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Morning roundup: Bears could face Mike Brown twice in 2009?

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The possibility exists the Bears will see Mike Brown not once this season but twice.

That does not mean Brown is headed to an NFC North rival. Bill Williamson at reports that the ex-Bear is making a free-agent visit to Cleveland a week after he made his first known trip to Kansas City. The Bears host Cleveland in the preseason finale and again in the regular season.

Brown, 31, plans to continue his career this season and interest is just now growing for him. The Chiefs took a look at him and the timing looked right for a signing there as they had their mandatory veteran minicamp over the weekend, but he went unsigned. Brown could join ex-Bear John St. Clair with the Browns and new coach Eric Mangini.

Throughout his career with the Bears, Brown was known as the unquestioned leader of the defense. It was after the 2005 loss at Cleveland that Brown assessed the team's 1-3 start and said "we suck." The team then embarked on an eight-game winning streat.

*** Special teams coordinator Dave Toub hosted the 16th Annual Golf for the Kids! outing at the Aboretum Club in Buffalo Grove. The event supports the Midtown Educational Foundation, an inner-city program that the McCaskeys have long supported. Guard Roberto Garza participated and coaches Tim Spencer, Pep Hamilton and Chris Tabor also took part. Virginia McCaskey is a member of the board of directors of the MEF.

*** Jarrett Payton signed with the Toronto Argonauts.

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Still would rather see him back in a Bears uniform but wherever he goes, I wish him the best. Mike Brown will get a standing ovation everytime he steps foot in Soldier Field and deservedly so. Let's just hope for no Mike Brown pick-sixes. Go Bears.

First of all let me start off by saying best of luck to Mike Brown and he will be a great asset to any team who picks him up. Good for you MB!! Jarrett Payton is my boy too so glad he's going back to where he started his career. why does Garza keep showing up for every event?? Cuz he knows he's going to get cut if he doesn't based on his on field performance LOL

I wish nothing but the best for Mike Brown! He is one of my favorite Bears players of all time!

Either way, the Chiefs or Browns would get a great leader and veteran DB. Only thing is, both teams are not that good.

Bear Down!

Angelo is making a big mistake not re-signing Mike Brown. He played a lot better last year than people are giving him credit for. He would still beat out anyone else for FS on the Bears and probably could be had for the league minimum at this point.

I love Mike Brown and wish him the best, but I wish he'd retire for his own good. If he wants to stay in football, he should go into coaching; I think he'd be a good one.

still a solid veteran would love to see him back in a bears uniform but wish to see him have a good finish to his career

I love Mike Brown and would love to see him back but it just doesn't make sense unless he wants to be a reserve. He is not a Free Safety, pure and simple, he no longer has the speed, and I don't know that he ever did.

Brown's best attributes have always been that he's a great run-stopper, a ball hawk and an invaluable team leader. But he just can't play free safety. I would argue that most strong safeties have more speed than Brown nowadays.

As I said, if he'd be willing to take a reserve role, I'd sign him right now. He's been a great Bear.

good luck to the man mike beezy! still sad about him going. still praying we somehow resign him later.

congrats to payton too.

I just don't get it...The Bears need a FS and Angelo shows no interest in resigning Brown...His inspiration and leadership have gone a long way in the locker room....It would be worth having him on the roster for those reasons alone...Do the Bears think he can't play anymore??

To Patrick Doran:

Yes. They think he can't play free safety, which is where they have an opening. And unfortunately they're right.

Are you people insane?? Mike Brown was a liability!! He blew the Falcons game last year and I can still see him chasing AP in both Vikings games!!! Too old and too slow!! See ya!! Besides, we won't see him twice, he'll be on IR before we see him once!!

Hey Tripper,
You mean like Bob Sanders trying to chase down Matt Forte? The best safeties get burned. By your standards Bob Sanders is a liability and too old and too slow. Get real! This is really simple, they should sign Mike Brown back as the STARTING SS....not FS. He is an excellent run support and blitzing. He is a playmaker and setups up our corners to be in the right position.

Tripper, if you look at the tape, the corner blew his assignment which resulted in the big play for the Falcons. You got to know your football before just posting on here. I would also say that they should have been running some type cover 3 versus running a cover 2 defense. So some blame goes to coaching. I think MB played well and he was on the field for 15 games. I am sure he would beat out any of the guys we currently have. Leadership goes along ways. Out RANGER!

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