler here, but he wasnt thorwing a jump ball to devin hester...he was forcing the issue. had he been able to step into that throw hester had his man beat. i'm glad cutler had a questionable outing, it will only make him better next game and so on. he was visibly flustered on the sideline after he got the hook, and couldnt admit to the media that he just threw a bad ball (or two). it's just too bad we didnt get to see which WRs cutler gelled with, b/c there werent enough opportunities to get a read.

what was said of the pass that the buffalo DB dropped??? it was right in his basket and appeared to be another forced throw (i saw 4 blue jerseys to one white on that play) the WR to blame here?

i agree on will lovie handle the fact that all teams will move to the dink and dunk to move the ball against the bears D? the strategy takes away the pass rush since the ball is out so quick (it worked for the colts in XLI and numerous tems since). the DBs never play press, so the ball gets to the spot everytime. very frustrating to watch.

Mr Smith, can the bears PLEASE live tackle once or twice a week? you do recall that you run a FOOTBALL team, right?


Why are you worried about the backfield. I know that Trent Edwards and the other QBs had no problem with short passes all day to move their offense...but that is what Lovie's Cover-2 (prevent defense) is all about. That is why the Bears defense gets tired out by the 4th quarter. And don't tell me about a missing pass rush. Those passes did not take time to develop. They were relatively quick after the snap. This is why most teams have abandoned the cover-2. Most teams have figured out how to play against it. It's called short passes all day. ...and it works. It worked last year against the bears and it worked the year before. Expect this year to be the same. Hopefully, Lovie gets fired at the end of this season.

As for Cutler's pick-off, what happened to our fearless leader, Hester?
He just stood there, dumbfounded, and allowed the defense to take the ball away from him. Hester didn't even try to defend the ball. Even an offensive pass interference would be better than a pick-off.
If that is what is called our number one wide out, its time to give someone else a chance..and we have plenty to choose from. about writing some information on....

Let's see....
How did our new offensive line do?
How did Chis williams do?
I almost didn't hear anything about Bennett. Was he in the game?
What about the other wide outs?
Saw no pass rush to speak of.
How did Mellon do?
How about Gilbert?
Why is Kinder not heard from? He's not even listed on the dept chart. What's going on.
Is Tight end Davis improving his blocking skills?
Will the bears keep him?
After our top 2 running backs, the drop off is very steep. Isn't it time to find new blood for the 3rd and 4th running backs? After all, they should all be capable of starting. If not, we have the wrong players.
Lastly...we really have a cornerback issue. They stunk up the entire field....and one of them gets megabucks for doing nothing.
It's time to put some fresh bodies out there.

See...I gave you plenty to write about. How about doing some writing. I'm sure all of the fans would like to hear a lot more with substance.

After all of the talk during camp about Earl Bennett and Brandon Rideau, it was disappointing to see so many balls (6 out of 10, by my count) go to Hester. It was difficult to tell from the Fox coverage if he was the only receiver on the field getting separation.

Did anyone notice Chris Williams' run blocking? I thought he looked very solid on pass protection, as did Orlando Pace. Let's hope this continues.

I'm a huge Israel Idonije fan, but he seems out of position on the inside. He has remarkable speed for a man his size, yet he doesn't seem to get the consistent push from the inside that this defense requires. After a disappointing performance by Mark Anderson, it would be interesting to see Idonije move into the regular rotation at end. He may be better able to exploit his speed rushing from the edge and he would certainly be an upgrade against the run.

My guess is that Marcus Harrison will earn a relatively high grade after Rod Marinelli reviews the tape. Granted he was playing against 2nd and third 3rd string linemen, but Harrison looked quick off the ball and appeared to have the best push upfield of any of the tackles. No doubt Marinelli is eager to have him line up next to a healthy Tommy Harris - they could be a very disruptive inside force.

Finally, there's been a lot of talk about bringing a veteran cornerback into camp. After what we saw last night, I'd suggest that's like putting a bandaid on a broken leg. Let's connect the dots: Bennett and Rideau have looked like legitimate receivers in camp - against the Bears' DB's - but they seemed to disappear last night. Meanwhile, the Bills' 1st and 2nd string go 23 for 26 - and that's without Terrell Owens. It's time from Jerry Angelo to take a page from the Kenny Williams playbook and pull off a trade for a cornerback.

I'm not too worried.

It is the Bears first pre-season game after all. We all know what happened to Detroit last season when they won all their pre-season games !! Didn't the 85 Bears go 0-4 in the pre-season ?

Anyway. Vanilla coverages, little if any game planning, starters held out. It is what it is, a glorified practice. The Bronco pre-season game is the one I'm focussed on. It will be the closest we will see the Bears gameplan like a real game. If they look like they did vs Buffalo then I'll be worried. Right now it was good for nothing more then individual player assessment.

I thought Afalava looked solid. Vasher looked soft. McBride still seems a step late and a shaky tackler. The D-line as a whole didn't get much pass rush. Briggs and Lach looked good. Jones looked like he ran well. Clark looks slow to me, if Olsen was in the flat it would have been a TD. Cutler looked good and bad at the same time. Hester still needs to learn about jump balls. Iglesias looked solid.

Next week we should see a little gameplanning and hopefully some improvement.

Go Bears !!

Can we please sign a vet wr now?

Its only 1 preseason game don't get your panty's in a bundle!!

NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT CUTLER. People its the 1st preseason game. Everything will click in time and I would rather have them build momentum each week and then slap the s#$% out of Green Bay. Who cares about week 1 preseason?

Now the secondary did look shaky and every team and there mom is going to get us with those damn slant routes. Remember the Tampa Bay game. Please fix this problem.

Also, Basanez SUCKS. Wow what a terrible QB. Speaking of bad QB's did everyone see Ortons game vs San Fran. Glad he's gone. He must have channeled Basanez last night because they both put up 3 int's.

Kevin Jones looked healthy, as did Chris Williams. Afalava looked good as did several other players.

Can we get rid of Rashied Davis anytime soon and let Rideau and Aromashodo get some time with the one's?

Can't wait till next week at home.

I’m not sure if they’re meant to be in order of importance but # 3 should be # 1. Wow, that was brutal. Our coverage looked like nothing has changed since last year which resulted in a 30th ranked pass defense. I thought our d-line looked more aggressive but allowing the receivers the slant in front of the corners is not going to get our defense off the field. It seemed like any time they needed yardage it was there. Last time I checked that also means the offense has limited opportunities. If we don’t get that fixed it’s going to be a long and frustrating season. Go Bears!!

Good job Cutler!!!...Someone has got to tell this overpaid, DB, returnman turned WR, how it should be and quit kissing his a$$. All Jay cares about is winning so get used to it Bear fans!!!!...Brad, why start this crap anyway????...Jay is the MAN and we all know it!!! He'll be fine............Remember, we could still be stuck with Orton!!!!..By the way, I told you all, Orton SUCKS and everytime he steps on the field proves my point over and over!!!! Where are all you Orton lovers now???

Brad - Your point #8 was spot on. Mark Anderson crashed down the line leaving his corner wide open on the scramble. We have seen this move before.

While it was just the 1st pre-season game the ease with which Buffalo hit slant patterns, just like many teams did last year, spells serious trouble. Completeing 23 of 26 at 8 yards per completion meas teams don't have to go deep.

Dein Hester is exactly how Cutler described him. He his a guy that needs to go get the ball out in front of him. It was a bad throw and mistakes were made. Cutler said the truth. Yet it didn't ake long for people to take him to task for this comment.

While it is true a performance like that from Orton or Grossman on the (lousy) playing surface in Soldier Field would end up with boos cascading down from the stands, let's see what happens next week, at home, with Cutler having a better understanding of what Hester can/cant (won't) do, as well as having his favorite target (Olsen) back in the lineup.

My reaction to the Cutler interception - what are you thinking, Jay? He felt the pressure and just flung it up towards Hester, I guess expecting him to fight off the defender and go up and get it. That might work with Brandon Marshall, but Hester isn't that type of receiver. He's a small speed guy. Let's hope that Cutler gets that out of his system in the preseason and learns to check down or throw it away.

Cutler's comment doesn't sound too bad - it sounds like he was thinking something similar.

Preseason or not, this game was a huge BUST!

Ron Turner has again proven himself to be the true weak link on the offense. It's now going on 3 years of trying to get Devin Hester the ball as a receiver. Turner can't call a play that gets Hester open and Hester can't do it himself with the opponents defense keying on him. Turner truly looks desperate now, calling Hester's number on every play of the opening drive. This man OBVIOUSLY doesn't have the answers.

Lovie, you're already calling the defense, why not the offense too?

Chicago is in trouble this season at cornerback, especially if starter Charles Tillman doesn't return. As of right now, cornerback is Chicago's biggest need. But even an old draft buff like me knows the draft is a long ways away. Chicago is gonna have to make due with what they have. I'd really like to see Zach Bowman come back, he would have helped last night. I realize Bowman has never really started, but having him around last night couldn't have hurt. Rookie corner D.J. Moore looks like he has potential. Bottom line is though, Chicago needs Tillman and Bowman healthy, and quick, here's for hoping.

I like what I saw from rookie safety Al Afalava, this kid could be a second day gem for Angelo, hopefully he continues to develop. Another safety that stuck out last night was Craig Steltz, the guy seems to have a knack for the big play.

Cutler was a little off last night, but like I said before, its to be expected. Jay Cutler will be fine, its just gonna take a little time for him to get Turners system down. Also in Cutlers defense, he didn't have to key cogs in runningback Matt Forte and tight end Greg Olsen, both players would have made Cutler's debut go a little smoother had either one of them played. Cutler will be fine.

Caleb Hanie is looking like he hasn't lost a step since last pre-season. This kid could be rookie free agent gem for Angelo and co. Hanie has the potential to be a playmaker at quarterback. He's gonna be a fun one to watch develop.

I see Frank Omiyale got the start at left guard. I'd like to see Chicago name a starter at left guard. Mainly so they can start to build some continuity on the line, if its Omiyale, run with him. If he struggles you can always throw Beekman in.

Rookie fullback Will Ta'ufo'ou looked pretty good last night also. I'd like to see him stick, if he continues to make plays he could.

One player that is letting me down is 2nd year tackle Cody Balogh. I know its early, but the guy seems to struggle with speed rushers. Balogh needs to step it up, Chicago needs another young tackle for the future. I'd like to see Balogh come on, but if he doesn't, the tackle position also needs to be addressed next off-season, as far as finding another young tackle for the future. A lineman on the other side of the ball I'm happy with is big Marcus Harrison. This guy could be the nose tackle Chicago has lacked. He seems to get push on the line, he could surprise this season. I think a lot of people were down on him because of his non-ability to turn down a meal. I say who cares, if he can play, get him in there, I think he's gonna be a good one at nose tackle for Chicago, hopefully he continues to improve. I am happy to see the Bears back in action, it should be another fun season GO BEARS!!

I actually thought this game was decent and much better than the 2008 preseason opener.

I can't understand why people are so negative about the first team defense. They played for 23 minutes and gave up only 3 points. They had sacks and TFLs. Completely shut down the run game. Most of Edwards' passes were check downs. The only real negative was Vasher getting burnt by Evans and getting fooled by the trick play. In fact, that's where most of the Bills' first-team yardage came from. And all this while playing a vanilla defense. Recall that last year, our 1st team gave up an 81-yard TD drive to Kansas City. I was very encouraged by what I saw on D.

As far as Cutler, what an overreaction. Let's see... a new QB, in a new system, with developing receivers, on the road in their first game against someone else. I think a little patience is warranted.

Plus, it's silly to make assumptions off of a few series. Neither Peyton Manning nor Philip Rivers looked great in their first outings. But does anyone think they are doomed for 2009? Of course not.

I agree anonymous
and Val made some great comments.
first preseason and we are not to be concerened??? I think not. and bc of how we played last year and how we HAD to show improvement in this first game for credibility, the Vets were supposed to have some pride and show they were better than last year. as somone else said before - WHERE IS THE FIRE IN THEIR BELLY'S? Maybe we do need Singletary to come in and make them PROUD and ANGRY again
Most comments were right on.....yes it's the first preseason, but didn't someone say that the players need no preseason? They are proffessionals and are ready from the get go? (A Vet Player I remember) well, how much worse could we have played? maybe 3 picks by Cutler?
Hester is exactly like Cutler said, you have to throw the pass in front of him, and he speeds to the ball and keeps speeding down the field. Alright, so why did Cutler not throw the pass in front of Hester? was it bc of ppoor pass protection????
and yes, we played so bad that you can make excuses and say it's the first preseason, but scre) that! We played like a powder puff team AGAIN!!!
I am all for Lovie/JA/Ted all being fired if we play like we did last year and this game looked like last year, no excuses at all it did!
We did not pick up\
in Free Agency and I am very worried about our D, be as optimistic as you want but hey, where was the pass rush? or coverage? The 2 areas we are all worried about and they looked terrible. Say its the preseason all you want but they are professionals and they were supposed to make a very big point in this first game - that they had improved over last year, but they didn't - they looked exactly like last year. wtf??? and oh yeah, Cutler was throwing all the passes to Hester bc they need to get their timing down, not a concern with me as Hester appears to be our nO.1 (Can you say Plax? or any Veet WR thats availabe) or a better pickup than the clown DB we signed. Why in the worlds did we not pickup a Vet WR or DB taht was worth a f&*(.

preseason game and don't get our panty's in a bunch? SCRE# THAT! Yes I take that as a put down to all the bloggers that wrote in their concerns, so if you want to put us all down then take the heat from the kitchen that you started miss.
Its about PRIDE miss. and PASSION for the game. We had something to prove and we didn't - other teams played good in their first preseason game Dude was 10-10!!! ok can we break up one pass out of our pantys miss? just one pass is not too much to ask is it?
Yes it was the first preseason and its early I agree but this is different bc of the way certain areas of our team ended the year, they had to show improvement and did not.

I agree with u - first preseason, but you should not have said it the way u did and not expect some shi$ back at u - thats Pride and Passion, the way our D used to play in 2006. miss

oh yeah

and please show some respect for your fellow bloggers, our comments are just as important to us as they are not important to you.
Pease read Ohiobear fan thats an indication that the first preseason game does matter, if we knew that from years past then we have not corrected it by this time? That is exactly why the first preseason game is important. Y es it's early and we did not show our true game, but it's the things like that (that a real fooball fan sees) knows to be important for the entire year.

hey, if Hester goes back to returns who is our WR?? He is 1 of like 2 starters with any experience at all. lolol not good huh?
But thats why Cutler siad that, we have to have to have Hester play WR great or we are going nowhere, so they are passing to him alot, to be expected, and maybe that comment was directed to the Oline?? and he gave the crap on Hester so they would know that he was showing them respect. maybe

I am not sure that was a comment bad on Hester as it was on Cutler and the Oline. I feel you (and others) took that the wrong way.

but, if Hester wants to be a true legit WR - then he needs to work on those things, maybe Cutler is tired of telling him that, and this was the last straw, he had to do it to get Hester's attention. We do not know the true meaning of the comment, so to question his leadership on that was incorrect I feel. No your never ever supposed to call out your team mates but never say never :) sometimes its done a certain way to get their attention when nothing else seems to work.

Funny, I dont see Cutler putting Hester "in front of the bus" he was making a valid observation. I take it he was taking blame for throwing the wrong type of pass (in a inderect way).
Also, I agree our press should not be trying to start issues between the players. Like the jerk who wrote the article about what Urlacker said about Cutler a couple weeks ago. In life you can focus on the positive or negitive. One makes you happy, the other is upsetting. Why do they have to act like high school girls and start this crap?
Anyways, the bears (Lovie) allways play poorly in preseason. Dont worry. We have a pretty good team and our ones played thier ones to a close game before they left. We will improve and when the season starts we will see different plays and player in the game.
Brad overall I enjoy your coverage, I figure this is your preseason too. You screwed up on this one. Who are you going to blame. ha ha
Go Bears!!!

Your reading WAY too much into a glorified practice NHC....

Non-scripted football looks ugly. Not much else to take away from this game other then seeing the guy's playing full speed against new faces.

Umm...First...nicely stated Val.

B...and I've waited 8 months for that...? It may have been only the first preseason game but to me - it was a big "tell". Isn't this the same crap team we've seen for the same crap bunch of years.

and Third - start the Lovie watch today. Get Cowher and Shanahan one the phone...start romancin' them night now.

The bears quarterback does have a lot to look at...especially all the open receivers he had when he decided to throw into double and triple coverage...

Absolutely SPOT ON comments by Chi Bear 76 ,, seriously EXACTLY what you had to think as a true Bear fan . Man I sure hope it improves ..

Indeed it was a depressing game to watch. Shattered expectations regarding Cutler hurt, but lacking Forte and Olsen, there is at least some wiggle room for excuses. The defense, however, was far more depressing. Okay, Harris was out, but we have been hearing about strong competition on the D. line and how Marinelli was a genius who would make a huge difference, and yet little or no promise was evident last night.The defense looked pathetic in all areas: no pass rush worth mentioning, very little stoppage of short yardage situations, blown coverage,out-of-position gap protecters,and all in all a total fiasco on defense. the offense can take a little of the blame because of too little ball control, but the defense should be in better condition than to look as exhausted and incompetent as they did in the last quarter. They could not get the ball back to the offense even when stacked against the run. One begins to see why Detroit lost 16 games last year.

Geez, where have I seen this before. An offense that can't really run with shaky passing, and a defense that puts no pressure on the QB, arm tackles, and absolutely can't stop the slant. 23 for 26, are you kidding me! Sure it was pre-season vanilla and all that, but Buffalo was playing vanilla, too. Only difference is their vanilla ended up looking like a triple fudge sundae, and our vanilla ended up looking like hemp-based frozen yogurt.

It's true, it's no time to panic, but this game was not encouraging.

It is only week 1 of PRE season people! RELAX! If Forte and Olson had been playing things surely would have looked VERY different on our O side of the rock. I agree that it was a not very impressive outing but you can bet the game tape will be disected and every mistake will be addressed this week at practice. Calm down and lets see how we progress next week.GO BEAR!

I rarely offer two blog comments, but more venting is needed for this one. Besanez really did look pathetic, and two quarterbacks is probably enough with a running game to control the clock. Jones did look good, and Wolfe was okay as well, but there were few enough nice holes to burst through. Olsen and Forte coming back to play should keep opposing defenses more honest than Buffalo's was last night. Check-off passes to either of those guys or slants to Olsen should have an impact. Wolfe was missed a few times on passes last night, probably more a matter of timing than anything else, but increasing familiarity should alleviate those problems. anderson needs to learn to stay in the places he belong and needs to avoid too many time-consuming outside rushes. Harris in there should help if he's the Tommy of old. Cutler threw the interceptions, not Hester, but T.O would have caught the pass.Davis looked good except for the one drop. Go Bears!!! But improve!!

I'm not worried about J.Cutler, if he call's out a reciever - so be it . Watching Lovie's defense on the other hand, quite another story. Backs playing 10 yds. off the recievers, no wonder the slant works so well !! Mr. Marinelli, our "BIGGEST" off season pickup ? STILL no pass rush.Nathan Vasher, no longer the "interceptor", hell, he'd be lucky to be called the "interferer"! Looks to be playing scared, or at least over his head. Money well spent Mr. Angelo. As long as the stubborn Mr. Smith is calling the plays, the cover 2 (that everyone has figured out) is here to stay. From what I saw, NOTHING has changed other than the Q.B position.

The team looked flat outside of Alex Brown, Briggs, Urlacher and Afalava. Jarron Gilbert also looked very good as he seemed to be involved in alot of plays. Also that new FB (cant spell his name) had some pop out there. The thing that bothered me the most was that the team (in general) had no energy or spark. The seconday looked terrible and Mark Anderson was well, Mark Anderson. Doing his usual sprint to the outside to catch nothing. Hes just not very smart football wise. He gets beat constantly on counters and boots to his side. Its possible here that Lovie has lost his team. It happened to Ditka when the players stopped listening to him. All this shuffling of players is crazy. It appears that he doesnt know what to do and he is moving players around in panic mode to try and find something. The failure to draft OL is rearing its ugly head. The line had no push and Kreutz was being manhandled..(again) And what is the friggin deal with Josh Beekman? Hes running with the 1's right up to the game and then doesnt start??? He was looking good in camp. Leave it to the Bears to sign a no name guy to big $$$$ to replace the wrong guy on the OL. Beekman was fine last year. Garza may be fine as a run blocker, but hes a turnstile pass blocking. Tyler Reed is playing better then Garza. I watched Reed last night. Hes mean and he really gets after people. You should draft OL/DL every year and not just in the 7th round. This happened to the Bears in the early 90's. They stood pat with the big 5 up front. Covert got hurt and VanHorn got old. Then Bortz and Thayer lost their edge. Looking at the '07 draft.. thats a killer. That horrible draft is killing us. We should be feeling some impact from that draft. OL shoulda been the priority in rounds 2 and 3. injured DE and a no talent LB from Stanford. Great job JA. If this team does not come out with energy and pop this next game..look out. The coaching staff should be ashamed of themselves at the way they played. Yes its pre-season week #1..but this team looked lost. Not what I was expecting at all..

Boy, are some of us negative!

I agree with most of you that Hester needs to take half of the blame for not challenging McKelvin on that interception. I guess you don't get to practice those jump-ball passes in camp. But at the same time, Hester is what he is; a #3 WR, a change of pace guy, who opposing defenses have to pay special attention to when he enters the game, but who is not a go-to guy, and who does not possess WR instincts through and through. I don't understand how the coaches (or JA really) don't get that.

I would much rather see Bennet and Rideau or Aromashodu start at WR. And when we get near the goalline, can we please introduce a jump-ball type fade pattern to the corner of the endzone with one of our taller receivers like K. Davis, Rideau or Aromashodu. When are we going to use these guys to our advantage, instead of saying 'Oh he can't block' and letting him rot on the bench?

Those of you who are down on Basenez, it wasn't a good game for him of course, but I think we need to take things in context. The first inteception was Knox's fault and the third interception was a desperation pass at the end of the game. Also, the first few catchable passes he threw were all dropped by the receivers, so he had no rhythm going. Context may not save his job, but we can't blame him for all those stats. Plus, he is what he is; a 3rd string QB.

The D was not impressive. But at least the 1st stringers didn't allow a TD. That's something. The run D allowed under 3 yards a carry too, so that's not bad either. 14 points for the Bills came on 2 four-yard drives after turnovers, so I don't think we've seen enough of the D to say either way.

Anyhoo, I'm optimistic. What do you do with Steltz? is my question to you. Go Bears!

Only saw parts of the game, but it looked like the Bears had some good points and some more work to be done in other areas. Some one from the DB's needs to be able to come up and play a receiver on the line of scrimmage. Our scheme has both DB's giving up the 7 yd slant at the snap of the ball. This makes it too easy in the passing game, and the pash rush won't be effective that way. Sure missed Bowman out there that's for sure, Graham is big enough to take the role on and should be pushing Vasher on his side of the field for the starting job. Liked what I saw from Alfala and Turrene back there, Moore looked a bit shaky to me. As for the line play on both sides of the ball they were solid, but getting a pash rush against a no huddle is difficult unless you take something away early, hence my point about the corner coverage earlier. Teams that go to the no-huddle against the Bears will have this advantage unless we make some changes to the scheme. Still this was our first game and the Bills second, I think we faired well against them all in all. By the way by the time I found the game Cutler was already out, but from what I hear he gets a "c" grade for his peformance.

Nothing Jay said struck me as 'throwing hester in front of a bus,' it appears to me that once again the media is trying to stir up controversy where none existed...Brad, you are usually better than that. I do agree Cutler appeared to force that throw, however.

afalava looked solid.
t'ofufufu or whatever had a nice TD.
nice TD by hanie/iglasias in the back of the endzone. i hope iglasias makes the team.
garrett wolfe showed some good power. so did the original AdrianPeterson. those two are just solid football players.
oh - and how about that hit Dusty put on that QB? that was SWEET! even though it cost us 15. lol
what was up with melton returning that kickoff? weird.

not concerned at all but cutler looked flustered. (I'm chaulking it up to growing pains)

o-line didnt look too hot to me.
bazanaez sucks bad. i know he got off to a slow start because of knox but c'mon...the guy looks about 150lbs soaking wet. not even a 3rd stringer imo.

It doesn't take many words to sum up.

1.) Bears lines got beat all night on both sides of the ball.

2.) Bears tackling was every bit as bad as it has ever been.

3.) Ron Turner still sucks as a play designer/caller.

All the rest, including Cutler's play, is still to be determined.

Here's my No. 1 re the first stringers and the most important one: The offensive line did not open holes for the backs and the defensive line got no QB pressure. This better change drastically or getting Jay Cutler and Orlando Pace won't be of much help.

Secondarily, the backup secondary totally failed to cover for very brief periods on short passes. Hopefully this improves a lot when the starters play.

Bad game by the Bears. The spotlight is on Cutler so everything he says will be magnified because of his reputation. From now on, instead of just saying what he believed happened and having it blown up, he should automatically say that he screwed up and he made a bad throw or read. The press may get a little frustrated, but I think it will make his life a lot easier.

It is very frustrating seeing the defense struggle against the pass again. That is one area I really would have liked to have seen improvement.

I wished they would have played better, but sorry, I'm not jumping off the bridge yet. A lot of teams have had terrible preseasons only to end up having great regular seasons and vice versa - the Bears went 1-3 in 1985 and the Lions I believe went 4-0 last year. And just because someone says to relax because it is only preseason doesn't mean they are disrespecting other bloggers.

And I forgot to mention that Cutler's interception was a very poor decision on his part. It almost looked as if he (and the rest of the team) was not used to the speed of the game while Buffalo had the game last week to get adjusted. Or, it could be that that throw would have been completed in practice against our defense. Hopefully we will see a different effort next week.

It's preseason game 1. Enough said.

All Cutler did was make an observation of Hester, which happens to be true. Gaining chemistry with his receivers is what i got out of that statement... Definitely not throwing Hester under the bus.

"A lot of teams have had terrible preseasons only to end up having great regular seasons and vice versa - the Bears went 1-3 in 1985 ..."

Yes, but the starters for '85 Bears looked great in pre-season and the previous year they were in the NFC Championship game. The starters yesterday looked terrible, especially the lines, and they're coming off a 9-7 season in which they were lucky to have even that record (Indianapolis and Philadelphia were playing with major handicaps). You are correct that the final score of a pre-season game is meaningless, because many, if not most, of the players in the second half won't even make the team and they certainly won't be starting, because teams don't game plan for exhibitions, and because teams are more interested in trying things than winning. But when a team's starters look bad in pre-season, it bodes poorly for the regular season as well.

WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE SO FRIGGIN WORRIED ABOUT CUTLERS INTERCEPTION? how about cutler holds onto it another second so he can set himself better, oh wait, if he wouldve done that he wouldve been creamed, and that wouldve been worth it if he wouldve gotten hurt in a preseason game!!! get a clue!!! the first string players are not gonna go all out in preseason, its not worth the risk. im the same as everyone else when it come to cutler, i want him to come out and be the QB weve never had, but you people have to give him some time hes working with all brand new people to him. i will agree with some of you with the fact we needed to do something about picking up those slant plays buffalo was running against us. im taking all this in stride and im waiting for the real games to start...

Ok just some insight into the INT and quote from Cutler. Ok first Cutler talked to Z on 670 about recievers about a week ago he mentioned Hester then, as a guy who lacked experience and that you could tell has not been a reciever very long. So he has mentioned Hester before. Now on that INT, first why was Cutler back pedaling? Because Williams was having a problem sustaining his block, Cutler had to either eat the ball or pass it. He chose to throw up a jump ball, probably on instinct, he is used to having Marshall and thats what kind of reciever Marshall is, much like Fitzgerald. It was a mistake on Cutler's part and he should own that. But after that Hester made a mistake, he didn't attempt to make a play on the ball, I am not saying it's his fault but as the number 1 reciever he should know to either be trying to make a play or knocking that ball down. He just watched the DB go make a play and did nothing to prevent it. Smith, Ward, Fitzgerald, Marchall all make a play on that ball.

Thats how that play broke down but I don't think thats what made Cutler angry. Make no mistake he was mad at the end of the game. First my guess is the Bears where looking at Cutler and Hester cause they had a lot of plays designed for Hester thrown out there. So I think Turner was calling for Cutler to Hester to see how they where working together. I don't think Cutler was happy with that because they are trying to force Hester as the number 1 and Cutler knows he is not a number 1 and has now come close to saying that twice.

Hester runs very sloppy routs and you saw it last night, Cutler and Hester do not have very good timing or chemistry and the Bears want Hester as his main target. I thinkg Cutler wants a different number 1 and he is letting it be known. Last did anyone notice the next time Cutler went back to pass on there next sereies? Hester was suppose to run a stop and go. He ran a go and go instead. He never stopped. Thats a simple rout and he doesn't know how to run it. In fact thats not the first time I have seen him do that. I think thats what may have made Cutler mad, Hester was not running very good routs all night and the Bears had him as Cutlers main target knowing that Cutler does not like him as a number 1. Number 1 recievers run crisp routs, and know how to make a play on the ball. They know how to battle. Hester knows how to run fast, but all that does is get him in the wrong place faster much like Manning at FS.

Look Cutler knows he should not have thrown that ball, but he also knows Hester has no buisness as a number 1. Lovie needs to stop trying to force players into positions they do not belong. Hester as a number 1 reciever, Manning as a FS, Rex is our QB, Anderson a starting DE. He needs to stop that just cause Lovie wants something to be, does not mean it will be no matter how much he wishes it.

As for the defense, I got nothing to say. I have said it a hundered times over, it's not a good scheme, we don't have the personel to make it work. You can beat it underneath with slants all day. It's not just the players it's the scheme.

The good news is the team has improved in some places and looks better than last year. LB's look real good, the RB's and TE should be real good, don't worry about the QB notice they didn't do a lot with the TE position last night. We will get Tillman back and that will help the secondary. Plus last night was very vanilla. They didn't have a game plan they where just running plays to see how they worked. Remember this Cutler would have had a TD had Turner got the play in faster, instead they had ot call a timeout. But you saw Rideau score on that play. Also the QB, the line and the WR's are not in sync yet, give it time wait till pre game 3 and you will see a different offense. Plus Gilbert and some other young guys looked good.

The Bad, Rod did not cure the D-Line what a shock. But what do I know. The secondary is a Hoke, I mean joke.

However the D-Line stank last year and the secondary stank as well and they still got 9 wins. Cutler should be good for 1-3 more wins at least as long as other teams have not improved much. The Bears should be looking at 10-12 wins. By the way did anyone notice how good special teams looked? They looked awsome. Better than last year and they where real good last year.

Anonymous, you are correct, I would have liked the Bears to have played much better. I especially was discouraged by our pass defense. I hope we see improvement next week. However, the 1985 preseason did cause people to get upset because the starters stunk, especially the first two games. The Bears had a whole bunch turmoil that offseason (plus a quarterback who hadn't proved if he could play and stay healthy) and it seemed half the roster reported late (including Singletary) and Buddy Ryan questioned the drafting of the Fridge. The lackluster play (plus the realization that Harris and Bell weren't signing) caused many people to think the 85 Bears were going to be like the 84 Sox and 85 Cubs - teams that gave fans hope the previous season only to flop. I would say that things worked out well that year...

Shawndgoldman is dead right.

Why is it not one person from the media can see that Cutler might have been referring to himself and not Hester. I don't think he was calling Hester out. Sure it's a possibility, but it's just as likely he meant that HE LEARNED / REMEMBERED that Hester is a go and get it guy and that next time he will throw it to a spot where Hester can go and get it instead of expecting Hester to jump over someone to get it.

Other than that, I'm still real concerned about our D Backs.

Did anyone see the GB vs. CLE game? Oh god, I just finished watching it. Granted its the Browns and they are bad. But that GB defense looked nasty. They looked like a nasty team.

This is why Jay Cutlar is such a great QB.He is calling out Hester, letting him know that if he wants to be a go 2 guy your going to have to be well rounded.When people jam you, you are going to have to be aggressive and jump for the ball when its there.If Hester going to be a number 1 his going to have to raise his play (just in case Olsen and Forte are injured)

Realistic Observations

IT IS PRESEASON! They did not gameplan for the Bills. The Bills defense should be ahead of the Bears offense at this point in the season...especially when you consider a NEW QB. You are not going to see the true offense / defense until week 1, so quit trying to judge and analyze off of the preseason. If some of you ever played the game or coached, you may understand.

"Devin is more of a go-get it guy, he is not really a back shoulder or jump up and get it [guy],'' Cutler said.

Not sure how truth turns into throwing a teammate under the bus. Not sure how this points to questions about his leadership ability.
Its a true statement. Hester is a SPEED guy...he runs by people and likes the ball DOWN the FIELD! Has he ever been a jump ball player?

Is anyone ever going to print or get to the bottom of the entire story of what took place in Denver? Shannahan fired...QB coach HC who wanted another QB. Would YOU want to stay in that position? Who cares how he "handled" it. What about Pat Bolen? Think they'd take him back..."questionable" leadership skills and all?

Some fans and media need to get a grip. Judge this player/team when it matters.

That Anonymous was me, I forgot to put my moniker on.

I was in the hospital in California for most of the '85 pre-season, but I specifically remember the Dallas game and how good the first string players looked. (The Cowboys being my most hated team in all sports, the 44-0 win over them during the regular season was my favorite game ever.) It's true that a really good team's first string can look awful in the first pre-season game and maybe even the second one, but if the entire pre-season looks like this I will lose a lot of hope for the season. I agree with Creighton's point about Lovie Smith's defensive scheme, I've never liked it and have questioned it from the first game I saw the Bears use it. I really hope Creighton and I are wrong, though I still think the Bears can win this weak division anyway. I was just hoping for more than that this season.

yeah, and wasn't that the game where I wished Danny White ??? would just walk off the field, ouch boy we put the hurt on him that day.

I live in Indy and only saw snips of the game, but what I noticed was our Oline making Cutler throw off ??? the same thing Rex had to do...hmmm
these preseason games actually show alot more than what some of you believe. -
I am not worried about Cutler at all, how about a Dline/Oline that can actually manhandle the situation. What happened to the fire we had in 2006???
If we can't control the lines of scrimmage we will not win 2-3 more games this year, cmon they didn't even have their No. 1 WR out there. What if Owens had been there??? oh sheesh, thta would have been bad.
It wasn't the fact we played them (score) close (starters) it was once again how we looked so bad. Dang did anyone else see our Oline getting pushed back into Cutler and making him have to step up/arond etc...not being able to throw off the correct foot is a problem with the Oline. Forte/Olsen can not help that

Way too much is being made of the first preseason game. Although I did have a big tear welling up in my eye when I heard that the mean bully Cutler called out Hester. Are you kidding me who cares about Cutler's comments in this instance, making something out of nothing as I see it.

Cutler and the receivers are going to take some time probably until mid season before they are in sync, this is no time to panic, the defense and special teams along with a solid tight end group and of course Forte will get us to midseason at maybe 5-3.

To start the 2nd half of the season the burners will kick on for Cutler and the young receivers will start to connect and run a 6-2 or better record to finish at at least 11-5 which should certainly make the playoffs.

The defense also will be dramatically improved this year, most likely finishing in the top 5 in the league. Remember, preseason is BS when it comes to records etc. The Lions went undefeated last year in Preseason but were the worst in the history of the NFL during the regular season.

Improvement will occur week to week in preseason, the pass rush will be OK after they start the season, why let any other NFL team have any relieable film of the Bears plays and tendencies until the season starts, it is called Vanilla play time for a reason.

However to go deep into the playoffs I think a solid proven vet wide receive is needed, hopefully the Bears will get one before the season starts.

I notice nobody has mentioned what Hester had to say about the INT. He said he was trying to create seperation with his man which he did not do the whole game, and that by the time he looked back at his QB the ball was in the air already and he didn't have time to make a play. This is very intresting because Cutler called out that the heat was coming. Hester has to be looking at his QB on that play and he wasn't. So thats why Cutler called him out. One thing I wanted to see last night was play action with Cutler, but I didn't get too, so maybe next week.

T H it is preseason, but guys win jobs and loose jobs based on these games/scrimages and practice. The score and winning don't really mean much. But how people play does. Like did a certain guy do his job or was he blowing it all night. Vasher did not look good, Anderson did not look good and blew that play on Edwards. I look for certain things in these so called games. Like has Hester shown improvment? I didn't think he did. Or could the Bears create pressure with the front 4? Just things like that. It's the same things the coaches are looking at. Didn't you think Al Afalava looked good? He was being judged last night and he came up big. Just like everyone else was being judged on the jobs they did. By the way Beekman looked better than Omiyale. Shame on Lovie for forcing Beekman out. Omiyale has not earned it, and it's just cause he has a bigger contract. It's more Lovie BS. The Best players should play.

Wrigley, I don't know if you heard Hamp and Hub last night after the game. But Brian Cox called in and was talking to Hampton and they where ripping the Tampa 2. Cox said the guy who ran it best was Kiffin, but that the defense was to predictable with Lovie and thats one of the reasons him and Rivera fought. He said every team basically knows how to play it and how to beat it. That Smith does not mix it up enough and that he does not have the playmakers on the line to make it work right. He said if you are blitzing out of the Tampa 2 that you are going to get hurt underneath all day.

It was really great, Hampton and Cox where talking locker room football on the air. It was really cool, and not something you usually hear on the air. They really broke down the good and the bad of the defense. It was just two former all por defensive men breaking down a defense. Teams have been moving away from the Tampa 2 more and more, including Tampa. The scheme does have a major flaw and we don't have the talent to run it. If we had Sapp and Rice maybe, but we don't.

We're all hoping we didn't see what really happened in Buffalo, because it's the same thing that's been happening since Lovie came aboard: a bend-but-don't-break defense that has become a laughingstock in the NFL. Want to know what our "Prevent" defense is really aimed at preventing? The knowledge that our pass defense is among the worst in the league. Guess what: the secret's out. Could be a loooong season...

I wonder if there is a WR available who might be able to actually go up and fight for a ball and not only catch the ball when he is wide open? Matt Jones is still available the last I heard. Hester is proving that he will not be a number one WR, yes the throw was short but number one's go up and fight for the ball. If it was easy then anyone could do itHester needs to realize the noodle arm is gone and he should expect the ball on every play. I know its pre-season but Hester just is not going to step it up ala Steve Smith. That guy will fight for a ball, Hester won't, and that is the difference. Hopefully Cutler's comments make him realize he needs to fight for the ball and not just sit back and watch DB's pick off passes.

I genuinely don't understand, and maybe you can help me.

The Bears only play the Tampa-2 about 30% of the time, and have been playing that way since Lovie took over, including 2005 and 2006 when the Bears' D was pretty darn good. The core group of players are the same, although a few years older.

So are we saying the Tampa-2 isn't good (although we're very good at not giving up the big play), or are we saying it's not working because it's not mixed up well (probable), or are we saying we don't have the players (they haven't changed much since the good years)?

Yes, look around at other games. Do you think Detroit is better than Atlanta, or Seattle is better than San Diego. There is lots of poor ugly play in the pre season, especially the first game. The one consistent thing you will find is that the home teams try harder and usually win in preseason (more top players play, more game planning, more opening of the playbook). Pre season games 1 and 2 are not even worth watching.

But if people want to nit pic about Cutler's one INT, here is the glass half full analysis. He was about to get sacked. It would have been thrid and 18, so he chucked in 48 yards in the air to give his receive a chance for a play. Hester did not come down with it, but it ended up as good as a punt. And Cutler was NOT THROWING HESTER UNDER THE BUS! HE SAID WE MADE MISTAKES. No harm really.

Oh, and if people want to nit pic the "almost INT, that was dropped," fact is you will see a lot more dropped INTs with Cutler than any QB Chicago has had in years, because that is another benefit to having a rocket arm - defenders are not used to catching the heat. So once again, no harm really.

This next game at home needs to be a good one, especially for the first team D. This team is not real strong mentally. They need some good things to happen. This D has really been on the slide since the end of '07. Dont forget that D was real good the first 9 or so weeks then the injuries wiped them out. Since then??? Who knows. Same group for the most part. Its been said many times in here.. this Cover-2 type style that Lovie runs is a pathetic joke. Dont be surprised if the Packers wipe us out with their new 3-4 scheme. Ive said it many times..the 3-4 is a very good style. We have the LB's to run it, but not the down 3.. Maybe Jarron Gilbert at one end.. Basically all down 3 in a 3-4 are DT size guys.. Maybe this needs to happen. Maybe this team needs to get hammered and go 6-10 for the team ownership to realize that its needs a coaching change. Its not what I want.. but something has to change.

how could you blame Jonny Knox when Brett Basanez throwing to you. he did the same to the other guys. hes horrible he threw it to a little guy by three defenders and you have ron turner calling the plays you have to spread him out hes a burner. and second string you dont have to worry about. i dont no if tillman will be back but cover 2 is based of your dline pressure we saw good things with stunts and urlacher brigs payne and alvalava you wont have a problem

One thing I am very bothered by is Craig Steltz. his 2 turnovers were both very much not to his credit. The interception was poor position, and an even worse throw from the Buffalo QB. The fumble was a result of the wideout running right past him, and a lucky break of poor ball security by the wideout.

Must be something about wearing number 20 for us. He looked awful in coverage.

Other things I did not like:

-Williams and Balogh were both terrible on the right side, and gave no help to the QB. I think we have to realistically look at Shaffer as our RT to give Cutler a chance to survive. Williams can spend a year backing up Pace, who may still have some issues getting through 16 games.
-Basanez was beyond terrible. He was as bad as Hutchinson, and then some. He had no capability to read the defense at all. Granted, his protection was crap, but he still needs to be able to see what he is throwing towards.
-I thought DJ Moore looked solid. he got beat on a crossing route, but I think that is more of the off coverage than his skills. He made a very nice break on a stop route after reading the QB. ON the other side of that, Vasher was not impressive at all, and McBride, Turenne, and Hamilton were not good at all.
-Defensive line was weak at best. I thought Gilbert did an excellent job of using his hands to stay free to make plays, and he was in on a lot of tackles. But Clermond, Baldwin, and Melton all seemed to take themselves out of plays by flinching before the snap, killing their momentum. If they can't go on the snap, get them out of there. Anderson did his usual run around the play move, which will cause problems in the regular season as well. No penetration from Dusty (and a bonehead roughing the passer penalty), Toeaina, or Adams. Harrison was at least marginally effective.
-Ron Turner needs to spread the ball around. Locking in on Hester was a mistake. We already know what we have in Hester, and that he will be on the final roster. We need to understand what we have in Rideau, Aromashodu, Iglesias, Knox, and Davis
-Speaking of the WRs, Knox seems like he is struggling to pick up the ball on timing routes. Not getting his head around quick enough. He needs to work on that.
-Gaines looked lost. Kellen Davis may have been in trouble when they signed Gaines, but he appears to have locked his spot in, and looked solid

I hope this was just first game issues, but the secondary scares me. And both lines scare me. We can't stop anyone without a pass rush from the front 4, and we can't score points unless Williams can anchor the right side. If he can't, put Shaffer in there, and move the kid back to the swing tackle spot. Pace looked good, and Kreutz seems to be moving well so far.

I am not as concerned about Cutler yet, as this was his first action in a new uniform, so there is likely to be some adjustment needed. And no Olsen or Forte, which means the focus of the offense was not on the field. That should improve significantly when they are available. No one seems to be able to cover Olsen, and if they move to a CB to cover him, Forte should have all sorts of lanes to run through.

Lovie needs to be upset about that performance, and the coaching staff needs to get more out of these guys. We play vanilla in the preseason, but that looked more like tofu or bean curd with no flavor at all....

Forget the whole Cutler-WR saga. Anyone know if there have been comments on the pass rush and CB plays? I want to know how the D line is faring after the whole Marinelli hoopla. What about Hoke's comment on Vasher's plays or rather the lack of it.

"You'd like (Hester) to, if that ball's up like that, go try to break it up, and he'll learn all that," offensive coordinator Ron Turner said of the interception, which was more the result of Cutler's bad pass. "It's just a play we've got to get on the same page with, and those guys getting more reps together.

Looks like Turner threw Hester under the bus too...

Or Hester didn't put in the effort, got identified for it, and Cutler took joint responsibility by saying "we" the whole time so as to NOT leave it all on Hester.

Looks like everyone, but sensationalists like Mike Mulligan and the rest of the media frenzy, is on the same page now.

They should look into signing Usain Bolt at wide receiver all he would have to do is just run one route and catch the ball and Jay will get it to him I mean half are receivers don't really have that much experience why not....even if it does sound a little crazy

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ahhh...hello LOOSERS in looservile. looks like its time fore me to give my EXCPERT ANALLYSIS sense nowbody knows waht they are talkin about. so ok waht i saw in teh first preseason game was taht ALL THOSE LOOSERS ARE BUSTS!!!!! I CANT BELEAVE WE LOST!! WEHN I PLAY MY FRANCHISE ON MADDEN (ON ROOKIE MODE) I LEAVE MY STARTERS IN TEH WHOLE GAME SO i WIN ALL TEH TIME!!!!! VUTLER SHOULD HAVE HAD 8 TDS ATLEAST SENSE HE WENT TO TEH PROBOWL AND DONT GET ME STARTED ON STELTZ. STELTZ IS A BUST!!!!! ANS I NOW YOU LOOSERS ARE YTHINKING WEL GEE CRAP-TON HE DID GET 2 TURNOVERS WAHTS DID HE DO SOO BADLY??? ANS I SAY....i am always right and i only givefacts. do i have to remind you feelas?

but you gays now me old crap-ton..just trying to be posative...

p.s. hey BRANDO were are my dam girl scout cookies??? im such an overweight pig i need to keep eating!! i eat sense i am unhappy...ans i am unhappy sense i eat....its a vishious cycle :(


Cutler isn't throwing Hester under the bus. You are being the typical media and twisting his words to make a story out of nothing. Cutler is admitting that he made a mistake and that he picked the wrong receiver to throw a jump ball to.

Brando Steltz is a bust he got two cherry picks, Hunter forced the interception, Steltz was just standing there. He got that strip but he also got burnt on that play. Oh and he did it against the third team offense. See this is why you know nothing about football. You watch guys play against other teams third teams in pre season games and think the guy is a star. This is why you will always suck.

By the way was that your comeback to me hammering you a week ago. It took you a week to write that? That is just sad, it always takes you like a week for a comeback. And all you basically said was I am fat. Thats your comeback? Wow a whole week for you to come up with that. You do realize that you are playing checkers and I am playing chess.

By the way Steltz is still on the third team and in danger of not making the team. He has been demoted during camp, he was a starter in the begining. So yes he sucks, he sucks bad. Even Lovie thinks he sucks and thats saying something sense he loves everyone. But you think he is great.

By the way 2/3 of players in the NFL play Madden, and about half this board does as well, so thanks for insulting me, at least half this board and most of the NFL and the Bears. You also play madden, you have already admitted to it so you just insulted yourself as well, not sure why you hate on Madden when you are a closet fan. Then again your in the closet about a lot of things. It is a good game, and I do like it. Not sure how that changes the fact that I know a good deal about football and your knowledge of football sucks. Dude you suck when it comes to football, being funny or trying to makes friends. Even for a tranny hooker you really do suck a lot. Now go burry your head in the sand and I will excpect your comeback about two weeks from today. By the way you know everyone is laughing at you. It's sad nobody has ever invited you to the secret Biggs blog parties. I know how much you wish you could make friends with all the people here and have them declare you there leader and greatest Bear fan ever. Thats like your dream, but everyone hates you instead and your not even a good fan. You really seem to be a very bitter person. You should learn to let stuff go and enjoy life a little. If you want to make friends maybe you should try not insulting everyone and actually talking Bear football on a Bear football blog. I know crazy right?

By the way I know you want Cutler to fail, and I know how much you hate him. It is writen all over your post. I'll take Cutler and you take Steltz and we will see who has a better year. Now go run back to your Packer Blog and talk about how went on covert ops to the Biggs blog and showed us Bears fans who was boss. Then they can laugh at you as well. You are one strange Packer fan. Are you wearing a cheese head right now? I bet you are, I bet thats how you blog.

By the way was that you in my back yard the other day? Some wierdo was taking pictures of the back of my house the other day until golf course security chased him off. Just be warned those signs that say beware of dog are not for show. If the dogs catch you in there yard it's not gonna be pretty. I figure it had to be you it was a guy in dress after all holding up a sign that said I love you and where your skin.

Go Bears!!!! Boo Booo Brando's Packers.

The really scary part is that JA has been drafting replacement players for that 2006 D all this time and we are even worse. What does that tell you?

Joe F sorry I didn't mention your observations about Steltz, I forgot to, we are on the same page about his performance and you made a very valid point.

Brando almost forgot, I know you don't like my so called expert opinion, or Hubs, Hamptons or Cox who I paraphrased. But you should realize that Brad and Mully both echoed what I said. Not say I think anyone got that from me, I think we all saw pretty much the same thing, just sometimes some of us pick up on little things that nobody has mentioned and post them. Joe talking about Steltz, me talking about and his sloppy routs and lack of seperation.

Also you may want to read what Mulligan wrote today, Or Brad.

This is from Turner is he expert enough for you? The Bears' offense was lost and ''out of sync,'' as Turner put it.

Didn't I say they where out of sync?

Now you may not like my opinion but you Love Brads and Mully's, both happen to have said the same basic things I said. The same thing a lot of people said. Granted I said my piece before most of these guys and have been saying this stuff for 2 years now but have it your way. You can bash what I say but your also bashing the people who agree with me or see the same things I have seen or said, these are people you call experts. So while I am not an expert my opinion is generally pretty valid, if not a little drawn out. While you don't even have an opinion and choose to pick fights. I know you are afraid to post anything football or Bear realated because of how bad you always look after you open your mouth.

If any of you have not read Brad or Mullys pieces give them a look they are both solid articles. Mully makes a great point about the Bears having no game plan.

"There were some laughable excuses after this game: Matt Forte and Greg Olsen were out, the Bears weren't prepared for the different looks they got on defense. Forte is a running back, not a receiver, and Cutler wasn't looking for running backs in this game. Desmond Clark can do what Olsen does. The problem isn't tight end. Buffalo plays a version of the cover-2 run by Perry Fewell, a former Lovie Smith assistant."

"The excuses are lame, and perhaps the lamest of all was that the Bears weren't prepared. Who's in charge of that?"

secret Biggs blog parties

!@#$ way 2 go chessmaster, let em all know now!

Guys, I really, really would rather read your comments on the Bears and not about each other.

And my respect for Mulligan and Biggs is fading fast. Especially Mulligan who sounds like a complete amateur in his latest article about the game. And to think that these writers believe us fans would want to read all this false negativity on a publication that's supposed to be rooting for the home team. Wow. "Innocuous." When is the press ever "innocuous," Brad?

With all this talk of awful play by the Bears in its first pre-season game, I would like to read more about how that translates into just a 7-point loss, away, to a team that is one pre-season game ahead in terms of game-readiness, and then how that so easily translates into a lost season.

Go Basenez! Whoops. Go Bears!

Im not worried about hester or worried about the defense.. and the O-line....the "D" looked horrible...once cutler has olsen clark forte r davis hester and bennett all on one play he'll have plenty to throw to... Defense looked bad...only 1st game of pre sea tho...we will see if they make adjustments if they still suck next game ill have questions.They have had the same team basically for 4 yrs ago plus cutler forte and olsen and a few d-lineman...theyll have to want to win and have good work ethics.

I hope Cutler refuses to ever talk to you guys again. It would serve you right. Then you would complain and criticize him for not talking, but when he is honest and shoots freely you guys "throw him under the bus." DO YOU REALLY WANT EVERY PLAYER TO BE A COACHING CLONE WHO SAYS A LOT OF EMPTY COACH SPEAK?!!! "We need to improve." "We need to get better." "You can never be satisfied with your performance." "It is only one game." "Our focus is on improvement." "We expect to get better." "Its all about building up to the first regular season game." "Every NFL Team is tough." "There are no easy games." "We are never satisfied." "Its a team game, every loss or win a team loss or win." "Everyone has a responsibility for every play." "We will have to look at the film." BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!!!!!!!! IS THAT WHAT YOU FREAKING REPORTERS WANT TO HEAR? DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD? DOES THAT EMPTY GARBLE SHOW LEADERSHIP? DON'T YOU APPRECIATE IT WHEN PLAYERS SPEAK FOR REAL AND SAY REAL THINGS?!!!! THEN WHY DO YOU THROW PLAYERS UNDER THE BUS WHEN THEY SPEAK FOR REAL? WHY DO YOU BLOW COMMENTS OUT OF PROPORTION AND TRY TO TURN EVERYTHING INTO A CRISIS? YOU GUYS MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!!

Goodness! It only took one preseason game to shake people up.

I was just happy to enjoy some meaningless NFL scraps after 6 months of nothing.

Bottom line - turnovers.

Seriously, Cutler is right, Hester is inexperienced at the position. Hester has to make a play and break up that interception, thats what WR's do to bail out their QB. This is the first time we have had a real QB, and he makes a comment about a WR's performance or play, and people are making a stink about it? Please?! Like another blogger said, 'its pre-season', I'd rather have him say it now then the 4 game of the season, when it could've been addressed 2 months prior. Go Bears!

Was that Lovie that called a timeout at the goal? We had that one even with the blitz, Cutler mad a nice throw inside and a flag and Lovie did not have the confidence in his QB to just let him play through. Maybe Lovie wanted to practice a goal line play but we all saw that Cutler/WR Bennet? got r done w/o the to

I just don't understand the problem about what Cutler said about Hester. If you watched the game you would realize that Hester pretty much watches as the Bills defensive player catches the ball. I'am not saying he could have made the catch or broken up the interception, but he never made a move for the ball. If he wants to be a go to receiver he has to want that ball more than the defensive player. At least make an attempt to break up the pass and or catch it that's what good ends do. I know it's pre season, but I would like to see what kind of W.R. you plan to be? It's not always talent sometimes it's how big yours are.

I have no idea what the heck crap-ton said it made no sense as usual, his posts give me a headache must do better and skip them. What I saw was a defensive line that had no clue and a rookie [Gilbert] playing out of position. The game is played on the line of scrimmage and I saw nothing on both sides Wale is no longer effective, Anderson is out of control and the defense are still getting nickel and dimed to the end-zone. This is not a good defense at all. A 3-4 defense would get the best players on the field. Playing a DE rotation of Gilbert, Harris, Izzy and Brown and a NT rotation of Harrison and Adams you can stand up Anderson and Melton as 3rd down edge rushers. This 4-3 Tampa2 sucks and doesn't play to the strengths of the team. Jerry you sure got suckered by Vasher he is pathetic Afalava looked good.

Give me a break.
The truth is that Hester should be retuning kicks because he sucks as a WR.
I don't need my Bears stuff sugar coated.

I've never been a big fan of Hester as WR, but Bears fans just got a look into the fragile pysche that is one Jay Cutler.

Whether Urlacher wants to admit it or not, his assessment was deadly accurate about Jay-boy.

Is Hanie ready?

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