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Rex is their quarterback? Grossman expected to sign with Texans

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Rex Grossman is on the verge of signing a contract and it isn't to play in the United Football League.

Agent Drew Rosenhaus announced on his Twitter account that Grossman will visit the Houston Texans tonight. Provided he passes a physical--there's no reason to believe he will not--Grossman is expected to sign a one-year contract on Friday.

It's been a long process for the Bears' former first-round draft pick. He watched as less experienced quarterbacks were scooped up on the free-agent market, including Dan Orlovsky, who went from Detroit to Houston earlier this offseason. Grossman and Orlovsky will be behind starter Matt Schaub along with Alex Brink.

League sources have said that Rosenhaus has been shopping Grossman for the league minimum since before the draft. The Houston Chronicle reports Grossman's deal will indeed be for the minimum, $745,000$620,000. Grossman fired agent Eugene Parker early in the offseason and tried to get on with another high-profile agency before landing with Rosenhaus.

Grossman started one game last season for the Bears, two years removed from being the starter in Super Bowl XLI. His arrival in Houston will coincide with a three-day minicamp that begins Monday.

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I'm glad you've moved on, but I wish you the best. You took us to a Super Bowl and you handled yourself with class. Best of luck to ya.

Good for Rex, I wish him the best (except when he plays against the Bears). Whatever one thinks of him as a Bear's QB, he was always a class act. I hope he finds a home with the Texans.

ok, after seeing this, the Bears have to get a reciever. it's not fair, we can never have the whole pie. before we had average QB orton throwing to substandard WR's. Now, Orton gets brandon Marshall. Rex was bad in his last two years, but if he gets in, he gets to throw to Andre Johnson. We get a much improved QB and what does he get, a tight end. i love greg oleson, i do i do, but he is what he is, a tight end. Andre Johnson is the type of guy that can make Rex look really really really really really good. Marshall can make orton look really really good as well. Cutler doesn't have the luxory of looking good, he has to be good, but a guy like plexico burress? cutler can be ok or ehhh for a couple of games and still look good. it would just take the pressure off him, just enough

ill be honest, if rex signs with them he'll win the job by a long shot and maybe hell have some luck throwing to that beast Andre Johnson. good luck rex.

this is funny, if rex gets to play for the texans and gets on the field, he will be there for good until he retires. everything that ever went bad on the offensive side of the ball while rex was here was ALWAYS blamed on him. i wouldve put alot more people ahead of rex to blame, like: ron turner, his offense sucks ass, he never knows when to call the right play! the offensive line sucked ass they couldnt block crap, EVER, they shouldve dumped tait and miller long ago! the bears were morons and let go of the only good running back rex had ( thomas jones ), a QB isnt worth a crap unless they have a good runningback. benson, what a friggin joke!!! ok, out of all the recievers we had while rex was QB who was worth keeping around for him to throw to? answer: none of them, most if not all are injury prone, they cant get away from coverage, just a lousy group of recievers rex had to throw to. last but not least is the fans that booed rex everytime they seen him. these are the same fans who didnt actually watch the whole game, all they seen was the bears not scoring or interceptions or fumbles, they dont see that rons calling crap plays, or the offensive line sucks ass, or that the recievers couldnt get open. the bears shouldve brought rex back as a backup, hes a ton better than our backups now!!! rex grossman i wish you the best of luck with whatever team you get with, and dont think all the bears fans were against you, just the ones who dont know how to see the whole picture were. kick ass rex......go bears!!!

I was one of Chicago's biggest supporters of Rex. I wore his jersey every game I went to seeing him play horribly on NYE against the Pack to seeing him light up the Broncos in a thrilling game. I was one of the few #8s out there last season and wish nothing but the best for Sexy Rexy.

he'll be #3 behind shaub and Orlovsky. but atleast he has a job.

This gives the Texans' opponents an extra large smile, especially their D's. They've got to be licking their chops and hope that Rex plays when they do. I have to give you guys credit who sympathize with him especially because if he was still here there would be an entirely different vibe. I am fully with those who miss and Mike Brown and wish him the best, but Rexy? C'mon! C'mon!

good luck Rex, even when you had those horrible single-digit qb rated games you were always a stand-up guy. Even though he had some serious fumble-itis and some other flaws he still has some very good qb tools. Ok well maybe just the arm and the long ball touch sometimes but I think his failures in Chicago were more of a crappy o-line/scheme/OC/etc. than his own shortcomings. Hope you have a good career in Houston.

GOOD LUCK REX! I firmly believe the majority of Bear fans have no understanding of the actual game of football and jut found it easy to blame Rex for everything. I think he'sa good qb and wish him nothing but the best. Shame it didn't work out here. Hope he succeeds and gets a shot in Houston.

Drew Rosenhaus really is good.How many strings did he pull for this to happen? A discount on Andre Johnsons contract maybe?

Rex Grossman isn't going to come CLOSE to "winning the job" in Houston. Matt Schaub, who destroyed the Bears in the last game of the '08 season, is firmly entrenched as the starter and viewed as one of the better young QB's in the game.

Rex, who will sign for the league minimum, is competing with Dan Orlovsky for the #2 job. Orlovsky was actually BETTER a year ago for a terrible Detroit team than Grossman was in '08 or '07. It's not a slam dunk that Grossman, whose career numbers are lousy, is going to be the #2 QB or (even) make the team.

"I have to give you guys credit who sympathize with him especially because if he was still here there would be an entirely different vibe."

Well said, Nigel. Rex is a likeable guy, sure, but after the SuperBowl (during?), his QB skills severely degraded and mentally at least, he just wasn't able to progress. So that's why he's gone and that's why one of the top NFL agents has been shopping him around at the league minimium for a backup role. His supporters have a tendency to blame everyone and everything else for his shortcomings as a Bear, but they're simply delusional or high on drugs (Note: See ReeferMadness).

Rexy's pros: Can throw ball far.

Rexy's cons: Gets easily flustered, slow, small hands, liability for fumbles every sack/tackle/snap from center, single digit QB ratings, liability for season ending injury, doesn't step up in the pocket, problems reading defenses...

Oh, and to say he "took us" to the big game? Wow. Stop hanging out with ReeferMadness.

i laugh at you idiots. your right it wasnt wrecks grossman who sucked it was the bears. thats why 32 head coaches and 32 GM's were running to be first in line to sign that loser. he is getting a 1 year deal worth the league min and you all think he is good. your right all of the experts in the nfl are wrong and you guys are right. it was all wrecks who got us to the superbowl, not the top 5 defense and the greatest return man in the history of the game dragging that loser along for the ride. wake up, the only way he sees the field is if matt gets injured, which he will, and then i get to laugh at houston when they have to send grossman out to play and their fans get to be tortured by his play, only their lucky cause they wont have to see it for as long as bears fan did

For years bears fans on biggsy's blog were forced to put up with this:

blah blah blah i know everything blah blah...i'm right and your wrong...blah blah...i know for a FACT that this player is a bust...blah blah i hate angelo...

Then the Bears got jay cutler and creighton magically changed his tune, but not much:

blah blah blah i love angelo....blah blah the bears are the best team in the nfl blah blah...i still know everything...blah still always right..

but our old friend Creighton also promised to do something before the cutler trade..

"In fact I am so sure that Angelo will not get him that if he does, I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me, singing the Crackers Happy birthday to me while holding up a sign that reads Brando rules and I suck...First home game and I will also paint myself Orange and Blue and get a tattoo thats says Angelo is the man on my forehead."

creighton made this promise because in his mind he was so 100% posative that he could never be wrong. whoopsie! looks like he stuck his foot in his mouth. :)

and now creighton has all but disappeared from Biggsy's blog because some bears fans have asked him to keep his word. (all though he does come back and write things under different screen names. but we all know who he is.) thats some real integrity there buddy!

This is the History of Creighton.

By RJ on June 11, 2009 4:30 PM
"GOOD LUCK REX! I firmly believe the majority of Bear fans have no understanding of the actual game of football and jut found it easy to blame Rex for everything. I think he'sa good qb and wish him nothing but the best. Shame it didn't work out here. Hope he succeeds and gets a shot in Houston."

Well I guess the rest of the NFL knows nothing about football either because nobody has been beating down Grossman's door. He is now the number 3 on the Texans, wow what a stud.

By BigBear on June 11, 2009 2:09 PM
"I'm glad you've moved on, but I wish you the best. You took us to a Super Bowl and you handled yourself with class. Best of luck to ya."

Who are you talking too? Do you think Rex is reading your post, or ghosting on this blog?

Hey too can go to the Texans...

"GOOD LUCK REX! I firmly believe the majority of Bear fans have no understanding of the actual game of football and jut found it easy to blame Rex for everything"

Train rex FOLDED under pressure, could not scramble out of a wet paper sack, and his accuracy was pathetic!


Good for you Rex. I've enjoyed your time in Chicago and have ALWAYS thought of you as a class act. I wish you the best! Thanks for the memories, the wins and the excitement!

Best of luck Rex. Hope you find a home in Texas.

Denver should be signing him because he is a hell of alot better then that group of losers they got over there!!!! ORTON SUCKS!!!!! Good luck Rex!!!

michael james whoever you are i am rex's biggest one supports him more than i.......we love you rex you got treated so wrong and i dont blame him one bit for what happened not his fault...a qb is only as good as the ppl they put around him

Yea, It's to bad Rex didn't turn out to be Peyton Manning. But he never was going to be. Rex was what he was and will be. He did his best in Chicago, but unfortunately he didn't have alot to work with and he just wasn't a great QB. I liked Rex and felt he gave it his all but the Bears are better off now. Good luck to him, I just don't think he has alot of future in the NFL. He made it to the Super Bowl. Now lets win the Super Bowl, Go Cutler, Go Bears!!!

Good luck Rex I think you have a good chance to win the starting job from Matt Slob who was a horrible big contract signing and has turned out to be as effective as David Carr and if he were released his career would look about as good as Carr's has since his departure from the Texans.It's crazy I was in Houston about a month ago and all I heard was it was a mistake to let Sage Rosefels go to the Vikings and I thought to myself why are people that thought Matt Slob was going to be the Texans savior saying Sage Rosenfels should have stuck around does this mean they are throwing their franchise quaterback under the bus and saying it's time to move on I don't know but I believe Rex has a good shot at starting for the Texans this year and with Andre Johnson catching the inaccurate passes he throws he has a good shot to succeed.

Rex is not the best QB, but a class act who deserves a second chance.

Grossman surely needs a change of scenery, and then another opportunity. It looks like Rosenhaus has given him that. Schaub is their number one guy, but he is always getting hurt. Odds are the Texan's no 2 will see the field at some point.

As for their depth chart, you think Orlovsky feels warm an fuzzy with his spot? They sign him, take a look at him during the offseason, and then go sign Grossman. At least Grossman knows not to run past the endline.

It all comes down to the appearance that Rex has been given a decent chance to compete for a job. Good. I always felt he gave it his best shot as a Bear. The stars aligned in Chicago where that wasn't enough, but you always got the impression he gave it all he had.

Good for you Sexy Rexy! I wish you the best of luck in Texas and hope you get to a Pro Bowl one day.

Thanks for being a class act while so many in Chicago aren't.

Interesting that Sage Rosen..... gets traded to the Vikings and Rex gets ready to be #2 in Texas. Tells you what Texas thought of Sage. Add to that the Vikings waiting (patiently?) for Favre to save them. Tough year coming Vikings fans.

Anytime Rex Grossman's name gets printed ANYWHERE it brings out these types of posts... This is no exception. Really- the guy that everyone loved to hate gets another job AWAY from the Bears (something you all wanted) and you still feel the need to talk trash? Really? What is wrong with you people? What goes through your head when you decide to write that stuff? Good Luck Rex.

I can't believe all you losers saying thanks to a complete bust who was given every chance to succede and was horrible. He was a decent person and it was'nt all his fault. It was a combination but all this sissy we love you stuff is pathetic get some stones guys he was a standard Florida QB that had a ton of flaws get over it.

This brought tears to my eyes. Rex was the bestest and wondfulest quarterback ever to play the game. He was a Pro Bowler who never went to the Pro Bowl. He would have taken us to 50 Super Bowls if we'd just been nice to him.

Lots of fans are suffering from either ignorance or stupidity. Ignorance is not knowing any better. Stupidity is knowing better but choosing the bad or wrong one anyways.

If Rex is so good, why would he sign for the league minimum? Why was he passed over numerous times over and over again by other teams? Why did he average 2.3 turnovers per game? Again, either ignorant or stupid.

Other ignorant or stupid fans suggested Rex did not get a fair shake with the Bears. What wasn't fair? Was it when the Bears backed him for 3 years while he was injured? Was it in 06 when he had his 3rd 6 turnover game of the season against NE, and the Bears still said "Rex is our QB"? Was it when they went back to Rex in 07 after he got benched? Was it when Rex was invited back....again... to compete openly for the starting job with Orton in 2008?

Rex had more chances than some of you would give your kids. Rex is gone because he fumbled too often, threw interceptions too often, had 2 blind sides (funny), and was too short and too immoblie. In other, more offensive words, Rex Grossman sucks.

Go Bears!

Rex was definitely an above average QB and a good role model. Unfortunately he landed with a below average offensive line with Bears, Ok he was a gunslinger, and erratic at times, the blame lies with the erratic play calling and shoddy choices like Benson who at times looked like Curtis Enis' little brother, Please give the man his due, he took the Bears to a Superbowl, ok the defense was terrific and Devin Hester was having a super rookie year, but you still need points on the board to reach there. He was a class act. Good luck Rex, may you find success with Tex(ans).

Hey too can go to the Texans...

"GOOD LUCK REX! I firmly believe the majority of Bear fans have no understanding of the actual game of football and jut found it easy to blame Rex for everything"

Train rex FOLDED under pressure, could not scramble out of a wet paper sack, and his accuracy was pathetic!


---- Huh? If I remember correctly before his injury Rex was the one diving for a touchdown when his acl gave. Have you actually played football? Do you understand the game? Do you understand the recievers can also be blamed for lack of route running or not being in the right spot? Can you understand the offensive line was HORRENDOUS in '07? I mean it was pathetic watching that line. And folded under pressure? Do you mean the game in which the defense was getting rocked and REX AND THE OFFENSE LEAD US TO A WIN in the Saints game for the championship? Please, don't be like every other ignorant bear fan and say he's inconsistant. I know he is. But he did a pretty damn good job getting us to the Super Bowl. And I know it's hard for some of you to understand that you need a solid overall base of a team in order to get that far, and Rex was apart of that.

I wish him well. Given Schaub's injury history, he should see significant playing time. And if the Houston OL can keep his jersey clean he should do well.

The only question now is what will the Grossman haters do with their spare time?

Oh wait, those may be the same idiots who hang on every word of has-been Ditka and think there may be a question about Cutler's "leadership ability." Like Ditka knew anything about QBs.

Really, why can't Da Coach just...go....away.

@Mike: You have to figure Rex's propensity for a season ending injury was a strength what with the huge list of flaws you've posted. It left Orton on the field. You could always rely on Orton not to lose games.

Grossman was never a good quarterback after opposing defenses realized they could no longer ignore the pass v. the Bears, which was a month or two into the 2006 season. But he never complained publicly after being benched and seemingly handled himself with class and respect for the rest of the team. Despite my dislike of him as a QB, I'm far more upset with the idiot fans who booed him in practice and exhibitions last season. He deserved a lot better and maybe he'll get it somewhere else.

Hey RJ:

Here is a statistical breakdown of our QB's in 2007:

Game #1: Rex, 12/23 for 145, TD: 0, INT: 1
Game #2: Rex, 20/34 for 160, TD: 1, INT: 2
Game #3: Rex, 15/32 for 195, TD: 0, INT: 3
Game #4: Greise, 34/52 for 286, TD: 2, INT: 3
Game #5: Greise, 15/25 for 214, TD: 2, INT: 1
Game #6: Greise, 26/45 for 381, TD: 3, INT: 2
Game #7: Greise, 27/41 for 382, TD: 1, INT: 0
Game #8: Greise, 22/40 for 208, TD: 1, INT: 4
Game #9: Greise, 10/14 for 97, TD: 0, INT: 0
Rex, 7/14 for 142, TD: 1, INT: 0
Game #10: Rex, 24/37 for 266, TD: 0, INT: 0
Game #11: Rex, 17/33 for 193, TD: 1, INT: 1
Game #12: Rex, 25/46 for 296, TD: 1, INT: 0
Game #13: Rex, 2/6 for 14, TD: 0, INT: 0
Greise, 27/45 for 295, TD: 1, INT: 2
Game #14: Orton, 22/38 for 184, TD: 0, INT: 1
Game #15: Orton, 8/14 for 101, TD: 1, INT: 0
Game #16: Orton, 12/27 for 190, TD: 2, INT: 1

That gives:

Sexy Rexy 122/225 for a 54 comp%, 1411 yards, 4 TD's, 7 INT's, yards per pass average of 6.27, 56.2 TD per pass ratio and was 2-5 as a starter.

Greise 161/262 for a 61 comp%, 1803 yards, 10 TD's, 12 INT's, yards per pass average of 6.88, 26.2 TD per pass ratio and was 3-3 as a starter.

Orton 42/79 for a 53 comp%, 475 yards, 3 TD's, 2 INT's, yards per pass average of 6.0, 26.3 TD per pass ratio and was 2-1 as a starter.

The numbers say Greise had better performances then Rex behind the same O-line. The only thing Rex did better was throwing fewer INT's per pass then Greise. Orton was right behind Rex in yards per pass attempt, a better TD ratio, fewer INT's per pass and notched as many W's in (4) less starts....

Go Bears !!

I have that TD/pass ratio backwards on the (3) QB's

It should be 56.2 passes per TD for Rex, 26.2 passes per TD for Greise and 26.3 passes per TD for Kyle..

Go Bears !!

RJ step away from the Grossman kool-aid sit down and breath. I have no idea what you were seeing or if you were in a alternative universe. Grossman was along for the ride during the SuperBowl year he rode the coat-tails of the defense but when it came time for him to help the defense HE FAILED then the real Grossman came out the following seasons. It was not fair for the Bears to continue to ignore his short-comngs like height, hands and speed, or his inability to read a defense. I think the rest of the league has spoken when he was un-employed and look were he ended up He is the 4th best on ths Texans roster and will not survive training camp when he has to ply with the scrubs in a pre-season game and the old unstable, unathletic fumbling Rex returns to the unemployment line and minor league football. RJ who you crappin?

I wish Rex well in Houston. I really won't miss him as a quarterback but I have nothing against him personally and respected him for still facing the media even after horrible games. Maybe a change in scenarie or having someone else work on his mechanics will help him salvage his career.

I really am shocked how some people think he was a good quarterback who never got a chance. Rex had one great month early in 06 and the rest was mediocre at best. I cannot believe someone is giving Rex the credit for winning the NFC Championship game against the Saints. I remember watching the game and my family and me screaming at the tv whenever Rex went back to throw, "Nooooo!" Rex's numbers: 11-26 144 yards 1 TD and O Int. The Bears ran for 196 yards, the defense got a safety, recovered three fumbles and intercepted a pass. The best you can say about Rex in the game is that he did not lose the game. I guess to some people that means he should be in the hall of fame.

As I said earlier, maybe new coaching will help. I do think he tried his best here, he just wasn't good enough. Good luck Rex!

TDawg and others who made similar comments are quite correct: the Bears won the 2006 NFC Championship despite Rex Grossman, not because of him. As TDawg said, he had one really good month, and that was only because opposing defenses were ignoring the pass, as was logical considering the Bears' sorry offensive passing history of the past 40 or so years. Once defenses started putting pressure on Grossman, he melted like butter in the sun. The league now realizes that he's been playing scared the last two seasons and I'm surprised even Houston was willing to take a chance on him.

That all said, I'm really offended by the nasty treatment he has received in Chicago. He never did anything to deserve being booed in practice or before he even made a play in exhibition, and the so-called fans who did this owe him and the rest of us a big, public apology.

Good call WF Bear the truth is the truth. I had no personal beef with Rex I don't even know him I just know he was not a NFL QB. Truth be told Cutler is a reaction to years of Angelo snafu, he had to get this or be chased out of town.

Cliff come back from the edge above average QB's are starters remember Rex couldn't beat out Orton. How in the world can you even form those words I guess 32 NFL head coaches don't know but you know better. I guess being a unrestricted free agent until last week means he's above average. Come on man be serious, you can't be that blinded Stevie Wonder can see how weak Rex was. Get real there is such a thing as a fan but you are a fanatic, WAKE UP MAN.

Like many of you are saying, I never really liked Rex as a QB because you always suspected and were afraid that Rex was going to lose a snap or a fumble, or be intercepted or simply be off-target on 3rd down to a wide open receiver. No, he wasn’t to blame for everything, but no, he wasn’t a good QB either; VERY inconsistent. But you had to like Rex as a guy; he was a team guy, he was up key, his team mates liked him, and he wasn’t a whiner or a trouble maker.

So, I do wish him luck in Texas. And who knows, he might just be a better fit there than he was in Chicago. Many players released by the Bears go on to have pretty good years afterward: talking about Chris Harris, Moose, Tank Johnson, Thomas Jones, etc.

But I must say this; shame on those who booed Rex at Bear home games. What are you trying to do? Demoralize Rex so he has a bad game? What the hell good does that do the Bears? We all had our opinions about whether Rex should be starting QB for the Bears, and I also wished the coaches would wake up and shake off that pathetic need to recoup their investment in the 1st rounder. But really, voice your opinions in any forum you want, but not during the Bears’ game! I live in Tokyo, so I can’t go to Soldier Field. It’s a privilege to be able to. Don’t squander it. Cheer the team on. I hope I never have to hear another Bear booed at a home game by senseless and mindless ticket holders, ever again, I don’t care if Mike Vick is playing for the Bears.

I give you one very specific example of why it was ok to boo Rex.
I sat out in the cold on the New Years Eve game against the Packers a couple of years ago, getting nearly-freezing rain dropping on me for 3 hours, and watched that abysmal performance by Rex. Sure, there was weather, and it was cold, and the game was relatively meaningless, but to hear after the fact that he wasn't ready to play made me furious! Not because Ron Turner didn't prepare him, or there was no game plan, but because he was more worried about his New Years Eve plans.

That is not a professional QB. He was not a rookie, he was an established veteran, and he basically told us all he didn't care enough to do his job. Many of us would lose our jobs if we half-a@@ed a performance like that, but you want us to give him a pass? And you call that a team guy? He could have gotten a receiver injured by his antics, and at the very least embarassed himself, and deserved a chiding...

I am glad he is gone. He would never have succeeded here, because he never improved. When he had a 54% completion percentage in 2007, that tells me he was not doing the things he needed to do to get better. It's not like he was a young player at that point. It was his 4th year in the league!

I do agree that we need to support our team, but at the same time, they need to understand that we pay a lot of money to support them, and we deserve their best efforts on and off the field. We always knock Lovie for the "Rex is our QB" mantra, but we don't hammer Rex for continually saying he didn't know why his performances were so erratic, and that it would be fixed. He watched film, he got feedback from the coaches, and yet he still stared down his receivers, bailed straight back into the pass rush when the pocket collapsed, and never got used to the speed of the pass rush.

Hope he figures it out, but I am extraordinarily glad he will be figuring it out in another city.

Wow, first Rex and now Kyle, hmmm maybe it wasnt the QB??? Good Luck to both former Da Bear QB's!!!

But bottom line We got Cutler a Pro Bowler!!!

and for the questioners of Rex abilities, hey with a line he woulda been better, remember 2 OL retired at that time! Thats a ppoor line to work behind.

and deputy......have you forgotten the playoff wins before the Super Bowl where Rex won the games>??? Please rememeber to remember even when you don't like someone. AND, Rex in no way lost that Super Bowl the D lost that game when we did not rush Manning and made no halftime adjustments. No koolaid needed for stats/games/moments that actually happened. I watched those games as well as you, I saw Manning not pressured in the least! Do you really think anyone can beat Manning w/o pressure? And I sat there waiting for the second half - knowing we would make those haltime adjustments and I was stunned when we played the exact same game in the second half, I was cursing and shocked that lovie made no haltime adjustments - to say Rex was along for the ride is just plain wrong as I myself watched Rex win games with his arm.
Now yes, his fumbles were embarrasing and a curse and those (along with Rex) had to stop, but Rex along for the ride? nope, remember the playoff wins!

Hey Joe, thanks for that.
I feel for you. That's that infamous 0.0 rating game in 2006, right? The specter of a 0.0 rating game by any quarterback would actually kinda interest me in a weird kind of way, but I can understand the frustration of having to sit through it.
I get your point, but I’m still not convinced. I’m reading that it wasn’t just Rex that admitted to being unmotivated for that game, but yes, that was a stupid thing to say and showed that Rex was (is) immature. Nobody’s accusing Rex of being mature. And still, is that really reason to boo him (two years later?) every time he steps on the field?
Yes, he had a 54% completion rate in 2007, but it’s important to note that his CAREER completion rate is 54%. That doesn’t tell me that he’s not trying hard enough; that tells me that he’s not a good quarterback. I’d say, he truly doesn’t know why he was so erratic; just can’t figure it out. Nobody’s accusing Rex of being a good quarterback. And still, is that really reason to boo him every time he steps on the field?
I still don’t get it. What does that accomplish?

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