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Bears set to extend agreement with Olivet Nazarene through 2010

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The Bears may have gotten together with officials from Lewis University about a potential change of venues for future training camps, but for the near future they will be at Olivet Nazarene University.

According to a source familiar with the situation, the Bears and the Bourbonnais, Ill., school have come to terms on an agreement for the organization to return there in 2010 for camp. The parties are expected to sign a contract soon. Next year was an option year and both sides have elected to extend their arrangement.

The first practice this summer at ONU is two weeks from today. Players must report to ONU before midnight on July 30. This is the eighth summer the Bears have used the school as its summer base. As we reported earlier today, the Bears agreed to leave campus on Aug. 20 this summer, a day earlier than they would have had to under their contract, in order to accommodate the beginning of the school year. ONU's student body of 2,500 will begin occupying campus Aug. 22.

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Lewis has gone from the educational backwaters to a dynamic multicampus school and a sharp marketer. They don't have football, but they do have a lot of acreage for practice fields on their main campus, new dorm buildings for the players and an indoor fieldhouse. They will do what it takes to get the Bears there, a real marketing coup. Just don't give away the store to the cheap McCaskeys, they need you more than you need them.


Just about how long will you stick with the title of "Cheap" in front of anything to do with the Bears?
I agree that in the past one could easily pin that title but I have a hard time with pinning that title on them today.
So tell me...what is it going to take?
They spend lots of money on their players. They are not cheap there.
They got you a new stadium. They aren't cheap there.
Their training facility, Halas Hall, is one of the best in the league.
They didn't increase ticket prices this year like a lot of other teams did.

So please...oh please...explain to me where the Bears are cheap. never hear about the McCaskeys anymore.
I'm sure that Virginia had a lot to do with the aquirement of Cutler, but you hear nothing...ever since sonny made his big splash on the Bears scene many years ago.

So again...please oh please...tell me about something on the Bears being cheap that I don't know about.

Please bring the Bears to Lewis University! So many options on campus and they would have a brand new facility.

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