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Rosenhaus: "Rex will be playing in the NFL this season"

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A tip of the cap to the Sun-Times' Kevin Allen, who reached agent Drew Rosenhaus by text message. Rosenhaus denies swirling reports that the next stop for former Bears' first-round draft pick Rex Grossman is the United Football League.

"Rex will be playing in the NFL this season," Rosenhaus said in a text message today. "We have not considered any other leagues. He will be on a NFL roster by the start of training camps."

The UFL has private workouts upcoming for players as it prepares for its inaugural season. Grossman has yet to land with a team and switched to Rosenhaus more than a month ago. Initially, the agent said he expected to land Grossman before the draft. He's been shopping Grossman for the veteran minimum since the get go according to multiple league sources.

Neither Caleb Hanie nor Brett Basanez looked particularly sharp during the first OTA on Wednesday at Halas Hall but we doubt Grossman is on the Bears' radar.

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So glad that Rosenhaus is such a great clairvoient that he can predict a team will take the chance on Mr. Interception. But hey you never know, maybe with the right line and a decent set of receivers Grossman could be a successful QB. But from his typical performance I'm sure he won't be too much sought after.

Poor guy, give him another chance... He was tortured here in the windy city... He is justt not the typical quarterback... he can;t see over the line cause he is just so short but i love his confidence... I WAS a huge fan but he ruined that super bowl... Grossman will be the average joe in the NFL and a great backup;... let me make a prediction... With the Bears fresh at so many positions this year and looking confident with some swag they could contend for the super bowl trophy..:

Ish and John,

You are both wrong. Read the article again from Rosie. He didn't make the statements (note the quotes), Rosenhaus did.
In my opinion, Rosenhaus is overly confident of Grossman making it in the NFL. And what is the veteran minimum anyway? Last year, the Bears had to pay Grossman $7 Million to stick around another year. There is no way any team in their right mind is going to hand over this kind of money for a want-a-be QB.
Heck, he'll be lucky if the united football league that is starting this fall, will hire him. There are only going to be 4 teams in this league for this year. There are 13 free agent QBs currently and when the season starts you can probably add another 32 to that list.

There have been 15 free agent QBs signed up this year so far with 13 free agents available. If Grossman didn't make it at this time, there is no way he is going to make it in the NFL this year.
I agree with you guys that his nickname should be Mr. Interception (the comic hero).

I wish we would stop talking about Grossman coming back to the bears. It isn't going to happen. Just being on the field, he would get booed out of the stadium....and out of this city.

Last year when Hanie played in Pre-season, everyone was chanting to give him a chance to play. He looked so good that the Bears could not afford to place him on the practice squad (because there were many other teams eying him and would have snatched him from us).

So please please please please please please....stop talking Grossman. He is bear and nfl history. He can't even get a job as water boy.

All that confidence did for him was make him blind to the shortcomings (couldn't resist the short reference) in his game, and prevent him from getting better. The Bears organization did nothing to help that, as he was anointed the starter until it was way too late.

He was not tortured...He was ridden by the fans for poor performance. A guy who makes millions of dollars to do something is not tortured. Fans that pay their ticket money have a right to demand a good product on the field, and while Rex also bore some of the brunt for a history of poor QBs, so did Shane Matthews, Jim Miller, Kyle Orton, Henry Burris, Chad Hutchinson, Johnathan Quinn, Moses Moreno, Kordell Stewart, Mike Tomczak, Jim Harbaugh, and a host of others too plentiful to name. A professional rises above it and does his job. Rex spent more time worrying about the fan reaction than he spent worrying about opposing defenses. That much was evident in his play. He said all the right things, and put up a confident front, but his "deer in the headlights" reaction under pressure was anything but confident. His refusal to accept that he played like crap, and consistent assurances that it would be fixed, all were bravado and fluff...

If he gets a job, it will be because of injury. No one will bring him in to compete for a job...

Rex knows the system, has the arm strength and would be cheap insurance for the Bears. He never got to play with Forte, or from the shotgun formation. Turner was as responsible for Rex's downfall as the OC, as anyone. Funny how the Bears are doing things that "fit" Cutlers strengths, but never did that for Rex. Yea, I'm a fan, and loyalty is what TRUE fans bring. I still hope he gets a shot somewhere. In an age where convicts are welcome with open arms by NFL teams, one would think a SB starting QB would catch someone's attention. Good luck Rex, I am still a fan.

Billy Maddison: "Rex knows the system, has the arm strength and would be cheap insurance for the Bears. He never got to play with Forte, or from the shotgun formation."

Apparently val's comments went a bit over your head, so maybe this could help ...

Rex played in 4 games with Forte last season, here are his stats:
32 for 62 (51.6%) for 257 yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs ... a 59.7 QB rating

Out of the shotgun last season:
3 for 8 (47.1%) for 17 yards, 0 TD's and 1 INT ... a 29.3 QB rating

// Nibb High football rulez!

"Rex knows the system..."

It just hurts my brain when I read people writing that as a justification to bring Rex back. He knows the system? Oh boy! So do Kyle Orton and Brian Griese. So yeah, let's dump Cutler because he's a newbie to the system. Has it ever dawned upon some people that knowing the system and executing it are two different things? You give me a playbook and I too can "know the system" even though I can't throw past 40yds.

Now, I'm not a Rex-hater. But let's use our noodle here:

Last season Rex was practicing with the rookies, working on basic fundamentals. He's a 6 year vet.

No other team has picked him up.

He is very injury prone.

Do the math.

I'll make a prediction too.Rex will play in the NFL this season and will show why he was a first round pick.I even think the Bears will face him and regret it in the play-offs. I've always said that if one is to stick one's neck out with predictions, don't be wishy-washy.


Though I disagree with you I did say before that I CANNOT believe that Minnesota hasn't made a play for Rexy. They have a good o-line to contain the pass rush, a great RB, and receivers who can get deep. Throw in their quarterback situation the last couple of years has actually made Chicago look damn near top of the line ... and I say why not?

Grossman's problems are many. Small QBs have to be able to move in the pocket to create passing lanes especially when your average o-lineman is around 6'5. Rex has bad feet - see how often he throws off his back foot or moves backwards (not side-to-side) when he's pressured. This results in sacks, bad mechanics and BATTED BALLS. If you want to see a short (and I mean SHORT) QB who was a great passer look at Doug Flutie. The guy is not bigger than 5'8 but he new how to use his feet even in his 2nd NFL stint when he was well past his prime.

Grossman also reads in reverse which often leads to great 20 yard pass plays but more often horrible short passes and ugly interceptions. On top of it all, he does have a cannon and he believes he can squeeze throws into very tight windows despite evidence to the contrary. He's like Kevin from The Black Donnelly's who thought of himself as "lucky" and the fact that he never won a bet never discouraged him.

Personally I believe Kyle Orton has a chance to go one and be a solid QB in the NFL. I really thought that he got jobbed in Chicago. Don't get me wrong, I love the Cutler trade. I just think that if Orton had been given the opportunity to continue starting after his rookie season (and not playing the "QB competition" bs with Rex) Orton would have been an established starter. Not HOF or Pro Bowl but better than guys like Erik Kramer or Jim Miller. I believe he still can be a solid NFL QB for years to come so I guess we'll see.

I think you're wrong but I respect you for having the stones to go out on a limb. I still don't know why Minny wouldn't even bring him in as a "veteran backup" to the crap they have now ... unless JDB is ready to go and I don't know about it.

Good Luck Rex in defects....hope you can see over the offensive line.And by the way please if u go 2 a team in our confrence throw it vasher or tillmans way he he he....

Of any place I see Grossman going to is 49ers. I could be wrong. If he does sign with the 49ers and he does get in a game Im sure we will hear about Singletary not only dropping his pants but also dropping a load in his pants.

I liked your comment, Da Church....I still can't see Orton in that positive a light, but as a fellow Hoosier, I do wish him well, even though he played for those rotten Boilermaker of Purdue. Good point on Flutie. Kramer and Miller! Now those guys are a blast from the past: emminently forgettable, and mostly forgotten.Luckily for the Bears, I think Cutler will prove better than all of them put together.

You know guy's it's nice to see that everyone including me is ready for this new season. for one seeem to temper down all this Cutler mania. One I went back to Denver and spoke to fans there in person. You would be surprisded how many fans where actually glad to see Cutler leave. Now this thing about Orton! He had so many chicago fans going to Denvers board that a lot of fans actually started to hate Chicago and there fans. All the negative remarks about Orton was more then most Denver fans I spoke to could bear. I told them that I had no clue why, I thought it was just some younger people that had nothing better to do. I had to say something. Realy I felt pretty foolish coming from Chicago. That my friends is sad, that people have no clue what they do to travelers that visit the city there blasting and acting stupid. Oh well enough about my bad time. Let me smile and pray this whole Cutler adventure works out. GO BEARS

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