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Looks like Tinoisamoa down to 2 suitors -- Bears, Bills

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And then there were two.

Unless a new suitor comes into play for Pisa Tinoisamoa, it looks like the veteran linebacker will choose between the Bears and Buffalo Bills.

Tinoisamoa visited New England on Tuesday but the Patriots' interest appeared to be cursory as they went ahead and signed Paris Lenon to fill a void at inside linebacker.

According to two NFL sources, no visit is in the works for Tinoisamoa in Philadelphia, which looked to be a curious match to begin with at least from our point of view. Word out of St. Louis was that new coach Steve Spagnuolo cut him loose because he wasn't a fit for the system. Just so happens the Rams will be running the defense Spagnuolo learned in Philly and then took to the New York Giants.

That leaves the Bills and Bears to wrangle over a player both teams want to plug in at strong-side linebacker. The Bears would seem to have an edge simply because Tinoisamoa played for Lovie Smith and Bob Babich as a rookie for the Rams in 2003. Tinoisamoa seemed at ease visiting with coaches and players alike during the OTA at Halas Hall last Wednesday. If the Bears can sign him in the next few days, he will be available to participate in 12 of the 14 OTA's, which would give him a good crash course on the defense in advance of training camp.

Stay tuned.

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Sign him up, he's coming to the Bears. Who in their right mind would want to play for Buffalo?

Hey man, don't knock the Bills! I'll kill you if you do that again LOL!

No, seriously. :|

Buffalo will be far superior to Chicago this year, I guarantee that "Perno". Not only that, but Chicago doesn't have an edge because Pisa is also familiar with Perry Fewell (Bills DC) who also was on the staff at St. Louis when Pisa was a rookie.

My bet is he will sign with Buffalo by the end of this weekend.

He would be smart to come to the Bears and the Bears would be smart to sign him. I guess we will have to wait and see. I hope he makes his mind up this week and doesn't take forever like Torry Holt.

My hunch is if the Bears really wanted him, they would have him by now. I think maybe Lovie and Babich were just doing an old friend a favor by feigning interest so that Pisa could earn a little more wherever he ends up. Why would he want to play on a defense where he'd have to split so much playing time with D. Manning when the Bears line up in the nickel.

How can you say the Bills? will be far superior than the Bears?? LOL, They have no one and they have a Bears reject for a coach! They even got sooo desperate to win games they sign TO who even they Cowgirls didn't want! TO will reck any chance the Bills ever had in winning games. They haven't been nothin since Jim Kelly which is like a 2 decades ago! Better than Bears LMAO, whatever

Who would want to play for the sorry Bears? They live off of Players from 75 yrs ago. Who really cares? They have had 1 good year in the past 100 and with that team they should have won mulitple titles and couldnt.

The think about Matt jones is simply........
He is 6´6´´, 220 pounds....has only 26 years....he was the first receiver of the jacksonville Jaguars (a team without a a Qb), and the 2008 was his first season as starter....He put decent numbers with 761 yards before his suspention (at game 12), and in the combine he puts the same number than Devin Hester, 50 ponds heavier... and because his condition the probability of make a good deal for 1 or 2 years are really good....
There are no player with his characteristics in our team...and i completely agree with the people who says that he didn´t meet the expectations of a first rounder, but the same thing ,we can say about justin cage, bernard berrian, bradley, who are first receivers in his team right now, and were a bigg dissapointment when playing for the bears.........
The Qb is everything, but need some help at the wide receiver position...This player has a lot of talent, is young and is not gonna be expensive at this moment.....about the drug problem, give the man the chance to clean his name, and if doesn´t work, you can´t cut it the first year, and we will have the same team...
If Cuttler can´t stay away of party at his 26 years, gonna be difficult to keep him in the right wait...i dont´t think a man with problems can´t chance the team chemestry......

T.O or Evans cant throw the ball to himself... Forte is as good if not better than Lynch... Dick Jauron, enough said... and I cant name a single player on the bills defense...


Anyone who thinks the Bills will be better than the Bears needs to lay of the pills and watch a different sport. T.O is incredibly talented but if he got irritated with passes from Romo and Mcnabb, wait till Edwards throws him a pass. He is a phenomal athlete who has a larger than life ego and is on the downside of his career. Evans is a beast but one receiver won't make up the difference. As I said, he can't throw himself the ball. And if you think about knocking the Bears receiving corps, Orton threw for over 2900 yards last year... Orton. And we have Jay Cutler now. Production just might go up, just a hunch.

Bears go 13-3
Bills go 10-6

Looks like some Bills are posting on a Bears site. Maybe you Bills fans are looking for something to do other than sit and wait for TO to blow up. You know it will happen. Look how happy he was in Dallas, going on vacation with his beloved QB, eating popcorn during the game and where did that get him? Teamless. Yes, he is still teamless cause the Bills have a young QB with concussion issues already, one WR and thats pretty much it. Good luck finishing behind NE, NY and Miami again. Wow, how do you lose more games than the Jets and Dolphins?

And if you are still hating, what was the score of the last Bills vs Bears game? Just gonna take a guess, 47-6. Yep, that sums it up, the bills are atleast 40 points worse than the Bears, this year, next year, next decade, next month, next millenium...

And the Bears have won championships, have the Bills???? Ask Kelly.

Yeah Pisa would for sure want to sign with the Bears, u' know after he does all the hardwork and helps create a 3 and out the sure fire offense, oh wait i forgot they have no offense. Who is Cutler throwing to????hmmmm oh devin hester how could i forget. Yeah he would also want a team whose offense could get it done

That's gotta stink for Buffalo, you take the typical NFL trip to show the guy around town to get him all jazzed up about playing for the team and all you have to offer just a vast waste land. I know, I was there. Who on earth would want to live there...?

hey buffalo, go back to Canada, eeh!

Have the Bears offered Tinoisamoa a contract? Anything on Chicago radio or TV?


I've posted reservations about Plaxico and Jones, for off field issues. But you make a good point. Sign them with the right deal, a safe, smart deal, and if they act up, then cut them. There definitely is upside, you're right. You spit da troof.

I'd think he'd only want to go to the Bills if he were pretty much guaranteed a starter role. Otherwise, everything's better in Chicago other than the whiny WR diva. And which city would you rather live in? Please... Only cash and a gauranteed start would be better than what he could have in Chicago.

Paul B., you are an idiot. You come to a Bears site to talk smack about my team and you forgot your facts man! The Bills storied franchise hasn't a damn thing to hang their hat on, unless you call LOSING 4 SUPERBOWLS an accomplishment!

What we Bears fans live off of my friend is called a "storied history" that began with the conception of this wonderful league we know as the N.F.L. by our founding father and the father of said league!!!!! Papa bear even has a trophy in his name befitting the man who was there to help bring the league and it's future owners together to make it happen,and you? Do you have ANYONE in the Bills org. that can make that statement? Oh, and how many H.O.F. players have the Bills had and how many of them have their jerseys retired?

I think we got you covered in that department too. More Championships and a Superbowl WIN!!!. This was so much fun that I forgot why you had to be told. It's probably a Buffalo thing!!!!! GO AWAY until you have an argument with some substance and facts!

GO BEARS, BEAR DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a Bills fan, i think the Bears had a great offseason in landing Cutler even if they did overpay for him...
Should be interesting to see how he plays.
Go Bills

Peter S:

The Williams or Bills whatever you want to call them are OK but not that special. Did they not lose their best player Jason Peters (enough said) the opponents pass rush is going to kill any offense that the Williams thought that they would have this year.

Too many connections to the St Louis Rams are now on the Bears and that includes Pace. Oh yeah, forgot about T.O. what a loser he is. He is a pure cancer, give him a year and I will bet that by next year the Williams will have to rebuild like the Niners, Eagles and Cowboys are doing after the bad apple (T.O.) ruined the bunch.

Yeah I loved him crying on national T.V. about the press not respecting his Qb and then stabbing anyone in the back including any QB he has worked with the following week.

Best thing that could happen to T.O. is for him to catch the ball over the middle against the Bears or any team for that matter and some angry middle linebacker or two to clean his clock. He is an ARS!!

How funny....Bills not superior to bears? 7-9 three years in a row..true enough, but didnt have the luxary of playing in a joke of a division. 2 games per year with new england every year, while the bears have the mediocre packers, the mediocre vikings and the awful lions. Not a single superbowl contender in the bunch, and not even one QB that qould start in the AFC east before this years trade.

Outside of Adrian peterson, not a single decent bakc in the division, while we got lynch, ronnie brown, Jones in NY, we have Ownens, Evans, Moss, Welker, Ginn in our division, ...whos in yours again?

You guys get 8 or 9 wins per year in the softest division in the league, and you think thats tempting?

Meanwhile, Bufflo has Jackson, Lynch, Owens, Evans on offense, add McKelvin and Parrish on Defense (the true best return man).

Whos in Chicago again?

Every guy i just named would start in Chicago.

You bills fans must be so bored with your team your thinking of jumping on the Bears band wagon!! NO THANKS! We have enough fans. go to your own paper and try to find news on your team! Theres nothing for you to read about because the BILLS aren't worth talking about! I don't see any of those no talents starting in Chicago that Mr Tasker named. The Bills are just jealous because they have no players to talk about other than T.O. the Cancer of the N.F.L. O ya, the Bills fans need to learn how to spell! Just shows the intellegence of their fans. Prob. didn't make it past the 3rd grade! HOW MANY SUPERBOWLS DID THEY WIN???????

I have a huge head

Hey tasker, all you have to hang your hat on is 3 7-9 records, you need to talk into a mirror. What we have here are two mediorce teams. But that was last year. Come back at mid season and see if you have the nerve to talk smack. The records will be in and you will be well on your way to a superior 7-9 season. Good luck with your smack.

Wow - there are a whole lot of people on here that don't know a lot about the "other" team.

For starters, we all can agree that TO is insane. That said, with a 1 year deal he doesn't have a choice but to be on his best behavior (which he has been everywhere he has been in year 1).
Going along with that - how can we not all agree that Cutler is also insane? I'd be worried he is going to blow up a few years from now and demand a trade again.

Arguing about who will be better is a joke at this point and in general since they aren't in the same division or conference. I think both teams have great fans and although there isn't as much going on in Buffalo, Football IS and their fans are some of the best around.

Overall, I think the addition of Cutler gives the Bears the edge.

Spent some time in Chicago in the past. Here is what I remember most: Cabrini Green...Robert Taylor Homes...plenty of that city was worse than a third world country. Couldn't even get mail delivered into those cesspools.

""You guys get 8 or 9 wins per year in the softest division in the league, and you think thats tempting?""

Dude, your team beat up on the Jags, Broncos, Chiefs, Rams, Raiders, Seahawks and the Chargers. You couldn't beat a single team with a winning record. The closest you came was a win vs. the 8-8 Chargers...LoL.....

The Bills were the Lions of the AFC East. The Bills went 0-6 in their own division... Soft schedule or not the Bears beat (3) playoff teams last season and the Bills managed (1) win. (7) of the (16) games the Bears played last season were against playoff teams. The Bills played (4) games vs playoff teams and again, lost all but (1) of them.

Go Bears !!

Jack C- Like any world class city, Chicago has its poorer areas. The city of Buffalo, however, is housing project, writ large. How many people have left Buffalo lost over the last 20 years? What's Buffalo's unemployment rate? And, one last thing, Jackie: if Buffalo is such a great, affluent city, why are the Bills playing half their home games in TORONTO?!

The Bills go 6-10 this season, tops.

The Bears need nothing else right now. If anyone left on the free agent market was worth a damn, they would have been signed by now. There are no difference makers left. Who cares if they get Tiasimona (or whatever) as a 225 lb linebacker.

Right now the Bears are way better than last year.

Upgraded at QB, O-line, D-line, and Free safety (if Graham can do the job).

The D-line can't possibly be any worse than last year.

Lovie is a good coach. Who else could have coached this team to 9-7 with a 21st ranked defense and a 26th ranked offense? Noone...not Tomlin, Beliceck, or Dungy could have done any better with this team last year.

They have been used to playing football with a big mismatch at the most important position in the game the past oh 80 years, and now they all of a sudden have a good one. They will wreck people this year.

Oh yea, and the Bears don't need Plax (moron), or Jones (coc addict) on the team. High character from here on out.

My only beef about the Bear's offseason is the damn high ticket prices. Geesh!

I wanted to go to the Steeler game, and the nose bleed seats are 250 per seat. A decent seat is over 375 right now. My lord! You have to spend over 500 bucks to have fun at a Bear's game nowadays. Retardedly high ticket prices for a FOOTBALL game!

Anyways. GO BEARS!!

Hey Jack Concannon,

Funny thing, I spent some time in your mother and saw the same exact thing you saw in Chicago!


It's funny that Bills fans are actually reading a Chicago paper. Don't you have any news sources in that 3rd rate city? The Bills are considered some of the biggest losers in the NFL over the last 40 years.haha

jack concannon, looks like you only hungout at the projects. i know
for a fact that buffalo like any city has bad areas also. but i have more class and won't talk about that, but i will tell you that the next time you visit chicago, go on rush street, the million dollar mile, chicago has the most beautiful sky line of any city in this country, you should of went to south shore country club and drove to evanston where northwestern university is. chicago, was voted to have the best food in the country, we have festivals every week in the summer. in other words buffalo can't touch chicago as a city, the only claim to fame buffalo has it's only one of two teams to loose 4 superbowls the other the vikings, enough said. go bears love all you bears fans.

I do agree with the Bills fan who stated that Chicago lives off of the past.

Most of their "World Championships" came before 1960 when there were like 8 teams. Does anybody count the 1934 NFL Championship game anymore?

Bottom line, Chicago is 1-1 in the Super Bowl, the Bills are 0-4. But largely Chicago doesn't more success in the Super Bowl era than Buffalo.

Chicago is a city is filled with business, money and food. Nobody disputes that. But people that say Buffalo is a wasteland aren't educated either. Buffalo has good food spots, rabid sports fans, and good people.

This is not even a debate, Bears way over the Hillbillies.
wow. Bills and Bears.....thats something you really cant compare. I mean, yah the bills started off great...but then totally collapsed the last part of the season.
We did a decent amount of things in the offseason...oh yah, did I mention we have Jay Cutler. These WR's will benefit from him, whether we get a veteran WR or not, we will be just fine. No one gives our new line any sort of respect, Pace, shaffer, frank were good enough upgrades to give Cutler space, not that he needs it.

Let me say this. The bears will be one of the NFC's front runners IF we can stay healthy.
This Linebacker will be a Chicago Bear by weeks end if not early next week. Its the only side Im worried about, and we can stabalize that by signing Pisa. Bears..
Urlacher, Briggs and this guy will be awesome.

Look for a rejuvenated defense, a stellar running game and an actual passing attack. Thats not something Mr. Edwards, Owens, Lynch or wait.....whose on there defense, one that comes to mind.
Bears 13-3 if things go as planned.
Bills possbile 11-5, but look for another late collapse...
count on it.

Im not going to attack here, but let me make something very clear.
I am one of the biggest Bear fans on earth. Its offseason, and I cant wait for it to all start over again.

We tend every so often to live on the past, thats because we have one. We refer to the Superbowl XX Champion Chicago Bears team because it was, if not, the greatest superbowl team ever to not win more then one. Best defense you ever saw.....ever.

We now, for the first time, have something to honestly look forward to other then just hope. A running game that can work for more then just a few seasons, a Quarterback that can be with us for the rest of his career. A defense that will be able to pick up where it left off, bascially because it wont be on the field as much as its used to being.

The city of Chicago is hard nosed, blue collar, still punch yah in the mouth kinda city. But there is one thing that stands out as you mentioned about Buffalo. We are die hard fans from Da Bears, Da Bulls, Da Hawks, Da Cubs and Da Sox.
The bears are just about done rebuilding. We have some spots that still need a little work. But, where is buffalo at? T.O. wont be worth much after 2 years.
Buhleave that.

The Bears and Bills both have a chance for a wild card spot, nothing more than that IMO.

As for you guys defending both of your cities, they are both less than desireable locations to live. Chi is filled with crime and cold weather, and B Lo is a declining city with little to offer as far as employment or activities.

IMO the Blow-fallo Bills had some pretty decent teams in the 90's having lost 4 super bowls in a row, but that doesnt mean that they are worth a flying ---- now. You did get T.O. so you will get some press time when he flies off the handle and throws a temper tantrum about Edwards inability to find him wide open (which he is on every play.................not) or when he gets smoked by a DB and ends up on the PUP list. Whichever may come first. We the Bears have an up and coming RB as well as a right here right now QB. You have an unproven QB, a cry baby WR, and a guy who spends more time getting in trouble with the law than getting into the end zone. To me that sounds like an up and coming series of Hard Knocks, just after the Bengals get done taking their circus there this year. I can see the Bears winning their division without a problem, and I can see the Bills falling on their faces for the umpteenth year in a row.

ok...i can't help it. one of you retards (Chris Y) posted the following---

"i can't name a single player on the bills defense" = advantage bears

so let me get this straight. one reason the bears are better is because your retarded ass can't name a player on an NFL defense? how about you do some research, gain just a little knowledge, and then come back to leave a comment.


Obviously Buffalo's sports writing sucks too, otherwise these jokers wouldn't need to troll here. Go eat some chicken wings you half-Canadians! Pisa....Pizza...coincidence? I think not! The Bears are obviously offering him less since they know Buffalo is an armpit of a city. Seriously....Buffalo? The only people that live there are the ones born there and not smart enough to know they can move.

Bills/Bears doesn't matter, just iwsh this clown would pick a team already!

To the Bills fans who must be directed to this link becouse their name is mentioned in article,get used to that deer in the headlights look from Dick Jauron. Priceless, I've seen it in many losses. To the Bear fans:why I would like a veteran upgrade to prepare us for our sure superbowl I would hate to see Freeman get cut in the numbers game. He's described the same way I describe Lance Briggs " A Tackling Machine" and outplayed well-hyped teammate Lauranitis. I have the same feeling about cutler I had when the bulls attained Dennis Rodman. call Vegas and put down a bet because the Bears are winning the superbowl!!!! yeahbaby!!!

Here I am.

Yep, I'm just about the ONLY respectable defender on the Bills, although I HAVE been hurt quite a bit lately (so maybe you shouldn't count me afterall).

HELL, I just blew out my knee running windsprints in the freakin' OTAs for crying out loud...

No wonder they don't even want us around anymore, and they're shipping us up to the land of maple syrup-sucking and log-riding--it's where we BELONG.

Wow everyone is pretty harsh on this site. I myself happen to be from Buffalo and came across this article when I searched for Buffalo Bills on Google News. I didn't go searching the Chicago papers for something to read.

On the topic of who will be better, there is a lot of questions for both teams and that is something nobody can deny. The Bills have great potential if there offensive line is any good and Cutler is a huge upgrade for the bears. We'll see how the season goes.

As far as the cities go, I've never been to Chicago but imagine it must be nicer than here. I don't care how poor my city may be though, because I was born here and still love it. Somebody wrote the only people left here are the ones too stupid to realize we can move away. We are here because we either love it or are loyal to our roots. How many cities have so many disappointing seasons out of their teams and can still have fans like us?

PS- We are not Canadian just because we live so close. The only similarity is that we also like hockey, which I believe you do too. I have nothing against Canada really but do not appreciate that you all think were are basically Canadian.

Just my thoughts

Yeah the bears schedule is so much tougher than the bills. I don't see the bears facing the Pats twice a year, and would be killed if they did. The vikings are going to win the division (sweeping the bears), and green bay will take 2nd. the pats will take the division and the bills will be second (getting a wild card playoff birth). Sorry even with a "weaker" schedule the bears will fall out of playoff contention.

The bears suck. And last time we played we had an entire different team. So your point is moot. And forte is better than lynch? HAHAHAHA forte isn't even better than Fred jackson. We have a much better team. You have a aging defense(who blows anyways) and no offense. Big deal Cutler....who's he going to throwe the ball to? a converted CB? HAHAHA. You guys blow and will be picking top 10 next year.

THE best current sports athlete in Chicago is from Buffalo

Hall of Famers since 2000

Buffalo Bills

Jim Kelly
Joe D
Thurman Thomas
James Lofton
Bruce Smith
Ralph Wilson

Da Bears ??????? Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!

Ralph Wilson helped found the AFL which the NFL was forced to merge with. How do you like those facts Bears fan Jim. Oh Yeah we have two AFL Championships that we dont really care about which are equal to the champoinships your garbage team won when nobody wore helmets. This is fun! So go put on your Cade Mcnown jersey and go get drunk!

Have fun playing the whipped puppy to your cruel master that is New England.
(And typical of simpering whipped-puppy mentality, here you are sucking up to the same team that DOMINATES you consistently...sorry, but guess what? Try as you might, you can't claim New England's accomplishments as your own).

No wonder you guys are so bitter.

As for those HOF'ers since 2000--so what? Nice arbitrary cut-off date. Try check the all-time HOF list, wing-licker.

Besides, those recent HOF entries? I got news for ya--that's just the sports world's way of throwing those 4-TIME Superbowl LOSERS a bone, mostly because they feel such pity for them.
I mean, losing once is bad enough, BUT FOUR TIMES?!?!?

Have fun with our sloppy-seconds, re-tread coach. I'd say you guys will collapse again this year, but you probably won't even string together the first few (lucky) initial wins like you did last year in order to have that collapse--I'm sure you'll suck right from the start THIS time around.

Finally, Lynch might be better than Forte...if it's a hit-and-run contest.

Here are the numbers ( player comparison)

Forte: 1238 rush yds, 63 recs. for 477 rec yds, 86 1st downs, 8 runs of 20+ yds, 12 total TDs
Total points: 72

Lynch: 1036 rush yds, 47 rec. for 300 yds, 67 1st downs, 5 runs of 20+ yds, 9 total TDs
Total points: 54

(Now, since you mentioned Fred Jackson, if you take HIS numbers (571 rushing, 3 TDs, 18 total points) and ADD them to Lynch's, they EQUAL Matt Forte's...!)

This, of course, doesn't include clutch plays, blocking, locker room presence, off-the-field behavior, and a host of other intangibles.

Now, next time you want to talk, try not to do it out of your hot-wing evacuation hole, okay?


buffalo would kill the bears like we have been on the thruway for the past month

I hear Buffalo is looking at KD Lang as a possible starting QB, anyone else hear that rumor?

Correction/ Revision

Hall of Famers since 2000

Buffalo Bills

Billy Shaw
Jim Kelly
Joe D
Thurman Thomas
James Lofton
Bruce Smith
Ralph Wilson

Da Bears ??????? Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!

wow you bills fans talk about bears living in the past when the only arguement you have is about retired pros who failed in the big game four times in a row. lets look at something more relevant bears have 40 wins and 24 loses two playoff seasons and three winning seasons since 2005. the bills OUCH??? 26 and 38 no playoff trips no playoff wins no winning seasons no anythings. oh but now you have T.O. who will single handedly turn that around right? T.O. is just a wash out who had to settle for a subpar team because no one else wanted him. im deeply sorry you have to walk home from (insert hot wings and canadian bacon serving sports bar here) 9 to 10 times a year skulking and crying that you are enjoying yet another losing season. go finish being over shadowed by the other two new york teams. my prediction bills go 3-13 this year and marshawn lynch gets drunk and crashes into ralph wilson stadium twice.

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