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Naperville North's Glenn Earl decides to retire

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Two days before players will report to training camp veteran safety Glenn Earl has informed the Bears of his intention to retire from the NFL.

Earl considered his future over the course of the past week before making it official Tuesday.

"He's decided to hang it up," Earl's agent Craig Domann said. "He's been dealing with some injuries since he came out of Notre Dame. I think he felt like it was time to move on."

Earl's most recent major injury came in 2006 2007 during preseason when Bears running back Cedric Benson ran him over in a game at Houston. Earl suffered a torn Lisfranc ligament.

The Bears signed Earl this spring for depth in the secondary. Now, it appears almost set that Craig Steltz and Kevin Payne will be the starting safeties. Earl's departure gives the Bears one open roster spot.

The Bears still have adequate numbers in the secondary with Josh Bullocks, Al Afalava and Dahna Deleston in the mix at safety.

"With the open roster spot the Bears can sign [Brett] Favre now,'' Domann joked.

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This news hit me like a dagger in my haeart. I was so sure the great Glenn Earl wouild have a super terrific season with 30 ints and 500 tackles. I'm crying in my pillow right now but I know that he'll be in the HOF someday sense he was on the bears for a few months.

Oh hey I wanted the Bears to get Rashard Mendenhall since I just knew he would be the next Walter Payton. I thought for sure he would run for at least 2000 yards last season and 20 touchdowns. So ok maybe my prediction was a little off since he ran for 58 yards and 0 tds and got turned to mush by Ray Lewis but hey did you see his TWO receptions for 17 yards?? We should have defintely gotten this kid! I can't believe Angelo had the nerve to draft Matt Forte because I wanted Mendenhall! And Angelo should do whatever I want him to or else I start b*tching and complaining!!! WAHHH!!!!

Oh niddly diddly foo foo i hate brando and angelo and anyone else with a positive outlook on life!

Go Bears!! (I think??)

Creighton, your the one who said you thought Earl was gonna challenge and maybe start at strong safety for Chicago. Remember, you wanted to see me defend Kevin Payne if Earl beat him out for the job? We'll, guess what....WRONG AGAIN ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and ha!! Oh yeah and GO BEARS!!

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