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Bobby Wade claims Urlacher made unflattering remarks about Cutler

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Bobby Wade was always an outspoken player when he was in a Bears uniform.

The wide receiver, who has been with the Minnesota Vikings for the last two seasons, remains that way today. He still has guys he considers friends in the Bears locker room, and he was roommates with linebacker Lance Briggs in college at Arizona and while they were with the Bears.

He's probably caught their attention now. Probably not in a good way. Pro Football Talk reported that Wade spouted off about his former team and its new quarterback in a big way this morning on KFAN in Minneapolis when visiting with host Paul Allen, who happens to be the play-by-play voice of the Vikings. According to Wade, he was recently in Las Vegas with middle linebacker Brian Urlacher. It's what Wade says that came out of the mouth of Urlacher that is surprising.

"Jay Cutler is a good player,'' Wade said. "Obviously, it's a much different environment from going from Denver to play in Chicago. Chicago is a tough club to play for. What is so funny, I actually saw Brian Urlacher this past weekend in Las Vegas and we had a long conversation.

"I don't want to get him in trouble, but it wasn't what [the Bears] expected. Pretty much [Urlacher] said Jay Cutler was a [deleted] for the most part.''

That sent the radio show up in a roar and the word Wade used was deleted on the air by using what is known as a dump button. The entire conversation is on the podcast, however.

"Like I said,'' Wade continued, "That's tough if you have a little bit of that going on, it's just not acceptable.''

Go ahead and circle the Bears' trip to the Metrodome on Nov. 28. There might be a few people looking for Wade.

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Cant wait for camp to start and hear Urlacher back track from those remarks.....should be interesting.....come on Friday....

Maybe bobby should go back to dropping passes and punts.

Who cares? Literally doesn't EVERY QB need to be a d!ck? C'mon I don't want a nice guy QB. I don't even care if anyone on the defense likes anyone on the offense & vice versa. Personally I think Urlacher is a d!ck along with most of the players on the defense. Good, I want my defense to be a bunch of A-holes.

Oh man I hope they take his head off! Figuratively, not literally.

For those of you wondering, "I don't want to get him in trouble, but it wasn't what [the Bears] expected. Pretty much [Urlacher] said Jay Cutler was a [deleted] for the most part." the [deleted] word rhymes with "roosy" and can be used to describe a kitty cat... and the Bears talk starts around 18:10

While listening to them talking about all their offensive weapons I thought with the Bears cap room it would have been nice to have Bernard Berrian on the team right now. Ah well, hindsight = 20/20.

This is good - some internal rivalry - Ditka and Ryan hated each other and that worked out just fine. Let's throw some gasoline on this one.

Maybe Brian can teach Manning how to play Free Safety.

I think Viking Bobby Wade got exactly the reaction he wanted to out of that interview. Shame on us for giving a washout WR this much press.

Well, Cutler is a *deleted*. Why would Urlacher need to backtrack
that? The media 'over by dere' is gonna have a field day with Cutler. I can here the chants now "Bring back Grossman".
I really hope Cutler works out, but it's doubtful. Just not good enough.

That's just the kind of attitude I want from my star linebacker. The man should despise all quarterbacks and barely support his own. I hardly see how this comment, even if true, can considered a bad reflection on Cutler.

I want to watch Urlacher wiggle out of this one. We finally have a QB who gives us hope and the idiot trashes him. I'd love to watch Cutler cut #54 to size during practice. What is Lovie going to do now?

Firstly,if this is really true, why would Urlacher jeopardize the locker room atmosphere by running his big a#$ mouth to Bobby Wade. He rarely says anything to the media worth noting. He is articulate as a retarded moose. He never gets on the defense for blown assignments, he's not a vocal leader and he's a shell of what he used to be. he needs to continue to shut his a#$ up!!

Wow. I never, ever heard Paul Allen before, but I think someone needs to call a doctor, so his nose can be surgically removed from that over-rated, mediocre, wide receiver who drops more balls than a urologist with sweaty palms.

I liked that question after all his brash talk, when asked if Bobby Wade is going to be with the Vikings. I don't really think Wade is a sure thing, especially if he keeps popping off like this.

The Vikings will be a train wreck this year.

Maybe Urlacher thought the same thing about this linebacker who got run over.

Paul Allen: "I'm glad Antoine Winfield got paid. If they all played the game like Antoine and Bobby, well that's how you get a long and prosperous career."

No, everyone played the game like Antoine and Bobby, you woudn't have many interceptions or receptions.

bottom line, if the bears go into green bay and win 35-14 and cutler has 3 td's, he's not a wuss anymore. he goes into green bay and throws 5 int's and the bears get creamed, he's still a wuss

cutler has to preform to get love, bottom line

stuckinwisconsin, please stay there. You are where you deserve to be. Doubtful that Cutler works out b/c he isn't good enough? I wish you were GM of the Packers.

Wow you bears fans should be ashamed of yourselves, wade is a viking, he's gonna say anything to throw a wrench in the bears plans this year, hello they jus lost favre now all of asudden he says this come on, stop talkin bad about urlacher we need him just as much as cutler, we all need to stick together, go bears and F*&^ wade

Bobby was shown the door in Chicago because he was more worried about getting hit than he was about catching punts. During one of his numerous muffs, Urlacher was caught by NFL films screaming "Da**it Bobby! Come on!" (It was shown numerous times on NFL Replay, so I'm sure Bobby heard about it.) Urlacher definitly thought he was a p***y, and I'm sure still does. I guarantee Bobby will go nowhere near the middle of the field against the Bears this year. However if anyone in the NFL should be considered an expert of "catching wind" of anything, it would be Bobby. He certainly cannot catch footballs.

Pretty big talk from Bobby Wade who I always thought was trying to copy the look of Mariel Hemingway's nutty husband in Star 80 with his hideous mustache. Shame on Urlacher for trusting any punk who would look like that!

Not saying I believe anything a Vike says, but we don't need Urlacher as much as we need Cutler, Url has been on the downside for 2 years and if he doesn't get it this year - then adios amigos.

I do have a followup question. Did Bobby Wade immediately drop the microphone or did he wait until the intern tossed him a bagel?

C'mon? Bobby Wade? We're going to get a division rival who was ran out of town on a rail to give us insight into the mind of our best (or at least one of our best) defensive players? Wade's just trying to get in the media because he's almost done playing ball (if that's what you call it) and wants to be the next Charles Barkley but for the NFL.

This is probably the most press this a$$-clown has had in like ... well ... ever.

I don't understand why everyone believes what Wade is saying. Here is a guy who's still probably a little miffed at what happened in Chicago, now he's on a division rival who was the top dog until we got Cutler. Now he's trying to say that two of our most important pieces in 2009 don't like each other?

Boy, wouldn't it be great if Urlacher funneled some of his energy at opposing players on the field, a la Butkus. Seems like he never quite had the killer instinct.


Since tommie is saying Url never said it..on his tweet..

can you get any confirm from either urlacher or tommie?

I means this will not be the first time Or the millionith florio has gone off 1/2 cocked.
remember his Urlacher career is done and he will never walk again in 2004 accordign to his "inside bear sources?" and will miss the rest of the seasoon?? acording to bear inside sources? that turned out completely false, and url played the following week

repeating florio's rumors and gossip w/o checking facts seems wrong.

The JayBaby is a slang term for vagina, as we in Denver have been saying all along.

Once he starts getting hit, he'll start his pouting routine, his finger pointing routine, his stupid post-game comments.

Then Urlacher should pop him in the head a few times.

You Bears fans got hoaxed. The JayBaby is soft, not too bright and lacks courage.

Once you atart 0-3, you'll see the REAL JayBaby - and why we're glad he's gone.

Someone needs to remind Bobby that what's said in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Can't anybody understand what's happening here? Those #54 jerseys aren't disappearing from the clothes racks like they used to. The #6 ones sure are selling good though. Cutler has come into this locker room to be a leader. Urlacher is probably just jealous that he's no longer the man in Chicago. Grow up and shed a tackle Brian. Until then, just shut up.

I heard Terry Boers say a source told him that Urlacher had to be restrained by four guys because he went after Cutler at an OTA. If that's true, it's certainly good news because the last couple of years it's generally taken one guy from the opposing team to keep 54 from the QB.

Cutler is a well known trash talker, Urlacher doesn't talk much, and Wade is pretty much just trash.

Da Church of Da Coach:

It looks like your vacation has brought back your A game. Nice post. Very funny.

Ok guys I am gonna see if I can help you with the big story and what happened. None of this is my information, I am just repeating what is being said on 670. Hub and Terry both have two independent sources that they are quoting as saying there was an incident between the two that happened off the field.

Some base information on what may have led up to this, both Hub and Terry are only hinting on what they have been told by there sources. So this is mostly just speculation.

First let me say this I don't care that there was a problem between the two. The 85 Bears offense and defense did not get along and there where fights between guys. Dan Hampton once body slammed Gary Fencik. It happens.

So first this is what we know.
Cutler is talented and Cocky and has a swager, the guy has an edge to him. Sense he has got to Chicago he has done everything he has been asked to do in terms of football. He also not trying to play the nice guy, he is being himself, if someone doesn't like him I don't think he cares or will try to please them.

Now Brian, Urlacher is a nice, he actually is, he is also a bit of a meat head and tends to be a little cocky in the locker room and likes his status as the teams big name. Now things to consider is that Brian was friends with Orton and when the Bears traded for Cutler, Urlacher said some stuff about the guy before he got here.

So now for what is being speculated on the score and being hinted at.

What is being hinted at happening. During the recent OTA's Urlacher and Cutler may have been jawing a little, during a few plays of non-contact drills Brian may have made contact with Cutler a couple of times. Nothing to bad but maybe some contact. Cutler then may have told him to knock that garbage off. A little more jawing occured. It carried over to the locker room and the Brian got in Cutlers face and Cutler didn't back down. After that the story is split, Hub said it was broken up right there, but Terry's source may have hinted at Urlacher snapping and loosing control and needing to be restrained by four other players.

Either way what is basically known is that Brian has not liked Cutler day sense day one.

Me I don't care, it means little, if it was Forte and Cutler or Olin and Cutler I would be worried. But it's offense and defense they don't really like eachother on priciple.

I think two big egos are clashing, I think Brian feels a little slighted and disrespected cause there is a new top dog in the locker room.

I think Cutler is cocky like most big time QB's are and he probably rubs some guys the wrong way.

What I am actually gald about is that Urlacher has always been the swagger for the defense and the Bears defense has bullied the offense for years in practice. Now you got Cutler on offense and that stuff isn't going to fly, Cutler seems to be adding some swagger to the offense and maybe just maybe Brian doesn't like it. Which is not a surprise because he is not used to it. He has never been on a team with a QB like this. Cutler is not going to kiss his backside like Orton and not be all humble, he will get in your face and burn you if you make a mistake. Personally I love it, good for Cutler for making the offense something to consider again and good for Brian for getting in the best shape of his career and trying to add some swagger back to the defense.

To me this is actually a good sign.

Last thought, f*** Bobby Wade he sucks and is just trying to cause trouble. For those of us that played football, to whatever extent we played, we all know fights happen in locker rooms, it's the nature of the beast.

Oh my goodness, I cant beleive Bobby Wade used such a naughty word. This will infuriate me for the ehole week. In fact I'm so mad i think I will write Mr. Wade a letter and call Him nasty words like a super meanie! Oops I apologize to all of you I didn't mean to go overboard like that.


...and another thing about Paul Allen. He is a MN transplant who has been doing radio for 10 plus year (he is was calling horse races). He has adapted MN sports teams and in paricular, is huge in his ViQueens, being the radio guy. There is only one NFC North team he hates, that being the Bears. He mildly dislikes the Packers but hates the Bears. His reasoning, "when I call games in Soldier field, the Bears fans are absolute a$$holes, I hate the team and there fans" Paraphrasing a bit but pretty close to what he said on air a month ago. P. Allen would probably enjoy some beer from those of you sitting close to the Vikings radio broadcast booth...according to him we have a rep to uphold.

True or not, Bobby Wade is a piss ant!!!

TO ALL YOU BEAR HATERS,URLACHER HATERS & BANDWAGON FANS that say Urlacher has been on the downside of his career for the last 2-3 seasons YOU ARE IDIOTS!!! Proof or Opinion? Urlacher finished the 07-08 season with 123-Tackles, 5-Sacks, 5-Ints...When he won Defensive Player of the Year he had fewer tackles, one more sack (6), & (5)FIVE fewer ints then he did in 07-08. AND in the 07-08 season he was the only player in the NFL to have atleast 5 ints & 5 sacks....Just look at the numbers morons!!!!

Ever since his unwarranted request for a contract extension I can care less what his opinion is. I hope this is the last year we see Urlacher on the Bears roster. If the Bears organization was smart they would part ways with Urlacher. Would it be that hard to find a replacement for the over the hill and cognitively challenged pain in the butt linebacker Chicago used to embrace?

Way to Go, Creighton. How you doin'!! You nailed it good. Wade's a little Viking sausage who wants to stir up trouble and couldn't hold on to Cutler's passes if he had to, & is thanking his lucky stars he won't have to catch Favre's.

As you will recall, the last QB to WIN a Superbowl for the Bears was a little cocky too. P-O'd the defense all the time.

The other 'sausages' are those so called sports jocks at WSCR who only want to shoot off their mouths. just listen to Buffone, Jiggets, and Thayer. They know what they are talkin' 'bout.

B.Urlacher is a "Has Been" ! When was the last time he REALLY put a lick on someone ? I keep seeing replays on NFL network of J. Bettis putting #54 on his butt ! What the hell is he hanging out w/ Bobby Wade for in the first place ? Ya think Ditka hung out w/ Ray Nitchzkie (?) during the off season? Trade the fool to Az. , get Boldin !

You play middle linebacker for 10 years on the Chicago Bears; most everybody oughta look like a puss.

Come on guys! Friends call each other pusses and wusses all the time. If he said it, its friendly banter and jock talk; no problem. If he didn't, no problem.

No use waisting energy on this topic.

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