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Emptying out the notebook: CB Turenne gets noticed

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Emptying out the notebook for everything that is leftover from Wednesday's opening OTA:

*** If there was one undrafted college free agent that stood out now that the veterans are in the mix it was Louisville cornerback Woodny Turenne. By no stretch is it going to be easy for Turenne to make the final 53-man roster, and basing any odds after one OTA is impossible, but he made some plays. Turenne made a nice move to jump in front of a Caleb Hanie pass intended for Juaquin Iglesias and pick it off. He also had some plays on the ball.

With the long hair coming out of the back of his helmet, he looks like Al Harris running around out there. That can't be a bad thing. Turenne has good size at 6-1, 182 pounds, and he's shown decent speed and most importantly instincts. There are eight cornerbacks on the roster, although that number drops to seven with Corey Graham now at free safety. The Bears are going to kick the tires on veteran Rod Hood, who will be at practice today, a workout closed to media. Adding Hood makes sense because he be a third veteran corner.

Turenne was a junior college transfer and played well at times in school, suffering a broken clavicle at the end of last season. He was not invited to the combine and didn't have a particularly good pro day so that dropped him to the undrafted ranks where the Bears scooped him up as a free agent. The key for him moving forward will be to continue to show up every opportunity he gets. If he can prove to have some worth on special teams, even better.

*** If we didn't mention it Wednesday, looks like the Zack Bowman to safety movement has ended. He was back at left cornerback filling in for Charles Tillman (shoulder). With Graham going to safety it's fair to assume Bowman will remain at cornerback.

*** Here is how the second team offensive line stacked up--LT Cody Balogh, LG Frank Omiyale, C Tyler Reed, RG Dan Buenning, RT Kevin Shaffer. Buenning worked in practice as a backup center for most of the second half of last season. Offensive coordinator Ron Turner has suggested he'll be in position to compete with Roberto Garza at right guard. The Bears have expressed their confidence in Garza however.

*** Jay Cutler
assessed his group of wide receivers:

"With Devin [Hester] and Earl [Bennett] and Rashied [Davis] and our tight end group and the way Matt [Forte] catches the ball, I think we've got more than enough. Maybe add a little bit of depth with some of the younger guys and Brandon Rideau. Some of those guys have got to step up a little bit, so it's going to be fun. It's going to be good competition out there of guys going out there and battling a little bit and trying to make a spot. Any time you get competition, it's a good thing."

It's not a bad thing for Rideau, who got some time with the first team, that the quarterback is mentioning his name. At 6-3, he's two inches taller than any other possibilities on the roster.

*** After today's OTA, players will be off for the holiday weekend and then next week. Workouts resume June 1.

Check back this afternoon for Four Down Territory.

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Tureene might have a good chance to make the practice squad. If he does make the 53 man roster who is out at CB or saftie? Maybe Hamilton? Not sure if there is a cap hit.
Could you help me out there Brad, if the Bears cut Marcus Hamilton is their any ramification to that?
Glen Earl who knows. Its good to hear that atleast one UFA has made some compition.

Coaches listen with 2 open ears Cutler likes Rideau! The Bears need a big body other then Olsen for goleline situation and short yardage plays. Maybe even a jump ball specialist.

I would like to believe the Bears can cut Davis and bring in established player that has been there done that to help bring the young group along.

Niners need a corner as their starter went down yesterday.

Maybe with all of the corners the Bears have a trade of a CB to the Winers might be appropriate for a wide receiver or a pick in next years draft? Vasher comes to mind and may get some value since he was once a past probowl CB.

Or hold your hand and play it!

Actually the two tallest targets in the existing Bears receiver arsenal are Johnny Knox at 6'5' and Kellen Davis at 6'7" who will be hard to miss. It seems like there is going to be a great deal that will have to happen for receivers to step up for the Bears this season. With no veteran receivers to turn too Angelo has left all his eggs in his own draft picks looks like we'll all be swallowing together on how that works out. I like Turenne's size and ball hawk ability could be a diamond in the ruff along with D.J. Moore. Would love to see a significant improvement in secondary play and moving Graham was a decision fans had echoed for quite a while. That should push Bullocks to play up or get out the way an experiment that could be short lived for him if he doesn’t come to play. You have to like how competitive the Bears have made this team across the board even for the rookie and undrafted agents currently in camp.

I think we get a cap credit this year because of Hamilton not making his $10-11M bonus number, so I don;t think any cap hit will be significant, but I will defer to Brad on that one. I think we would only have $10 mil in cap space if not for the credit.

As far as Rideau, it's not like he called him out for great play. He ran down the roster list of all our WRs, and Rideau was 4th of the WRs, after Forte and the TEs. I like the idea of using him in goal line situations, but let's make sure he can get it done against starters before we put him on the final roster. My guess is that they will do the same thing they did last year, which is rotate all of the active WR during the game to throw different skill sets at the defense, so they have to keep adjusting. But we have to do that because we don't have someone who can consistently beat one-on-one coverage. Significant improvement from Bennett or Hester, or the emergence of one of the rookies will significantly cut into the playing time of Davis and any other WRs on the roster.

Right now we are strong at all of the offensive positions except WR. We are deep, but not necessarily strong. That could change if the rookies pan out, but likely it will be a developmental squad, that gets better over the next 18-24 months. It will be the position I watch most closely in preseason on offense. Free safety is more of an overall concern for me, but then again, I am a defense-first kind of fan....

"Actually the two tallest targets in the existing Bears receiver arsenal are Johnny Knox at 6'5' and Kellen Davis at 6'7""

I hope you mean Olsen, because Knox doesn't crack six foot.

And I think he was talking about wide receivers, not tight ends. Rideau is the tallest right in front of Aromashodu at 6'2".

actually, Johnny Knox is 6 foot even, not sure where you got 6'5" from. i think Rideau will get his chance this year, we'll see what he does with it.

Rideau is 6-4...look it up !!!

6.5 is closer to Johnny Knox's time in the hundred yard dash than his height. I can't wait to see this guy in the preseason.

I like Turrenne, this could be a good pickup fot the BEARS, he has a nose for the ball and good size for a cover-2 corner, he broke a bone in his shoulder playing at the Ville last year but was close to leading the big East in INT's when he went down, plus Lovie likes a big corner he could be groomed to take over for peanut in the future...Go BEARS !!!!

Hey Joe what are you doing with that gun in your hand. Sorry litty Hendrix going through my head when I see your name. I know about the bonus that Hamilton had gave the Bears. Realy what I was asking is do the Bears loose that 10 million? or do they get to keep it?

The only highlight of Turenne I saw was on the Bears site where he got smoked by Earl Bennett on a hesitation fly route. He looked completely fooled by a pretty weak move, but everybody has a bad play now and then. But having another big corner is not necessarily a bad thing.

As far as I know, the credit is earned because the bonus was not paid, so it is a cap credit for this year that the Bears get regardless of whether he is on the team or not.

Llama, I am not sure the Niners would be in a friendly mood towards us after the Briggs situation, but that is an interesting idea. Dre Bly was signed on Friday by them, but that is a band-aid, not a cure for their ails in the secondary. JA needs to make the call, and see if he can recoup some picks for next year, since we are again without a first rounder. All things point to a strong draft next year, so the more picks early, the better.

whats the word on former Colt's WR Marvin Harrisson. I think he would be a perfect fit for the Chicago bears. He's a winner and a harder worker. WR's play well into their late thirties. i'm sure he wouldn't be all that Costly.

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