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Dollars and sense: Contract details for seven signed draft picks

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The Bears passed up the rest of the league last Friday when they reached terms with seven of their nine draft picks. Contract negotiator Cliff Stein let it be known that his goal was to have all of the players under contract by mid-June and the Bears have about 10 days to make that happen.

Stein was the subject of a recent piece on by Len Pasquarelli right here. It outlined part of the philosophy in what the Bears do in keeping their rookie contracts uniform. Starting in 2003 with safety Todd Johnson, the Bears began signing all draft picks from the third round on down to four-year deals. At the time, they were permitted to sign second-round picks to five-year deals. Now, it's four-year deals for second-round picks on down. It's a good read and covers some of the ground we've hit on here.

After agent Frank Bauer's visit to Halas Hall earlier this week, defensive lineman Jarron Gilbert, the club's first third-round pick, is believed to be close to a deal. Bauer represents Gilbert as well as the power brokers on the coaching staff--Lovie Smith, Ron Turner, Bob Babich and Rod Marinelli. The Bears also have to sign wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias, the second pick from the third round.

All nine draft picks will receive four-year contracts with the following base salaries:

2009 $310,000
2010 $395,000
2011 $480,000
2012 $565,000

That makes for a base value of $1.75 million.

Here are the signing bonuses and total value of the deals for the seven players:

DE Henry Melton $511,230 signing bonus, $2,261,230

CB D.J. Moore $466,753 signing bonus, $2,216,753

WR Johnny Knox $204,240 signing bonus, $1,954,240

LB Marcus Freeman $181,700 signing bonus, $1,931,700

S Al Afalava $100,600 signing bonus, $1,850,600

G Lance Louis $41,982 signing bonus, $1,791,982

WR Derek Kinder $37,666 signing bonus, $1,787,666

Year 4 of each player's contract, 2012, contains an escalator that can bump up the base pay. This is because the players forfeit the chance to become a restricted free agent by signing four-year deals.

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There on the Cheap, thats for sure. Im thinking the cheapest rookie class in Angelos drafting history.

Im thinking that by year 3 a couple of these players will recieve contract extensions. Who you say...

Jerron Gilbert. I believe this guy will demand double teams. I also seeing him as a run stuffer and a QB head hunter!

D.J. Moore: If Manning doesnt pan out in the nickle I see Moore comming in and have a dominating year 2 and by year 3 being one of if not the best nickle backs in the NFL.

Johnny Knox: I dont believe Knox will be highly used this year, but when he is on the field WATCH THIS GUY! He has hands, speed, fake ability( needs to dodge hits he is small) quickness, and pure raw tallent. I see him in 3 years to command an over the top D-Back because of his speed. After year 3 I can realy see him complimenting the #1 WR and end up getting 700-850 yards with 7-9 TDs. Just watch Knox, he will excite you.

The other players I see as rotational players. I hope Im realy wrong. Time will tell.

I realy hope Bennett gets it and is the starter this year. Thats giving the Bears dont pick up a big name WR. Earl has the ability he just needs to get smarter, play faster and most importan CATCH THE DAMN BALL. That gos for all WRs on this team.... Catch the Ball!

P.S. do I smell Crap-ton? ahhhh no my dog farted!

Hey Brad,

I thought that prior to 2003 the Bears were like every other team that signed later round picks to 3 year deals, as opposed to 5 year deals. It was my understanding that this extra year (4th) was the reason our later round picks' first venture into free agency was UNrestricted, as opposed to most other teams having later round picks signed for three years and then becoming a REstricted free agent going into year 4.

What I meant may not be clear, so I'll restate it. In your post, you're saying that in 2003 the Bears switched from 5 year deals to four year deals for later round picks. I believe that is incorrect and that they switched from 3 year deals, with the fourth year being the players' restricted free agency year, to 4 year deals. The contract's fourth year would have eliminated the players' eligibility for restricted free agency, but guaranteed their fourth year's salary.

Can you clear this up for me?

By Brando on June 5, 2009 4:24 PM
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Creighton, give it up already. Just wear the pink tutu or whatever bizarre emasculating weirdness you promised to do and start commenting openly on these boards again. The kabuki dance that you and Brando are doing is exceedingly bizarre and boring at the same time.

Nice article on Cliff Stein that you linked to, Brad. This is a (rightfully so) admiring article of the Bears organization which has been unfairly slagged for being cheap. It's been an unfair generalization which has not been true for awhile and is being buried by the trade for Cutler. I have read many times that the organization is surprised by the size of the positive wave caused by this. Now players want to sign and stay with the Bears. And the fans are excited. Go Bears!

Nice article by Pasquarelli. Cliff Stein does do a wonderful job of getting the Bears rookies in camp on time. The fact that he is a former agent himself probably goes a long ways in why he is so good at getting these guys in camp quickly for Chicago.

As far as the rookies, 3rd rounder Jarron Gilbert excites me the most, I look for him to contribute early. I think he's gonna do a nice job spelling Tommie Harris. Hopefully the two will give Chicago a solid rotation at the ever important three technique position. Cornerback D.J. Moore could be another one that contributes early, we'll see.

Down the road 7th rounder Lance Louis could end up being a pleasant surprise. The kid certainly has the measurables. At 6-3 303lbs, he can run a 4.8 40 and has a 30-inch vertical jump. Louis is also pretty strong doing 30 reps on the bench press. With time, this kid could end up being something special at his guard position, only time will tell GO BEARS!!

Seeing how these players pan out or fail to do so should make for an interesting four years. Please keep us posted on the remaining two, especially Iglesias. Present Bear policy on signings seem fair and smart.

The true Big Dawg is here all you pretenders stay on the porch Creighton cannot and will not stay away from this thread. Crap-ton who you crappin Mc Donald's has a drive thru problem solved. Is Garza still on this roster if so why? These are 3rd round choices what the problem is? We already have a go-to reciever in my humble opinion Brandon Rideau will shine and actually make the roster this time. I am a fan of signing Plaxico and releasing butter-fingers Davis. I do not want to see any man in a pink thong [there goes my breakfast]. GO BEARSSSSS.


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