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Bears not the only NFC North team getting to work today

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The Bears are not the only team in the NFC North getting to work this weekend.

All four teams in the division will host a rookie minicamp. The Bears just happen to be the only one going to work without a first-round draft pick.

In Detroit, No. 1 pick Matthew Stafford will throw his first pass wearing the new Lions' helmet. Tight end Brandon Pettigrew, also a first-round pick, will likely catch one of those passes.

In Minnesota, the Vikings will get their first look at dynamic wide receiver Percy Harvin.

In Green Bay, the Packers will be able to slide tackle B.J. Raji and linebacker Clay Matthews, both first rounders, into their new 3-4 scheme.

*** Chris Williams, the Bears' first-round pick last season, isn't the only lineman who is projected to begin his career at right tackle with an eye toward him eventually moving to the left side. The Bears moved him there when they signed Orlando Pace at the beginning of last month. Left tackle is a position Pace is more familiar with and the Bears can cite the experiences of Jonathan Ogden and Jordan Gross as elite left tackles who started their careers on the other side.

The St. Louis Rams are not replacing Pace with first-round pick Jason Smith, the second player chosen last Saturday. Smith is going to start out at right tackle also. It's not necessarily permanent, but the Rams used Alex Barron at left tackle in a veteran minicamp already and aren't just ready to unscramble their work.

*** Think the Bears are going to have a lot of players on the field today? There are expected to be 43 with nine draft picks, nine undrafted free agents and 25 tryout players. They've got nothing on the Washington Redskins, who will run a full squad minicamp this weekend. The Redskins are expected to have as many as 113 players. Yes, that is more than double the limit of a 53-man roster.

*** The Bears will get going about 12:30 this afternoon. Check back for updates and some Twitter reports.

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Can any one tell me why this regime of Angelo/Smith is building a indoor turf team in a outdoor cold weather city where the speed is negated in the cold winter on a natural dirt/grass field that gets bludgeoned by the bigger stronger teams and that is why Tommie Harris is in the condition he's in, getting hammered on a regular basis takes the speed out of the equation. This team cannot maintain a consistant running game with weak guards. There is no luxury in having a fading all-pro center if he is flanked on both sides by guards that are being over-powered on a regular basis. This crap from Lovie about getting off the bus running is a crock and it shows. People want to blame Turner for the play calling it shouldn't matter who gets the ball on third and one any team that can't get enough push for a stinking yard is pathetic and weak. And now we will have for all intents a pair of finese tackles to go along with weak guards this will be a pass-happy team now it will not have the power to grind out a clock or maintain a running game. NUFF SAID!!

Well, the Skins have pretty well stripped the youth out of their organization over the last 5-7 years by trading away their draft picks, so it is no surprise that they are bringing in lots of UDFA.

Are you going to get us updates on how some of these rookies look? I am particularly interested in the draft picks and QB tryouts.

Is anybody shocked that Favre is back in the news? There are three guys that I believe are addicted to attention in the NFL:

Terrell Owens
Chad Ocho Cinco
Brett Favre

They can't stand not being talked about. If Favre had no interest in coming back, why did it matter if he was on the reserve/retired list or not? Because he wants the media to talk about him. He wants to gauge if he still has enough people jonesing over him to try and come back again. His arm fell apart last year, and any team would be nuts to bring him in. But he has to be in the news, because that is what gives him his value as a player/person.

That is also why TO and Ocho Cinco make some sort of noise every couple of months. They can't let someone else be the headliner...

I am getting tired of all 3 of them, but especially Favre. He knows he can't get it done any more, but still has to get people talking about so he can still be Brett Favre. With Madden gone, his fan club got a lot smaller, but to still be talking about him after his second retirement is ridiculous.

I hope loser Farve goes to the ViQueens this year. We owned that clown the last 4 times we played him to a tune of 12 INT's I think, but I could be wrong. Either way he blows. If he doesn't go to the Queens there 2 QB's scare nobody, not even my newborn who is already representing the navy and orange.

I would also like to know how the rookies are doing in camp today. I am really excited about Jarron Gilbert and Iglesias. I hope Iglesias wins the slot job over Drops Davis. Gilbert's Dad told me that he is excited to be in a 4-3 defense just like the one he played at San Jose St. He said many teams were trying to convert him to a 3-4 defense before the draft. Glad we took him in the 3rd. I think he will be great and with all of Harris' injuries, we now have someone to rotate in at the 3 technique and give him some rest so maybe Harris can help us in the postseason unlike what he did in 2006.


Stop your whining DeputyDawg about the offensive line! Our line was decent last year and look who we had on it. This year the Bears made it priority to get more quality players on the line who will perform 10 times better than the ones we had last year. The O-line is fine. The team has been transformed and yet still people want to complain. Those guards that you are talking about only allowed 3 sacks combined. Beekman allowed 1 in his first year as a starter and Garza allowed 2. That's not bad to me. St. Clair who allowed 9.5 is gone for pro bowler Orlando Pace who allowed 2! He was injured and only allowed 2. Shaffer (allowed 4 sacks) replaces Tait who allowed 6.5. Therefore, the line only got better not worse. The Bears have transformed this team into SB contenders again. We have a franchise QB in Cutler and a number of other quality additions. If anything you should be grateful not bashing them. Do your homework before jumping to conclusions. Our running game was fine last year and will be even better this year. Forte would not have had a good year if he had no holes to run through. I can't wait for the season to start so everyone can shut up with the complaints!


Preach on brother! It makes me sick to think we're not man enough to gain 3 feet when the game is on the line.


With all due respect, I'm not one to bash another, but you seem to be making Dawg's point. You mention the pass related stats. We have been, and should continue to be, a decent pass blocking team. However, we have SERIOUS deficiencies in our run blocking. The Bears finished 24th in the league in rushing last year, with just over 104 yards a game . . . hardly the stuff of a power football team. Oh, and Matt Forte averaged only 3.9 yards per carry . . . hardly befitting of all the hype. It also seems to me that we lost a game or two last year because we were unable to run the ball at the end of the game.

I see the Bears going 9-7 this year; 10-6 at best. Our run game will still be weak as will our run 'D' (not that our pass 'D' will be any good). I'd love to go back to the scheme where our DTs weigh 700lbs+ combined. It might prolong Urlacher's career.

Sup All! Long time no see. My boss and I had to go to Fargo to power wash some houses that were flooded. Missed the draft and a couple of Bulls games but its all for the money right?

Man ohh man what a crazy Chicago atmosphere. Bulls cant win unless its a overtime game, Bears trade down to still draft the WR they wanted all along and the Black Hawks WOW the Black Hawks finally win a series since what 1992? Crazy I tell ya Crazy....Crazy.

I read the Archives Brad. Way to go on keeping up on the Draft! Long days I take it.

Should I do it? Yeah I should. Gilbert is a Bad mamma jamma. That dude is a FREAK! Lets hope he is not another Alonzo Spellman.

Creighton my freind. Whats up with you? Have a bug stuck up your butt or something?

Just to let everyone know I havent been on here Inside the Bears or for that matter the internet at all sence April 22 of 2009.

Sorry to burst your balloon that Stanley the Bear got ya but Time to Man up wanst me! Sorry if at least 1 person that reads these blogs likes me. I know hard to believe isnt it Creighton. And you say I go nuts on this forum! Well nice to see ya..... Hes Gone!

Following up on that Creighton Your saying that I Brando was useing your name before the Cutler trade??? No No you told MD Kevin that a rumor was going around that I posted that pink panties rant??? No No if you see I never at all posted on that forum at all. Also again at that time I was away working so I cant be on here everyday like you...Creighton. I know I know hard to believe isnt it.

Hard work and no play make Brando fatter in the wallet. Just went golfing for the first time in a couple weeks it seems. I suck! Well I had 2 good shots.

Jerry Angelo good job drafting! You did what you had to. This year I can see the Bears go 10-6 maybe 11-5. Would be nice wouldnt it!

Hey one other thing it sounds like Creighton is setting himself up to Blog here but as he says he wont use his name anymore? Sounds like if he says something stupid AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN well you get the point, that he will once again blame it on me.

Creighton you think your smart you think your witty but as it stands you dumb and a half witt. And you called me a lier. Funny Funny!

DeputyDawg. Dawg way back from the 90's. Didnt Forte run for something like 1200+ yards with the same Guards they have now? Pulling one from Creightons bag... were you the one that has been posting under the name of Protect the QB? lol just joking. had to do it. If the line last year was serviceable then this year should be an improvement I think? Well my opinions stink and as I read I have no football knowledge. Thats what they say. I think addition by subtraction (St Clair) will make the O-Line better. Addition by addition Pace will make the line better. And well the back ups this year is far far better then last year. So.... what I am saying Dawg (sounds like Randy from American Idol) I think everybody should be happy about this years O-Line.

@Joe Felicelli

You Said: "If Favre had no interest in coming back, why did it matter if he was on the reserve/retired list or not?"

The Answer: Because by being released from the Jets, that makes him eligible to officially retire as a Packer (after signing a one-day contract). Which means he can get the $20 million marketing deal the Packer's offered him last spring.

funny how Harvin had durability issues...and couldn't even make the trip to Minny before he choked and puked.

Romero the facts are the facts your stats are referring to passing stats I'm referring to the several times Garza has been stuffed on power running plays. I watch OL play I used to coach OL on a HS and JC level Garza is not strong at POA his value is next to a good run tackle and a good center. His bio even suggest he is a technician not a power guy. In our own division the defensive lines are bulking up we are not responding. Beekman is a center playing guard a wall off, pulling get to second level player not a grader. This is the makings of a turf/indoor team. A outdoor team has big guards that get intial push and the back hits off the backside or cuts back, our guards don't get push on scrimmage they are stopped in their tracks and look like they are in sand. Too many times Forte is trapped from penetration yes he had 1200 yds a testament to what could happen if he had a real powerful set of guards or a signature go to play.

Anonymous you have said that eloquently and I wil be happy if Garza is replaced with someone who will get some push, they already must know something they are trying to make Frank O. a guard mainly because of his size and tackle experience and Bruening is lurking so they want to make a change. A team that so called wants to get off the bus running sure needs to bulk up to move anyone.

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