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Dollars and sense: The Pisa Tinoisamoa contract

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Pisa Tinoisamoa made it pretty clear when he talked about joining the Bears after practice on Wednesday at Halas Hall--he wanted to get to a winning organization after the St. Louis Rams cut him loose a month ago. The Rams won just five games over the last two seasons combined, and along with his familiarity with the coaching staff of the Bears, he saw it as an opportunity to join a team with realistic playoff aspirations.

"Just the chance to be on a winning team is worth it to me,'' Tinoisamoa said. "I've been fortunate to get paid in this league and that was good, but I still had to go home a loser. I'd give all the money back if I could win again.

"The opportunity to win again. I miss that so much. I want to get back to that. I feel like I've been putting in so much work for so long, I feel like I deserve a good chance to win and a good chance at the championship."

By signing a one-year deal, Tinoisamoa will have the opportunity to hit the open market at a much better time, when most depth charts are not set. The contract he received is straight forward--Tinoisamoa was given a $500,000 signing bonus. His base pay will be $1 million. The total value of the contract is $1.5 million.

Check back for more information later this afternoon.

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Hate to say it I just have a beliefe that Hunter will be cut. Money length of contract and simply not providing will be his doom.

Im also not a Roach fan. Was in pest control for 5 years and hated those bugs. You have to rubberband your pant leggs, rubberband your long sleeves and after well strip down and shake off all your stuff. Nasty critters.

Dog gone it Im sorry were talking about Nick Roach the player. Yeah I dont see him being around after this year. Hopefull Im wrong but he just isnt a cover linebacker nor a pass rushing backer either.

I hope Tino gets a chance to start. Lets see what he has. Heck maybe keep him around as a solid LB for a couple more years if he does well in 09.

What the heck Did I just see Crap-ton streaking down the dead end road?? ahhhh no that was the next door neighbor that has a mental dissability and he wasnt streaking, he was wearing a pink thong?

I say forget all three of these guys and start Jamar Williams at strongside LBer!!! If anyone deserves the shot here, he does!!!

Nick Roach who somehow beat out Hunter Hillenmeyer, only had 37 tackles in 14 games according to (just 33 according to I watched all of the games on TV and really had a hard time locating him anywhere. Where was he?
Hillenmeyer had a good year a couple of years ago recording 78 tackles in 16 games in 07. He's not quick or powerful, but he's steady. Although he didn't have a good start in 2008, I would give him a chance in 2009. But I think you're right, he's the most likely to be cut (age, money).
I think Pisa Tinoisamoa will get the starting job. He's quicker and tougher than Hillenmeyer, and probably has a better eye for the ball carrier than Roach, judging from the number of tackles he's recorded over the last six years.
As for Jamar Williams, he had a good year in 07 subbing for Briggs but did close to nothing in 08. I don't know about "deserve," but you don't let the likes of Nick Roach pass you by for no reason, I think.
I'm guessing Marcus Freeman will make the team, but Joey LaRocque who is nothing special on special teams could be cut too.

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