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Tinoisamoa to join Bears on practice field for today's OTA

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Pisa Tinoisamoa's reintroduction to Lovie Smith's defense began today at Halas Hall.

Tinoisamoa arrived to put his name to the one-year contract he agreed to on Friday, and he will participate in the OTA which begins a little later this morning.

He's in time to be involved in the bulk of the OTA's, which is the culmination of the voluntary offseason program. Three weeks should be enough time for Tinoisamoa to get the calls down and fit into a scheme very similar to the one he played in as a rookie with the St. Louis Rams in 2003.

Typically, the Bears work in newcomers on the second team. Left guard Frank Omiyale has been working with the second team even though he is expected to overtake Josh Beekman. We'll see where Tinoisamoa is lined up at on Wednesday when the Bears open up the practice to media.

Nick Roach has been running with the first team at the position. He was moved into the starting lineup during the middle of last season. Veteran Hunter Hillenmeyer was still recovering from surgery to repair a sports hernia the last time an OTA was open to media. Rookie fifth-round pick Marcus Freeman has been started as a backup on the weak side.

More on the developments on the strong side later this week.

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Tinoisamoa's durability problems of 2006 and 2007 are still a concern to me, but he did seem to stay healthy last season, hopefully he will continue to stay healthy. Tinoisamoa should be able to help solidify the Bears linebacking core. I still wouldn't count out Nick Roach. Both Roach and Tinoisamoa were only given 1 year contracts, this should be another interesting position battle in camp coming up this summer.

I like what Angelo is doing with the one year "prove it" type contracts, this is the smart way to go. A player like Roach has never gone a full season as a starter, so you wouldn't want to commit to him long term just yet. And Tinoisamoa had the durability problems not to long ago, so you wouldn't want to lock him up quite yet either. The Bears are doing the right thing by giving them one year contracts and letting them come into camp and battle for the starting job and prove to the team their worth. Hopefully the best player ends up as the starter.

I liked the move by Angelo to extend defensive lineman Israel Idonije. I realize Idonije's greatest asset is his versatility, but I'd like to see him get a long look at left end. Idonije is big at 6-6, and now that he's down to 265, he's probably more of a left end anyways. Chicago knows what they have in Idonije, his versatility along their front on defense, on top of his ability on special teams make him a good player to have. But if this guy can show something at left end this season, thats one positon Chicago won't have to worry about with current starter Adewale Ogunleye due to hit the open market next off-season. With Idonije at 6-6, rookie Jarron Gilbert at 6-5, and 2nd year defensive tackle Marcus Harrison at 6-3 310lbs, Chicago is gonna boast a big front four, I like the direction Chicago's front four is headed in GO BEARS!!

They had better line him up with the starters he is already familiar with the system and there isn't a strong side linebacker on the roster that has half the talent he has he's got a knack for finding the ball but more importantly he is a solid coverage linebacker something we have needed since before we made it to the super bowl.


How about getting the sun times to sponsor a party for all of the Chicago Bears bloggers? My thoughts are for the Sun times to kick in tickets for all concerned bloggers to the Queens game at home and throw a party before the game with beer and of course great food.

It would be great fun to meet the bloggers and see Creighton in the thong he promised to wear.


I second dahlillama, i mean Brando's, suggestion. And I don't know why the Supreme Bears Fan, aka NeckBeardSucks, thinks he is fooling anyone....I wish he would just move to Denver and get it over with. Thats all for now. Brads the best and, well oh never mind, I will refrain from putting down Larry "the Lame" Mayer anymore, at least for today.

See ya. a pink thong.....haha.......

ahhhh....did somone say my namew??? oh helo their dahli....LOOSER! (hyu hyu hyu i am so funy). yea tahts right feelas. i promissed to dres up in my pink panties for teh home opener aginsat teh stealers ans i am a man of my word (i think? ) but im not sure if i wil be tehre feelas becuase i needs my mom to give me aride to soilder feild...also brando has been so mean too mee (ans when you have low selfesteem like i hurts two times as much) taht, ans any other exuse i can think of too get out of teh stiupid promise i made (man i am stupid)

but dont wory loosers, i makewd a video of myself for al of you feelas to see so i dont have to go to soilder fileds w/ my pink panties....enjoy loosers

but yoy hbguys now me er i mena yo udont now me..we never met! shh shh its yourt old bufdy!

ps ...GO CULTER!! GO ANGELO!!! GO BEARS!! (liek i alwsy say not liek you fair ewther fans!!!)

I really like this sign as well, we needed help at lb,
This sure is a long ways from last 2 years!
I have not seen Idonije do alot but I don't have alot of faith in Og anymore so he won't be a downgrade for sure.

Just a matter of time and Tinoisamoa and Omiyale will be in starting lineup. Can't wait, JA did an outstanding job this off season! Hey Brad, didn't Ron Turner say something on the line of "we will make a big splash in the off season"? Well, I think they did. The whole team will benefit with Cutler at QB. Can't wait! Go Bears! Oh yea about that party and tickets to the Queens game, I second that motion!

I'm all for it I've been blogging for a while now and I feel I sould get something in return for all the times my blood presure shot through the roof when the Bears made a silly move but I always let the people of the sun-times know about so how a blogger appriciation party.Good blog dahlillama.


Here's is your next big story: find out what happened to Creighton. After he made a promise about wearing pink and a sign about how Brando is great and he is not in front of Soldier Field if Angelo traded for Cutler and then Jerry makes the move we here at IB have so few comments from the otherwise loquacious and poor spelling Creighton. So where is Creighton blog readers want to know did he join the Brando Fan Club? Start working at Frederick's of Hollywood? Move out of town?

Please contact him and share with your readers.

Guys, hasn't the sun times filed for chapter 11? If not, they are at least struggling for their very survival. I doubt there is the money to do anything with the bloggers except maybe give them the opportunity to take out the trash and mop the floors. old are you anyway???? I've been a Bears fan before you were born so shut up!! You just come on here now that we have a real QB!!! I've been suffering for over 45 years!!!! Orton SUCKS!!!! Go BEARS!!!

This is a potential good signing but I'll withold judgement for now, at least til he gets on the field. Like others, I have some concerns based on his injuries, we don't need another Vasher or Harris on defense who can't practice or stay on the field. And do I need to mention another former Ram who came in with alot of fanfare because he understood Lovie's system? Not saying he's Archuleta but I'm not ready to crown his a$$ either.

Cutler trade = Worst in team history!

Duhhhh....Orton Sucks...Orton sucks..duhhhh...i wish my mom never drank so much when she was pregnant with me.....duhhh....

Signed yours truly,

Rex Grossman

(Oh crap! Now everybody knows!)

@ Kevin Armstead

I don't see a reason to fear Pisa's durability, since in St Louis he was an every-down defender, whereas in Chicago he'll be the guy coming off the field when the nickelback comes on the field. Fewer snaps gives him a chance to stay healthy and use his speed, something that's been somewhat understated about him recently. He's definitely faster than Hillenmeyer and Roach.

Pisa is a big upgrade when it comes to speed and coverage ability, but can he run with the big tight ends and cover on running downs? Just about every TE he will face this year is big and fast, which keeps us in a mismatch, just like with Roach and Hillenmeyer. Hunter is big enough, but not fast enough. Roach and Pisa are fast enough, but are they big enough? One thing we can do is shift Pisa to the back out of the backfield, and let Urlacher and Briggs roll to the TE in coverage. That could make us very aggressive, as Pisa can crash the pocket if the back stays in, and get there in a hurry, which could cause the QB to get rid of the ball early, which should help our coverage units.

Either way, we will see what the true Cover-2 looks like when we have 3 LBs who can all move sideline to sideline and cover. If Marinelli whips the DL into shape, we could be back to 2005/2006 form, not 2007/2008 form.
Should be fun to watch if nothing else.

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