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Bears continue waiting game for Tinoisamoa

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The Bears continue to play the waiting game for linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa, who was released nearly three weeks ago by the St. Louis Rams. He's still very much in play a day after the New England Patriots brought him in for a visit Tuesday and then went in another direction, signing Paris Lenon to fill a void at inside linebacker.

Tinoisamoa has also visited the Buffalo Bills and may use a visit to the Philadelphia Eagles to explore a real opportunity or drum up more more interest at a time when few teams are out shopping on the open market. Being so late to the game in free agency is why a one-year contract makes sense for Tinoisamoa. He had three years remaining on a $24.7 million, five-year extension, and was due to make $3.25 million this season.

St. Louis attempted for some time to trade Tinoisamoa and the fact that it couldn't find a taker means getting that kind of money for one season might be a challenge for him. The Bears aren't in a rush to get a deal done but ideally would like to have him in place before Monday so he can attend the bulk of the OTA sessions which resume then and run for three weeks.

What is less clear is what the Bears will do if they are able to land the veteran. It's expected Tinoisamoa would be the favorite to win the starting job at strong-side linebacker, especially considering his history with Lovie Smith and Bob Babich. That would relegate Nick Roach and Hunter Hillenmeyer to reserve roles. Roach could be a standout on special teams but surely has bigger plans after nudging his way into the starting lineup during the middle of last season.

Hillenmeyer has yet to be cleared to return to the playing field after surgery to repair a sports hernia. He has to be focused on being ready to compete at the start of training camp. The addition of Tinoisamoa would make it interesting because the Bears will likely keep six linebackers on the 53-man roster or seven if they feel there is a player who fills multiple needs on special teams.

Stay tuned.

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Let's hope the Bears don't also play the waiting game on Matt Jones, who will no longer be suspended by the league, and sign our new Number 1 WR!!!!!!!!!

I think signing this guy would be a good idea. I do like Hilly though and wouldn't be happy if he departs. I liked Orton, but realize that the upgrade to Cutler was worth it, kinda feel the same in this situation.

I think Matt Jones would be a minor upgrade. I would like to see the Bears make another push for Anquan Bolden! He's definetly going to be a distraction for them this comming season and is very unhappy. I don't see him showing up until he gets and extention or he gets traded. I don't think their going to give him an extention and will sit out till he gets traded. He's obviously extremaly p-ed off as fireing one of the best agents shows. He'll sit without a contract or sit until he gets traded! He's not goin to play at what he's getting paid. He broke his face last year! Come on Anquan join your new team the Bears!

Matt Jones, Hester and rotate Bennet and Igulasias....nice targets for cutler (and throw in Olsen).

And sign this ex-ram! Loyalty to Roach or Hunter is a luxury, not a necessity. Look at the Pats...they will trade anyone in attempts to win one more game.

What the bears need to do, bring Jones in, talk to him, find out how much he REALLY wants to play football. run him through a physical and a workout to see if he is anywhere near in shape, which would lead to whether or not he is serious about playing football, and if all that checks, sign him. he is BIG and the last BIG reciever Cutler had was Brandon Marshall and jones is bigger than him. if all that checks out, sign him to a one year incentive laden contract with a club option for a second year and if he performs, you excersize that option. what i wouldn't do is just rush to sign him because you need a reciever


Signing Matt Jones would be a upgrade over who? Matt is a FA for a reason he never lived up to what they drafted him for.He has no protencial we minds well sign Brandon Lloyd be4 we do something like that.

Lets hope that the Bears secure Pisa, he would be very good at the SAM and if signed the holes in the D are starting to be addressed. The linebacker core would be top 5 in the league, the line top 15, lets see the new rookies and how Marinelli can do with the pass rush before we crown them as elite. The defensive backs should be top 10 with Tillman, Graham and Vasher solid. The Defense as a whole will finish top 10 to maybe top 3 if the stars align. Special teams top 3 and offense top 15 with the O line top 20, QB top 5, RB's top 10 and WR's top 20 because of Cutler.

With that all said what the Bears need right now is to make another run at Boldin. I agree with Shaun, the Bears have the money, Cutler needs a true number 1 WR and Boldin is close to that and Chicago needs another championship.

Bottom line is Jerry Angelo, Get er done!!! GEt er done JA. Boldin is the last piece in this years puzzle, just get Er done!!!!

dice - if you take Matt Jones' numbers from his 12 games last year and extrapolate them over a 16 game season:

87 catches/1014 yards/3 TDs

Even with only playing 12 games last year, his numbers would still be good enough to be the Bears leading WR in catches and yards.

WRs take a few years to develop - Jax did the all the work and he's now ready to be very productive.

No, he's not ready to be productive. He's ready to do a whole lot of coke with a new contract from a stupid team that signs him.

What if you take the number of grams of coke Matt Jones was cutting up in a car and extrapolate that over a 16 game season?

The guy makes poor life decisions and does not even like football. But hey, let's sign him to the team and put a bad influence next to the rest of the wide receivers. Cutler likes to go out and party, let's put a known cokehead in the locker room for him to hang out with. Go team!

Michael Irvin did lines in his hotel room and put up HOF numbers. This guy puts up 700 yard seasons and gets away with not being suspended, and we have wannabe GM's thinking he is worth the risk. He's mediocre, and plays like a TE in a WR role. Completely unnecessary with Olsen on the squad, who is a quality teammate.

On Pisa, I could take him or leave him. He's not worth getting all worked up over if he makes it here or not.

I was a season ticket holder for the Jaguars over the last 3 seasons. Matt Jones started to come on somewhat last year, but he was a big disappointment for the Jaguars. He never lived up to the 1st round pedigree. He is a QB converted to a wide reciever. He was a project for the Jaguars and he still continues to be a project. The Bears seem to have their share of "project" recievers all ready. On the other hand, it wouldn't hurt to look at him and see if he could be productive in training camp.


Let's sign Matt for Donte Stallworth...and then break Rae Carruth out of prison!!! Oh snap, don't forget PLAXICO DUMBASS!!! WE'LL HAVE A DREAM TEAM OF CRIMINALS, UH I MEAN, RECEIVERS. Yeah, receivers. That's it.

But anyway...


Go Chicago Cowboys!!! WOOH!!!

Pisa would be a great pickup for anyone. Even being so-called "undersized" he has been able to play at a high level for 4 of his 6 seasons (2 injury seasons). The Bears would definately benefit from signing him. Not to mention he's a good guy, keeps out of trouble, and does alot of work in various communities. Sign him.

You guys are crazy to think that there isn't a better option out there then trading multiple draft picks away for a guy who is gonna demand a base salary of 10 million dollars when we could sign Plaxico for a whole lot less and use what draft picks we have to continue to address our ageing defense I agree Boldin doesn't have a record of off the field issues but he also isn't Larry Fitzgerald I understand he is tough as nails but he is riding the wave of Kurt"the best show on turf " warner.If you guys are sceptical about Burress concidering the uncertainty of whether he will be locked up or not then let's take a look at Marvin Harrison and Matt Jones why not bring in two guys they are gonna come at a discount price anyway.I don't understand why nobody is pushing for us to inquire in a trade for Chad Ocho Cinco he has been unhappy for years and his talent far out shines his mouth.Also Jerry PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go get Pisa he is a very solid linebacker if you gonna place him at strongside then hook him up with a trainer and have him start to bulk up a little if you do this you will have a top 3 libacker core so please Jerry don't tell us fans that there are no more moves to be made this offseason cause there is just to much talent waiting to be grabbed at a discount price for you to just ignore it as you have in the past.

Mike...yo da man!!! That was funny, but seriously Rae has been catching balls for the past several years so he's still seasoned. Donte never lived up to the hype and may get off due to a technicality. Plaxico was just plain stupid, but he is the best option out there. I think if Strahan was still a Giant, it might not have occurred. The Giants have absolutely no leadership in the locker room. I think if Plax was a Bear he would be surrounded by enough people to avoid dumb mistakes. Just think about it, he could be Jay's wingman--so no more shooting himself in the leg. Heck! I think shooting yourself in public should be enough punishment as it is. It will go down in history somewhere next to Dan Orlovsky run out the back of the end zone.

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