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Tweet, tweet: Rosenhaus says Ogunleye, Idonije open to new deals

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Drew Rosenhaus has gotten around to talking up some of his Bears' clients on is Twitter account.

He's made it clear that defensive ends Adewale Ogunleye and Israel Idonije would be open to contract extensions with the Bears.

"This is the last year of Adewale Ogunleye's contract. At some point he would like to ink an extension and finish his career with the Bears."
"Defensive Lineman Israel Idonije is also in a contract year and we have reached out to the Bears to extend his deal."

Rosenhaus let the Bears know early in the offseason that Idonije would like a contract extension. He will turn 29 in November and has been a versatile performer for the team but does not have a starting role. Ogunleye turns 32 before the season and they are just two of the ends coming out of contract after this season.

Mark Anderson will also be out of contract at the end of the year. It doesn't mean they are all headed elsewhere but the Bears will probably take a wait-and-see approach. They don't want to spend big on a player that is Ogunleye's age and Idonije is a role player at this point.

Ogunleye was the most active defensive lineman for the Bears last season, participating in 79 percent of the defensive snaps. Idonije was on the field for 42.8 percent of the defensive snaps, but his playing time dipped over the final third of the season when Lovie Smith took control of the defense and Anthony Adams was given more playing time. With a move back outside to end, Idonije will likely be more involved on special teams.

They're just the latest players Rosenhaus is stumping for with his social networking account. Stay tuned.

Check back soon for some analysis on the labor situation after a sitdown with new NFLPA boss DeMaurice Smith.

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Cut them both!! We need to get younger on defense!

With the P___ Poor D we had last year I would think he would wait untill they show something this year before going there, but then again maybe this ios the best time if they do the same crap as last year.

If anybody really knows how the Bears D-line will shake out this year, it sure slipped by me.

It would be nice to at least know the depth chart when trying to decide who is worth what. Although both have been good players at times, would you throw any big money at either Ogunleye or Idonije? Then again, the Bears haven't shined at drafting replacements either. Anderson has riden the "potential" train about as far as you can go. I don't know his worth either.

When it comes to blowing smoke in the rear view mirror, it's hard to tell Rosenhaus from the space shuttle. He thrives in situations like this. Probably one reason he is a good agent.

Wale is way you bring him back.

Izzy will probably get better money somewhere else. Neither will be big losses as long as one of these newly drafted D-Lineman pan out.

This is going to be a tough call for the Bears brass. On the one hand, you'd like to sign them both now, coming off of lackluster performances last year and get them at a bargain price, and then hope they outperform their contracts this year. On the other hand, you'd really like to wait, and see if they play harder/better because their in a contract year, knowing they won't be resigned unless they prove they belong.

I'm leaning toward the latter choice. It seems like each player who got a contract extension last year underperformed this year (Vasher, Hester, etc.) And then there's Briggs. He played out of his mind during his contract year knowing he could cash in later.

In the end I think the Bears will offer both both of these guys incentive based contracts this summer. Either way I hope they both step it up this season and I hope Marinelli can find a way to get his tackles to collapse the pocket from the inside. If they don't do that, it won't matter who's rushing the edges.

wally hasnt done much i think we should let him go after the season and not re sign him but the i train is a key contributor on special teams and a solid consistent player for his lack of playing time i say we give him an extension somewhere this offseason

It's time to reload. We need 2 reliable impact players on the D line. A 3 technique and a DE that will produce double digit sacs. We don't know whether we have these needs filled yet, but odds are neither Wale or Izzy fit the bill at DE. I'd be reluctant to resign Wale even if he gets into double digits in 2009. I hope he does it, but I don't think he'll sustain that production. Incentive based contracts...that's the way to go with most players on the wrong side of 32.

I have to agree. It's time for these two to move on. Idonije earns too much for a bit player, and Ogunleye simply earns to much for his recent performance. Both can probably earn more elsewhere than we should really pay here. We cannot be among the most overpaid D's in the NFC any longer. It's not all these guys fault by a long shot, but we need to get younger, more productive, and get better bang for our buck.

This is a simple formula really in regards to this "tweet" by Drew Rosenhaus.

The Bears already have two players in place who will replace both Ogunleye and Idonije. Henry Melton has the size speed and athleticism you'd like to see as a strong-side DE, which is the position O-Gun currently holds down.

Jarron Gilbert has the same versatility on the defensive line that Idonije brings tot he table. He can play DE or he can shift inside to the under-tackle spot on passing situations.

Angelo is one step ahead of Rosenhaus yet again. Sure we might extend both of these players, but it will be on our terms and deals that will make the most sense to this franchise.

Drew is doing what a good agent should do open the communication door to management and let them know that at this time the players are willing to discuss contract extensions. I for one was disappointed with Devin Hester last year when there was never a clearly defined role for him on offense and his primary contributions where on special teams. The contract hold out was a farst for more money it translated into deficient play on special teams Danieal Manning played much better. The Bears are in a bit of a catch 22 here. Wale Ogunleye is far from being unproductive at 32 and has demonstrated consistent performance at DE he has 48 tackles 13 assist and 5 sacks last year. Idonje had 21 tackles 2 assist and 3.5 sacks. We are still not including hurried passes or batted balls at the line. I think the talk on contracts should start later in the season after the organization can determine a course of action after seeing where the 57 tackles and 16 assist that Mike Brown had flows to on the defense. You would like to see elevated tackle numbers from the defensive line. It's obvious the defensive line failed across the board to carry their weight on defense last year and it literally burned the secondary. Talking about contracts is a rush to judgment just like the comments posted on getting rid of players that can contribute. If the philosophy is to retain defensive dominance than you want to shore your defense with people you can rely on who have consistently demonstrated the ability to make critical plays. I suggest waiting to open discussion until we see who plays what role on the defense and I agree the contract discussions when they occur should be performance driven.

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