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No knee-jerk reaction, next bonus for Tommie Harris in June 2010

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Need proof the NFL is a year-round business? We've got plenty of football news moving toward mid-June with training camp less than eight weeks away. We're going to get to a Four Down Territory Q&A on Monday, so if you have any last-minute questions to submit, get them in. Let's cover seven issues here in a hurry-up offense:

1. General manager Jerry Angelo addressed the health of former Pro Bowl defensive tackle Tommie Harris last week on the team's Web site. Harris has done occasional on-field work in the voluntary offseason workout program. When media was allowed at Halas Hall last Wednesday, Harris participated in positional drills.

"There's no major concern with him,'' Angelo said. "He's going to be up and going at some point here in the OTA's. We feel good about where he's at medically. There's nothing to be alarmed about. This is the offseason. We want to make sure that we take care of our players to the best of our ability and we're always going to err on the side of caution in the offseason. He's got an issue with his knee; we know that. He has to be smart about it, which he is. We've got to be smart about it, which we are. Is his knee pristine? No. it's not. But it's not something that he can't perform well with. We've been real smart about how to bring Tommie along in terms of his training program. He's not the only player. There are customized programs for most of our players because we don't want the wear and tear to happen during the offseason. We just want to be smart about how we bring our players along. We don't want to waste any mileage that players have in the offseason. The wear and tear comes during the season, not the offseason. The offseason is dedicated to conditioning, strengthening and training our players within our offensive and defensive schemes."

OUR SPIN: Look for Harris' work in training camp to be monitored closely and he could see limited action in preseason too. In the past, coach Lovie Smith has kept him off artificial surfaces in preseason and the Bears open the preseason at Buffalo, which uses an AstroPlay field at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Bears are counting on big things from Harris after paying him a $6.67 million roster bonus and they're going to preserve him for when it matters most. The next big payoff in Harris' deal is a $2.5 million roster bonus due June 1, 2010. The club would like his balky left knee to be no worse for the wear then. We wrote it here a while back, don't look for players with questionable injury concerns to land rich deals from the Bears again, not after Angelo's comments about closely scrutinizing medical records when it comes to draft picks.

2. ESPN's Sal Paolontonio
reports that the lawyer for wide receiver Plaxico Burress is maneuvering behind the scenes in efforts to reach a plea deal before Burress' next court appearance in New York on June 15.

"Three teams are believed to be serious enough about considering Burress for the 2009 season that they have contacted his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, to inquire about his legal status: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Chicago Bears and the New York Jets."

OUR SPIN: The Jets and Bucs both had interest in landing quarterback Jay Cutler. Could the Bears beat them to the quarterback and the wide receiver? Obviously, Burress' legal situation needs to be ironed out before anyone is going to offer him a contract, but that process could happen sooner rather than later. He's still likely to face a suspension from commissioner Roger Goodell. How many games Burress would get is anyone's guess. Ex-Bear Tank Johnson received an eight-game suspension following the 2006 season after the raid on his Gurnee home. There was a provision in that suspension that allowed Johnson to be re-instated after six games. Remember, though, Johnson had a previous weapons arrest during his Bears' career. He was busted outside a downtown nightclub for having a weapon in his vehicle.

3. Jamar Williams has turned in the most impressive play we've seen during OTA's with a leaping interception in the middle of the field and his efforts have not gone unnoticed with Angelo singling him out in his chat with the team's Web site.

"We've always liked Jamar. I think he's a three-down player. He's bright, he's athletic, he's fast and he's tough. There's nothing not to like about him. What we're seeing now is what we saw when he was in college and what we drafted."

OUR SPIN: Even if Williams continues to impress he's going to be hard-pressed to see the field this season. The longtime heir apparent to Lance Briggs, Williams has never gotten an opportunity and is just one of a group of mid-round picks at the position that have not gotten into the system. Angelo seemingly drafted to eventually replace Briggs for years--Leon Joe (4th round, 2004), Rod Wilson (7th round, 2005), Williams (4th round, 2006) and Mike Okwo (3rd round, 2007). The club used a fifth-round pick on Ohio State's Marcus Freeman this year and he's being worked as a reserve on the weak side. In fact, Williams finds himself in a situation where he will have to compete to make the roster as Hunter Hillenmeyer and Joey LaRocque are all in a log jam. Earning $1.5 million this season, Pisa Tinoisamoa figures to start on the strong side and Nick Roach was viewed as a better option than Williams last season. While Williams was on defense for only 12 snaps in 2008, he far and away led the team in special teams snaps with 417. That was 96 more than the next closest player. Truthfully, Williams probably could have been better in that role. He was second on the team with 15 special teams tackles and tied for third with 11 solos. Provided a new CBA is ironed out between owners and the NFLPA, Williams will be an unrestricted free agent after the season.

4. Matt Forte's left hamstring checked out fine after an MRI last week.

OUR SPIN: The worst hamstring injury we've seen in eight seasons covering the Bears was when fullback Bryan Johnson went down during training camp drills in 2006. It was like he had been shot. Johnson was carted off the field and eventually required surgery. Forte, who walked off the field with a slight limp, has an injury that is on the opposite end of the hamstring spectrum but the Bears are much more interested in seeing him on the field in August than June. There's no point in him going through drills in OTA's over the next two weeks. From our position, it's a good place to get Garrett Wolfe more involved. The Bears have to find a way to utilize him some this season. It's possible the club signs a running back for training camp. Right now, there are four on the roster--Forte, Kevin Jones, Wolfe and Adrian Peterson.

5. Ex-Bear Mike Brown made a free-agent visit to Kansas City on Wednesday. The Chiefs wrap up their mandatory veteran minicamp today and there's been no more news on Brown.

OUR SPIN: It's too hard to speculate why Brown and the Chiefs were not a match last week because the timing was perfect. Obviously, his health is an issue and if Kansas City was interested in signing him there's no question a physical was in order. It will be interesting to see what lies ahead for Brown, who a source says is serious about continuing his career at 31. Brown is held in high regard by two defensive coordinators in other cities--San Diego's Ron Rivera and Washington's Greg Blache. No, the Bears are not an option for him.

6. Tony Dungy had some questions about Jay Cutler last week and he wasn't the only recent retiree to raise some questions. Add Rodney Harrison, safety-turned-analyst, to that list. The Markham native was on WMVP-AM 1000 with Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman last week:

"[The Bears] are getting a very very talented guy that has a lot of physical tools, but I don't know necessarily if you're getting the leader that you may want,'' Harrison said. "There's a lot of guys out there that are physically dominant that can throw the ball. He can make all the throws, I have a lot of confidence in his physical ability. The one question mark, can he go in and prove that he can be that consistent leader of that team, good, bad or indifferent. That's really gonna promote him to be in the next upper echelon of quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. I hope Chicago isn't gonna put all the pressure on this kid like he's gonna automatically take these guys to the Super Bowl. He's not the saving grace, he's one more piece to the puzzle, but he has a lot to prove, particularly from the mental side and the leadership side.

"Cuter has to be a leader, he has to go out there and perform at a consistent level he can't turn the ball over, he can't put like he did in Denver when the thought about trading him. If you think about Josh McDaniels, it makes a lot of sense a guy that you're familiar with. Why wouldn't you want to trade for Matt Cassel, a guy that knows your system and possibly if you can get rid of Jay Cutler and get Matt Cassel, I don't see why Cutler was so upset. It amazes me. He understands this is a business, sometimes you're gonna get traded. Some of the best players to play the game have gotten traded. So he took it personally and I thought that was a very immature move by Jay Cutler wanting out of Denver. I thought that was a good fit for him. He's gonna find out and I have nothing against Chicago but he doesn't quite have the weapons on the offensive side that he had in Denver, particularly at the wide receiver spot."

And when Harrison was asked about the possibility of the Bears adding Burress to the mix with Devin Hester ...

"Well the unique part about it is you can double team and you can give the young tight end, [Greg] Olsen a guy I'm a huge fan of, I think he 's a guy you can line up outside, you can line up in the slot. He kind of reminds me of Jeremy Shockey/Dallas Clark. My first suggestion for the Bears is spread your offense out. I hate coming out with the two back, the fullback and the tailback, I just think it closes the offense in. It's easier to defend, especially when you don't have the quarterback that can get the ball down the field. Now they have a quarterback that can get it down the field. But do they have the deep threat other than Hester? If you get a guy like Burress, with Hester and Olsen, you spread out the offense and you let this kid be a gunslinger and that's what he is. Let him throw the ball 30-35 times a game and incorporate running the ball 20-25 times a game and you look up and the Bears end up 11-5, win the division and make the playoffs."

OUR SPIN: Any questions raised about Cutler are far better than the questions the Bears are accustomed to fielding about their quarterback(s) in June.

7. Over at the National Football Post, Matt Bowen weighs in on the Burress situation:

"There isn't an option [on the Bears' roster] right now at wide receiver who can exploit defenders and go up and get the football outside the numbers."

OUR SPIN: Bowen nails it. Burress would bring baggage but can the Bears go into the season with the depth chart as is?

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Normal jobs pay their employees typically by performance even those under contract and whether or not they are bringing in their money's worth. The NFL player in my opinion should be no different. If Harris doesn't shape up with his knee issues this year the org should do something about it rather than continue this fiasco.

can we PLEASE sign Plax to a 1 year deal.
even if he does get an 8 game suspension, we would get him back half way through the season-FRESH!
just in time to solidify our playoff push.
dont get me wrong, I do like our group of young WR's but if we could add a legitimate #1...
COME ON JERRY - give Plax that 1 year deal

I wish this Burress thing would hurry up and play out so we could either get him or not. Personally, I'd like to see him with da Bears but I won't throw a tantrum if he it doesn't happen.

I really wish people would stop dropping Brandon Marshall's name around here though; I can't stand a guy that beats up on women. Say what you will about Burress but I'd rather have a guy that shoots himself in the leg rather than stabs his girlfriend in the leg.

I used to really like Tommie Harris but I'm gettin down on him pretty bad. If the guy can't practice in non contact OTA's hows he going to be a force threw the season? I know the Bears are pretty loyal to him but if he doesn't get his knee fixed next offseason and doesn't have a great year this year I say cut his ass. I don't think he'd have much trade value because no one will want him if he's not a dominate player and has unresolved knee issues he won't take care of. As far as receivers I'd like to have Plax but if suspended for more than 4 or 5 games I'd rather see us not sign him, but I think the Bears are going to sign him. It's just kindof playing out like it usually does before we sign a guy. I'd really like to see these young guys this season, and if you watch the week 2 Ota's highlights on the Bears sight these guys look way better with are current QB's. I think the receivers will be the suprise of this years team, and Johnny Knox is definetly going to be a good player! GO BEARS

This blog is outstanding - even the commentors are on.

2009 will depend more on the pass rush (e.g. DT, Harris, Harrison, etc in particular) than it will on the secondary or the quarterback. In fact, I'd argue - if we knew this years pass rush would equal that of the Superbowl year - then the deal for Cutler becomes less of a need. That deal was done (at least in large part) to give the Bears a more potent 2 min offense (e.g. ability to come from behind).

2009 also depends significantly on the play of Chris Williams and Orlando Pace. Chris Williams is still a huge question mark.

Sreading the offense - all for it - lets open it up - veteran WR talent could help, but it doesn't build for the long run. I'd rather see Bennett, Iglesias, and Knox out there than Rashied "Opps it hit my hands" Davis, Jerry Porter, or some other Veteran weak knees a la M.Booker. Nothing against that decision last year but with a young QB we need to think about the next 3-5 years and not just the quick fix for this year only.

As long as we're here - Marshall vs Burris in Order of preference -

a. Non-gf beating Brandon Marshall
b. Non-trash talking Plaxico
c. trash talking Plaxico
d. gf beating Brandon Marshall

shaun, while you may want to see the young players play. when the bears reach the playoffs your young boys will fade because of a lack of experience, and the fact the best teams will know how to play them. you don't just jump out and be great your first year. while there are some exceptions there are but a few. plaxico, specializes in being his greatest in the playoffs as well as the regular season. remember when he left ben it took a while before he got back to who he was with plax. plax and jay will feed off each other, and the other recievers will follow their example, and excede
all expections. the bears will go much farther in the season and playoffs with plax, even if he doesn't come till half the season is over. he will come in and give the team a advantage no one else can.
the bears are doing the right thing with tommie if they want to get anything from him. this is the off season and he needs to rest his knee. if he needs surgery then he must be scared of it, cause his knee has shown that it needs work and he won't ever be who he once was as a player if he ever gets that good again. we don't need flashes of what he's being paid for. if the young players come along
this year tommie maybe cut next year.

I would not count on Harris at all at this point, lets just say we have Adams/Harrison/Gilbert/Dusty etc.. inside No way you can count on a guy in the long term that can't even practice, when he just played the last few games last year and now can't even line up. Ok lets watch him play the entire year then discuss contract.

I do not like our current WR, and if you say you do then what you are saying is you like the potential they have. But potential is like having poop in one hand and potential in the other hand, which hand is heavier? We have seen alot of potentially great WR in Chicago so oohing and aahing over a player that shines in OTA or even is drafted high is meaningless. A player that even has a good rookie year means little as it takes several years for a player to really prove he belongs in the special group of players that are called experienced veterans for a reason, yes young players have to play to gain experience but do you let your entire roster play young to gain experience? or do you line them up next to an experienced veteran (like we did Beekman)they can learn the little tricks from their first 2 years. I like the potential of our young WR, But even Hester does not have the experience to show the young guys what it takes to win that NFC Championship game in the 4th quarter AND get the job done in the Super Bowl.
Guess what available WR has that experience of evading the DB for the game winning reception. Cutler is great but to have a WR that can get open in that situation is truly what a team needs to win the Super Bowl.

on Plax and giving him a second chance in Chicago:

I have read that Bengals WR -Henry is really getting the job done after alot of people said write him off cause he made a mistake.
`Chris Henry has gone from a marked man to Carson Palmer's X Man. The guy once on the poster of NFL Players Gone Wild has become a picture of serenity this spring.
ESPN's First Take wants him on the show next week. Sirius Radio has called. Lance McAlister and 700 The Nation's Station loom. And Henry's agent, David Lee, says Reebok is interested in giving him a contract, a sure sign that he is outrunning his past.
"I just got tired of being in the wrong place at the wrong time," Henry said this week after another impressive practice. "I had to do it for me and my family. I love to play football and I didn't want to blow it."

I definetly agree that I would rather see us have Plax in the playoffs than young guys, but I do think if he comes walking halfway threw the season and just takes a starting spot when are rookies are playing good I think it will disrupt some of the chemistry. Like I said I like Plax and I hope we get him, we can never have enough talant, but if he just comes waltzing in after 8 games into the season, it'll piss off the young guys and the timing won't be down on his routes. Cutler will have a very short time to figure out how he plays as they have never played together before. If it was like Marshall who his played with before it'd be different. I do hope they get him but if anythings a risk for the Bears it be Plax! Cutlers definetly not a risk. So I do agree with you, but I think it will be an uncertain thing if we'd be better with him than without him for just half a season and a 1 year contract. If he takes his suspention this year and has none next year I say sign him for a couple years. but I hate it when a guy comes in on just a 1 year contract. Pisa great, we stole that guy. But if we're going to pay Plax a couple million to give us 8 games I think it looks pretty desperate. These young guys will be fine and I hate Davis. I hope he gets cut and I wouldnt be suprised if he did. Tommie I hope he gets better and plays great htis year but whats Rod going to teach him if he doesnt practice?? Talk to the guy and he'll learn alot?? Rod cant help the guy if he's not practicing. Give him one more year and if he doesnt produce, cut our losses and we'd have a couple extra million because alot of good players will be free agents next year.

1. Jay Cutler.

John Elway was one of the greatest quarterbacks I've ever seen and he began his NFL career with a crybaby refusal to play for the Colts, getting his connected daddy to get him on the Broncos instead. So all this talk about what happened with Cutler in Denver is meaningless. Yes, this could be an issue, but it's probably not. Everything I've read by players who've played with Cutler said that he's a good leader, including Bear offensive players who just started practicing with him.


Plaxico Burress

Terrell Owens is a great player, you want him too? The issue with guys like this is not how much better they are than your current receivers nor is it their off-the-field issues (the latter is not an issue that affects the won-loss record, it's a moral issue), it's how much trouble they would cause on the team. Guys like this freak out and/or melt down every time things don't go their way. Only coaches with very strong personalities, like Tom Coughlin, Bill Cowher, Bill Belichick, and Bill Parcels, can handle this type of player. Plaxico Burress would eat Lovie Smith alive and ruin the team.

The Bears would be much better off using what they've got and signing a "normal" free agent if one is significantly better than any of the receivers they now have. Even Coughlin and the Giants can't deal with Burress anymore despite how much losing him reduced their offensive production. That Coughlin and the Giants dumped Burress despite how much he helped their offense move the ball and score should tell you all you need to know.

For those who want to sign Plaxico (I would), a 1-year contract is not the way to go. Right now, Chicago (even with interest from NY and TB) can get him for a lot less than he's worth. Sign him to a 3-year deal with a back-loaded contract and modest signing bonus. You protect yourself by putting disciplinary clauses into the contract (performance is not an issue) so as to give an "out" if he's still a fricking moron. Either way, Chicago can get this done and I would like to see it. His first season will probably be one in which - if he's got good lawyers - he'll see jail time after the season or during it and get a 6-8 game suspension. Chicago is investing in a long-term piece that's going to come at a fair price. If they give him a 2nd-chance, that's really going to show something even to a knucklehead like Plax. Word the contract in the right way and it's small risk HUGE reward.

One more thing on Plax ... he does talk but he backs it up. He's not Freddie Mitchell he's a darn good WR.

I have a best friend who was a sniper in the military and has been a police officer for 9 years now. Great guy and an expert in firearms. We go shooting a couple times a year and he's taught me a lot about weaponry. His 3rd year on the force, he was cleaning his brand new gun and talking on the phone with his girlfriend. They were fighting and he was so pissed he slammed his clip into the gun, somehow it fired, and put a whole in his work bench. He beat himself up about it for at least 6 months thinking how stupid he was. This is a trained expert. I'm not saying Plax learned his lesson but I am saying that you do something that stupid and embarassing, if you don't learn your lesson you're a farking idiot.

I say we sign Plax to a longterm deal! We'd finally have someone with lower scruples and intelligence than me. Yipee!

You know, I have a best friend who was a sniper in the military-

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Ok, I have a friend who was a sniper-

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Right, well someone I knew of was a sniper-

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Fine, OK! I have no friends in the military or anywhere for that matter! There, are you FARKING happy!? I'm so sad and lonely...and yet I'm unwilling to change my patheticly rude attitude because deep down I feel like when I call people names and berate them or make fun of the handicapped, it's humorous. But it's just not, I know it's not.

Lie detector: Ding ding ding!

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// BFF, COD, ACT!?
//Funny stuff Da Clown. Those three letter acronyms can really cheer me up because I'm so funny and clever.
//Oh Helen! I miss you so damn much! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! Please come back to me!!!

Wow .... Da Cult ... just wow ...

I'll be honest, when I was a reporter and when I had my own radio show I NEVER had someone so dedicated as you. Really. I mean your so cute! Most stalkers pick someone famous but you chose me! I like that!

Man, I've had a lot of compliments on this site about my takes and insight but you are my first stalker! Way to go. I'm sure you're a latent homosexual (not that there's anything wrong with that) but your obesesssion with another man ... wow. You are dedicated.

I promise I will post more ... if anything to give you something to masturbate to! Keep the dream alive my friend!!!

1. This is not a great situation, but we clearly aren't going to know much about Harris until the regular season starts.

2. Coach the problem I have is not being stupid with a firearm. The problem is he is a continual distraction in the locker room. This guy is clearly a me-first player.

However if they DO sign him Wrigley you are dead wrong about Lovie Smith. Haven't you been listening? Alex Brown said it best, "the standards are set and won't change for anybody". Lovie Smith is not a screamer, but he is not soft. The guy has been an NFL head coach for what, 6 years? No way a dip like Burress is going to run over him.

3. They got a lot of players at linebacker. Do you think Angelo might be trying to talk up Williams in hopes of getting back some draft picks in a trade.

6. I'll say it again. What's wrong with picture? You have a 32 year old rookie head coach. You have an all-pro quarterback who says he was lied to by his new coach. Tell me again how the quarterback winds up as everybody'ss candidate for immature behavior?

Harrison has a big New England connection. What do you expect him to say?

Anything Dungy says is worth a listen. I read what he said and it was pretty vanilla. I think he was just giving his old buddy Lovie some bulletin board material with his new quarterback.

I have one question.Who were Marshall and Royal before the start of last year? ....... Nobodies!!!!

As I see it Hester= B.Marshall and Knox= Royal

Cutlers ability to buy time is what helped Marshall and Royal more than there actual play ability.The way I see it is, if 11 people on SPT's cant cover Hester, how come 1 man can?

Hester= 1137 7td (pro bowl)

Olsen= 756 6 td (pro bowl)

Cutler= 3567 28 td 15 int (pro bowl)

Bears= Superbowl

Well, last off-season the "experts" had us contending with past NFL teams for the lowest scoring offense in history. With Matt Forte leading the way, our offense didn't so bad. The Bears were able to put points on the board and had an average season. Now, why did these so-called experts predict these things? Because of all the unknowns. No one knew what Matt Forte could do because he was a rookie. No one knew how Orton would play because he was put on the shelf after his less-than-spectacular rookie season. And let's not even get started on the receivers.

The point is, our WRs don't suck, they're just unknowns. Rashied Davis came off a horrid season, but he's a proven slot guy and will return to that position. He should do much better this season. Hester, for having his first full season at receiver, did a pretty good job in my opinion. If Orton had any accuracy at all on the long ball, Hester could have had close to 900 yards receiving and multiplied his TDs by two. He has the raw speed and talent, puts fear into opposing secondaries, and is a solid number two at this point. Then you've got Bennet, the rookies and the practice squad guys. You figure someone will step forward and make things happen out of that group. Iglesias maybe?

And besides, we're still a run-first (or so they say) oriented offense. Matt Forte and the tight ends are the central pieces. With Forte, Olsen and Clark, the Bears have plenty of weapons. No need to sell the franchise's soul for Plaxico, Matt Jones or whoever's name runs on a police blotter. We'll be fine.

Tony Dungy claims Cutler is immature, yet talks up Mike Vick. Hmm. I guess Vick has been washed of all sin because he has met with Dungy aka the Second Coming. So go see Dungy, Cutler. Only he can show you the way. Of course, the Second Coming still needs a HOF QB to do that and even then he will fall short over and over again.

Da Church, congrats! You're close to rivaling Creighton in terms of "blog fame." Not an easy feat...

You've got to be kidding. Lovie Smith couldn't handle Cedric Benson. If I weren't a Bear fan, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night anticipating the entertainment I'd get from watching Smith try to handle Burress.

Players like Alex Brown don't need someone else to set standards, they set them for themselves. The reason he could credibly make that comment is that the Bears don't have any players like Burress. forgot one stat., how many holding calls Garza is going to get while Cutler is running around...I hate Garza !!!

Wrigley, You're well named because you are a couple yards short of a full endzone.

The problem with Benson was the bozo who drafted him, not the coach. Look around, do you see him anywhere now? Can you say Vince Young? I suppose you think Fisher is soft too?

The Bears have probably had at least 500 players pass through Halas Hall during Lovie Smith's tenure. You think none of them are potential Burress clones? I guess they are just lucky.

No. The reason the Bears don't have many Burress or TO type issues is that they have players like Alex Brown and coaches like Smith who don't let it get to that point. Lovie Smith could handle Burress, I just don't want to have to watch him do it. Every time Plax leaves his shirt untucked somebody like Brad is going to have to ask Lovie about it. Then,for example, instead of asking somebody like Forte about his two touchdown game, the media will be talking about Plax's shirttail.

I hope the Bears don't wind up with Burress. His baggage will turn any NFL team that signs him into tabloid fodder next year. If I was interested in that type of soap opera I'd work second shift. But if they do get him, Lovie will be able to handle it. Either Burress will be gone, or it will be like Randy Moss going to the Pats.

1. Bears need to acknowledge Tommie Harris has a degenerative knee.
2. Greg Olsen will lead all TE's in receptions and TDs this year.
3. Johnny Knox is the best receiver the Bears have on their roster.
4. Orlando Pace has 2-3 great years left in him.
5. The Bears best option at strong side linebacker is Jamar Williams. Not Pisa.
6. Craig Steltz is your new starting FS.
7. Bears will get at least 45 sacks this year with Mark Anderson getting 11.
8. I'd draft Jay Cutler for fantasy football if I were you.
9. Bears will send a kick returner to the pro bowl. His name is daniel manning.
10. Bears will NOT sign Plaxico.

I see the future. Tuesday's mega millions, 19 23 38 40 51 8

The Bears don't have T.O./Burress types because they don't acquire them in the first place. It is well known that the Bears don't like players with strong personalities, which is why they haven't had a good quarterback since the always injured Jim McMahon, and is the reason that Brian Griese was never given a proper chance, even though he's clearly better than Grossman and Orton.

I fully agree that Benson should not have been drafted in the first place -- this is not a second guess, I was furious for two reasons when they drafted him -- but Lovie Smith showed that he is not capable of handling problem players by the thngs he let Benson get away with.

And no, I don't think Jeff Fisher is soft, though I don't see him with a Burress-type either. But Fisher is a very good coach and showed what he's made of by the way he handled Albert Haynesworth, who's a big problem for other reasons.

There are no screamer coaches left in the NFL that I know of now that Marty Schottenheimer and Mike Holmgren have retired. And I don't think Lovie Smith is "soft," as you put it. But it takes a certain type of very strong personality to handle players like Burress and Smith doesn't have it. It's not that he's not tough enough to handle Burress, it's that he'd be too conflicted deciding what to do about Burress's BS and when to do it considering that Burress would be a major part of the offense. For players like this, it takes a coach with a strong personality who can make quick, unequivocal decisions and not look back. This is about the opposite of Lovie Smith's personality.

i like the way you think...
3-Knox? we'll have to see that play out
5-split time between jamar & pisa. i just dont know about pisa(havent watched him much, if any)
I do know jamar is a beast though!
6-no. bullocks or payne should be back there
7-no. I do think Anderson will be back ala 2006
10-agreed, even though i like what Da Church had to say about the Plax situation

How many of you guys watch those video highlights of the OTAs and practice sessions on the Bears home page? And how many of you love the fact that they only show the successful passes and lengthy runs made by the team and not the potential amount of flaws made where their needs to be improvement? Just a random thought.

Lovie makes a wet noodle look like steel when it comes to handling his players. Do you remember Briggs' late night bumper cars fiasco? When reporters asked Lovie if Briggs was DUI, Lovie responded, "Now how did we get to that point?" playing stupid once again and doing his best to cover up for Briggs. And let's not forget Tillman blowing the Tampa game with the 15 yard foul of personal stupidity. How did Lovie reprimand Tillman? Oh right, he didn't.

Quincy, I've got to agree with you on Knox. From what I've seen from him so! He'll be one to keep an eye on during preseason.

Quick question: after all those infractions by the Bears that were named how many of them were repeated? I would say that a good coach would keep his business in-house and not let the prying public know how his players were punished. How many unnamed sources have there been since they spoke about Benson leaving early one preseason name? I like Coach Smith because he doesn't put everything his team does on front street. Who gave Briggs a sobriety test to know that he was drunk? That's what people wanted to believe without proof. Was he drunk? Unless you are a witness or have one then you can't say what he was and coach can't either. Coach Smith's problem is that he's so far from the "beloved" that fans want to compare what he does by what the other guy did. When people mess up they respect him enough not to repeat the same mistakes. Everyone is human so they will make the first mistake even when you don't think they should.


I agree with you on Lovie's coaching style and I do not really like it.

I live in the bay area and Mike Singletary was an hour into practice and was pissed because the O line was not performing at an exceptional level so he started the whole practice over until they could get it right and perfect.

His comment to the press was that the team would be held to the highest of standards and that you develop excellence by holding yourself to an excellence standard which includes practices.

I really wish that Singletary could be the Bears coach, he reminds me of the same style that Lombardi brought to the Packers in the 60's, Parcells to the Giants in the 80's and that Cowher brought to Pittsburgh in the 90's and into the 2000's.

Intense but effective and respected. Ditka was intense but seemed to lose some of the team at times because he would go nuts on the sidelines. Although, I totally respect and admire Ditka and what he did with the Bears and the winning attitude he instilled in the 80's.

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