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Crafty vet: Ruben Brown confident Orlando Pace can be dominant again

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Ruben Brown doesn't know Orlando Pace but knows the situation he is in coming to a new team as a decorated veteran who spent his entire career in one city where he was beloved.

There is a big adjustment to be made, but as Brown proved it's not too late for Pace to get back to the top. You have to think the Bears' success in recycling Brown and another veteran in Fred Miller weighed in the decision to sign Pace to a three-year contract on April 2. They've done well with veteran linemen with a little gas left in the tank and no one has served as a better example than Brown, who was 32 when he joined the Bears in 2004 after nine seasons and seven trips to the Pro Bowl with the Buffalo Bills.

"Orlando can be back on top if he is willing to sacrifice himself,'' Brown said. "When I first got to Chicago you saw where I was. I was playing on the third team on the right side. I'd never been there before. If he is willing to sacrifice himself to the new environment and become a part of it, I think you could see glimpses of what he was and he could see himself finishing his career off with another Super Bowl. It's up to him.''

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It is almost eerie how similar their situations are. Both were perennial Pro Bowlers, had some nagging injuries, and were considered washed up by their former teams. If we get the same performance out of Pace that we did out of Brown, we are going to be in good shape. Hopefully we don't get the one-armed season like we did in Brown's last year, but if we get a reasonable facsimile of the Pro Bowler at left tackle, Cutler will be a happy man, as will we all.

Not sure I would lump Fred Miller in with the two of them though. He was always rather limited in his ability, and speed rushers abused him all the way back to his days with the Rams.

Should make for an interesting line, assuming Pace, Shaffer, and Williams are all healthy and ready to go. Only 2 spots open, and Omiyale is already clogging up the guard competition with Beekman, Garza, and Buenning. We should get a very solid front line, which will make Forte a 4.5 yard per carry back, and keep Cutler from the abuse previous QBs have suffered...


With Micheal Vick released from prison later this week and the whole hype of the Vikings looking for a QB if the Brett Favre situation doesn't work out successfully what do you think the odds are of the Vikings seeking Vick?

I agree with Joe that Miller is not in the same class as Pace and Brown.I remember too well defensive players whipping around Miller as if he wasn't there or just running over him to rush the quarterback. One hopes Pace will be rejuvenated and protect Cutler the way he did Warner. Opening holes for Forte might be a little iffy for him though.A good lead blocker or tight end could offset that however.


Doesn't the commissioner have anything to say about Vick? He may still get an 8 game suspension or even more.
I don't think vick is going to help any team this year even after a team picks him up.

It amazes me that people still want to talk about Vick returning to the NFL . He was a average running type QB to start with. The day of QB,s running to glory have come and passed. Speaking of passing that another part of his game that was missing.

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