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17 days to Camp: Griese emerges as top available quarterback

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The not so encouraging list of available quarterbacks grew by one on Monday when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did the inevitable and cut ties with ex-Bear Brian Griese, reducing to four the number of signal callers they have on their roster.

Griese instantly becomes the best option for the Bears should they choose to bring in a veteran quarterback. At this point, less than three weeks from training camp, it appears they are confident casting their lot with Caleb Hanie as the backup to Jay Cutler. Brett Basanez is also in the mix but from the looks of things during the offseason program, Hanie will be in position to be the No. 2. The Bears are carrying just three quarterbacks to camp and that's not a problem because when they've had a fourth QB in the past he's done a lot of standing around.

"He wants to play,'' Griese's agent Ralph Cindrich said by text message.

Griese never showed for the Bucs' offseason program after beating out Jeff Garcia for the job there last season. He's been residing in Denver where he's had the opportunity to reconnect with good friend Kyle Orton. CIndrich said he has not spoken with the Bears, and we doubt the two parties reconnect. The upside of bringing Griese in would be that he already knows the offense even if he wasn't a fan of it when he was here.

The downside would be the Bears might not ever find out what they have in Hanie. If you bring in Griese, he's going to be the No. 2 and that would leave Hanie in a position where it's difficult to develop. It could be the Bears found a talent when they signed Hanie as an undrafted free agent a year ago. He possesses a strong arm and showed a knack for making plays and avoiding pressure in the pocket during preseason last year. It will be interesting to see how he performs in what should be ample playing time come August. It could be he's a better option than most of the available players, a list that includes J.P. Losman, Cleo Lemon, Gus Frerotte, Jamie Martin, Quinn Gray and Brooks Bollinger, among others. The Bears won't know unless he receives the opportunity.

Griese, 34, played in seven games for the Bears in 2007 when he passed for 1,803 yards. He led a stirring comeback at Philadelphia that afterward produced an awkward situation between himself and offensive coordinator Ron Turner over who was calling the plays when the quarterback headset was not functioning. He proved to be good enough to beat the Bears last season at Soldier Field when he threw for 407 yards on 68 attempts in a 27-24 Tampa Bay victory.

Looking at the list of available passers, Griese might be able to bide his time knowing someone should have a need before the end of the summer.

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The Bears should wait and see what they have during this summer camp and then make a decision after the third pre-season game. Give Hanie his chance, if he does not perform - cut him. You can sign Griese (assuming he is available and I think he will be) and keep Basanez as your third QB. Hanie was a UFA, so there is no cost in cutting him, and maybe you can attempt to re-sign him to the practice squad.

If I remember the Philly game correctly, Turner was lining Benson up in the slot. :(

So thank Zeus the helmet communication broke down which allowed Griese to call the shots for that last minute comeback, now known as "The Drive." I say we do bring Griese in, right after we shove Turner's worthless butt out. He can go back to Illinois and enjoy another 0 win season.


If Hanie is currently number two, why would the Bears cut him and keep Basanez? If they want Griese you cut the third string QB. Pretty simple!

I never want to see Brian Griese in a Bears uniform again. Hanie is going to be one heck of a backup & one day a decent starter. We need to become the Green Bay of old & draft a QB every other year, develop them, then get something in return for them via trade.

It won't happen, period........

Too many bridges have been burned by both Griese and the Bears during his stint here. Beisdes, Greise wants to play, he won't get that opportunity here just like he didn't get a legit shot with the so-called open competition aka... Rex is our QB regardless of pre-season performance...

Go Bears !!

NO CHANCE! I don't want to see that selfish jerk anywhere near the Bears again... You have to ask yourself this- WHY does he keep getting released? WHY does NO TEAM want him? He burned bridges with every team he's played for. And his throwing teammates and coaches under the bus everywhere! NO Not in a million years do I want BG back with the BEARS!

ahhhh....hey loosers we dont need a bakcup qb sense we have CUTLER! did you loosers forgot taht cutler is the best qb ever sense i say so? ans gues waht he cant get injured if you take injuries OFF LIKE I DO IN MADDEN. i always play with him on madden sense he has a high ratig. ans then i play wit myself....hee hee..

brian greasy thou he sounds tasty has a rating somwere in teh 80s ans he DOESNT EVEN HAVE A ROCKET ARM ICON OR ACCURACY ICON!!! so sense i am always rught ans only giv facst i say we dont sign him. i would rather have arron rogers a s abackup sense he is sooooo dreamy!

i bet you loosers are so happy now that you got youre crap-ton rant. time for mee to enjoy my summer ans go back to my kiddie pool wile my mom wathces me so i dont drown in 2 feet of water sense i is 400 pounds.

ps. did you loosers now taht BRANDO HATES CULTER????? is true!! ans i now you loosers are thinkig well gee crap-ton i thought cutler was from indiana ans righte by were brando lives, why would he hate cutler taht doesnt make any sense? ans im telling you loosers taht it is true sense is say it is. so lets LL HATE BARNDO LEIK I DO!!!

Even though I'm not a big fan of Mel Kiper, I do remember something he said about Caleb Hanie. After the draft and Hanie wasn't selected Kiper said something like, Hanie might be as good as any QB coming out and the Bears may have gotten their QB of the future. I realize that Cutler is the QB of the Bears future however, Hanie, I believe will still be a very valuable piece of the Bears future one way or the other. No Griese, period. Go Cutler, Go Hanie and Go Bears!!!

I remember that crap!


Let's temper our enthusiasm to just what we've seen from Hanie (pretty good) in preseason as to what Mel Kiper Jr. "predicts" ...

From Dickipedia on MKJr:

* He once snidely remarked of the Colts, "That's why [they] keep picking number two every year," after their 1994 second overall selection. Kiper was widely critical of the Colts’ pick that year, Marshall Faulk, who turned out to be such a bust that he is expected to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in the near future.

* In 2005, Kiper praised 8th overall selection, wide receiver Mike Williams, saying, "I'll see you at his Hall of Fame induction." Many people have yet to fully recognize the abilities Kiper saw in Williams. These people include coaches, fans, analysts, referees, the players on the teams he played for and against, and anyone else who has seen him in a football jersey. Williams’ journey to the Hall of Fame suffered a slight detour in 2007 when he stopped playing football and no one wanted to sign him.

* In 1999, he touted the potential of Oregon quarterback Akili Smith to exceed at the professional level. Fans have high hopes for Smith to have a great season this year and to make a big statement in his league.

* In 1998, Kiper argued that Ryan Leaf, 2nd overall pick, had an attitude that would be an asset in the NFL. He has since become one of professional football's most notable quarterbacks.

* In 2001, Kiper predicted a dismal 0-16 season for the New England Patriots. The team finished slightly better than that prediction, managing to win just one Super Bowl the entire season.

given the fact that most designated starting quarterbacks don't start all 16 games in a season, why not add a veteran qb who already knows the bears offense? hanie might develop into a good nfl qb eventually, but who would you rather have running the team this year (even if it's only for a game or two) if cutler goes down? a rookie (remember orton's rookie season?), or a proven veteran who can also be a good teammate and mentor to the VERY young qb's on the roster.

you d-bags in chicago are such a joke. yea you chumps better sign griese cause besides putting up flashy numbers cutler won't win you squat. thanks though for orton and those two first round draft picks. it'll make sure we build a dynasty now that cry baby cutler is gone. oh yeah, quick question did we ever made it to the playoffs with cutler? nope. enjoy him teddy bears fans!

go broncos! 2099 suberbowl champs!

Good stuff Church of Da Coach. Crap-ton go back to school, learn to spell, get spellcheck, or just quit acting like a 5yr old.

Wow tyler, you must be pretty confident in your "dynasty". The only problem is I don't think you, me, or Kyle Orton will be around in 90 yrs to witness the '2099 superbowl champs!'.

As a diehard Bears fan, I've listened to idiot fans always take things to the extremes. Cutler or Hanie aren't saviors. They are both very good qb's. Let's all be patient and wait to see the verdict on Cutler. I'm excited as the next guy but time will tell.

As for Griese, I tend to agree with the burning bridges comments. But he is still a quality professional experienced backup and would be a healthy 1 year pickup closer to the preseason games.

And as for the potty mouthed Broncos fan, yeah we are such a joke that we have won more games, more championships, more division titles than your precious Broncos. As for the Cutler not leading you to the playoffs, how much more could he do, throw for another 4500 yards? You didn't have a defense. And as anyone from Chicago will tell you....Defense wins Championships, Broncos lose them (Superbowls XII, XXI, XXII, XXIV)

Good luck on your becoming Superbowl champs in 2099. You nailed it about right.

Mr. Chi:

Hanie is not a rookie, he was a rookie last year.

Do I remember Orton's rookie season? The one where he went 10-5 as a starter? Yup, I remember that pretty well. Sure, the defense did a lot of the work but the kid showed some moxie.

Forget Griese and let him remain the bad memory he is. Stick with Hanie and Basanez.

ben in norcal: Wow tyler, you must be pretty confident in your "dynasty". The only problem is I don't think you, me, or Kyle Orton will be around in 90 yrs to witness the '2099 superbowl champs!'.


I don't think you're looking outside the box enough on Tyler's post. The Broncos are going to take Kyle Orton and those to first round picks to build a dynasty that will start 90 years from now.

Now see ... that kinda forward thinking has been missed in this town. Maybe that's the problem with Jim Hendry and those before him ... A LACK OF A WORKABLE LONG-TERM PLAN!

Think outside the box people. Tyler is droppin' some ground-breaking knowledge on us. I think if anything the Cub fans need to bear witness. This idea of a 90-year plan won't pay out NOW but at least your children's children may see a pennant! And that's more than your parent's parents could ever say!

// Facebook is blocked at work so I can't see Tyler's stunning page filled with his 7 friends and all the hugs and easter eggs they send each other shaped as horseshoe butt plugs.

I don't see anyone out there including Griese that would warrant dropping Hanie to third string. Hanie showed some good things in preseason last year, he has a year under his belt so lets stay with him as the number 2 QB.

If the Bears did bring in a vet QB it would not be Griese anyway because he embarrassed Turner with his comment when he drove the field against Philly.

Bears go with the QB's you have but definitely pick up a proven vet wide receiver during cuts or through a trade. The Bears WR's need a proven vet to work with this year.

some of you guys make the rest of us feel sooo much smarter!

Hanie has shown nothing when it counts. Griese didn't burn his bridges--he was ignored in Chicago by what may have been the worst offensive coaching stint in the history of the NFL (excluding the Bucs of the early 80s)--there was no competition when he was here; Orton, Grossman and a monkey would have won the same amount of games with D/ST scoring 15 pts per game--Hopefully Cutler can overcome the bad coaching, but until December I am just hoping the players can offset the fact that defenses out-coach our offensive coaches on a regular basis. Griese will try to find a starting job, but a situation that he knows he isn't starting may work for him too--just don't say it is a competition if it isn't.wz53yd

I am not sure what bridges he burnt either. He played when asked to, he did that great 2 minute drive but after that not much. Yes he would make a good backup but as someone said, why go where he has no shot of playing? I have nothing against former Da Bears QB's, I am not sure why some fans are so negative. It's not like we had pro bowlers backing them up, alright who played RB or Oline that was so great around all our ppoor QB's? It wasn't just the QB that we drafted bad people. Thats why Bears fans know we got a steal in Cutler cause we wouldn't draft anyone worth squat with those first picks anyway.
I don't really believe it was the QB's fault the Bears have been losers for so long, Other teams won with worse QB's than we had, - of course we do have one now though! :) I wouldnt mind Grise as a backup but I would like to see what Hanie can do as well, and we had Griese so might as well go with Hanie, can't do worse.
The main thing would be if:
We are in the playoffs and the ball bounces right and we have a shot and Cutler goes down. Then who do you want? Hanie - or Griese thats the question. - And we will never know the answer w/o watching Hanie play some real game...thats right he has never played a real game has he? so you want him to come in in that situation? Cause if Cutler goes down at any other time and it may as well be Hanie but I am not sure in that situation unless Hanie gets alot of reps - which means we get big leads alot. Not sure thats going to happen.

Tyler Eldridge, there are these things called capital letters. They look like this; A,B,C,D.... you get the point. You use them at the beginning of sentences, for proper names, and for holidays, days of the week etc. Try them some time and maybe you won't come off looking like some loser from Colorado (note the capital letter at the name of a state) who has nothing better to do than troll Chicago publications looking to pick a fight with a superior fan base. Come talk to me when you're franchise has been around for almost a century.

The Bears do need a veteran QB to go with Hanie, but it should be a guy with a big arm so he can run the same plays as Cutler. Not rag-armed Griese. How about JP Losman?? as #3??

But if Cutler goes down in the middle of the season you need someone to win 2 to 4 games, get Frerotte if he's available.

I still think Hanie can be a 2...with a vet 3 as competition.

Screw Cutler and Hanie. I want Wrecks back. I love those bumbles from center and interceptions. They add such excitement to the average dull game that you thought the Bears were going to win.

Something tells me that Caleb Hanie is a great story waiting to happen. Coming out of obscurity from a losing college program, undrafted. Maybe it's the funny sounding name, or just that he looks like he can play the game and his eyes exude strength (whereas Rex and Kyle sort of looked glassy eyed and lost at times); I can't put my finger on it.

We know what Brian Griese brings (nothing special) and I don't think we need it. Caleb Hanie will do fine. He showed flashes last year in pre-season, and I think he's going to light it up this year in pre-season too.

Think about it; Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Devin Hester, Greg Olsen are all young players. The Bears have the makings to be a contender for a number of years. If not this year, next year and the year after that still look good (pending some defensive rejuvenation, of course, but still). We need to nurture a young back-up who's going to be around for a while and who has potential, not a mediocre one-year plug who may or may not help us win games and may wind up hindering the growth of a budding star.

It's a false choice between Hanie & Griese. I would offer Griese a Vet minimum offer with the understanding that he's 3rd string. If he took it, I'd cut Basanez. You don't need to develop 2 QBs at the same time. Griese would be better insurance than Basanez if Cutler got injured and Hanie choked. I'm not saying Griese would take the offer, but it makes sense for the Bears in my opinion. As for Griese burning bridges, I think that's hogwash. His comments to the press were always professional. There was a gaffe with the 2 minute drive press conference, but I think the Bears mishandled it more than Griese. They are pros, they should be able to get over any hard feelings.

Da Church of Da Coach-
Another point of view on Mel Kiper Jr:

Griese did what he could for the Bears, but as long as Turner is around, I so not see him returning, they do not get along.

He is a solid backup and has played on four teams. But I doubt the Bears touch him. To bad I think Cutler could use a vet around him.

By Crap-ton on July 14, 2009 12:43 PM

Awww what's wrong Brando? You didn't get to see Creighton in Pink panties that say spank me and now your all upset? Sorry I know you would love to see me dressed like your mother but I just don't swing your way. Indian is full of dance clubs for guys like you though, go have some fun.

I see you hint that because Cutler is from Indiana that you must like him. But you don't actually say you like him. I mean if you like Cutler you can just say I like Cutler. But you don't say that do you? By the way the Colts are also from Indiana and you hate them.

Now don't worry about people on this board hating you. After all nobody has ever liked you, so really your not loosing anything. You know we actaully have secret parties where we all get together, get drunk and make fun of you. To bad you don't know the secret password for the parties, they are a lot of fun. Your mom is a blast when she is drunk, which is all the time. That trick with the Donkey, Awsome!!! You know Brad has the secret password, you should call him until he gives it to you. The secret to getting it is to call Brad over and over. Don't believe him if he says "he has no clue what you are talking about" just keep calling him.

Now before I get back to the summer of Creighton I have a question or two. I know there is more than corn in Indiana, but are you really suppose to stick the corn in that place? Even with butter? I mean it really looks painful.

Also where is Brando Schrute when you need him? Now that guy is a party.

PS. You will never win, because I f***** rock and you just suck. But cheer up, the new Harry Potter movie is out and you like that even more than Battlestar Galactica. I bet you like riding brooms don't you? Just your style.

It really is almost to easy.

""Griese has consistently completed a high percentage of his passes. He has had four seasons with a better than 64% completion rate, including one year (2004) when he completed 69.3% of his passes. Nevertheless, he has yet to establish himself as one of the elite quarterbacks of the league, due to injuries, subpar arm strength and a penchant for interceptions.""

There are reasons why Brain Greise can't hold onto a steady pay check... He has been released "6" times now and is currently un-employed again.

Griese came here the first time to compete for the starting job, when he lost it unfairly he was PO'd.... Understandable. To his credit he kept his mouth shut and was a good soldier in 2006. In 2007 he had his shot as Rex struggled out of the gate and he did well yardage wise, even had that nifty 2-minute drill vs the Eagles but he also was plagued by a disease known as Rexitis.... He threw some awful INT's that cost us games including (2) losses to the pathetic Detroit Lions where he managed to hand them (7) INT's in 2007.

Lovie turned to Orton because he was sick of watching Rex and Griese toss INT's up and down the field and the rest is history.... (2) first rounders and a servicable Kyle Orton later we landed a 26-yr old pro-bowl QB just entering his prime....

Griese's grumblings to the media that he was not hurt when the team said he was and his displeasure about being second fiddle was his downfall here... That is a big No-No taking your dirty laundry to the media. He also took a shot at Ron Turner after the Eagles victory. Their is no "I" in team and Brian is a "ME" kind of guy with average arm strength and a turn over penchant that rivaled Rex Grossman which we as fans basicaly burned Rex at the stake for during his tenure here !!

Leave Griese alone and go to war with Haine as Jay's backup...

Go Bears !!!

Glen in Joliet:

Griese has been cut everywhere he has played. Griese embarrased Turner in the press and will not get a chance to come back to Chicago because of it.

Griese has been around awhile now but the Bears have a young somewhat promising QB in Hanie who may develop into a really decent QB with arm strength and mobility. I say keep Hanie and Basanez and if Cutler should go down with an injury(god forbid) then if necessary there are teams in the NFL that will part with a OB past their prime that has started games in the NFL, but it will not be Griese.

ahhhhh the Creighton/Brando wars are's all good :)

I like Hanie and would like to see him developed and get some valuable playing time, but this is the NFL the name of the game is to win not develope, so I would like a Vet (proven vet) as a backup, even if he is #3 on the depth chart so Hanie will not be our only option. You can not possibly say what Hanie will or will not do as he has not played yet (preseason is interesting but is not reality) Griese does not have to be the choice but I feel he is the best choice for this situation, however - I feel some team will pick him up asap - as he is valuable off the bench. Never mind off the Bears bench last year - that team is gone/history and I don't even like thinking about all the bad Coaching decisions/players struggles, not just Griese but the entire !@#$ team.
Hopefully this is a new year/team and we forget last years BS

It won't happen ... but it gives Brad Biggs a story to file on his way to an easy paycheck.

BTW -- I see the Sun Times FINALLY got the word "here" spelled correctly in the "click (herer) to read more" link to these non-stories leading up to camp.

No, no and no. Do not bring that guy back. He was supposed to be that veteran QB to come in and lead a veteran team.. I saw enough in Detroit in 2007. Rexy got benched and in comes Greasy. How many picks did he throw.. 4..? He was brutal. He has a weak arm and little to no mobility. I will take Caleb Hanie any day. Hanie just needs a little time, but this is what the bears do. They will waste a roster spot on the "veteran QB".. and for what? Being a veteran means nothing anymore. Caleb has a great arm and can move around in the pocket easily. Caleb should be the #2 without a doubt. We should only go with 2 QB's anyway. We need extra roster spots elsewhere...

Who agian is Tom Brady's backup this season ??

Who heard of Matt Cassell before Tom Brady blew out his knee ??

Who is Peyton Manning's backup again, Sor-gi something ???

How well did Greise do as a Bear again ??

Caleb will be fine.

Go Bears !!

Griese should have been the starter when he was in Chicago, he was clearly better than Grossman and Orton. The Bears should have gotten Jeff Garcia two or three years before that, when he was a free agent and wanted to come to Chicago; he's better than Griese and would have given the Bears a good QB. Before getting Cutler and with the very short-lived exceptions of McMahon and Kramer, the Bears have been beyond clueless for decades when it comes to quarterbacks.

Fast forward to today: At this point, I wouldn't pick up Griese. He would provide an excellent backup veteran, but I'd rather develop Hanie, who I think has a ton of potential, not just as a passer like Grossman, but as a quarterback. Cutler is the starter, Griese is not going to be 3d string, and developing Hanie should take precedence over insurance against Cutler getting hurt.

BTW, I don't agree that Griese beat out Garcia, Brad. What happened is that nutcase Gruden got into a personal dispute with Garcia, decided he didn't like him, and didn't allow him to start again when he returned from injury. Garcia is clearly better than Griese. Garcia is capable of making something out of nothing, can run, and takes hits and gets back up with the best of them. He reads defenses very well and will burn teams that overload or blitz too much. His biggest problem now is his age, and he's certainly not as good as he was several years ago. But I didn't see Griese do anything in Tampa that beat out Garcia.

DagoT: "It won't happen ... blah-blah-butthurt-blah-blah"

Thanks for the great insight. I know it's an easy mistake, the D being so close to the F ... but you may want to spellcheck your user name before posting next time.

Please keep collecting "easy" paychecks Brad ... writing about non-issues. Maybe one day you can be as informative as say CBS Sportsline WEBSITE who has 20x the manpower and manages one original (non-AP) article a week that can cover everything from cheerleaders to Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson. It really sucks reading about the same team every day with all of these painfully easy and fresh topics about a single NFL team.

It's too bad a hack like you could never hold a candle to the likes of Peter "Coffee Flavored Favre" King and his weekly article\update on his daughter ... or even Pete "Florida YAY!" Prisco and his weekly "power ratings" that NFL and CBS allude to so often. Instead you have to write daily blogs on actual news instead of making stuff up and pulling it out of your arse ... YOU HACK!

// sarcasm off

Forget it!!!

Da Coach

Creighton/Anonymous. You are a coward and a bully. Plain and simple. You either "man up' for popping off like you know everything, or shut up for being a big wind bag. Don't mock Brando, or anyone else for that matter, for calling you out on you STUPID claim that we would NEVER get Cutler. Man up or apologize for being a complete moron who can't even proof read his own post to realize he insulted "indian"(s) while trying to spell Indiana.

haha that was a typo i meant 2009. but im sure all you teddy bears fans were just thrilled that i made a gaffe. dont worry it doesnt happen very often. hey "da church of da coach" do you relaize snl made up those superfan skits to make fun of how retarded bears fans are? no? right right, the whole you guys are retarded thing. oh ansd keep living in the past chumps. what was it? one whole superbowl almsot three decades ago? wow.

go broncos!

Hey Mike, did you mean this brilliant article right here? ( I mean it is an absolute work of art and it was only written by the funniest, most clever blogger in the world. Me. I mean, can you imagine Griese at that post-game press conference talking about how awesomely brilliant he is? That guy has some nerve and a total ego problem. Oh yeah, did I mention enough how awesomely brilliant my article was? Read it Bears fans because it is just so funny and clever like myself.

//Note to self...we left the word "farktard" out in that piece! I knew it could have been better! Aw man, get it together Clown.
//Sarcasm off?

Um first off if we need griese were in trouble.Second i do agree w/ Mike on the Ron Turner issue tho send him back to Illinois.We need a REAL Off Co-ORD.!!!!Yeah i dont know about griese hes ok but stuck on himself but i would b too if i told turner to go fly a kite and won the game on my own!!!Think about that da cult of da clown.....


I truly have to apologize for going so far back in the past and we don't want to look too far in the future either. So for your benefit, I'll stick to the recent past and the near future.

Let's see you last made the playoffs, when? Nevermind. And the last time you played in a SuperBowl....the last millenia......forget that too. Let's look to the future.

Your QB wanted out, your star receiver wants out, you have no shot at the playoffs until you fix your defense, and you have a rookie coach who is answering questions about his ability to get the job done. And he's not even in his first training camp yet.

And as for Bears fans being retarded.....if you read our forums, with the exception of the typical idiots ranting or acting like they are know-it-alls, we use INTELLIGENT comments on players, team philosophy, and the rest of the NFL.

I guess I can't blame you. Really, what else would a Broncos fan have to do? You give the rest of the Broncos nation a bad name.

As for the rest of the forum, I apologize because typically I ignore idiots, but someone had to slap him around a little so we can get back to real discussions.

Lol Coach, guessing you're not a Griese fan? I should clarify my statements to say I'd like to see Griese as O.C. in place of Turner. Still, as a backup he would be valuable. But I would assume a team like San Fran., or (even Detroit?) would pick him up.

Tyler, you're head looks like a yam. And there's a monkey taking a sh*t on your shoulder. You're cool...not.

Lol Randy about the Brando/Creighton wars! And lol "Da Clown." It's little things like these that make this the best Bears blog ever!


Jason in Joliet

Griese had his chance in 07. The Bears were set to move into fist place alone when he cost us the game with his 3 ints in the first half against an awful Detroit team. It is no accident that he keeps getting released. He would be a decent backup if he didn't have a selfish attitude. The poster who suggested we try and emulate the packers Ron Wolf and start developing young Qbs, starting with Hanie has it right. Sure there is some risk that he won't perform as the primary backup, but it seems to be a better longterm philosophy to develop him and others to come as organizational assets.

harrell signd with a CFL team..he's not available. but i thought the bear should have signed him.

ahahahaha, wow that facebook picture of tyler is great. I hope you let that monkey knock some of the um, distinctive (to use a nice word) features out of that face of yours TYLER. o man.

I am glad Griese is gone, having watched him suck it up at Soldier Field more than once in 07 made me want to vomit. Good riddance, leave the FA QB's alone and let the backups learn from #6. I agree with dahlilama.

Just Dave makes a great point, how come loudmouth Creighton can't seem to own up to his own wrongness, not even once? I would rather not see a FATTY BOOMBATTY prancing around in pink panties but my goodness you embarrass yourself continually each time you post on this blog Creighton. Maybe just once own up to your booboo?

It is very, very clear to everyone (except you apparently) that Brando holds the upper hand over you in almost every single back-and-forth dance you two seem to do. So you in fact lose, not win. Bummer huh?

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