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Giving Hanie, Basanez opportunity makes more sense than signing vet backup

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We teased a blog post on backup quarterbacks earlier today when we wrote about Jay Cutler picking up the offense and it didn't take long to receive this e-mail.

It's from Ed. We will leave Ed's last name out of it. As he points out, he didn't want to be shredded by some of the more animated regulars on here.

I have a question regarding your teaser at the bottom of your latest entry, but I wanted to ask you directly so I don't flame the board. Why not bring back a veteran QB who is familiar with this offense? Rex Grossman. Obviously, there wouldn't be a learning curve for picking up this offense. He has game experience under the system. And he might be able to succeed in a limited capacity with a revamped (bigger) offensive line. Plus, the Bears wouldn't need to sign him to a long term deal. Please let me know your thoughts.



We're pretty sure you're not alone on that one, Ed. In the minority? Perhaps. Alone. No way. We're not going to do any Rex bashing and we never have. We've written it before and I believe it--fans grabbed hold of Grossman and used him as the symbol for everything that was wrong with the position from an organizational standpoint. Ultimately, his demise as a former first-round pick had as much to do with the franchise as anything else.

We've also written before that Grossman should have ventured out in search of a new opportunity a year ago. He waited and now he finds himself without a job. New agent Drew Rosenhaus has been trying to find him work at the veteran minimum for more than a month. There just aren't many jobs available out there right now and it could take an injury this summer or a trip to the United Football League for him to get a chance. Hey, there will be a franchise in Orlando, a hot bed for Gators fans.

I doubt seriously the Bears would consider Rex Part II. Yes, he knows the system. We get all of that. But the book on Grossman effectively closed when Kyle Orton was named the starting quarterback at the end of training camp last summer. You can argue the merits of finding someone with experience--there aren't many quarterbacks still available that have any--and knowledge of your system all day. The Bears deemed Grossman wasn't a fit for them.

Back to our regularly scheduled blog post ... we've detailed what is going on at wide receiver and safety, and will surely do so again soon, but the issue at backup quarterback needs to be answered soon. Should the Bears attempt to locate a veteran quarterback as a backup?

There are pros and cons to it with Caleb Hanie, an undrafted free agent from last season, and Brett Basanez currently behind Cutler on the depth chart. General manager Jerry Angelo and coach Lovie Smith have not ruled out the possibility, but to this point they haven't made a move.

The biggest drawback right now might be the selection of quarterbacks to choose from. If the Brian Griese experiment didn't end so poorly, he'd be ideal. He has not been participating in the voluntary offseason program in Tampa Bay and reports are he will soon be released. If available, Griese would be head and shoulders above the crowd even if a return here would be unlikely. Right now, the Bears could sort through names like J.P. Losman, Gus Frerotte, Trent Green, Quinn Gray, Charlie Frye, Brooks Bollinger, Jamie Martin, Tim Rattay, Anthony Wright, and, yes, Grossman.

Losman is an interesting guy from the standpoint that he has starting experience in Buffalo and is mobile. The question you need to answer is will the Bears be better suited with Hanie or Basanez coming off the bench to replace Cutler in the event of an injury or one of these guys? The thing that makes Hanie attractive is his skill set probably more closely mirrors Cutler than it did Orton. We're not suggesting Hanie has the kind of arm Cutler does, but Hanie can move around and keep plays alive. He showed a real knack for creating with his feet when given the opportunity in preseason last year. He wasn't running around out of control, he was buying time to make plays downfield. That's the one thing that really set him apart and ultimately convinced the Bears to use a spot on the 53-man roster for him when it looked like he was ticketed for the practice squad. Hanie made plays.

Although he doesn't have any experience, Basanez is the steady veteran type who will know the offense inside and out. The biggest knock on him is the lack of arm strength. He's a good player to have around though. Hanie probably figures to have the edge given he's been around an extra year. We're not sure any of the available quarterbacks are definitively head and shoulders above Hanie. Given a full offseason and then time this summer, he figures to be a different quarterback in preseason. It's so late in the game, the Bears are going to be able to pick from most of the guys on the above list in August if the situation changes. Seems to us the right thing to do is see how Hanie and Basanez play out. The focus will be on Cutler--and it should be--but the Bears will be evaluating the situation at No. 2.

Our question to you is this--if you are among those who are adamant the Bears go out and sign a quarterback with experience as a safety valve, then who's your guy?

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Your question proves turnabout is fair play. But I think you answered the backup question perfectly. If the Bears go out and get a free agent Quarterback it should be either Rex Grossman or Brian Griese. They both know the Bears Offense and OC Turner knows them both. Neither is a pie in the sky alternative. Both have won in the NFL and won for the Bears. (Yes, they have both lost too.) Would either want to come back to the Bears as a backup? I am without a clue. But either one as a backup would be better than Hanie or Basanez who have not won 1 NFL game between them... however promising they MAY be. And the history of the Bears says the Backup Quarterback WILL play.

It's still Grossman.

Yeah and yal be the first one booing and criticizing Grossman and J.A when Grossman plays like Grossman again.I love Grossman more than the average bears fan, but no you got to give these young guys a chance.(we already know for sure Grossman and Griese are not going to hold this team down if Cutler is injured, But we dont know for sure if Hanie or Basanez can.(thats just the chance i'll take).)


Again, great job attacking this overlooked aspect of the Bears depth chart. I have to side with fans who would give anything to NOT have Good Rex, Bad Rex, or any other Rex back as quarterback. Besides not being the most attractive free agent option (has he had a good game in the last 2 1/2 years?), having him around would just be a distraction. I think an upgrade has to be made though over Hanie and Basanez...would any one have any confidence in them if God forbid Cutler goes down. I'd rather have someone with some experience playing in games that count. I'd take a shot at Losman, who has decent physical talent and never really played in the most expansive offense under old friend Dick Jauron. Where the Bears really missed out was failing to sign Byron Leftwich although they did trade out of the top 5 instead of drafting him, so I guess that was no surprise.

Grossman is by far the BEST option. Since Cutler will need the majority of the work to learn and get comfortable with the offense, having a proven player with knowledge of the offense would be the perfect fit. Griese could work too and help the young guys, but Grossman has the bigger arm and I just like him better.

To me the ideal is to have a clear number one franchise QB, and to then always be developing a young QB in the wings. The kid needs to be able to step in and play and needs to have the talent to be a starter. You develop the backup for two or three years, he struts his stuff in the preseason and a couple spot starts. Then trade him for a first or a second and then do it again.

That's the ideal. But the first requirement is to have somebody who can step in and play. If Hanie or Basenez can do that, and I think they can, stick with them. If not, you have to sign a vet.

If you need a vet, and if the Griese bridge is burned, then it looks simple to me. Trent Green is really the only proven starter grade QB on that list. If you can't get him, Grossman is as good or better than any of the others.

The other thing is that, if Hanie and/or Basanez don't have the talent to develop into a starter, the Bears need to move on and try to find someone who does. The opportunity to develop a backup into a starting QB is too valuable to waste.

I have full confidence in both Hanie or Basanez to compete for the back-up spot and perform at a high level. That being said, if we had to pick someone available right now, JUST for arguments sake, I would say that Trent Green and Charlie Frye bring the most talent and poise to the table. They have both at times performed at a very high level, and have the mental make-up to play for the Bears. In the end though either Basanez or Hanie or even both of them could be diamonds in the rough who flourish with the right development. Problem for the two of them is that there is a 26yr. old franchise quarterback in front of them in Jay Cutler, so if either become a solid pro or a star QB it may very well have to be with another NFL team.

It's Grossman. The guy got them to a Super Bowl. Enough said.

Chicago owes Grossman more than Grossman owes Chicago.

And besides, it's in their best interest.

Grossman isn't the option we should go after. There is a reason that nobody, including the bears, has signed him. The NFL has seen what he can do and isn't impressed. I disagree that bringing him back would be a distraction though. I don't see any person in the world saying they would rather have grossman in the game over cutler. But at some point the bears have to start developing their own players. That includes QBs (hanie), Oline (williams) and every other position. The teams that are consistently good don't go out and sign free agents all the time, they build from within. Until the Bears start doing that they will never have sustained success.

Rex should have never lost his job to that loser Orton!!!! But hey, things work out for the best and we now have Cutler!!! I thought that if we would have kept Orton as starter this year with Hanie as his backup, by the end of this year Hanie would have been our starter anyway. He is and will be much better than Orton ever was/is!!! So I am happy with Hanie as Cutler's backup! Leave well enough alone, we'll be fine!!!!!...Orton still sucks!!!!!!!

Look! The Bears CAN'T sign Grossman! I'm a fan of Grossman but JA and Lovie did a good thing by letting him go and trading for Cutler. God forbid anything happens to Cutler but we CAN'T have the Grossman distraction in the locker room. All the talk will start flying around that the powers that be are second guessing themselves and I just can't take that crap anymore. They did a good thing. I wish the best to him and love the fact we have our QB for the next handful of years. I think that Cutler is going to show all those people that don't believe wrong. Grossman should never be brought back. Just cut ties and move on. He was more of a distraction than anything else. Hanie showed flashes in preseason and I'd put my faith in him that he can manage the team enough to get by like Orton did his rookie year. It wouldn't be flashy but I believe he'd manage well.

Now that being said if they were to bring in a vet it should be either Losman or Frye. Neither are great players but I believe they will make good backup QB for years to come. They may never be great but they'll do until your starter is ready to come back.

and MSBearsFan, Green is the worst choice on the board. Why would anyone want to bring in a OLD vet with concussion issues?

OK Brad, first I'm going to assume that you brought up Rex Grossman just so you could brag about having a million posts on your blog. But seriously, what good could Grossman possibly do? The guy's been playing scared the last two seasons, can't read defenses, and panics whenever there's a decent pass rush. Caleb Hanie showed more in last year's preseason than Grossman ever showed (i.e., Grossman only looked good when there was no pass rush), and it doesn't matter who the competition was. Hanie has the "it" that Grossman clearly lacks, and I'd rather depend on him backing up Cutler than Grossman.

Familiarity is one thing, outright hostility is another. Angelo is the toast of the town after Cutler's arrival...if he picked up Grossman again he would be declared the biggest fool in Chicago. This is not what will keep such a move from happening however, although it might contribute.

Imagine Grossman coming into a preseason game. Imagine Grossman coming in to clean-up a game. Imagine him warming up on the sidelines if Cutler is out of breath. Any of these actions might result in the collective tossing of 60,000 Soldier Field brews onto the sidelines. The city will not give Rex a moments peace under any circumstances, even as the third QB I could see him being taunted from the sidelines.

This begs the question...would Rex rather sign with Chicago or sit at home and wait. I think that it would be the latter. Griese might be an option...personally I think Losman is more realistic that Grossman. There is just to much bad history there for both sides.

Hey Jimmy John...

Not from Chicago, but I don't owe Grossman jack. Has was given chance after chance after chance. He was coronated every season while Orton sat on the bench and took it. Every after his 1.3 rating, his 0.0 rating, his 17 rating, we were fed "wrecks is our quarterback". He never improved after saying a plethora of times that he would, and had some of the statistically WORST qb performances in NFL history.

The Bears and fans gave him SIX YEARS to get it. All he had to do was show improvement. But he didn't.

I don't owe him a thing...


Cutler has a QB coach, he doesn't need a vet to play behind him (out of those left). If Orton had somehow not been traded and was still on the roster I'd be happy, as he could step in and play but given options vs the guys already there I say leave it alone for now. If a decent vet gets cut look into them.

Rex is no longer an option, the guy can't be successful in Chicago, there is too much bad blood with fans and organization. I liked Rex for a long time and finally gave up on him last year for good. The organization has done the same IMO. Let the guys behind Cutler develop and keep looking at waiver wire for upgrades.

Hanie is the way to go for now. I'd wait and see how things develop in Camp. No great solutions out there to choose from. If something drastic happens there's a good chance either Grossman, Losman, or Griese will still be there to pick up. At that point cue the Grossman comeback music.

Green is too old and needs too perfect an O-line in order to stay on the field. Signing Green would mean Hanie would see the field anyway. The Bears don't want to sign any of these guys for more than one year.

Ideally, the Bears' backup QB will be accurate, mobile and better suited to a shorter passing attack. If a guy like that was on market, he'd have been signed already.

all that being said, I pull for Tim Rattay. He has a career QB rating above 80 and above 60% completion as a backup QB in 40 games of experience. He'd be an easy 1 year fix who worked in a west-coast offense in San Francisco.

Also, what's the harm of bringing one of these unemployed guys to camp and put them in direct competition with what the Bears have? If we brought Losman to camp, but felt that he didn't earn the job, just release him.


It's amazing that the Grossman fan geeks are out in full force again.

Message to these Grossman geeks....
Grossman can't even get a job as a water boy on any NFL team.
He is done.

And Brad....your were most too kind about Grossman. The rest of the league knows that he can be rattled up and that is exactly what they do. In addition, you know that Grossman throws ill advised passes whether he is rattled up from defensive pressure or because he is just too impatient and lops the ball down the field to get a quick score. The results are turnovers and lots of them.
Now know this to be true. Why didn't you just respond with this and be done with it.

Guess what Grossman geeks? The United Football league starts up this fall. How many of you want to bet that he can't even get a job in this new minor league?

Hanie could develop into a nice backup or starter given time. The question is whether he is ready THIS year. I think it unlikely, but having him be the #2 would not be terrible. Grossman is clearly the best option out there in terms of talent and knows the system. The question with him is - do we want to go through all that? I wish Rex the best, but it's probably not in his interest to come back to the Bears at this time. The Bears don't need the distraction, which is too bad, because he would be a great #2 for a year otherwise.

Trent Green? Are you serious? J.P. Losman is the only one I'd consider out of the others. He has some talent. I'd rather have Hanie as the #2 than the others besides Rex and Losman.

Something to keep in mind: Cutler is getting ALL the #1 reps, so there's not a lot of extra reps with the #1s to go around this year. If the Bears are going to get somebody, they should do it sooner rather than later.

I think Hanie is the mid-term answer as the #2 if they can develop him more, and nobody signs him away from us. The reasons the Bears kept him as the #3 was because he would have never lasted on the practice squad. Another team would have scooped him up very quick.

Keep the book closed and let Rex staff off in the sunset, please !!

We already suffered through 6 years of Good Rex - Bad Rex. Everyone was calling for Lovies and Angelo's heads because they kept standing behind Grossman and now he we are wanting him back ??

The time has passed, let it be what it was. A mistake.... Cutler is the man and Haine/Basenez may not be ideal but it is better then Grossman or Greise. Ask yourself, is the QB duo of Orton and Grossman more attractive then the duo of say Cutler and Haine ??

I prefer Cutler and Haine myself. I think Haine has just as much if not more potential then Orton did back in 2005. Give Haine a chance to learn the kraft. Orton did OK as a rookie thrown into the fire, Haine should be a step ahead because he already has been through a full year of training ie... Mini-camp, OTA's, Pre-season, regular season and another OTA, pre-season regimine on the way this season.

Haine will be fine if called upon. Turner won't even have to dummy down the playbook like he did with Orton in 2005.

Go Bears !!

Guys like Jim Sorgi still have jobs in the NFL, and Rex can't even get a 1 year vet minimum contract....that should tell you all you need to know. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Charlie Batch, Kyle Boller, Joey Harrington, Damon Huard, Dan Orlovsky, Patrick Ramsey, and Brian St. Pierre all got jobs this offseason, and the "amazing" Rex Grossman still waits for a free agent visit. The Bengals brought him in, and decided to sign J.T. O' Sullivan instead.

Let it go....He was a lot more talented than Cade McNown, but had the same reason for his ultimate demise in Chicago. He had no ability to perfect his craft. He showed up, practiced hard, but the mental aspect of the game never clicked. After 6 years, he should have it figured out. After 6 years, we should have seen the ability to recognize where the blitz was coming from. After 6 years, Grossman owed Chicago some improvement, not the other way around. He failed to deliver, so Orton was our starter last year, and now we have Cutler.....let it go....

Do we want a veteran quarterback who knows how not to lose a game or a younger player who might have play making skills? The Bears defense isn't what it was two years ago. I'd rather risk losing a game or two to inexperience than make the playoffs counting on our MIA defense to pull off miracles. Remember Atlanta and Carolina?

If Cutler goes down we're #$%^&*.

I like the idea of sticking with the current set of quarterbacks. Like Brad pointed out, Hanie has a similar skill set to Jay Cutler as far as arm strength and ability to buy time in the pocket. Here's something to think about, when a rookie quarterback comes into the league, there's an argument, do you play him right off the bat, or sit him for a season? Most say sit him, so if a guy can sit for a season and come in and start, why couldn't he sit his rookie season [like Hanie] and then come in and be a backup? I see no reason Caleb Hanie can't be the #2 QB for Chicago. Here's something else to think about, Hanie knows the offense better than anyone on the street not named Grossman or Griese anyways. And chances are, Grossman or Griese probably aren't coming back, so Hanie is your best bet. Jay Cutler already has to learn the offense, do you want your number 1 and 2 Quarterback having to learn the offense? I don't think so. Bottom line, I think Caleb Hanie is Chicago's best option with his similar skill set to starter Jay Cutler and his familiarity with Ron Turners' offense.

Here's something to get certain members on the blog stirred up. Mark my words, if Chicago gets improved line play on offense [which they probably will] and Cutler pans out, watch Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turners name go up as a head coaching candidate next off-season, just a thought as always GO BEARS!!

I say ride with what we have. I see a lot of comments on Rex and his big arm but Rex never struck me as much of a team player. When things went south he went into his own shell and failed miserably at reading opposing defenses. I'd say look to Hanie like you said he has another year under his belt, uses his feet to make plays and had a great preseason last year. If practice reflects how you play than my money would go on Hanie to be the back-up. Who knew how good Matt Cassel would be at backing up Brady but look how it turne out. I say stick with the person you are spending time developing and make sure they are the ones knowing it's their job in the event something happens. No one can predict how such a situation would turn out but I'd take the chance with who we have in the pipeline.

We aren't seeking a qb of the future anymore. The qb of the future we have, we want to give as many reps to as possible in training camp versus making him split a whole bunch with two projects who also need them. Finally, as far as I see, we're in contender mode right now... we should want a backup we can win with for a short spell if Cutler goes down. All this screams to me: GET A VET.

I look at Griese and Grossman as viable because they know the offense and don't need the reps. Griese, in fact, has a lot in common with Cutler and may be as good a backup off the field as on. I like the idea of developing Hanie right now... he at least has had a season in this system where he doesn't need a steady stream of reps to become familiar with it, but do we really want a second project just now cutting his teeth in this offense? We're not rebuilding, and we're not looking for the arm of the franchise anymore... what are we doing?

Interesting article, Biggs-y, thanks. I like Hanie a lot as a guy to develop, but let me paint everyone a scenario. It's Sunday afternoon at 3pm and the Bears just defeated the Ravens to go to 10-4 and tie themselves for the division lead with the hated Viking. All is well in Bearsland, except that Jay Cutler suffered a high ankle sprain in the win and is ruled OUT for the Monday night matchup with the Vikings.

Do you want Caleb Hanie make his first NFL start or would like to see Brian Griese?

I know there were some hard feelings on both sides when Griese left town, but if this team is re-opening a Super Bowl window, they need to protect themselves at what Angelo has acknowledged as the most important position on the roster. Griese is the perfect choice - he already knows the offense, doesn't need a ton of reps and Orton continously singled him out as a great influence in his development. Griese can still throw the pill (see the Eagles and Vikings game in 2007 or the 407 yards he dropped on the Bears last year in Soldier Field). Is the situation between Griese and Turner something that can be repaired?

Brett Basanez is a great kid from the area, but you can only develop one young QB at a time. Hanie should be that guy, but bring a backup that has experience and has proven he can win a game in the league.

Hey Jimmy John...

Not from Chicago, but I don't owe Grossman jack. Has was given chance after chance after chance. He was coronated every season while Orton sat on the bench and took it. Every after his 1.3 rating, his 0.0 rating, his 17 rating, we were fed "wrecks is our quarterback". He never improved after saying a plethora of times that he would, and had some of the statistically WORST qb performances in NFL history.

The Bears and fans gave him SIX YEARS to get it. All he had to do was show improvement. But he didn't.

I don't owe him a thing...


NeckbeardSucks You have a brain the size of a bird. You can beat a dead horse to death man. Orton is gone, and your dumb self still picks on him. I know this the guy in Denver wanted Orton and I think he has a little more knowledge about the pro game. NeckBeardSucks why don't you take your sorry posts and go home. Take the long way. I am sure your mom don't want you there either.

I love Rex, but he got to be considered as one of the worst QB's of all time.Fumbled snap after fumbled snap,INT after INT,Slip after slip.Not just Chicago, but wherever Grossman goes teams are going to be criticized for picking him up if he fail to perform.

Sorry to say it but Chicago's hate for Grossman will carry out wherever he goes.

Just like the love of Greenbay follows Farve wherever he goes.(I hope Vike's pick him up.Farve's game mirrors Rex's, they just throw up balls sometime.The only diff. is that Greenbay loves him so much that other teams and fan respect him.)

first ballot hall of famer, HA I guess K.Collin should be 1 too.

Griese seems to be a no way given that he burned the bridge with Turner. Grossman sulked after he was demoted to #2 and Orton won the QB job last year. Grossman was way to visible at the end of the bench not mentally in the game that it is also extremely unlikely he will return to Chicago. Although when Grossman matures mentally in a few years and regains his confidence again he may become a good #2 in the NFL with his arm, it is his head that has ruined his career to this point.

The only thing I worry about with Bears fans since I have been one for
a heck of a long time, is that Bears fans seem to always like the #2 QB
better than the number one and that is why they always seem to boo the

If Cutler does not come in and play lights out right out of the box, I
truly hope that the Bears fans will give him some time to show what he
can do and not start booing him by mid season if he is not playing at
peak performance.

Let us remember that the WR's are young, Cutler may throw some
interceptions due to a WR cutting out instead of cutting in or due to
the intended receiver not being in the location they are supposed to be
when the ball is thrown. Timing and creating routine where the WR's and
the QB are completely on the same page does make a huge difference and
the offense passing efficiency may not start to really come on until
midseason when Cutler and the receivers become familiar with each
other and the offensive scheme.

As far as signing a veteran QB, my feeling is that we dance with the
one that brung us and that would be Caleb Hannie and Besanez. I am sure
a retread QB or two would be available as backup emergency should the
starter go down and either Caleb or Basanez become the new starter.

Now that Favre is looking to go to the Queens this could be a very
interesting year in the Norris division. And even though I watch every
game with the Bears I will make sure that I Tivo the Green Bay vs
Queens game when they play at Rush Limbaugh field.

I hope Favre kicks their ars and that Thompson the GM is changing his
diapers by halftime. And when Favre plays Chicago I hope that he throws
at least a couple of pick six in the games both in Chicago and Sota.

I want the season to start today.

Just watched Denver/Steelers sure it was Cutlers best game but the man can play ball! whew! we are in for a ProBowl QB once and for all. He ran the 2 minute pretty durn good too. He puts the ball on the spot!
He was worth what we gave and more. (come pack time we'll all see he's worth every first we gave) People say Denver had WR worth more than the Bears but when the ball is on the numbers it's the QB.

Mel jr. makes a good point and it is a tuff call and the way QB's get injured by all these big Dlinemen, I might think about Griese but only as a backup in case of injury, which he might not like and I like Rex alot and saw the game on NFL the other night and he looked great throwing the ball and running the offense. Tough call for Rex fans as if Cutler goes down we sure would like a vet to come in as opposed to a rook. But I would go against Rex.
That would creat more division/controversy among the players.
Cutler is our man I hope Rex gets on somewhere, but Cutler is Da Bears QB and we need to develope Hanie. Vet backup? alright, I guess, it a smart move by a club. But who? Someone not good enough to start. lol

Both Hanie and Basanez will be snatched up by other clubs if let go. Let's give them a chance.

Instead of signing a veteran QB they should look at Graham Harrell, from what I've heard he had a very good career at Texas Tech. I say give him a shot to compete with Basanez for the # 3 spot. If he's still an unsigned rookie Free Agent.

Now, I have been a Bears fan for more than 20 years and I have to admit, it is a very interesting situation the Bears have done this year with the quarterback. It certainly is a signifcant improvement in that area since Kramer.

Asking Grossman or Griese back is like asking Kordell to come out of retirement. Please.

You threw in a name that jumped out at me. Granted, he is old. Granted, he has played for our rivals. But Gus Ferrote, now I would take him if Favre was not available.

Losman sounds intriguing. After all, Jauron finally had a quarterback he never had in Chicago and has done well with Losman. If I had to choose three quarterback to compete in training camp behind Cutler, I would throw in Favre, Ferrotte, and Haine.

It would be a kick to see ole Favre slign it into the crowd of defenders and hear us Bears fans groan all over again.

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