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Filtering through the notebook: Tinoisamoa puts Bears' roster at 80

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With the addition of linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa to the fold on Friday, the Bears now have 80 players on their roster. Currently, only 78 of those players count against the 80-man limit because third-round picks Jarron Gilbert and Juaquin Iglesias do not officially count against the maximum until they are under contract. But the signing of seven draft picks and acquisition of Tinoisamoa took the Bears up to the limit as the remaining draft selections are expected to be signed soon.

That means to add another player the Bears will have to release someone. It's possible a few moves could shake out in the coming weeks. The team is expected to add a training camp leg by signing another punter to take some of the workload off veteran Brad Maynard. If the Bears were to target a veteran wide receiver, they would have to create room. The addition of Tinoisamoa gives the club 10 linebackers and it's unlikely they would take that many to Bourbonnais, Ill. At the end we've included how the Bears have constructed their 80-man roster.

*** The timing of Tinoisamoa's deal puts him in position to attend the remaining OTA's on the schedule. The Bears will resume the voluntary workouts Monday at Halas Hall and they will have four a week for three weeks before breaking for summer.

*** Signing seven draft picks in one day puts the Bears far ahead of every other team in that department. Entering Friday, San Francisco had been most successful in getting rookie deals done. The Niners had signed four draft picks.

*** Where was defensive lineman Israel Idonije Friday morning when he got word a new contract was imminent? Idonije was working out at Halas Hall when his agent Drew Rosenhaus called him. This was a dark week for veterans in the voluntary offseason workout program, meaning they didn't have to "volunteer" to show up.

"It came together in the last two or three days,'' Idonije said. ``Drew called me when I was working out and said it's almost done, get ready. I went home and took a shower and came back.''

It's always good to be clean when you put your name to paper.


First round (4)

Brian Urlacher (9), 2000
Chris Williams (14), 2008
Tommie Harris (14), 2004
Greg Olsen (31), 2007

Second round (4)

Charles Tillman (35), 2003
Danieal Manning (42), 2006
Matt Forte (44), 2008
Devin Hester (57), 2006

Third round (8)

Olin Kreutz (64), 1998
Lance Briggs (68), 2003
Earl Bennett (70), 2008
Dusty Dvoracek (73), 2006
Marcus Harrison (90), 2008
Garrett Wolfe (93), 2007
Jarron Gilbert (68), 2009
Juaquin Iglesias (99), 2009

Fourth round (7)

Alex Brown (104), 2002
Nathan Vasher (110), 2004
Jamar Williams (120), 2006
Craig Steltz (120), 2008
Josh Beekman (130), 2007
Henry Melton (105), 2009
D.J. Moore (119), 2009

Fifth round (7)

Mark Anderson (159), 2006
Kevin Payne (167), 2007
Corey Graham (168), 2007
Zack Bowman (142), 2008
Kellen Davis (158), 2008
Johnny Knox (140), 2009
Marcus Freeman (154), 2009

SIxth round (4)

Pat Mannelly (189), 1998
Adrian Peterson (199), 2002
Tyler Reed (200), 2006
Al Afalava (190), 2009

Seventh round (5)

Trumaine McBride (221), 2007
Ervin Baldwin (208), 2008
Joey LaRocque (243), 2008
Lance Louis (246), 2009
Derek Kinder (251), 2009

Undrafted free agents (12)

Johan Asiata, 2009
Dennis Conley, 2009
Dahna Deleston, 2009
Kevin Malast, 2009
Eric Peterman, 2009
Mike Rivera, 2009
Will Ta'ufo'ou, 2009
Woodny Turenne, 2009
Cody Balogh, 2008
Joe Clermond, 2008
Caleb Hanie, 2008
Fontel Mines, 2007

Unrestricted free agents (8)

Brett Basanez, 2009
Josh Bullocks, 2009
Frank Omiyale, 2009
Anthony Adams, 2007
Rashied Davis, 2005
Roberto Garza, 2005
Desmond Clark, 2003
Brad Maynard, 2001

Waived free agents (13)

Glenn Earl, 2009
Michael Gaines, 2009
Orlando Pace, 2009
Kevin Shaffer, 2009
Pisa Tinoisamoa, 2009
John Broussard, 2008
Rudy Burgess, 2008
Jason Davis, 2008
Kevin Jones, 2008
Brandon Rideau, 2006
Robbie Gould, 2005
Hunter Hillenmeyer, 2003
Israel Idonije, 2003

Waiver claim (2)

Jason McKie, 2003
Marcus Hamilton, 2008

Trade (3)

Jay Cutler, 2009
Dan Buenning, 2008
Adewale Ogunleye, 2004

Free agents signed off practice squads (3)

Devin Aromashodu, 2008
Nick Roach, 2007
Matt Toeaina, 2007

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I know how to solve this issue of overloading eliminate Hillenmeyer, Peterson, (maybe wolf), Davis, and Dusty. Now you have enough room for Jarron Gilbert and Juaquin Iglesias and to sign an experienced vet WR.

Go Bears!

Hey Ish, I'm glad you are not making the decisions! Before you get rid of some of those vets why don't you take a look at;

Johan Asiata, Dennis Conley, Dahna Deleston, Kevin Malast, Eric Peterman, Mike Rivera, Will Ta'ufo'ou, Woodny Turenne, Joe Clermond????

Good luck to these guys, I'm sure they're working harder then some vets and may win a spot on a roster, and if it is for the Bears then they deserve it.

Hunter and AP have been great teammates and have worked hard, but I think both their days are numbered. Along with McKie, who needs to really step his game up if he wants to be on this roster.

GO Bears!!

Good pickup. Now there are upgrades at QB, Right and left OT, Strong side LB, and FS. Can't complain.

If the Dline plays better (like 45 plus sacks), then the Bears should be 12-4.

That's pretty much all they can do for now. Oh well, I am going to enjoy Summer, but it will be cool once pre-season starts.


I'm going to have to agree at least in part with Ish. Some of those vets - Davis, Peterson, and much as I like him - Hillenmeyer - are clearly liabilities at this point in their Bears careers. I'm not saying they might not help someone else, but they haven't done much for us lately. Maybe the coaching or the scheme just doesn't work for them, but they would do better to move on. Grossman status awaits those who outstay their usefulness too long.

Kevin Malast, Eric Peterman, Mike Rivera, Will Ta'ufo'ou, Woodny Turenne all are interesting talents worth a look through camp. Maybe one will make the team, although I think most are Practice Squad guys...


I couldn't agree with you more. If those guys also lack production or constantly get injured then they too should be released to make cap space and room for players.

You want to compare those vets you praise with other potential vets then have at it.

What can Davis do that Marvin Harrison can't?

What can Dusty do that any other of our linemen can't?

What can AP do that Forte and Jones or Forte and Wolfe can't?

I can keep going...

So before you judge that I am making ilknowledgible assessments, please poll the rest of the fans out there, for that is the angle of which I am coming from.


Lets not forget about special teams. Peterson was special teams monster before taking on the 2 spot in the running game. If you can't fit 4 running backs on the roster the competition is between Wolfe and AP. What was so special about Kevin Jones again?

Josh VG,

I hear ya. AP is one of my favorite Bear players. He's a good all-around guy who fills in wherever he is needed. You cannot disregard his ST play. When I was in college as a young hot-shot QB\Pitcher my roommate was an average kid from some no-name town in Kansas. What we had in common was a love of football. His family had allowed a young Steve Tasker to live with them years ago. My roommate and his family never forgot Steve and he never forgot them. I never realized (even being a QB\LB in HS) the intricacies of special teams even playing college football. It was my roommate, watching Bills games with him, that showed me. No matter how great Toub is you still have to give him Special Teamers who are proven.

AP is a warrior.

Dusty is a keeper - fluke injuries aren't his fault and are not the sort that inhibit play going forward. He has a motor and intensity that will be contagious, and is a great disruptor on the line - like a lighter, quicker Israel will be. May be needed if Tommie cannot play on his knees all year, all game.

You're very right about special teams. AP sticks for special teams. Wolfe hasn't shown enough yet, he may be odd man out unless he plays ST with reckless abandon. Davis may be odd man out unless he also can stick for special teams - in his case, it is a numbers game, given they signed Gaines. I'll be surprised if Hunter can stick, given the depth at LB - unless he has some special ST play to show.

These are good problems to have. I feel better about the O and D lines now. I am not as worried as most about WR, as I think Jay will put the ball right in their hands, as long as they run good routes (and/or are on the same page for improvising and breaking routes), and make many of them look much better.

But like many here, I am worried about the FS and SS positions. There is 'potential' there, but show me the money. Hopefully the better line and LB play will help out the coverage.

The Bears need to come clean regarding Tommie Harris'left knee.

It still sticks out in my mind that the Bears will consider keeping an extra body for the season at one of the following positions:

RB--Wolfe, Peterson, Jones, and Forte all could be on the roster. If one has to go, I think Peterson has a tougher road to stay, as Wolfe really came on as a special teamer last year, and despite a late improvement, Peterson was pedestrian at best on special teams, and had a couple of really bonehead penalties.

TE--Olsen, Gaines, and Clark are likely locks to make the final roster, but will Davis be dumped after one season? I am wondering whether we will eliminate the fullback (McKie) and stick with 3 TEs when we want to go into the I to run the ball. Gaines in the backfield is a pretty stout lead blocker, and you give him a few yards of head start, and not many LBs will win against him in the hole. Another option here is to trade one of them, but outside of Olsen, the value is pretty low for middle of the pack TEs.

LB--We use linebackers as the core of our special teams, and this year could be no different. Briggs, Urlacher, Tinoisamoa, Williams, and Freeman are locks. Most teams carry six LBs on the active roster, so that leaves one spot for LaRocque, Roach, and Hillenmeyer. We could conceivably carry 7 and cut a spot from another position group.

There is lots of dead weight that will need to be cut loose after camp. We will need to get rid of 27 players before opening week, so that means a ton of guys will have to go.

Pace, Shaffer, Cutler, Tinoisamoa, Iglesias, Gilbert, Freeman, Knox, Melton, Moore, Bullocks, Afalava, Kinder, Gaines, and Louis are all guys who should be considered as solid roster considerations that were not here last year. That's 15 adds vs. 9 roster players gone (Grossman, Lloyd, Booker, Metcalf, Tait, Miller, McClover, Brown, McGowan).

So that means that not only are the camp bodies gone, but probably an additional 6 players who finished the season on the roster will be gone (figuring the rookies will all make the team for this year). Possibly more if there is changeover, and some of the camp guys impress, but that's the gist of it.

The Bears have some tough decisions to make, but we need to be solid in all three phases of the game to have a shot to unseat the Vikes this year. Any guys that don't start need to be special team studs, especially since they have outlawed the wedge on kickoff returns. The passing game will be significantly improved with a better OL and Cutler throwing the ball, and that will also help Forte, so that takes care of offense. We have to believe that Lovie calling the defense is an improvement, and Marinelli will get the most out of the front 4, so that should be better this year. Secondary is still a question, as is strong side LB. But a better year out of the front 4 is the first step in improving the back 7. Coverage and return teams need that Ayanbadejo-type anchor to galvanize the teams. Having Izzy back on ST will be nice, as his blocking and kick-blocking skills can be a big boost.

I could see a core of Williams, Freeman, and Larocque driving the special teams group, which would be nice. LaRocque was really playing better as the season wore on, and Freeman and Williams would add a lot of athleticism to that group. That would make Hillenmeyer and Roach expendable, but having Tinoisamoa on the roster pushes them to the back of the line.

I wonder how many of our castoffs will get jobs with other teams? So far, not many have caught on elsewhere, and that trend could continue.

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