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Bears could consider practice jersey patches, state lotto deal

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Anticipation is growing for fans to get their first look at Jay Cutler on the training camp practice fields at Olivet Nazarene University next month.

The quarterback will not be the only newcomer on display. Left tackle Orlando Pace looks to be in terrific shape. Frank Omiyale has gotten first-team reps at left guard. New linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa plans to be flying around making plays. And the Bears could have some new threads, too.

Team spokesman Scott Hagel said the Bears are exploring the possibility of adding a sponsorship patch to practice jerseys, a move first made by the Tennessee Titans at least a year ago. The NFL tackled the issue at the owners meetings in March and the league granted approval for teams to use patches measuring 3.5 inches by 4.5 inches on practice jerseys only. The Bears will likely approach companies they already partner with to explore the issue before then considering outside opportunities.

Hagel also said there is a possibility the team would look into a partnership with the Illinois Lottery. Last month, the NFL allowed its teams to make deals with state lotteries where in essence a team's logo would be put on scratch-off tickets. The New England Patriots and Washington Redskins have already signed up in Massachusetts and Virginia. It's a fine line for the league because it remains staunchly opposed to gambling on the outcome of NFL games.

The Bears are seeking new revenue streams while also looking for ways to streamline its operation. Employees who are not involved in football operations will no longer be served lunch at Halas Hall. One Bears employee said a hiring freeze for some areas of the organization is in place. However, while some NFL clubs made layoffs over the offseason, the Bears did not.

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as a founding franchise of the NFL, I believe we shouldn't give in to the corporations who want to pollute our players' jerseys with advertisements. practice jerseys or game jerseys or anything. we should stick to our guns and keep it true old school Bears. that's it!

I'm all for these new revenue streams mentioned here. If they bring in more funds to build and improve the team without raising ticket prices on fans, make it so.

Yeah whatever it takes, by all means as far as advertising on jerseys is concerned. I think soccer jerseys overseas are pretty cool and the biggest thing on those jerseys is a company logo. Granted I don't want the NFL to do that to the regular season jerseys but practice jerseys? Have at it!

Good point on the NFL opposing gambling, yet supporting state lotteries, what a joke!

I suppose we can trust the Bears to have a little common sense and taste, but this is a bad idea because not everybody in the NFL does. Do you want to see something like:

"Raiders on the Loose"
Sponsored by Chico's Bail Bonds.

on an NFL jersey? It would be like that stupid warm-up robe Stallone wore to fight Appollo in the first Rocky movie.


Where is all your insight and information from yesterday's OTAs? I felt starved last night having to turn to other sources for highlights/updates, and you are usually all over everything. You finally take a day off?

Keep up the work, and go Bears!

I'm with everyone else wanting to know the latest on how the practice went yesterday?

Patch no patch, whatever. As long as they keep it to one and not have jerseys littered with too many of them.

Also, where is Creighton??? I know some did not like him, but I did enjoy reading some of his rants. Come back buddy.


ahhhh....i am stil here tomk4054! only i cant use my real name becuase i am scared of that BRANDO allwyas picking on me. somtimes i wake up i nthe middle of then knight and cry like alittle girl because of how mean brando is. i now you liked reading my ranst just like everyone else did because i am always right ans i only give fcats. mayber someday i wll return eith my real name. somday looser somday.

but you gays now me old, um, you dont now me...we neverm et!

p.s. "I will be outside soilder field in a hot pink panties that say spank me." so bring the family ans tell them old crap-ton sent ya!

Any word on Forte? I know we're all excited about Cutler and everything, but I'd be devastated if something happened to Matt Forte. Love that kid!

I miss Creighton too, come back Creighton!

Go Bears!

When one is put on more will follow.

Then the game jerseys will have them.

When will corporate greed ever end?

For 100 years the NFL said no. Now all of a sudden its OK?
Its not like someone didnt think of this before.

Its sad and I could care less what they do overseas.

Yes, come on back Creighton!

No advertising on team jerseys, practice or not! No deal with the lottery either!

Yes, come on back Creighton!

Don't care either way, I just stopped by to ask if anyone knows this guys blog handle? :-)

Yeah its biggestbearfan :)

We're getting patches on practice jersies on Brad's Inside the Bears column, while the Tribune is all over the Forte injury.

Who woulda thunk it?

yeah and maybe with all that extra dough they can improve their unis or get rid of that pinced c and put a real bear logo there.. what are we the cincinati reds?

This doesn't affect the player's salaries one bit. It's just the McCaskeys fueled by their greed looking for money every which way they can. When is enough enough!?

Hey Da church, interesting picture. So what's his name and how long have you two been seeing each other????

GREED! WHAT its not greed, its buisness, all teams know they are going to make less money over the next couple of years because of this recession, and the Bears do not want to lay off any of their Corporate family, and they are getting ready to spend more than they have on salaries in a very long time, because we told them they better! Advertisement powers the economy, its a must, and if you had a buisness and had the chance to put your name on a Bears practice jersey, YOU WOULD TAKE IT! Props to the Bears for keeping up with the rest of the league! And for keeping our fans ticket prices the same when so many others are hiking. DA BEARS!

Even if the leagues goes ahead and adopts the new policy of corporate greed logos, Do you fools really think that prices will NOT go up?



Learn how to spell and talk correctly.


The Chicago Bears are the original pre eminent historical football team in America. Adding all of this patches etc only cheapens the uniform. I still prefer the logo C on the helmet when it was white.

OK so they pick up some extra cash, don't get it by changing the uniform. The Uniform is the best in the NFL. Once it starts on practice uniforms it will morph to the game uniforms.

As the season is coming, many fans are ready for cheer. They prepared everything, nfl jerseys, passion and energy to celebrate the win of their favorite teams.

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