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Bears make second roster move, release G Dennis Conley

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BOURBONNAIS, Ill.--The Bears made their second roster move of the day when they announced this morning that guard Dennis Conley has been released.

Conley, an undrafted free agent from Hampton, failed his physical Thursday. That leaves the team with six guards on the roster, including Josh Beekman and Dan Buenning. At least one of those guys will see time as a reserve center, making it possible the team will look for a camp body to fill in. The club now has 77 players on the roster until punter Richmond McGee is signed later today.

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I am ecstatic about this approach to camp. Conley was not going to get a legitimate chance to make the roster, like LaRoque, and we are cutting him loose to give him a chance at another NFL team, or the UFL. I say keep it up, and start thinning the roster some more.

I understand the need for camp bodies, but at the same time, we have a history of keeping dead weight around and flirting with them year after year without giving them any legitimate chance of making the roster. I am liking the idea of giving Beekman, Omiyale, Garza, Buenning, and Louis all of the reps this preseason and througout camp. We need to determine what we have in each player, and find out whether they belong, or don't belong. Asiata, Conley, and Reed are just taking up space and angling for a practice squad spot. 5 G, 2 of which can back up the Center spot, makes sense to me. We already have 3 Ts on the roster in Williams, Pace, and Shaffer, and Kreutz is the only true center on the roster. Sounds like 9 OL to me, which is where we would likely end up at the end of preseason anyway.

Nooooooooooo, a second cut already, someone check on Kevin A, make sure he is ok. These are very hard times for him, he's not good at loosing players.

What will we do without...... wait a sec, I forgot his name, scroll up....... ok, what will we do without CONLEY??????

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