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Haves vs. the have nots: What QB has best chance to get his 1st ring?

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Five teams will line up at the start of September with a quarterback who has hoisted the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season.

Twenty-seven teams will begin the journey with a quarterback searching for the path to a title.

Clifton Brown of the Sporting News recently looked at the quarterbacks without a Super Bowl ring and which one has the best chance to get fitted for one at the end of the year.

His front runners?

Kerry Collins, who played in Super Bowl XXXV and lost, Joe Flacco and Donovan McNabb, who has a Super Bowl loss in XXXIX.

Knocking at the door?

Jake Delhomme, Philip Rivers and Tony Romo.

Others to watch?

Drew Brees
, Jay Cutler and Matt Ryan.

Collins, Flacco, McNabb, Delhomme, Rivers and Ryan all were in the playoffs last season. Romo has playoff experience and Brees has been to an NFC Championship Game. That makes Cutler the only one of the bunch who has yet to gain playoff experience. He's yet to have a winning season, in fact, but the Bears feel strongly they will be competing in January and some view them as the favorite in the NFC North. It's an interesting list and we found it a little striking that only five current starters have a ring.

That list:

Tom Brady 3
Ben Roethlisberger 2
Eli Manning 1
Peyton Manning 1
Kurt Warner 1

The most recent Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks to not be playing?

Brad Johnson, Super Bowl XXXVII
Trent Dilfer, Super Bowl XXXV
John Elway, Super Bowls XXXIII, XXXII

*** Tim O'Brien for the Southtown Star caught up with Marian Catholic grad Rodney Harrison, back in town for his annual football camp at Hillcrest High School. The recently retired Harrison has signed on with NBC as an analyst for the coming season. He's been critical of Cutler before, in particular questioning the quarterback's leadership ability, and some of that surfaced again here. But it sounds like Harrison sees good things ahead for Cutler.

"I'm excited about Jay Cutler,'' Harrison told O'Brien. "To me, he was a guy that showed a lot of potential in Denver but never really rose to that (elite) level, a Peyton Manning, a Tom Brady. It wasn't physical, it was more mental. Maybe the leadership wasn't there. Cutler has a tremendous upside, and this is the best move for him. He's motivated now to really step up and get to that next echelon of great quarterbacks. It's going to be a challenging year for him because he has a lot of pressure from the people of Chicago who think he's the savior, but he's not. Everyone knows great defenses win championships with good steady quarterback play. He has to stay away from the turnovers, and if he does that they'll have success. The Bears don't have a lot of weapons at wide receiver where Denver had Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal. The Bears have a good running back (Matt Forte) and an athletic Devin Hester. We'll see what happens, but it all goes through the quarterback position."

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I find every national Talking Head to have the same analysis: "Cutler doesn't have the same weapons here as in Denver." Can anyone tell me who Brandon Marshall was when he was at Central Florida or Eddie Royal when he was at Va Tech? They were no-bodies who got much better in the NFL when they ran into a QB who had a unique ability to get them a ball.

I have no idea of what we've got in Bennett, Iglesias and Knox. Just like the Broncos had no idea of what they had in Marshall and Royal.

Rodney Harrison say's "To me, he was a guy that showed a lot of potential in Denver but never really rose to that [elite] level."

Yeah... ok, I guess setting a Denver record of 4500 yards passing and going to the Pro Bowl in only his second season as a starter isn't elite???
I guess going over 3500 passing yards and 20 plus td passes during his first two seasons as a full-time starter isn't good enough to be elite, at least not to Rodney Harrison???? Are you kidding me!!

Give me a break, Jay Cutler has only been a full time starter for TWO seasons and everyone is acting like no Super Bowl title is his fault?? If Denver's defense had played at the level Cutler played at this season, Denver probably would have won the Super Bowl. Bottom line, Jay Cutler is one of the up and coming guns in the NFL and he's a Bear, and deep down, the media outside of Chicago can't stand it. I say live with it and GO BEARS!!

Did anyone see the fantasy predictions on espn yet? Olson's stat's are going to go up "because the Bears are going to throw more." But Culter's only going to attempt 515 passes, about a dozen less than orton/grossman threw last year. There is no way that's going to happen. Also Forte's carries are going to increase but his yard per carry is going to decrease. I hope neither of those come true. Also they have the defense dropping off in a big way.

Good to see you back Brad! I was almost starting to worry that you had lost the passion required to be an effective reporter for my team. Hard to believe that only 5 active quarterbacks have championship rings. Here's hoping Cutler will be number 6!

Check out my website, get to know the real Bill Holland Bears fans.

Every quarterback, and every player in every sport, has never won a championship before (s)he did so the first time. Experience can be very important in the playoffs, but we've all seen players and teams with no playoff experience win championships.

If winning a Super Bowl is what R. Harrison uses as a measuring stick to define "elite", I guess Dan Marino really was'nt that good either.

Cutler is every bit as good and I believe better than Collins, Flacco, Delhomme, Rivers and Romo. The "Others to Watch" is the line. The Bears as a team have as good a chance to make the playoffs as any other. Cutler wants to be a Bear and the team appears to have the right attitude. This points to success. I can't wait to watch this team play and have nothing but confidence the Bears will do well. Cutler, NFC pro bowl QB! Go Bears!
Also, welcome back Brad! Nice web site Bill Holland!

Just stopping in for a quick peak. I changed my name like I said I would. Hope nobody recognizes me, I am incognito after all. Hope you all are having a good summer so far, well except Brando, cause he sucks.

OMG let me right this down, July 1, 2009 Kevin Armstead finally snaps. My goodness Kevin you are just inches away from calling Harrison a punk. Such rage, I didn't know you had it in you.

Plank46, Collins is an ok QB and thats it, Jake Delhomme and Collins are not in the same league as Cutler in terms of talent or smarts. Collins does more by do anything than he ever did trying to make a play. Romo is way overrated, but Rivers is a stud, however he also has some injury concerns.

Cutler is still really young, but he has everything you need to be a really great QB, it all depends on how he applies himself. If he wants to be great it is there for him to take. On a balanced team he would be lethal. Nobody in this league has his arm. Oh and for all the haters out their, take a look at Cutler and Brees's stats, people are all over Cutler but can't wait to pat Brees on the back and talk about how if he had a defense his team would be in the Super Bowl. The Saints and Broncos are mirror images of one another. Only difference is Brees is a 8 year vet, and Cutler is a 3 year up and comer. Brees in 07 and Cutler in 08, just look at those numbers, in 07 everyone was talking about how great Brees is, same for him this year, last year at the begining of the season everyone was also saying Cutler was the best young QB in the NFL, then Cutler said the thing about his arm being stronger than Elway and then this off season happened and all of a sudden the media makes him out ot be a bad guy. How dare he compare himself to Elway in terms of arm strength. Even though it may be true. How dare he break some of Elway's records. The media loves to stir the pot. Can't wait to see the Broncos fall on their faces this year.

Hey Brad I notice you didn't list Orton or Rex, how come after all Rex led them to the Super Bowl with no help and did it all by himself and Orton according to some is the greatest QB in the NFL, right Kevin A, you did say that didn't you? "Strongest arm, best QB ever." Heck he carried the Bears in 05 according to some.

Anyway all of you have a great forth, and try to take some time off from blogging, it is the summer after all, get out and do something fun, the Bears will still be around in August when the football fun really begins.

2nd: Romo
4th Cutler
Hope cutler and dabears get it done tho

Creighton, we all know you need help. From your struggles with morbid obesity to your unrealistic pessimism, you've got more than a fair share of issues. But maybe we can remedy that inability to read and/or write the English language? You know, stuff that should have been learned in elementary school? Now pay attention.

"Just stopping in for a quick peak."

A peak? Like a mountain peak? I don't understand. Perhaps you meant "peek" as in stopping by for a quick look-see.

"OMG let me right this down"

The word is write, Creighton. As in jotting things down with a pen or pencil. The "right" you used indicates a direction, as in making a right turn. Or it could also be right in the moral sense as in right versus wrong.

"Collins does more by do anything than he ever did trying to make a play."

I don't even know what the hell that was supposed to mean.

"Anyway all of you have a great forth,"

It's nice to hear a rare positive comment from you Creighton. But what does that mean? The Fourth of July has a "u" in it. You know, like the number "four."

Also we need to do some work on there, their and they're.

Anyway, let's whip out the pink panties for the Steelers game, shall we? No more hiding and pretending someone else put words in your mouth ok? Personally, I think it will be quite hilarious when the sober people also start seeing a pink elephant. Hahaha!

Man up, Creighton. Man up.

OK, let's go over a couple of things here ...

1) Bill Holland. I know I've given you a lot of crap but you need to work on the website. Pretty impressive stuff (stories and awards wise) but it needs a) direction - Not being overly critical but too much of a hodge-podge and no real "reason" for existence other than an homage to yourself and b) more links and possibly audio of work you've done. IT and web presence is my (Matt) Forte so just take it with a little more than a grain of salt if ya will.

2) For the love of all that's HOLY! I like Creighton. I like the fact that it seems like dozens of Creighton "wanna-bes" have shown up on this site. What I can't understand is the fact that some people - even regulars - can't tell the difference between his posts and some jag off looking for attention!

3) And for the love of all that's SACRED AND NEVER NEEDS TO SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY!!! Who are all you guys WANTING ... DESPERATELY WANTING to see Creighton in a pink thong?!?! My god I thought it was hilarious when he posted what he did and then - when Cutler came aboard - he probably crapped himself. If he goes through with it great; if not my life still has meaning. But the guys who are harping on it??? My god you guys are so far in the closet that you need to turn back when you see the sign post for fricking Narnia! Really, try some introspection if you want to see a guy in a pink thong.

4) I like the idea of a Brad Biggs day at Bears training camp. We all show up, tailgate, and maybe oggle the weirdo in the pink thong lol ... However, as I will come as MYSELF, I wonder if "gobearsgo" or "da cult of da clown" is willing to actually MAN UP (I am positive they are behind some of those Creighton posts) and actually tell me and Creighton who they really are? I'll buy the beer ... you bring you're sorry asses out of mom's basement and be a man ... Since I know that'll never happen, I'll still bring Miller Lite and Corona Lite for all ... Let's do this!

Hey Brad, did somone forget a Mr. Brett Favre? C'mon, everyone knows he'll be on the Vikings this season. Personally I love watching #4 play so it's all good.

"Check out my website, get to know the real Bill Holland Bears fans."

Holland, is there a reason you're now using Inside the Bears to run Personal Ads?

From claiming you've had pajama parties with members of the Bears coaching staff, to claiming you were the puppeteer behind the strings that made certain NFL trades happen, I actually think this one takes the cake on lunacy. Note: I would check on the dosage the orderlies are giving you.

But hell, you're still a Bears fan and as mentally unbalanced as you seem, we still love you. To quote the dad in Corky Romano, "Come 'ere you friggin' retard!"

Creighton, good to see you back man. Alas, you've should have known better than to make that pink thong promise in front of Brando. You went and got him all excited and now he won't quit until he sees another man strip down. Go figure.

ahhh....helo theyre LOOSERS!! i bet you loosers were wonderring gee crap-ton were were you ? wel i was crawling thru teh sewage drane liek i always do sense it where i live. ans tehn i herd you loosers want too see mee take it off? huh oh yea you bad boys are naughty!! fine i will dress up in my pink panties ans give you feeelas a show...ans yes i aceept credit cards!!

but youy hguys nowe me old crap-ton just trying to be posative..

ps i... HATEW...BRANDO!!!!

i will try and swipe my credit card in your slot crapton!! Let's be posative about this!

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