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Cutler: "We'll have some answers to some of those [questions]"

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If the varied opinions on the Bears' acquisition of Jay Cutler has bothered the quarterback, he certainly didn't show it Saturday when he made his first Chicago appearance for his foundation working with kids with diabetes.

"I think every quarterback in the NFL has a lot of pressure,'' Cutler said. ''Anywhere you go you're going to have pressure. Obviously, Chicago has great fans and great tradition. They expect a lot. And, I expect a lot out of myself. It's going to be a fun year.''

Tony Dungy, Mike Ditka and Rodney Harrison have all questioned Cutler to some degree in recent weeks, and the quarterback had not visited with media since last month.

''I'm fine with everything they said,'' Cutler said. ''I haven't played a game here. I'm yet to step on the field and throw a pass. There is a lot of stuff out there and there is a lot of questions. They are all good questions. I think once the season gets going we'll have some answers to some of those. But I'm enjoying it here. I'm having a great time. I'm having a great time with the Chicago Bears. I'm looking forward to the season.''

Cutler went from La Rabida Children's Hospital on the South Side to Soldier Field, but not for football. He and tight end Greg Olsen took in the Kenny Chesney concert. Cutler has one more week of practice at Halas Hall. The Bears will wrap up their offseason program on Thursday. Cutler is expected to collect a $100,000 roster bonus for attending at least 90 percent of the voluntary workout program.

*** No one should have been surprised Saturday when Denver coach Josh McDaniels named Kyle Orton as Cutler's replacement. Chris Simms had been with the Broncos longer, and was ostensibly competing with Orton, but McDaniels picked Orton as the replacement when the trade went down April 2. This is the earliest Orton has ever been named starter.

"This is what I expected, this is what I worked for, but this isn't my ultimate goal," Orton said. "My ultimate goal is to get this team where we want to be, and that's in the playoffs."

*** With the signing of third-round draft picks Jarron Gilbert and Juaquin Iglesias last week the Bears now have 80 players under contract. That means they will need to clear a spot to add a player.

An agent for one of the five punters brought in over the last two weeks said the Bears do not plan on signing a second punter until the first week of training camp. Of course, if any players are placed on the non-football injury list or the physically unable to perform list, that would clear a temporary spot for a punter. It's unknown if linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer will be recovered from surgery to repair a sports hernia in time for training camp.

*** This is what general manager Jerry Angelo is talking about when he refers to performing due diligence--spotted at O'Hare Friday morning were pro scouts Kevin Turks and Dennard Wilson stepping off a flight from Toronto. They were scouting training camps in the CFL.

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It's good that these doubts are being openly expressed about Cutler, especially by Ditka. Hopefully they will motivate Cutler to disprove them, especially in the area of maturity if there really is a problem.

I find it interesting that all of those who question Cutlers maturity have never worked with him. I have never seen anyone who did work with him say anything negative.

I also admire Jay's refusal to get involved in smack talk over these personal attacks that seem to permeate the media and internet blogs.

Seems like his response to these questions about him by Ditka, Dungey et al, is quite mature. He sounds very humble and self observant; good qualities in a leader.

Ok, both Dungy's and Ditka's comments are fair and appropriate. I've yet to see anything in Cutler's behavior that would be construed as negative; accurate for both of them to suggest that the body of evidence is limited in regards to his leadership.

Even so,

..I wonder if Cutler was ever caught by National TV whilst throwing a large wad of chewed gum into the stands off an opposing teams stadium.

Nothing against "Da Couch" but should he be the one setting the standard here.

F Ditka

This is a non-issue. The way Cutler left Denver raises questions about his character, but the facts are that 1) the Bears haven't had a quarterback this good who could stay healthy in my lifetime and 2) people who've worked with Cutler have nothing but positive things to say about him, as John said. Remember John Elway's crybaby entrance into the NFL (waaaa, I don't want to play for the last place Colts, waaaa, daddy help me!). Nevertheless, only a fool wouldn't want Elway.

I'm not surprised either that Orton was named starter, they have to save face for making the dumbest trade in NFL history!!.......I bet you he won't be starting by the end of the season!!! Denver is in deep trouble with that QB!! Orton SUCKS!!!!

Rex sucks even worse you Rex cultist - go slurp his jock elsewhere, we got Cutler.

Every once in a while someone nudges Ditka awake from his alcoholic, dumbarse sleep, so he can say something "provocative" or sell another crappy product. Why anyone takes what he says seriously is beyond me.

This is a guy who didn't understand the QB position when he coached. He ran Jim Harbaugh off the field. Harbaugh went on to have a Pro Bowl season with Indy.

This is a guy who had not one, but TWO QBs named "Billy Joe" in N.O.

This is a guy who traded an entire draft class for the "mature" RB Ricky Williams. What a leader he turned out to be.

This is a guy who is half in the bag when the preseason games he does color for are just beginning.

Unless you're one of the many meatballs who believes Duh Coach invented the Chicago Laekfront, his mutterings should fall on deaf ears.

Jay Cutler is a winner. I transfered to Chicago with Cutler after 45+ years as a Bronco fan. I can hardly wait for the season to start. Cutler will probably end up with a better resume than John Elway, whose records and pictures decorate my pool room. Cutler is exciting to watch, and his leadership abilities will put the naysayers out of business during the upcoming season. Bears fans are in for a really fun season.

Hey now come on let's leave Rex alone. NeckBeardSucks obviously isn't a fan of Orton, but he didn't even mention Rex. I hope Rex shines in Houston and all the haters finally shut up.

That said, I did not like Orton but his play at times last year was admirable. His skills are pretty weak but he's a great leader and he played hard and with passion. I wish him luck in Denver.

THAT said, thank the good Lord we have Cutler. And in my opinion Dungy's comments bashing Cutler are hard to take seriously after he praised Michael Vick, I mean, really.


I'm glad Rex landed a job and suspect he'll be starting before the seson is half way over. I'm also glad Orton seems to be doing well. However, Cutler has already shown why he's a class act, and the Bears are going to prove that he was worth everything they had to give up to get him. Go Bears!!!

I feel both Dungy and Ditka are Lovie cohorts in this - think about it, both know the Bears/Lovie close, and both are questioning Cutler only to motivate him,

I felt he answered very maturely as well and I am a lil pod that these 2 - who never worked with him are questioning Da Bears Franchise QB. But then they want him to be that as well...Dungy and Lovie are very close friends don't forget.
Jay is no dummy either he knows why they are doing this,

YES! Go Orton! too bad nbs!!! I am waiting on your `I was wrong post'

Kenny Chesney, huh? Did they happen to have girls with them too, or was it just Cutler and Olsen? There might be some rumors flying soon!

most of the fans comments are good. for those of you who put jay down about maturity aren't being fair. magic johnson got a coach fired when he didn't like the direction the coach was taking the team and he wasn't attacked like this before he played. there are somethings that are ovious here that no one is taking into account. if jay doesn't do what he did then we are stuck with the same lame qb. no one is stating that when mike s was fired the owner and or gm
must have told jay that he has nothing to worry about and he's the man. jay took them at their word. this is a 25 year old who takes people at face value. remember when you were 25. the only thing i don't know is what mc daniels said when he was hired at first. so here's a young man from indiana who feels safe with the only team he has ever known professionally. then the trade for mc cassel comes up and jay feels betrayed, he now wants out and does what's necessary to get himself out of denver. in this type of situation the owner can bridge the difference between all parties, but when and owner comes out front publicly and does it he feels he has control of the situation. but when jay wouldn't talk to the owner he wasn't being immature, he had made up his mind that he didn't trust the denver management, coach, and owner, he does have a right
as and american to do that. elway, manning, johnson, and others have done this also. the media who can't see or tell the truth anyway, character assassinated jay, and dungy and ditka jumped on the band wagon. ditka, the man who once said a football team doesn't need a qb or qb was the least important position on a football team, he only won one superbowl because jimmy mack was injured during playoffs, that team should have won at least three superbowls. i like jay because he stood up for himself the same way this country was founded. in case you don't know that's leadership and has he said a thing about what really happened to him, no he's kept his mouth shut and he's taking criticism and accepting responsibility for his actions. he could and should have said something on his behalf. most people don't have the courage to make a decision and stand behind it like jay. jay, is with the team of his dreams, he's worth more than two first rounders, look at all the first rounders we've wasted on quarterbacks since jimmy mack, i'm being nice here cause the real question is since sid luckman. if the bears don't win any games this year i stand behind jay because he at least stands up for what he believes is right. at 25 this young man will only get better especially with our runningbacks. let's stand behind our quarterback.

you a...h.. make me sick, can't you lay off the bs? Orton and Rex are fine men not to mention they were Bears!
All your doing is showing your own ignorance, and how small of a person you are. Trying to belittle someone else so you can attempt to feel better about your own life, Thats pretty pathetic.

@ RexSucksMore - what does any of this have to do with Grossman? The guy is no longer a Chicago Bear and has no affiliation with Denver - so what does it matter that you think he sucks more? He's a Houston Texan now, so why bring him up?

I'm happy we got Cutler too, but I'm sick and tired of fans like you who keep bringing up Grossman for no apparent reason. Personally, I thought the guy was a class act. He took all of the crap the moronic fans like yourselves threw at him, and for no reason at all half the time, and he never said a word. Never said a bad thing about the team or the fans and came to play every day for Chicago. Did he work out in Chicago? No. Is he gone? Yes. So, do you need to keep bringing him up for no reason? No.

nice vid on Burress, wonder why no movement on Harrison yet as well, heard the Bucs were interested, with them and the Jets both on Burress we better hurry and get in on one? Not sure how much stock you can put in a Coach's `media' speech.

`We have the best `not ever played before' WR in the league! We're fine at that position.' - right

Funny that Ditka has an opinion on Cutler,,, sorry in advance here, but Ditka is an idiot. He was not a good coach. He was consistently out coached in playoff games. Bringing in Flutie in 1986 was a disaster. You dont bring in some Heisman fluke to start on a defending SB team with great vets. He coached by screaming at players. And then the players stopped listening. There is time to scream and then its time to coach. And the icing on Ditka's flaming cake,,1987 he tells the media during the strike games that the "Spare Bears" were just as good as the vets. Then he insults Gary Fencik for speaking out for the players union. You dont take a team with Payton, Hampton, Singletary...and on and on and say the replacement team is just as good. That 1987 team was smoking when the strike hit. After the strike and Ditka's idiot comments,, the team was in a funk that ended with another Redskin playoff loss. I just got tired of being out witted in playoff games and then watching Ditka scream on the sidelines. That 80's team shoulda won 3 SB's... minimum. Look at Joe Gibbs. 3 SB wins with 3 different QB's. But Gibbs was smart,, he altered his game plans constantly.. the 86 playoff game.. he devised a 5-2 defense to stop Payton and get after Flutie.. wow it worked. Sorry for the long winded email.. but I take zero stock in what Ditka has to say.. The same guy that traded an entire draft with the Saints to draft Ricky Williams??????? nuff said..

Eli Manning surmounted the s***show he put on prior to the 2004 NFL draft, where he decided $30 million wasn't enough, he ought to decide where he wants to play too. Cutler hasn't allowed speculation about his character issues to get worse since being dealt to Chicago, and that's a very, very good sign.


Brandon Marshall wants to be traded from the Broncos, I know that people are saying and potentially hoping for the Bears to sign Burress, but what do you think the odds are of the Bears trading for Marshall?


Spot on about Ditka vs. Gibbs. I live in the land of Redskins and they still pray at the altar of St. Joe. If the Bears had Gibbs instead of Iron Mike we would have eclipsed the 49ers for being the team of the decade.

Jay Schroeder beating the Bears. Come on. We were out coached. Plain and simple.

Hey quit bashing Ditka, He made some pretty decent salsa...

Ditka sucks too!!! It was Buddy Ryans team and everybody knows it!!!! Besides, I'll never forgive him for slighting SWEETNESS in the Superbowl!!! SHUT UP YOU OVERRATED LOSER, DITKA!!!!!

Did you anti-Ditka people forget that he was the greatest tight end of his era? Who was head coach when the Bears last won the Super Bowl? Buddy Ryan was a solid defensive coach, but at times also showed that he lacked any class and was an egocentric idiot who believed he had won the Super Bowl all by himself. Some comments Ditka has made should have just been ignored, but occasionally he still makes astute analysis. I think he's totally wrong about Cutler, and this season will; prove it one way or the other.

Hey Paul,

Ditka was a great TE.. no question. But, that '85 team was destiny. Come '86, teams knew how to attack the defense and stacked the line to stop Walter. When it came to making adjustments, he did the same old thing. Sweep left, sweep right,, dive up the middle. I wont bash anymore...but I just dont listen to anything he says anymore.. Especially when he comments about QB's.. Cutler has some issues to work out.. But he has been at OTA's everyday working hard. This kinda drama happens everywhere in the NFL. If Cutler has so many issues, why were multiple teams in the play for him? Answer that Ditka.. He has talent.. fabulous talent.. Cut the kid a break. I am glad to finally have a legit pro bowl QB...

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