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Sneak a peek at the new practice jersey patch

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The Bears supplied this picture of what the practice jersey sponsor patch for NorthShore University HealthSystem will look like.

The patches will be placed on the left chest of the jerseys. These will not be worn in preseason games, but will be used year-round in practices. They will be unveiled for the first time July 31 at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Ill.

The club struck a three-year agreement with the health care firm.

We'll have a story on the jersey patches and more a little later on.

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Why am I getting nervous about practice being sponsored by a hospital??? Except for the location, I guess I wasn't too far off with my rendering, huh?

since i dont live in chicago can somebody please drive to wrigley and tell jeff samarja to give up on baseball and go do what he does best and play wr for the bears..i love hester and i think he will be great this year atleast 900 yds but please tell me why the best wr in chicago plays for the cubs

"tell jeff samarja to give up on baseball and go do what he does best and play wr for the bears"

why not? he sure as hell can't pitch.

brad can you write something or comment..somebody needs to tell samarja to head to soldier field..what do u think brad.another thing i can never get awnsered is why the heck we ever traded chris harris who went on to lead the league in forced fumbles and all we have had is saftey issuse..i wish we would have drafted rashad johnson trade poss????

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