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Decisions for free agents Tinoisamoa, Hood could be looming

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The Bears are not believed to have offered contracts to free agents Pisa Tinoisamoa or Rod Hood last week, but decisions could be looming for them this week.

It was originally reported that Tinoisamoa, who first visited the Buffalo Bills, would also take a trip to Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Daily News has disputed that, and right now the former St. Louis Ram has the Bills and Bears to choose between. The linebacker would likely shoot to the top of the depth chart quickly on the strong side for the Bears. He starred as a rookie in St. Louis under Lovie Smith and Bob Babich.

Hood has drawn more interest. He reportedly has a contract offer from the Rams and has also has been pursued by Cleveland and Detroit. He would provide the Bears with an experienced third option at cornerback now that Corey Graham has been shifted to safety. Hood has good size at 5-11, 198 pounds, and that makes him an attractive option. His agent Joel Segal said he expects his client to have a new teams some time this week.

The Bears might not have a deadline to get these moves done but would no doubt like to have the players on board by the end of the week. That's, of course, if the team plans to pursue them with contracts offers. Veteran players are off this week while the coaches work with rookies at Halas Hall. Getting Tinoisamoa and/or Hood signed by the end of the week would put them in position to participate in OTA's that start again on Monday. The newcomer(s) would have 12 OTA sessions to get a crash course on the defense before the break before training camp.

We'll check back with more during the day.

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cant hurt why not sign both? tinoisamoa looks quick and strong and did pretty good with the rams and lovie knows him.. hoods a preTty good veteran and good help on corner.. GO BEARS

Let's do it! While we are at it, can we be on the look out after the Jun 1 cuts for a veteran wide out and Safety?

This is not good for the Bears. There throwing money away on players who wont be on the field all that much. You have Williams, Roach, Hillenmeyer to man this spot. Upgrade from within. same for Hood. D.J. Moore was projected to be a late 1st round pick and I like Zak Bowman. Keep your money and get these guys some reps.

its time to win a super bowl. if arizona made it last year, with an amazing pass game but no defence, imagine what the bears will do with an much much improved offence, and a still super strong defence. Jay going to f*ck it up. we have the strongest linebacker corps in the league. two amzing cornerbacks. a new safety. and the same d-line from 3 years ago. go two and watch devin hester and jay in ota against our defence. they do major damage. and matt forte looks so good. superbowl 2010 anyone

Chicago certainly has the money to sign one if not both free agents, the question is, is it really worth it in the long run?

Take linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa, before 2008 he had major durability problems, only appearing in 11 games in 2006 and only 9 in 2007. Also, would it really be worth it to ditch out money to a player that would only be on the field for 2 downs per drive? Remember, Tinoisamoa would play strongside linebacker, the Bears like to take their strongside backer out on 3rd downs. Also, Chicago already has some promising young linebackers in Nick Roach, Jamar Williams, and rookie Marcus Freeman. I say develop and give the young guys a chance. Chicago gave Roach a one year deal, probably to see if he will continue to improve, so obviously they feel he has potential, I say go with Roach or one of the other younger linebackers.

I feel the same about Hood, Chicago already has Vasher and rookie D.J. Moore. Chicago also has other young players like Trumaine McBride and Zackary Bowman. Bowman was actually running with the first team in place of Tillman during the recent OTA's. If Bowman can stay healthy, who knows, he could be this years Corey Graham? I just think the Bears already have enough talent at both linebacker and corner, stick with the current players and develop the young guy's. If I had my choice between both free agents, I'd go with Hood myself, it should be interesting to see what direction the Bears go in if any? GO BEARS!!

Seriously? It's like nobody understands that we run the Tampa-2. The SAM linebacker has to take on the tackle/TE combination all the time in the run game; this guy is way undersized for that position.
having said that, all of our other LBs except for Urlacher (and maybe J Williams) are WILL LBs, and Tino is one as well. I don't feel like he's a great fit at SAM, but he's better than what we have. Lemme, lemme upgrade. Hillenmeyer should be done.

5' 9" rookie dbacks (taken in the 4th round) are not going to start, even at nickel. Hence Rod Hood (a decent pick up, if they make it).

Signing Tinoisamoa would give us one of the best linebacking corps in the league as long as Urlacher is healthy. We have the money and he probably won't cost that much this late in free agency. The third linebacker has been a weakness for us for a while. Hillenmeyer really fell off last year and Roach and Williams are good special teamers who could get more looks in punt and kick coverage. Remember the third linebacker played over 700 snaps last year so it would be worth it. Rod Hood is not needed as we are likely to keep Vasher and we drafted DJ Moore who could steal the nickel back role from Manning. Bowman is a good special teamer and we need help at safety anyways not at corner. GO BEARS!!!

If Tino is signed it would be like a salary swap.

They would add Tino and release Hunter at some point before the regular season. The Bears are not going to carry more then (6) LB's and if Tino is added they would have himself plus Urlacher, Briggs, Williams, Roach, Hunter and Larocque all under contract. Hunter lost his job to Roach and isn't a stought ST performer so he could be expendable.

Hood would be a nice signing and insurance should the interceptor fail to regain his form. It wouldn't bother me either way because you either add veteran depth or rely on some young guy's to step up in Bowman, Moore, McBride, Hamilton ect....

Angelo can add a few pieces, dump some dead weight and still have a bundle under the salary cap for looming extensions to tenured players ie... Beekman, Roach, Williams, Manning, Olsen, Cutler, Gaines, Wolfe just to name a few.

Go Bears !!

The Bears were in the BOTTOM HALF of the league for 2 seasons in a row and people are saying that we may have one of the strongest linebacking corps in the league? Some bring up Tinoisamoa's injury history after coming off an injury-free 2008 season and use that against him? Come on now. You can't predict certain injuries. Things happen on the football field. I never considered Mike Brown injury-prone, just more bad luck on his part being at the wrong place at the wrong time (cheap shot and getting caught in the bottom of a pileup). All I know is that Tinoisamoa will be an upgrade over Roach and Hillenmeyer. If Roach was such a sure thing, he would have inked a longer term contract by now. Based on what I saw last season, his play didn't stick out to me. At least Tinoisamoa knows Lovie's defensive schemes which is a BIG bonus. The Bears have room in their salary cap and it's not like this guy will cost you Ray Lewis or even a dwindling Urlacher salaries since he's not even a recognized Pro Bowler. I just want the defense to be a top 5 defense again. If it means getting these 2 guys in at moderate salaries, then do it. Our defense stunk for 2 years in a row and I know it wasn't all just Babich and the assistant coaches at the time. As for Marcus Freeman, it's still going to take him at least 2 years to fully develop into an impact player as a 5th round draft pick. Yeah, let him develop alright, but don't play him every down.

And I forgot about rookie Marcus Freeman to add to the LB list.

That would make eight possible 53-man roster spot takers which shouldn't be more then (6) but possibly (7) if other positions sacrafice....

Go Bears !!

other than reciever, the bears are built to win now. with that in mind we should and could sign at least one if not both of these veterans. if there are a few injuries it will look good to have covered our bases with veteran talent. that let the young guys play sounds good but to improve our defense why not do it with veteran talent. if these young guys were so good they would be on the field
already, i mean first team. new england does this all the time and it works, plus you give the young guys more time to develop, then you get rid of the veterans and let the young guys play. by the way i don't think jay called plaxico for nothing and asked him if he wanted to play with him. so we may need money for that too. i know he's a cancer and selfish, but behind all this drama he may have woke up to find out he needs someone now. don't think jerry didn't have jay call or he didn't know about it. with plaxico and the rest of the recievers our offense would be banging. i know you don't like him or hate him but he's only just a winner,

Well this story needs to be updated! Looks like Rod Hood is signing with the Browns. Hopefully they get going and sign Pisa Tinoisomoa before someone acts on him. I think he'd be the better signing anyways

These guys are good journeyman NFL players who are on the street for some reason at the wrong time of year. Usually good teams would be a little wary of that and only pick them up to plug a hole in their roster.

That begs the question: Do the Bears have a hole at corner or SLB?

Tinoisamoa might make some sense. He doesn't set off that many alarm bells. Veteran players often migrate toward coaches that they have liked playing for in the past. He is a good player who is on the street because the Rams are trying to rebuild in a different direction. A good player coming from a bad team sometimes has unexpected upside. He could wind up being an upgrade for the Bears, but not a major one.

I just can't see what Hood brings? He is a decent player coming off a Super Bowl appearance. That is usually a formula for paying a premium price for a player who isn't able to meet the premium expectations. If he makes the team, it will probably be at the expense of releasing a developing young player. Is he a potential upgrade on the 2-deep?

@ MSBearsFan

Don't get that Tinoisamoa is a team his whole career, led his team in tackles what? 3 times?

Somebody else said that Pisa is undersized to cover the TE. True...if he was trying to pass rush from the strong side. When that tight end goes out to catch a pass? Please give me Pisa over Hunter or Roach, neither of them were effective in coverage.

Yes, the Bears will play plenty of nickelback formations... but with a good coverage LB like Tinoisamoa, they wouldn't necessarily have to take the 3rd LB off the field. If the Bears wanna play a zone on 3rd down, they could get away with having 3 lbs on the field for that, depending on the flow of the game. whatever WR might be on Briggs' or Pisa' side, yea there's gonna be a mismatch, but it might not always be so severe as to justify taking the strong side LB off the field

Pisa is a definite upgrade at the SAM. He would be the starter at this position and improve the defense and this position that has been a weakness for a number of years. He is adequate and better than what the Bears have in coverage and is better at tackling than either Roach or Hillenmeyer.

To me this an absolute no brainer, Bears please get PISA signed ASAP.

Agreed. Get Pisa Tino IMMEDIATELY.

We HAVE stunk for the past 2 years on D. (the potential is still there as someone [Peter King I believe] pointed out a few weeks ago the bedrock stats of a good D were all top tier last season: yds/rush allowed, takeaways, yds/pass attempt, 3rd down %)

We just couldn't get off the field because teams would chew us up with a dink and dunk designed to exploit the small openings Babich's cruddy d allowed. And even though we were SECOND in the NFL in takeaways (Unbelievable to me since I think 27 is a low number and a bad year for a BEARS D) we didn't make enough big plays to warrant being a top tier D.

Something was missing. MOSTLY I THINK IT WAS COACHING... and its a good thing Babich has been sent to his room because I believe he was miserable and cost us our top tier status in the league.

But WHAT DIDN'T HELP BABICH was a measly effort from the D line, injuries (I'm looking at you Vasher) and nothing play from the SAM position that has been the norm since Rosey Colvin left town for greener pastures. FIX THIS NOW!! All the other "pieces are in place" to quote the great Dave Wannstedt (vomit..)

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