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Can't wait for training camp Friday? Catch Lovie on Thursday

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Comcast SportsNet plans to carry Lovie Smith's press conference from training camp on Thursday live as it happens beginning at 2 p.m.

Check your local listings for the channel because all I can tell you is it's Ch. 665 on a certain satellite package in my basement.

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741 for AT&T UVerse customers.

1741 to see Lovie tell us that Jay is our quarterback in crystal clear HD. :-)

Brad, thanks for the info on Lovie's press conference.

I see Glenn Earl has retired, I thought Earl was strictly a depth signing anyways. I don't think Earls retirement is gonna hurt Chicago that much, although an anonymous blogger on this site thought for sure Earl was signed to start and push Payne [I guess he was wrong again, but don't point that out to him, he'll get upset]. I myself can't see anyone on the roster [including Earl if he was still in the league] pushing Payne. If Payne stays injury free he should remain the starter at strong safety and have a pretty good season at strong safety for Chicago.

Its also nice to see the Bear hunter [Favre] retired. But now Chicago has a Packer hunter [Cutler]. It should be fun watching the Pack trying to run the 3-4 while Cutler tears them apart, can't wait GO BEARS!!

Per Bears website - D. Manning to start training camp at FS - hmmm .... where did I put that ibuprophen

I gotta thank Adam P. for the news on D. Manning starting at FS. Well, he at least pointed me to the Bears' site but thanks man.

One Brad Biggs might be looking over his shoulder... :)

Anyway, if Danieal Manning has really, really, really shown that he can handle the mental aspects of the free safety position then.....HELL YEAH! Questions at FS? What questions at FS!? This guy has been on the team a few years now, has invaluable game time experience and is the best athlete on the team.

Of course nothing is set until we see Manning thrive in that role on Sundays, and all we have to go on is the word of the coaches. But it's definitely better to hear them voice their support behind Manning becoming the starter whereas last year he was being demoted from the nickelback role behind McGowan.

Gawd, I wish the season was here already. Luckily, I got the X-Games to hold me over this weekend but I feel for you single sport football fans. Hang in there.

And oh yeah, can you imagine a dual-star KR/FS??? He wouldn't get burnt out returning kicks because the offense takes the field (unless he takes it to the house) and I guess Steltz could always fill in for him if need be. Dang, that'd be cool. Get your #38 jerseys!

Secondary: FS- Manning, SS- Payne, Nickel - Bowman or Graham, Corners: Tillman and Vasher.

Looking good huh?

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