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Besides Jay Cutler, which newcomer do you want to watch most?

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill.--All eyes will be on quarterback Jay Cutler this afternoon when he takes the practice field for the first time but there are some other new additions who will be playing key roles.

We turn it over to you--which newcomer (besides Cutler) are you most interested in checking out as the season kicks off?

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With Tinoisamoa projected to replace Hillenmeyer as the third starting linebacker, I'm very interested to see what kind of improvement this has. Hillenmeyer has been solid, but was lost in the background behind those other LB's in the limelight (Urlacher and Briggs).

D.J. Moore. He was projected by many as a first or second rounder. He will be the perfect test of whether a smaller man with skills can play big time in the NFL at corner. If he can, it will be HUGE for the Bears.

The only thing I want to see from Josh Bullocks is him being cut.

Hey what about that freak dressed in pink panties???

Orlando pace, the lines win football,the best qb cant play if he's always on his back. looks like the bearnation agrees, it's the lines.

I would actually say Chris Williams. He's basically unknown, we've invested alot in him, and his success or lack thereof is a huge unknown/variable

Can't wait to see Pace in action. If he's half of what he used to be then we're already twice as good as last year. The offense goes as the line goes. Here's hoping that Pace (and Williams) are ready to tear it up this season.

The other person that will be someone to watch is Johnny Knox. If we can get him on the field at wideout across from Hester, we will have arguably the fastest WR's in the league.

Orlando Pace, no one else is even close. If he plays well, the offensive line will be greatly improved.

i hope gilbert can play, but I want to see knox. I also would like to so see (wanna) Pisa (me?)

Would really like to see Wolfe get some reps at rb. It would be interesting to see what he can do with a like that hopefully can open up some bigger holes.

Richmond McGee! He had a strong college career with UTexas and he bring a consistency to punts, kick offs, and field goals!

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