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Bears still looking for camp leg, could call on Zac Atterberry

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Do not be surprised if the Bears make a move to bring back punter Zac Atterberry.

They have been looking for a punter to bring to training camp and Atterberry was released Thursday by the Washington Redskins. He's a name that is sure to come up in conversations at Halas Hall based on how the team felt about him last season. Atterberry won a roster spot in a tryout of sorts last spring and went to training camp where he performed well.

Special teams coordinator Dave Toub liked him enough, or trusted him enough that Atterberry was brought back to the practice squad on Oct. 7. That wasn't to see how Atterberry had been in the six-plus weeks since he had been cut at the end of preseason. The Bears were concerned an undisclosed injury might prevent Brad Maynard from playing that week at Atlanta. The veteran turned out to be fine and Atterberry was let go after four days.

The Bears had two punters--Ball State's Chris Miller and Miami, Ohio's Jake Richardson in on a tryout basis for rookie minicamp last weekend. Neither looked to be particularly consistent and the Bears have not signed any of the 25 players that were in for a tryout.

At some point, the club will look to sign a leg for camp. If Atterberry doesn't find a situation that offers a more legitimate shot at a job, he could return.

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Along with center Olin Kreutz and long snapper Patrick Mannelly, punter Brad Maynard has been one of the more consistent performers at his position for Chicago. And all three have been consistent at their respective position for a period of 9 plus seasons, thats impressive. Unfortunately, no one can play forever.

With Brad Maynard going on season number 13 in the league, Chicago might want to think about bringing in some "camp legs", especially ones that impressed special teams coordinator Dave Toub. If Toub thinks punter Zac Atterberry has a future in the league, by all means bring him in.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still think Maynard is a very good punter, and hey, Giants punter Jeff Feagles is going on season number 22. I just think with Maynard getting a little long in the tooth, it might be a good idea to have another punter on the practice squad, especially someone like Atterberry who Toub thinks highly of. I realize the Bears have other positions they might want to develop on their practice squad, but with Maynard getting up there in years, it might be a good idea to have a backup leg on the old practice squad GO BEARS!!

I agree Kevin. I also remember how solid Atterberry looked last preseason, he boomed them pretty good with a nice hang time and I can see why Dave liked him.

Brad, please! A guy can only take so much excitement per week!!! Zac Atterbery's coming back? THE Zac Aterberry???? Oh lordy lord some one splash me with ice water i thinmk im gonna faint. I still remember his first NFL punt against the Cheifs last presaeason. Ah such a majestic performance like sipping a fine wine on the polynesian islands as a symphony orchestra plays on. Honestly it was it was better then watching my first born come in to this world.

In all my years ive never seen a punter like Atterberry, besides the legendarry Brad Maynard of course. But I remember this kid being on the practice squad and thinking ok 36 probowls atleast!

Oh niddly-diddly-foo-foo!

Atterbery must be only a personal favorite of the Chicago Bears, or has a very small fan club. There are plenty of teams with very bad punter situations; what's to prevent them from scouring other teams' practice squads for such a player as Atterbery?

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ahhh....wel maynards a BUST so the bears better be looking for his replacemnet. and no aterberry (sounds liek my juicy juice box) is not worthy becusae he is a BUST just teh same.

feelas i dont undesratsnd teh problem. wehn im play madden on my xbox i juts MAKE a punter in create-a-player ans he has 99 atributs for everything. its really simple feelas why cant teh bears do it if tehy realy want to get rid of tah looser maynard?

but you guys nowe me old crap-ton just trying to be posative...

p.s. "I will be outside Soilder Field in a hot pink panties that say spank me" :) lookin forward to it loosers!

I did not realize Maynard had been in the league that long, my first thought was why? But I guess Maynard is getting along. Ray Guy lasted how many years though???Who Knows Maynard might last another 5 years.
I guess I would hope Brad can go 22 as he is a fine punter and we are lucky to have him (same as Gould)
and besides when Cutler takes us to the big game asap, I would hope Maynard, Olin etc.. are along! :)
They deserve it.

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Hey Guys... lets not turn this into AOL in here. This is a fabuolous thing for Bears fans to throw their nickel into the pot. Lets not waste it. I love reading these posts. Granted we all dont have the same ideas, but its a good read none the less. Just ignore these guys that come in here to rant. By not responding to them, they leave. Back to football.. Maynard has been around a long time. Atterberry looked good the last time he was in camp. Better to be prepared then to have Maynard go down and not have someone lined up to replace him. And for randy.. well said. Would be nice to land one more trip to the SB so that Kreutz and Maynard could get a ring.. Go Bears!!!!

Maynard has been an exceptional punter for the Bears. His ability to place the ball within the 20 yard line and the goal line has been exceptional and if I recall he was at record levels of placement last year.

Punters with just a great leg can many times out kick coverage which allows for taking the rock to the house by the other teams punt returner. Yes the Bears need another punter in camp for competition purposes but for my money give me Maynard every day of the week, you can count on his accuracy and punting ability.

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