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With case pushed off to September, questions remain for Burress

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Drew Rosenhaus has dedicated six Twitter posts already today to Plaxico Burress. The PR machine is in overdrive. He's trying to hammer home the point that Burress will be available for the entire 2009 football season after he appeared briefly in New York court this morning and had his case adjourned until Sept. 23.

Burress' lawyer Benjamin Brafman said outside court that a trial for his client likely wouldn't take place until 2010 and that several teams were trying to sign Burress.

"We are also confident that the NFL will not have grounds to discipline Plex until after the adjudication of his case after this season,'' Rosenhaus wrote.

That's the other wild card in the matter. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell could choose to suspend Burress at any time for violation of the league's personal conduct policy. In the past, suspensions for first-time offenders like Burress have come after the court system has laid down its ruling. But the league reserves the right to do whatever it chooses, and that uncertainty might make teams think twice about Burress right now.

One league insider suggested Burress had the opportunity to wrap up the entire process already, and choosing to delay it has made him less attractive. The point was he's going to show up with baggage as it is. If there is a court case and potential jail time hanging over his head, he's going to show up with twice as much baggage. Here's one report that interest by the New York Jets in Burress has cooled.

Still, you cannot discount Burress' ability and the Bears' need for help. General manager Jerry Angelo said he would have drafted a wide receiver in the first round had he not traded for quarterback Jay Cutler. Then, he tried to deal his second-round pick to Arizona for Anquan Boldin. Angelo has identified the need and nothing that has taken place in OTA's for three weeks has changed that need.

Burress would give the Bears a wide receiver who can operate outside the numbers and provide a proven big-play threat for Cutler. The Bears drafted Juaquin Iglesias, Johnny Knox and Derek Kinder. At best, two of them will be complementary targets. Cutler has quickly developed a rapport with tight end Greg Olsen and he may become a go-top target. A productive tight end can't be substituted for a No. 1 wide receiver.

Angelo has been making decisions that prove the Bears are going for it now. Signing left tackle Orlando Pace isn't a stop-gap measure, it's a win-now move. Adding Pisa Tinoisamoa with Nick Roach and Hunter Hillenmeyer already in place isn't a stop-gap measure or a move to add depth. It's a win-now move. Angelo knows where he is at. He has a young quarterback, a young running back an offensive line in transition, and a defense that doesn't have a lot of time left. Is the Bears' defense going to fall off the table in 2009? No. The belief is Lovie Smith will re-energize a unit in need of a kick in the pants. Will the Bears' defense be done after 2010? Maybe not. But you don't have to flip through the media guide to know this much--the core of this unit is no longer young.

Adding Burress would be a popular move in the locker room. Devin Hester said he would be behind it. Tight end Desmond Clark, a leader in the locker room, supported the notion. Playing in New York would make it easier for Burress to negotiate through his legal issues. Playing for the Bears might give him a better shot at getting back to the Super Bowl. There's a risk associated with signing him, no question. What Angelo has to answer for himself is what is the risk going into 2009 without Burress?

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I say sign Plax now and worry about it later. He would be the final piece to the win now puzzle. I like the young receivers, but really how many rookie receivers make meaningful first year contributions. Yes, I know about Eddie Royal there are exceptions to everything. He would give the Bears that last needed threat, who would defenses double team? Would defenses stack the box? JA Go get Plax, Go Bears!

Brandon Marshall asked for the Broncos to trade him Friday!! I like Marshall more and think he'd be a much more of a sure thing. I bet the Bears pass on Plax, and trade for Marshall. He's already got chemistry with Cutler and Plax still hasn't resolved anything in his legal situation yet. I bet Marshall will be in a Bears uniform with in 2 weeks

Yes Angelo go get Plax so Plank46 can later complain about how you gave a guy a 7 million dollar signing bonus to sit in jail and never play a single down for the Bears. Yes Plank that would be a very smart move for a GM to make, thats why all the other GM's in the NFL are beating down his door to sign him. Angelo has had a solid off season for a change, so why ruin it? Throwing away money is never smart, Plank46 do you work on Wall street? Cause you sound like the guys on Wall street who got us into this finacial mess "I say sign Plax now and worry about it later".

By the way Hester and Bennett are not first year recievers and those are your two starters.

Also roster cuts have yet to happen, you don't win the Super Bowl by rushing into things blindly. Besides if you think offense is the problem on this team you got another thing comming, the Bear defense looks like a leaky sieve. They have no front 4, which by the way is the key to their defensive scheme, and their secondary has 1 legit starter and he is comming off surgery. The offense on the other hand has a young Pro Bowl QB, a future HOF LT, an explosive deep threat in Hester, a young stud RB who fits the system perfectly, a All Pro center and a young stud TE. Granted there old in places but it is not really a bad looking offense at all.

Shuan you are right about Marshall, I believe their was another guy on this board awhile back talking about Marshall being released or traded. Again all the Bears have to do is wait and see what happens, September is a long way away.

Regarding Brandon Marshall, that would be a BEAUTIFUL thing. Big, strong, fast, great hands. Yes, he brings some baggage with the domestic violence piece, but he is a flat out beast. Couple issues though:

1) I didnt see Marshall ask to get traded. I know he didnt show up for mandatory OTAs, but didnt see the trade request.

2) The Bears probably dont have the ammunition to get it done. Then again, he is a free agent after the season, most likely restricted and they could always use the franchise tag and trade him similar to what New England did with Cassel.

3) If he were to be traded, I cant imagine Denver trading him to Chicago. It would be a PR nightmare to see him put up big numbers in Chicago with the other guy they already traded to the Bears.

4) With him being a FA after the year, they'd need to work out a contract extension now. I dont want to trade for him to only see him walk after this year.

5) Maybe the better and more realistic bet is to sign him once he hits the open market after the season. Heck, how about Plax for a year then go sign Marshall next year. Why not????

Maybe he'll shoot himself again and we won't have to worry about him coming here at all....Keep that moron off of my team!

Brandon Marshall beats up women, I'll pass.

At least Plax was smart/stupid enough to only shoot himself.

Anonymous how soon you forget. Roll back the archives to June 5 and see what you said. "I don't see this group of receivers performing under pressure in a home or away playoff game. So here's the question. Does JA make a play for Boldin or Burress and try to win this year. Or does he wait for Brandon Marshall and become a Super Bowl contender next year. Let's hope this off season has one more surprise..." Much like you, I like the young wide receivers but I would also like a veteran. Do I want the Bears to over pay for Plax? NO! Would I like Marshall? Yes! But can we get him? I will let JA make the call. Go Bears!!

Forget the receiver...go and get a true free safety

Looks we have another Creighton posting but afraid to do it under his own handle.

How about you man up, Creighton?

Hey Rick, what do you think there is a 800-sign-a-safety number the Bears can just pick up to get a free safety? Sorry, it doesn't exist.

Wide receiver and free safety are the two biggest needs. We can make a play for the best WR out there. It's worth it.

Maybe there's a FS on the roster, maybe not.

But at least getting Burress gives us the chance to beat teams with offense and not just D.

Ya, Marshall asked for a trade on Friday at his team meeting. They wrote on espn that they think with Marshalls legal past the Broncos will have to lower their asking price for Marshall. I think it makes sence. If you look at it this way, Marshall is looking at a stiff suspension if he gets in trouble again, there for teams are going to be alittle reluctant to offer big picks for him. I like him but I'd say hes a little risk concidering his past legal situations. But if you kept up on his story his x girlfiend said she only accussed him of beating her for money. Either way theirs some options out there and if we're talking about them you can bet management is too. Bolden, no way, Burress ? not bad, Marshall I think is the most logical, and I bet 10 to 1 they give it a try at least. Will it happen? I sure hope so!!

LOL Dr. Kevin M.D. Poor Creighton can't get a break and yeah, it's pretty easy to identify his anonymous post. Did you hear that Creighton? The secret's out.

There's no need to hide, buddy! We know who you are!

Heed Anonymous and me: if the Bears don't significantly improve their defense, they won't go any farther than one-and-out in the playoffs, if they even get there. I don't like their front four either, but they're exactly the kind of players to expect in a Lovie Smith defense.

On the other hand, 9-7 was a lot better than I though the Bears would do last season. Maybe they'll surprise us again with a top defense.

Please just say no to the moron Burress. He is going to go to trial and will do time in New York. This is serious business.

I don't think the Bears will get Marshall unless they're willing to trade actual depth at the defensive position or the give up more picks. I honestly think that would be bad for the Bears.

I understand the logic behind Plex pushing the hearing back to September - but really, he should have just gotten this over with. The prosecutor is an elected official so I can see why he won't take a plea, but the trial would probably be heard by a judge and they really don't have to be accountable to the public like a DA does. The case would work itself out pretty quickly if Burress was remourseful.

I can't imagine a first time offender with an unregistered weapon would see more than 15-days in the clink. I know the situation is more complicated for Plex because of celebrity, etc. Seriously though, I don't see the league giving him more than a 4-gamer. He'll still have value once he's released and finished with his suspension.

Be it Marshall, Plex, Boldin, or Jones, the Bears will be taking some major risks with any of them.

Okay, I'm going to go catch some more Law and Order - late.

A few days before the NY Giants @ Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship game, someone sucker punches Bears receiver Plaxico Burress out on the street. Burress knocks him on his ass in a clear-cut case of self-defense, but Chicago cops do what they usually do in this circumstance: they arrest everyone and let the courts figure it out.

In response to Burress' arrest Judge revokes Burress' right to leave the state of New York while out on bond. Bears have to play the NFC Championship game without their #1 receiver.

The man who sucker punched Burress eventually returns to his home in New York a hero to his fellow NY Giant fans!

I was, and am, all in favor of putting Burress back in a Bears uniform AFTER his legal situation is finished. But I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole while he is out on bond.


Thanks for calling me a Doctor. The MD is where I live -- Maryland, which is abbreviated as MD.

Although back in the early 80's I was a DJ known as DrK, pre-Dwight Gooden. Goodness that is about two light years ago.

Memo to Creighton, miss you bud. Man up and stop avoiding us. I may not always agreed with you but I miss seeing your postings under your real name. Stop torturing yourself. Get it over with and rejoin the blog under your handle.

I believe Earl Bennett will eventualy be a pro-bowl reciever but Burress will give us a tall deep threat who can out jump 5'9'' corners and safety's in the end zone corner. This would open defenses for Bennett or our tight ends in the slot. The best defense is a good offense! Our front line has missed Tank Johnson and a healthy Tommie Harris but the emergance of Harrison and rotating Harris wisely would help cover up that our ends are mediocer to good at best and not double diget sack machines.I predict a superbowl run but think we need Burress to have a win. This could be the best bears offense ever if they stay healthy.

The Beloved have shown neither now nor in coaching regimes of the past half-century the ability to either draft talent at the wideout position, nor to develop talent they have drafted. How did that development of Willie Gault go? Or Curtis Conway? Anyone yearn for a return to the Michael Timpson years?

Signing Burress is a smart move for several reasons. First off, whatever signing bonus is forked over up front will look like a deal three years from now, especially if there is even one uncapped year following the end of the current CBA.

Secondly, Burress will be on his best behavior wherever he goes. 100k in bail, plus whatever he has to post as bond to allow him to live outside New York's jurisdiction (usually an added sum double the initial bail), plus the threat of three years in jail looming over a man tends to curb his hunger for whores, guns, and Bolivian Marching Powder. At least, it did for me!

Thirdly, the Bears have to be in a win-now mode. There exists the real threat of a lockout in '10, and a strike beyond that. Plus, the current coaching staff has shown a propensity for taking real talents and devolving them into mediocre role players (Devin Hester is the most obvious, but you can look at a number of safeties, defensive linemen, quarterbacks, and even high-performing running backs either turned away or turned into mush, but that is another story for another day.) If you apply the pattens of recent history, Cutler will be promising, then pretty good, then excellent, then pretty good again, then injured, then horrible, then injured and horrible but "still our quarterback," then second-string to Caleb Hainie for three games, then cut.

To make hay while the sun shines, Jerry Angelo, you have to have the razor-sharp scythes. What you have in your receiver shed right now is the equivalent of a small pair of rusty hand-shears, a wide-mouth lawn rake missing a few teeth, a couple of whiffle-ball bats, and a leaky rubber hose.


We all make mistakes. No one person has all the answers. We have all put our foot in our mouths. Re-join the forum and run yours. The blog is a more interesting place with you in it.

I am not calling you a coward, but, posting under "anonymous" is a cowardly act. Man-up and share your opinion. This is America. You have some knowledge. Use the first amendment - it's your right.

Come on back. We want to hear from you.

Ps. When can we expect you to post the pictures of you wearing pink panties at Soldier Field?

To whom ever thinks this is a major offense you need to get a grip because I bet if you ask th question of being a super bowl winning receiver out on the town fresh off of the super bowl win I think you would be carrying a gun to and for the fact most first time gun offenders in New York get no time as long as they don't have priors.So i think signing Plaxico would be a blessing in disguise because not only would he be the missing piece but we would get him at next to nothing so we would still have plenty of room to give Cutler his extension next year.

the name says it all.


that guy (creighton) was quite the talkative weirdo (in a good way) waaay back in Huth JHS in the late 80's and it seems it hasn't changed. Unfortunately he is now posting under anonymous? Dude just do what you promised and get on with it already. Let's see them panties!!

agreed - the posts were alot better with Creighton.

btw eddiejoe;
A few days after the Super Bowl someone asks Burress how it felt to catch HIS SECOND Super Bowl winning TD catch with Da Bears. Plax says `DA BEARS!'

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