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Vikings coach Brad Childress weighs in on Wade, Urlacher, Cutler triangle

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If Minnesota coach Brad Childress didn't have enough drama over, say, the last three months with the Brett Favre saga, how about a little "he said, he said he was a naughty word?"

Thanks to our good friends in the Minneapolis media, we have Childress' take on the bizarre story over the last 34 hours or so after Bobby Wade, the ex-Bear, went on KFAN radio in Minnesota and said Brian Urlacher used a word we don't use on this here blog to describe his new teammate Jay Cutler.

"I haven't heard, I read it," Childress said. "I was considering having Bobby read it to me because we were talking about it and he was kind of recounting it for me chapter and verse. I'll let Bobby speak to that and I think he probably would say he wished he hadn't said that."

Urlacher, who saw Wade in Las Vegas, is still friends with the wide receiver.

"Yeah, Bobby is a friend of mine,'' Urlacher said. "I mean, he still is a friend of mine. He's just trying to throw something out before training camp and I don't think it worked. What do you think? Bobby is still my friend. We'll still have a good time on Sundays when we play him twice a year."

There you have it. It will all blow over soon.

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It will be over as soon as you morons quit writing about it. And oh "by the way" training camp starts tomorrow and the bears are going to the Super Bowl!Go BEAR!

Get Urlacher take and Cutlers take on the rumor. If what they say is true and it did not affect the two of them then HERE'S TO YA VIQUEENS!!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!! You started a high school rumor and it came back to bite you like the Bears intend to on nov 9 and dec 28. Stay classy Viqueens.

Nice to see Colonel Klink trying to desperately get back into the media spotlight after the Favre thing went away.

Brad, all around fantastic work with everything you've done.

Maybe Barry could get all three of them together at the White House for a "Beer Summit!"

bobby wade is one of my least favorite players to wear a bears uniform in the past decade. this is a guy who was a massive underachiever as a WR and bobbled so many punts it made your head spin.

at the same time, we should thank him for killing us on Special Teams while he was here. if he hadn't, Angelo may not have been able to select a certain Punt Return specialist out of Miami.

Give Wade a lil credit - he knew before he said it that it shouldn't be said but he said it anyway...why???
No way he comes back and says he shouldn't have said it, thats the lie, he already knew that. So whether Url said it or not is really irrelevant, Wade said it to national media, - Time for some payback there on Sunday!!!

And if Url did say it, if I was Cutler the first 2 passes in live scrimmage go right at Urls helmet - as soon as the ball is in my hands - just whip! helmet crack!

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