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Bears spokesperson denies Urlacher called Cutler a naughty word

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The game of he said, he said is just that, a game.

That is what Bears spokesperson Scott Hagel said this afternoon in the wake of Bobby Wade's comments on KFAN in Minneapolis this morning. The former Bears wide receiver met up with Brian Urlacher in Las Vegas this past weekend, and according to Wade, Urlacher hurled a not-so-nice term in the direction of new quarterback Jay Cutler. A term that isn't fit for radio but happens to be on the station's podcast.

"It's all nonsense,'' Hagel said when asked if the team would comment on the matter. "I've talked to everybody [but Wade]. There is absolutely no truth to any of it.''

Hagel confirmed that Urlacher did see Wade in Las Vegas this past weekend.

"I don't know what they talked about other than what was not said,'' Hagel said. "It's absolutely 100 percent false.''

One teammate said he didn't know what Wade said was true or not but said he doubted it because from his vantage point Urlacher and Cutler got along well during OTA's. The player added he just wants the story to go away as soon as possible with the season set to begin.

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This is no big deal, but fun to read about. Cutler and Urlacher should make a secret pact and talk smack about each other to reporters, then tell everyone at the end of camp that they've been punk'd.

What counts is on the field. And on the field Cutler is a trash talker, Urlancher is non-talker, and Wade is just trash.

Tommie Harris, via Twitter, denies Url said this also.

Glad to see some fact checking and story was WRONG, thanks brad!

Really wish these stories would get checked first before being put out and getting "legs" and this one did, before its printed everywhere, like real journalists should.

Its a shame, the new "wild west" of shoot first, or print whatever silly thing said, then find out the truth later that goes on in the "we need it now" world of the internet and pft's

The sad part is most never hear the 2nd story, and will go on beleiving what what wade said was true, despite it not

Who cares we have the Brando and Creighton show they are ten times better than this trash talking scenario.

Any body else here think that this is a cynical ploy by the lackluster cronies of the vikings to get the attention off the favre issue? I feel like the vikings are the discruntled republican party smearing the more successful democrats (Bears) so that the public doesn't see their flaws. You stay classy Viqueens.

I second the "Who cares? comment. I sometimes wonder why sports writers think they have to draw attention to the least little bit of silliness that somebody somewhere happens to mention in passing.

By dahlillama on July 29, 2009 6:28 PM
"Who cares we have the Brando and Creighton show they are ten times better than this trash talking scenario."

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Dahli the way you put that was just hilarious. The Brando and Creighton Show LOL. Ah yes, Brando and Creighton. They're right up there with such comedy duo greats as Abbot and Costello.

By the way, thanks you two for making the offseason somewhat bearable.

come on folks. don't be homers and naive to the fact that Urlacher probably DID say this about Cutler. Brian wants to be the face of the franchise and no longer is. he's not exactly top-shelf when it comes to character. to think he isn't fond of the guy who's stealing all the attention as of late makes sense (to Brian, of course). and to say something of this type to another person with which he is friends is totally believable... this is Brian "Paris Hilton and stripper dating and Urlacher here, not Mike Singletary we're talking about.

grow up folks. he's a great athlete but a self-absorbed ego-maniacal louse.

Here's the giveaway: ""I don't want to get him in trouble, but it wasn't what [the Bears] expected." Sure, wink, wink, nod, nod. Bobby Wade doesn't want to get Urlacher in trouble. That tells you right there this is all BS. I still think the Bears should lay him out when they get the chance.

football players, in Las Vegas, less than two weeks before camp. hmm .. probably some alcohol involved here ... probably some joking around ... your friend plays for the competitor in your division and asks you ("Brain, what you think of Cutler?").

So you say "ah, he's a blah-blah"? Everyone laughs their butts off. You order another Beer and think, we're going to kick their asses this year".

A week later you decide, I better just deny this than explain I was joking around after losing a few grand at the local joint. Some times, the circumstances are more incriminating than the truth.

And as long as were here - who listens to these radio dweebs who need to 'create' storylines in order to save there jobs. At least with BB we get something of interest. Not like a lot of these other yo-hoo's.

Dahlillama and Mike you will refrain from speaking of he who must not be named. I can't even look at his name on a screen without the taste of vomit forming in my mouth. And my fellow Bear fans do not worry about this little tiff. I myself me will speak to both of them and give them a spanking for getting out of line. Mmmmmmmmmmm spanking. Do you guys think they were in towls when the fight started? How exciting. Maybe they had on pink panties that said spank me. Oooooooooo I am more excited then a little girl riding her first pony.

I swear as unofficial second in command of this blog, secret unofficial assistant sheriff's deputy, official member of the Harry Potter Super Friend society, honorary member and vice president of the Battle Star Galactica we are the world fan club, second degree green belt of the Ken Do Jr. Karate school of greater Indiana and avid lover of Beets. That I will destroy Creighton(vomit) and all he stands for.

Expecto Patronum!!! You are defeated Creighton(vomit again) hahahahaha so there.

On a side note the nw Harry Potter film is Super Duper excellent. Would anyone like to accompany me to see it a forth time in IMAX? I hate always going alone, I am so lonely. Please be my friend, you can have my mother and sister, they are both easy.

Man, the Vikings are so mad and jealous we got Jay that they'll say anything. By the way, did Wade say that before or after he got stepped on??? What a midget punk!!

Hmm Pre-season intrigue, I like it... In a way I hope it's true for one simple reason... It would mean Urlacher IS jealous of not being "the man" anymore in this town. Urlacher with a chip on his shoulder ready to prove that this is still "his" team... Feel sorry for any offensive player in the league to face that wrath it may just be what Brian needs to return to form. Unfortunately I agree with most others in the fact that this is BS just trying to make a story from nothing.

What I find most obnoxious about this controversy is that it was said by Bobby Wade - and that our receivers are so unproven that if Wade were still on the Bears he would probably be a starter. Yikes!!!!!!


You comment of:
"I feel like the vikings are the discruntled republican party smearing the more successful democrats (Bears) so that the public doesn't see their flaws."

is beyond ridiculous.

How are the alleged successful Democrats doing these days? Last time I checked unemployment is 1.6% HIGHER than the President promised it would be if he could pick $787 BILLION from our pockets, and now he wants over $1.6 TRILLION to destroy the best (not perfect and still in need of improvement for sure) healthcare system in the world.

While we're at it, let's have the govt buy the Bears . . . that way we won't have to worry about EVER winning another game . . . PUH-LEEZE!



I agree to put the fire to the Dem, especially the Blue Dog (Dem) or as I call them the closet cased Reps. But where exactly is the pristine Rep party with their leaders of Cheney, Limbaugh, Hannity, and the ever so grand Beck (maybe now even the CNN racist Dobbs)? Oh thats right stirring up racial and other controversies to get the attention of their disgraceful party or in the metaphor I was trying to use: the vikings using Wade as their Limbaugh, Beck, Dobbs or Hannity to begin trouble in the NFC North and in particular with the more united and smarter Bears.

If you wish to remain on the political level: The reason I say the Dem party is more successful is not because they don't have a back bone, because they don't (seriously you've got the majority you can claim world domination if wanted, I say it because look what the GOP has left the country in as far as financial debt goes with the Bush tax cuts and their Lord and savior Ronald Reagen views on the trickle down economics has led us. So Obama has to spend that much money to help get our nation out of a wee bit of debt.
So as far as I'm concerned we as a nation deserve a form of universal healthcare bc for some bizarre reason these foolish Marxist, Socialist, Communistic countries of Canada, Britain, France, Sweden, etc all who have universal healthcare seem to live healthier and longer lives than those of the "healthiest" Americans.

So before you and (if you are one) your fellow neocons and reps go on a tangent about how much greater the country and world would be in the hands of the Reps try your hardest to think of how the world views us now in comparison to the Bushed error, and you forget that he was in office for 8 years which gave him that long to raze the U.S. to the ground and people are naive enough to think Obama can save it in 8 mos. Think, man, think.

JPCZ keep you retard statement to your self. I didn't see anywhere in this thread during the Bush administration while Cheney was running the country and stomping on the constitution or draining the federal funds in kickbacks the rich, none of this would be nessesary if it wasn't for the previous administration. So now we know you are one of those whiny bigots that are upset a Black man is the president. GET OVER IT enjoy the football season.


Thanks, glad to know you got a good laugh.

Whats up with the political BS hitting a Bears blog, there is a time and a place for everything and this blog is not the place for BS politics on either side of the fence.

What we need to get the guys back on track is some misfit Green Bay fan coming on this blog again and trashing the Bears, that will get us back on track and talking again about the important things in life "the Bears".

Hey lets all try to keep it focused to the Bears rather than analyze what is wrong with the world or our countries politics?


I will give you credit on one point: you disagree with me and yet you refrained from name-calling. I respect that.

I vehemently disagree with what you have to say, VEHEMENTLY, but our being able to disagree is the backbone of this country. If you take a closer look you might realize that tax cuts and making people work for a living with prosperity as the incentive, is a much better model than taxing the rich (and small businesses that employ MILLIONS), with the politicians and beuarcrats keeping a piece for themselves, in order to give handouts . . . some to people who are just lazy.

Housing is at the epicenter of the current global meltdown. Too many people bought houses (and STUFF) they couldn't afford, or bought houses at all, artificially inflating the price well beyond what the market would have determined if left with out government intervention. Yes, it was the government that did do this. Starting with the DISASTROUS Community Reivestment Act of 1977 (thanks Democrat Jimmy Carter) which had the government sticking it's nose too far into the private sector. This same Act was reignited under Bill Clinton (Democrat). When President Bush tried to diffuse the situation he was blocked by people like Barney Frank. Do yourself a favor and Google Franklin Raines. Caution: You will likely NOT like what you find. These are simple facts. Also, look at all the corruption and radically hateful people that the President has surrounded himself with past and present (I sure can't wait to hear Mr. Blagoveich sing).

Couple all that with people who saw an opportunity to prey on them and you have disater.

I do wish President Bush would have made more inroads to having some oversight (NOT total intervention) of the financial markets before the 2008 meltdown.

BTW, the rates of people dying of prostate and breast cancer in UK is 4 times that of U.S. Socialized medicine or Socialized government has no place here. The U.S. is for hardworking people! We don't want Socialism, Fascism, or Communism! Please do yourself another small favor and read up on Socialized medicine. Again I caution you, you will likely not like what you find.

BTW 2, people are starting to realize all the fancy rhetoric and cool chants and slogans were empty. Why else has President Obama's rating fallen so far so fast.


You'd have a lot more credibilty if you didn't resort to name calling and if you tried to respect other people. Offering in a racist comment like yours is a sad sad testimony to where we still are in this country 40+ years after progress was made towards equality. You have no clue as to my race or backround yet you call names with no facts whatsoever (hey, why not? the President does).

It is hatred that keeps us divided and love that binds us together and makes this country strong. While I deeply DESPISE what the current administration is doing, I keep them in my prayers.

Just for the record, President Obama is only half black. Alan Keyes would make a much better President.

Now, as for Brad's subject matter, these things (Urlacher-Cutler) get blown way out of proportion. Let's wait and see what happens!


You are absolutley correct that this is not the place for politics (it should be the place to escape from them).

Thanks for setting me straight. My apology to all!


"I feel like the vikings are the discruntled republican party smearing the more successful democrats (Bears)"

Umm, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Vikings win the NFC North and go to the playoffs last season while the Bears missed out? You're analogy makes zero sense. And your inability to spell doesn't help.


"Alan Keyes would make a much better President."

No explanation needed.


"So now we know you are one of those whiny bigots that are upset a Black man is the president."

Of course! So when JPCZ complains about unemployment, healthcare, and increased government spending, that just SCREAMS racism, doesn't it? Wow.

So anyway how about we all just shut the hell up about politics on a friggin' sports blog okie doke? Especially you "Dawg." That comment of yours was simply doused with desperation and ignorance.

Interesting tidbit.

Bears QB Cutler, LB Urlacher united in denying reports of a rift

Associated Press
BOURBONNAIS, Ill. -- New Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and star linebacker Brian Urlacher shot down reports of a rift between them, saying they're simply not true.

"There's nothing between us," Cutler said Thursday when he reported to training camp. "I just want to put that to rest. There never has been anything between us."

Added Urlacher: "I never said what I was quoted as saying, and that's it. I have a lot of respect for Jay. I think Jay knows that."

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