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Bears reel in blocking tight end Michael Gaines

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The Bears have signed Michael Gaines to a one-year contract, and he is in position to challenge immediately to be the third tight end on the roster.

The veteran made a visit to Halas Hall on Monday and didn't leave until he had a contract in hand. Gaines is considered a strong blocker and he'll compete with Kellen Davis, the fifth-round pick from last season, for a job.

He's not going to waste any time.

"I'll be back in there at Halas Hall tomorrow morning,'' Gaines said on his way back to his home in Detroit. "Honestly, I can't believe it happened. It's just a privilege to be joining an organization with so much history."

Gaines came to the Bears after visiting the New York Jets last week. He left New York without getting a contract offer, and the Jets went ahead and re-signed 31-year-old veteran Bubba Franks, leaving the Bears with no known competition.

Gaines had a $10 million, four-year contract in Detroit last season, but was let go my the new coaching staff after the draft as the Lions used a first-round pick on Brandon Pettigrew. By signing for just one year, Gaines will have the chance to get back on the market next year at a more opportune time--not the week after the draft--and get another bite at the free-agent apple.

Check back later for more details.

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welcome aboard michael gaines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad to have you here after the kind comments last week

this is pretty exciting, as this seems like a much better option than that overgrown poor blocker davis right now GO BEARS!!

the "bad news" bears are becoming the "good karma" bears and I'm sensing a return to the superbowl!

Looks like third and 1 or 4th and 1 might be a little more attainable now that Gaines is in the fold.
But on the other hand sometimes play calling could improve the ability to get that first down by not calling for the standard 1 yard plunge, everyone knows it is coming. Pysch!! Its a fake plunge and the Bears are going for the 40 yard touchdown pass on 4th and 1. Touchdown!!!! or its the plunge again and it stopped and the Vikings throw a bomb for a touchdown to Berrian.

And I am throwing up blood after reliving this memory. YIKES!!

Great to see this guy appreciates the history of the team that just signed him.
Love the fact that he is Big 6'4 270-280lbs guy with a nasty streak. I do however hope that room can be found for both he and Kellen Davis. Davis is even taller at 6'7 and has good size at 265lbs. Davis is also much younger and has more pass catching ability than Gaines. Davis may be the long term replacement for Des. Clark and talented players even backups are a resource no team can ever have enough of.
I also find the idea of using Gaines as a blocking Fullback very very interesting!!!!!!! I love the toughness Mckie brings and his descent pass catching ability. He is not however the sort of oversized mauling battering ram lead blocker this team can surely benefit from. Someone in the mold of NY's Madison Hedgecock. That sort of size,strength and attitude combination are what keeps the ground game moving especially in Chicago when the weather get tough.

It's just a privilege to be joining an organization with so much history? Give me a break. Does that mean he knows what the average fan knows, like how many championships the Bears have won, or whose numbers are retired or even who is in the HOF?

What he really means is it's great to be getting a pay check again now that Detroit no longer needs me. I'd prefer to hear, "Hey, you guys beat us twice last year, I remember that, so I should be on a better team."

Cut the crap on the history stuff. No one believes any of these jocks knows or cares much about history, except for the history of what's happened the them since they've been in the league.

Great job bob k
Well you did a terrific job of letting everyone know you didnt care for Gaines comment regarding the privilage he feels to be on what he called "a team with so much history".
Still I wonder now that you got that outta your system what do you think of the aquisition as opposed to the comment of the aquisition.

This is a good pickup. The Bears desperately needed another blocking tight end since Olsen can't block. They really need to motivate Davis to learn to block, though. If he does, he's got Hall of Fame written all over him. And at his size, there's no excuse for not being able to block.

I agree dahli, thw play calling had alot to do with our short yardage situations failing, I mean you can run straight ahead only so many times and the opposing D Coach will figure out. hey, lets stack the middle!
I like the signing but I wonder why we picked up Davis, we had Clark/Olsen already and Davis did not see the field much. and we ran a 2 tight end set and he still couldnt get on the field

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