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Bears could be hesitant to add another inexperienced QB

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The Bears will wrap up their three-day rookie minicamp this afternoon at Halas Hall after which the Bears might extend contract offers to a few of the 25 tryout players.

It might be tough for any of the three quarterbacks to get one. It's not so much Jay Cutler that is in their way but an inexperienced depth chart behind the new starter. Northwestern's C.J. Bacher, Missouri's Chase Patton and Florida State's Drew Weatherford have been splitting time. Blocking their way are Caleb Hanie and Brett Basanez. Hanie, the undrafted free agent from last season, has yet to appear in an NFL game. Basanez threw 11 passes in 2006. The Bears might be hesitant to add a third inexperienced passer to their depth chart and they only carried three quarterbacks to training camp last summer. When they took a fourth quarterback--Florida's Chris Leak--to Bourbonnais, Ill., in 2007 he pretty much just stood around. There wasn't enough work to go around.

Patton is battling a lack of experience as well trying to become the next Matt Cassel--a career college backup who hits it big. At 6-5, 220 pounds, he has the kind of size the NFL is looking for and the strongest arm of the bunch. But he played behind Heisman Trophy candidate Chase Daniel and threw only 31 passers over the last two seasons.

"Naturally, I feel I am behind a lot of guys just because I haven't had the on-the-field experience but that is something I can't worry about because that's just the situation I have been dealt so I have to work my butt off to make that gap up,'' Patton said. "I feel like I am coming along pretty well.

"I hope I have enough where people are going to want to take a look at me. I have to come up here and make plays and not make mental errors. I have to show I can execute and be consistent."

Patton had a good week at the Texas vs. The Nation all-star game but was rolled up on from behind on the fourth play of the game, keeping him from getting more game action. A native of Columbia, Mo., the natural question is whether or not he regrets toiling behind Daniel instead of getting an opportunity elsewhere.

"I can't have regrets or what-ifs because that just distracts you from what you are doing now,'' he said. "My faith was a big part of my decision to go to Missouri and with my faith I was there and I was committed to the team. I thought I could compete even after Chase Daniel came in and had a good year backing up Brad Smith. I trusted I was there and I could compete. I ended up learning a lot in the backup role, a lot of mental toughness and perseverance, preparing yourself for the game when you know you might not play. There were a lot of things I got from it so I am thankful for my time there."

This weekend isn't the only shot for these players. There will be more opportunities. If Weatherford doesn't sign a contract with the Bears, he is headed to New Orleans this coming week for another minicamp.

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As I always say, you can never have too many quarterbacks on your team. Everyone has a different style of play, and can maybe step in right away if your number one QB gets hurt. I would take the kid out of Missouri, Chase Patton for he has a great arm, and has the size to be in the NFL anyways. He could be a surprise talent that got passed up in the draft, you never know.

Good afternoon,

The 2009 Bears will be much better than the 2008 Bears for 3 reasons. Jay Cutler, Orlando Pace, and Chris Williams. The Chicago Bears went 9-7 with a horrible offense and a minimal passing game. How many times was Matt Forte seeing a lack of fear for the Chicago Bear passing game. How many times did Jay Cutler see a lack of fear for the Denver running game. Now both have what they need to keep the defense honest. With Orlando Pace and Chris Williams stopping both defense ends one on one on the ends it leaves three offensive lineman, including pro-bowler Olin Kruntz and Tony Garza with beef in the newly aquired guard to stop 2 players. Also take a look at the catches for yards by Devin Hester at the end of the season.
Now for all the people who are worried about Kyle Orton and how much he meant. The Chicago Bears lost a game again the Houston Texans which was huge. Where was kyle and he had a running game and a defense. Where was Jay's? Denver had no defense and muscial chairs of running backs last year.
Minnisota will not go far because they have no quarterback. Defence and running the ball doesn't will Super Bowls. If you take out the Baltimore Ravans who has won a Super Bowl in the last 10 years without a quarterback you fear?

I was able to watch a few hours of mini-camp today and I think the Bears will take 4 quarterbacks into summer camp and the 4th QB will be Chase Patton from Missouri. Yes, he is inexperienced, but he has the greatest potential as a development project. He is 6-5, 225 and has a rocket for an arm. You would have to be stupid to NOT take this kid to camp and work him out.

Look folks, it never hurts to have an extra QB in summer camp. From all the sports writers, blogs, and workouts, Patton seems to be the consensus best option in mini-camp. Invite him to summer camp and see what he can do. The ESPN article was really good, and those guys at ESPN didn't just write that for fun, they believe he has good NFL potential.

Pep Hamilton said that rookie QBs looked good today, and that Chase Patton was the strongest of the three. He did not say who they would keep and what not, but sounds like Patton stood out.

It seems that everyone is still excited about the season and that's a good thing. I find it interesting how alot of bears fans have all of a sudden decided that Kyle meant nothing to them, which is odd because I actually think he's a good player. He can pull off games, but it goes back to that old saying: a qb without receiver talent is wasted effort. Then there is the issue of the offensive line: this is not a young line, but rather an old one so to say that all of a sudden it's going to hold a strong defense at bay really isn't fair-if the steelers defense wants to knock a qb into the next county, it will. Let it also be known that Jay Cutler also threw away games like Orton and he possessed top receivers and a young offensive line that kept him standing up straight. Kyle had neither, but was expected to pull off a miracle. It's not a done deal that just because we acquired Cutler that all of a sudden we are going to roll through the division: the packers will be ready(I've yet to understand why people haven't grasped the concept that Aaron is getting better) and don't assume that Sage can't produce in Minnesota (he inherited a team that is immensely talented). Jay may be here, but that doesn't guarantee anything, we could literally end up 9-7 again and miss the playoffs. Nothing is set in stone and until we get true receivers he still won't have anyone to throw to-Devin Hester is not a #1 receiver, only a fill in. There are qbs that won the superbowl who were feared-BECAUSE THEY HAD TALENTED RECEIVERS. He tallied all that yardage because of Marshall/Royal/Stokeley. A qb is only as good as his receivers and you don't see Peyton,Tom, and Big Ben's teams skimping on the talent. It's time to put this in context and stop skipping straight to the superbowl, this team has alot of holes to fill and this one player, can't pull off this feat. Alot of people also seem to forget that Kyle landed in a great place. Denver is rebuilding and he has inherited a top offensive threat, that's a great position to be in and it will be much easier for him to perform. It is a great chance for him to showcase his talent-yes, he has some. He doesn't have an arm like Jay, but he doesn't need it because arm strength isn't what it's all about, but rather maturity and the ability to handle tough situations. I was not surprised when I read that McDaniels had his eye on Kyle all along and why not...he has all the tangibles of a good qb:leadership, toughness, ability to adapt to change, and respect of his teammates. I find it odd how quickly alot of fans dismissed him from memory and consider him substandard. He's not and any team would be lucky to have him. Don't be surprised if you see him with the big numbers!

It would be very silly not to keep a fourth QB. We can make do with one less FB, or one less DB. But if you aren't developing young QB's every year you end up with Kyle Orton (or Rex) as your starting QB. And we've seen how that works out.

Keep Patton, and carry four on the roster if you are sold on Basanez. QB is too important a position not to keep it stocked.

Some good posts today let me add my 2 cents, Orton would have been better with a real go to reciever. He is not like Cutler with the stud type arm those type of guys make recievers better because the ball is delivered in a position to succeed Orton was the opposite he could deliver if the reciever was REALLY open, he didn't possess the cannon. That's the difference between a game manager and a playmaker. The physical and mental attributes are completely different Cutler will think he can put a ball in a certain spot and physically be able to do it Orton will think it but chose not to because it's not who he is physically. That can change a recievers mentality cause now he must expect more and the anticipation of a big play increases on the reciever and the defense.

I don't understand how you say Denver had great receivers last year. Denver led the league in dropped balls! Did anyone hear of Brandon Marshall before Denver? I think Jay made the Denver receivers look good. I mean watch Jay and Earl highlights on Youtube.

Let's see what Jay can do.

God bless Chicago Bears and Cutler!

N.W., nice post.

There was a lot to like about Orton. Time will tell, but Cutler might not have some of the intangibles Orton has. I prefer Cutler at this point. I think he is more accurate, especially going deep. The best deep ball I saw Orton throw was his first throw in his first preseason to Moose (if not mistaken). Beyond 25 yards he missed too often. He was a good leader, not afraid to audible, seemed to do it effectively most often, and well-liked. We'll see.

I'm more concerned with the defense. Too many wait and see issues on that side of the ball. Pass rush, corner play, FS. I have more confidence in filling the safety spots than corner, but I don't like how much room our corners are allowed to give WRs. I don't like that they give the inside away either. What do we have on the D line at this point? Tommy Harris count be counted on, so we're potentially average at DT. DE we have Alex Brown (6 sacs a year and decent run play) and a whole lot of I don't know are teams gonna gash the D again? I'm not sold at all, just hopefull.

Chicago needs to win now, Kyle doesn't give them that and one thing about the aka old line. Orlando Pace is going to the Hall of Fame and he can block a lot of defensive ends not to mention lead by example. The Bears won 9 games last year with an ok offensive line. This year it is better. Now as far as receivers how many rings does Randy Moss have? How many does Terrell Owens have? How many does Chad Johnson have? How many does Steve Smith Smith Have. Plaxico has one and Marvn Harrison has one. That is two among the top receivers in the league. speaking of receivers, take a look at New England, a terrific quarterback in Tom Brady but besides Randy Moss who has New England had? And they have superbowl rings. Terrific quarterbacks make receivers look great. Marshall in Denver was a second day pick. When Dan Marino's recievers went elsewhere how well did they do? When Tom Brady's receivers when somewhere else how well did they do? Muscin Muh had terrific numbers in Carolina but in Chicago with average quarterbacks how well did he do? Receivers cannot run without the ball. Jerry Angelo is right it all starts with the quarterback. Who would the Giants rather lose? Eli Manning or Plaxico Burress? I'll say Eli Manning. Ask the Colts who would you rather lose? Peyton or pick a reciever? Orton is a quarterback who in the right system can be terrific but with Jay, if the play breaks down and there is a receiver open 60 yards down the field, who can throw the ball to the receiver? Jay or Kyle? Football isn't about what happens when everythign goes your way and about x's and o's. It is about when things go wrong, busted plays and injuries. When things go wrong I like Jay over Kyle. It isn't about forgetting Kyle, it is making the Chicago Bears Better.
We can blame the receivers all we want but the fact is, no ball no yards and Kyle didn't get them the ball enough. How many drops did the Chicago Bear receivers have? They didn't get the ball. As someone who loves to play football, it is frustrating to be open and ot get the ball. I blame the quarterback. I hate running routes and watch the ball go elsewhere when I'm open. The Chicago Bears need a strong armed quarterback who isn't afraid of the media or fans. Someone who wouldn't worry about Monday Morning quarterbacks and do what he has to for the Bears to win games. No one should play it safe. We need winners not persons who are afraid to lose their jobs. Remember Ron runs a scheme close to Norv's and both need strong armed quarterbacks like Aikman and Phillip Rivers. I hope Kyle does great where he is but Kyle is what he is, an ok quarterback who wins games by managing them, not in a shootout. We need to win in a shootout. I wouldn't worry about Minnisota, There is a difference between what is needed to go undefeated in the NFC North and what is needed to win the Superbowl, The Chicago Bears are close to what it takes to win a Superbowl aka Balance than Minnisota. Just watch and be amazed by the best Bear offense ever! Receivers in Chicago, just hang on. The ball will be on the money. Forte get ready to see some defenses to run through. Let's go 4 and 5 wide receiver sets. Marshall is a FA soon!

Peter- Now for all the people who are worried about Kyle Orton and how much he meant. The Chicago Bears lost a game again the Houston Texans which was huge. Where was kyle and he had a running game and a defense.

Sorry Peter but what game were you watching ?

Orton against the Texans threw for 244 yards 2 passing tds and rushing td

The Bears were up 10-0 at the end of the first quarter

Forte ran for 50 yards

Bears defense gave up 455 yards 328 in the air and 10 catches 148 yards to Andre Johnson

Orton had his ups and downs but that was the biggest game of the year just win and we make the playoffs and I think Orton and Hester were the only two to show up.

You sound insane saying Orton didnt get the receivers the ball enough ? Who exactly are we talking about here ?Booker ? Lloyd who missed most of the season with an injury ? dropsies Davis ? Hester who didnt even start the first half of the season ?

I like Cutler but he is gonna have to play well to surpass what Orton did. We really need to make sure we understand that Cutler is not a finished product .Ive heard nothing about Cutlers continued development.We are gonna find out a lot about the team and our organization this year as a whole and I have the feeling we will not like what we see....and it wont be Cutlers fault.

I think the Bears should bring a fourth QB for two reasons. One, cause you never know when someone is going to get hurt, and it's always good to have extra people in case of injury. Second, someone with a live arm like Chase Patton should be kept around just in case. Basanez and Hanie are untested at this point. As for Cutler v. Orton, I suspect that both of them will thrive in their new environments. Cutler shoudl be good given the talent that he possesses. Plus the reviews on Iglesias (and Knox) are good so far, and hopefully they can push R. Davis into the slot where he plays better.
But don't hate on Orton. How much of a legend would he be if they'd won in Atlanta (defense's fault)? He never had the strongest arm, but he managed to win games. In the games he played badly (New Orleans, Green Bay) he managed to pull out a win. In the games he played well, we won, or should have won. Think about it, you think we would've beaten Tennessee if Orton played instead of Grossman?

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