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One more and done? Bears considering move out of Bourbonnais

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Now that the Bears have gotten negotiations done with all of their draft picks they can get to business of a different sort--considering a new training camp home.

Our colleague Mike Mulligan details here how the Bears are considering ending their stay at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Ill., in the near future.

Specifically, team officials will meet with representatives from Lewis University in Romeoville next week.

The eighth training camp at ONU opens July 31 but the team is considering other alternatives for a variety of reasons. The Bears will likely remain at the school through 2010 but they will have multiple options.

The Bears moved to ONU after 18 summers in Platteville, Wis., in 2002. The team was struggling to land a new stadium deal and one of the things they had to do to appease politicians was bring their brand of summer football back to the state. Although the school has done a nice job, it's no secret why ONU won out. It's in the backyard of former Gov. George Ryan, or the backyard of where his home is any way. Ryan's locked up in federal prison right now in, of all places, Wisconsin.

We're certainly looking forward to another three-week stay at ONU. The folks at the school and in the community are terrific hosts every summer.

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I went to Lewis University for four years; it's a nice short ride from Chicago but I find it nearly impossible to be able to handle the parking that Olivet provides.

Lewis doesn't even have a football team. (I was a swimmer there).

However it might be more secluded and that could be as they wish.

I just don't see it handling the crowds very well at Lewis.

Bourbonnais is a dump! It was depressing being there!

What about NIU? I know they were in the running last time.

I'd personally love to see them move Training Camp to NIU instead of Lewis. Like Shank pointed out, I think space is an issue there, but DeKalb already has a ton of parking, both at the stadium and the the Convocation Center about 300 yards away. Also, Stevenson Hall is within a few hundred yards and has got the A/C'd dorm rooms and dining facilities.

On the business side of things, the school must already have some sort of relationship with the Bears from when ee played Iowa at Soldier Field a fwe seasons ago.

As I see it the only thing keeping this from being a perfect fit would be lodging for the media. I'd say DeKalb and Sycamore have less than the surrounding areas of ONU and Lewis.

Bear Down!

All of their draft picks? I thought Gilbert and Iglesias are still yet to sign. Did I miss something?

Gilbert and Iglesias agreed to contracts yesterday I believe. Below was a small piece from a Times article:

"The Bears became the first team to sign all its draft picks after third-rounders Jarron Gilbert and Juaquin Iglesias agreed to four-year deals. ..."

Are you serious about NIU?

You could not pay people to stay out in Dekalb, IL. I am not sure how NIU students even stay out there for an education.

LU provides players, staff, media, etc. a 5-25 mile commute to work / practice / home vs. NIU. NIU = hours.

Thanks Pat. I saw it was posted on yesterday. Not sure how i missed it.

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