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Dollars and sense: The Michael Gaines contract

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A week after the Bears added Michael Gaines as strong competition to make the 53-man roster we've been able to take a look at the numbers in his one-year contract.

Gaines figures to compete for a job as the third tight end or perhaps as a reserve tight end/fullback. If he stuck in that role as a hybrid fullback/tight end, the Bears might only keep three running backs leaving veteran Adrian Peterson and the younger Garrett Wolfe in a battle for the third spot. That, however, will be analysis for another day.

Gaines, who will be on display Wednesday at the first OTA of the offseason, will have to make the 53-man roster in order to have a shot at the bulk of the money in this contract that is worth a maximum of $1,162,600, not the $1.25 million we previously reported. Our apologies for the bad numbers. Let's break down the real numbers:

$650,000 base salary
$250,000 signing bonus
$100,000 roster bonus
$160,000 incentives
$2,600 workout bonus

Total: $1,162,600

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Can someone explain the $2,600 workout bonus? Seems to be an inconsequential amount, so there must be something else to it.

Regardless, I'm excited to see how Gaines is utilized. I haven't been able to figure out why they've been so high on McKie. The team often highlights his receiving skills, and I think Gaines is being brought in to fill the role that they had hoped McKie would evolve into. My hope is that Gaines could replace McKie, and we could keep Forte, Jones, Wolfe and AP. I would think that Kellen Davis would be given one more year to prove himself, unless he is dreadful in training camp.


Every penny counts.
Let's see..there is the ...

Over weight bonus
Under weight bonus
Waking up on time bonus
Work thru lunch bonus
Picking your nose bonus
No sacks allowed bonus

Geeeeee...i can't think of any more but I'm sure they will come to me:)

Heck...they all get over paid.
The organization tries to tie basic functions (like showing up to practice on time or at all) to money...the only thing that drives football players. This way...if they get lazy or feel like taking the day off, its going to cost and they know it up front. Its called control.

I think workout bonus may be connected to weight lifting. To make sure he is hitting the weight room with the other linemen. After all, playing on the line requires the strength of Hercules (no pun intended). Some players do this for nothing. Bears just want to make sure that they get a reward of some sort for working cream money.

I'm sure this is just a mistake, but the amount would add up to be $1162600. Small pittance but the Bears ownership is known for their penny-pinching.

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