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How do the Bears stack up so far this offseason?

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The Bears have certainly made a big enough stir in these parts by trading for quarterback Jay Cutler and overhauling the offensive line in free agency.

Sometimes we're only keeping our eyes on our own backyard though.

How does that offseason stack up to what has happened elsewhere? ESPN's John Clayton breaks it down here by reviewing the top 10 offseasons. These are not the top 10 teams, but his top 10 most impressive offseasons. You might be surprised where he has the Bears ranked--fifth overall.

*** Over here, Pete Prisco at checked in with his first post-draft power rankings. The Bears don't rank the top 10 here, in fact Prisco has them on the outside looking in at the playoffs.but Prisco has them winning the NFC North.

Looks like the Bears have some more work to do--probably the kind done on the field--to impress people who have been watching them from a distance.

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"The Bears don't rank the top 10 here, in fact Prisco has them on the outside looking in at the playoffs"

Brad, if you look a little closer, he has them ranked higher than anyone else in the NFC North, and I'm pretty sure that makes them a playoff team.

I am surprised we are 5th - but then I like the fact Jerry got us there. Surprised as well that the Bills are ranked that high - I guess John understands the importance TO will have on that passing game as well as opening up the running game. I did not realize the Eagles were that active maybe a SB run there?
Wow the Bears ranked 5th is a big leap up from years past! And he even mentioned our Oline upgrade. Kool!
Alright Ill go..

Go Bears!

"The Bears gave up a lot to acquire quarterback Jay Cutler, but he might be their ticket to stay with the Vikings in the NFC North race even if Childress lands Favre."

why are these clowns still all over favre? i hope and pray the vikings get him, that will only make them weaker. he's been done for at least 5 years now. he destroyed the jets down the stretch last year. he would really improve the bears' turnover differential if he goes to minn, imagine all the int's. he would also really help the confidence of graham or whoever winds up at fs with those dead ducks he heaves down the field.

i used to have respect for him and it's actually getting kind of sad. he should have kept his dignity and stayed retired from the pack.

Genetic is right. I too hope the Vikes sign Favre. His arm is questionable and his wheels won't get him out of trouble to make big plays. You can bet both the Bears and Packers will be licking their chops to finally put the ego that ate the world on the DL. And I think it will happen. Couldn't happen to a bigger ass hat. Favre will take the Vikes out of their safety zone and take big risks that will pay off - for the opponent.

So good luck with that Vikes, as you watch your season start out high and then get blown up by the the Days of our Favre.


Why are you so obsessed with the Bears giving up 2 first rounders for a franchise quarterback?

Do you miss snuggling up to neckbeard every night? Jesus.

Kyle was doing a good job but the fact is, he wasn't GETTING IT DONE.

I would have traded more than the Bears did to get Cutler. I guess it's a good I'm not the GM. But probably even better that you're not either.

No offense intended. You run a great blog. I mean that too. But Chicago had a very good offseason - I think number 2 or 3 in the league - and it can still be great if they grab one of two things:

1. Quality veteran Free Safety
2. Quality veteran Wide Receiver

That probably won't happen, but, if it does, I think the Bears should be in excellent position to take the north.

Its good Im not the GM either, I said give 2 firsts and a second, I felt Cutler was worth that and JA got him cheaper than that. Here is what I am hoping Olsen/Cutler will be doing alot of:

Note Cutler scrambling and avoiding the sack, looking downfield on the slow run, and finding the spot to put the ball, and the nice catch as well, which Olsen is quite capable of, woah, can not wait to see the look on Packers faithful when they see that in their own front yard!

If Jerry Angelo and the Bears really want a well-established, first-class wide receiver whom Jay Cutler can throw to with confidence, they should go back to the Arizona Cardinals and re-open the negotiation for Anquan Boldin. Granted, the Bears do not have much to offer in terms of next year's college draft picks.

So my suggestion is to offer Devin Hester and a couple of 2009 draft picks, say DE Henry Melton and WR Johnny Knox.

I am pretty sure Hester will become an excellent WR in the near future, but most likely not this year. Also he will develop to be one much faster in Arizona, where he will be the second option behind Larry Fitzgerald, while in Chicago, he feels too much pressure to be the number one receiver. Also Arizona should be fully aware that they are getting one of the most dangerous return men in the person of Devin Hester.

Am I too optimistic?

Way too much for Boldin. We can and will do better if we do not get too far ahead of our selves.Stay with the youth or wind up going back wards.

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