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In a numbers game, Bears going with what they have for now

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The Bears wrapped up rookie minicamp this afternoon and a team spokesman said there were no immediate plans to sign any of the 25 tryout players, not today any way.

Coach Lovie Smith said it was something that would be discussed but if the Bears have not acted yet it's pretty clear no one blew them away.

The numbers right now allow them to do about anything they want.

The club lists 79 players on its roster but only players under contract counts against the 80-man limit. That means you can subtract the nine draft picks to get to 70 players under contract. Therefore, the Bears could sign 10 additional players. However, once draft picks sign, they immediately count against the 80-man limit.

So, really the Bears are working with one open roster spot when you look ahead to training camp. At some point, they will bring in a second punter to share some chores with Brad Maynard. It will not be surprising if there is some more roster shuffling, but for the most part what you see now is what you're going to get in Bourbonnais, Ill.

General manager Jerry Angelo said at the conclusion of the draft that realistically he could see six of the team's nine draft picks making the 53-man roster but added that he thought all of them had the ability to do so.

"I'm trying to figure out what three Jerry didn't like,'' Smith joked after practice. "Really, as you look at our draft, it was a good draft. All of the players we drafted, I think, bring something to the table. They have a chance. You look at our history, tryout players have started for us. Brandon McGowan started for us.

"We've had free agents so I think most of the draft picks along with a couple of the free agents will have a chance. You're trying to get great competition and it seemed like every year we get more based on the kind of players we have."

We will check in with an edition of Four Down Territory on Monday and have some more analysis coming out of rookie minicamp weekend as well.

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"I'm trying to figure out what three Jerry didn't like,'' Smith joked after practice.

Lovie telling jokes? And they're funny? Alright, I'm calling it right now: this season's going to be something special.


I think I will call it too.
Bears new offense will be refreshing...but Lovie's defense will stink up the joint. You can never have enough defensive players to play prevent defense (cover-2) for 60 minutes. Ron Rivera tryed to point that out to Lovie and Lovie fired him.
Don't expect stone face Lovie to change his ways.

By the way...if Lovie is spending his time (being defensive coordinator, who is going to be acting head coach?...or don't we need that position during a game?

"By the way...if Lovie is spending his time (being defensive coordinator, who is going to be acting head coach?...or don't we need that position during a game?"

The head coach taking over the play calling duties on game day is not something new !! This has been happening around the league for years. Lovie is just one of a dozen that will be a Head Coach/Coordinator for thier respective teams. I'm not worried one bit because anything is better then Bob Babbich at this point.

Go Bears !!

I find it hard to believe that the rookies will not take the roster spots of established players, as we upgrade/turn over the bottom 1/3 of the roster. Of the guys currently listed on the roster, here are a few who could be upgraded by some of the undrafted or rookie players. Not necessarily a better player, but a less expensive one who might have upside:

WR: Aromashodu, Broussard, Rideau
RB: Adrian Peterson--no need to keep him if you re-sign Jones and are using Wolfe on special teams
G: Reed--never sniffs the field, so he should sniff the free agent market
DE: Baldwin and Clermond--neither one is going to get any time with Izzy moving back to end, and Melton a 4th round pick
DT:Dvoracek and Toeaina--I like Matt, but he didn't get any time with all the injuries last year, so I don't see him contributing
LB: Roach, Hillenmeyer, Williams?--none have set the world on fire, and only one of the three should be kept. My thinking is Williams is a better fit for all three spots than the other two are.
CB: McBride--numbers game here, and Vasher could be on the list too. Moore, Tillman, Graham, Manning, Bowman could be our 5 CBs come September
S: Earl--I know we just signed him, but he might not fit on a depth chart at SS with Payne, Steltz, and Afalava all there. Bullocks is really our only FS right now unless they move Bowman or Manning back to FS, but that does not make me feel good.

That is anywhere from 8-13 guys who could find themselves on the waiver wire between now and September. I think we will end up with more than a couple of these UDFA before all is said and done. That is more holes than 9 draft picks can fill.

many ex-bears could help coach in chicago, not because of sentimentality, but because they are succeeding with their teams. They learned from Budddy Ryan what it takes to win. If mike brown does'nt play this year give him a assisstant coachng gig

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