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Analyst Pat Kirwan projects royalty for Juaquin Iglesias

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Jay Cutler does not have Eddie Royal to throw to after switching teams but that might be OK.'s Pat Kirwan, in a segment on, suggests that third-round pick Juaquin Iglesias could make the kind of impact as a rookie that Royal did in his first season last year with the Denver Broncos.

That's asking a lot. Royal started 15 games and made 91 receptions for 980 yards with five touchdowns. With Brandon Marshall suspended for the season opener, Royal made nine catches in the first game and never looked back. The quarterback and wide receiver made a connection early and clicked.

No one expects Iglesias to go out and put up the kind of numbers Royal did. But if he can have between 45 and 55 catches for 550 yards, you'll be able to call his rookie season a big success. It's one of the more difficult positions for rookies to succeed at, but the Bears know they need to get production out of Iglesias and are going to put him to work accordingly. General manager Jerry Angelo said he expects Iglesias to be the guy who works the middle of the field.

*** ESPN's John Clayton says it's tough to call the Bears a surprise team for 2009 given that they wound up 9-7 this past year. He sees a two-game improvement for the Bears with the addition of Cutler. As Clayton points out, the Bears have the easiest strength of schedule this coming year.

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I will take 11-5. That would make the Cutler trade worth it in my eyes; well that and a trip to the NFC championship.

Everything that we are reading points to Iglesias in the slot, unless I am just not getting it, which may be the case.

Wouldn't more speed and quickness in the slot be more the ticket?

Why wouldn't Bennett be more of a slot type receiver or Knox than Iglesias?

Just asking questions for anyone to enlighten me? I really don't care who is in the slot or flanker etc as long as the passing game is productive on a consistent basis.

I hope that the forecast for iglesias to have a great year is an accurate one then it will ensure that Hester is also very productive with some major TD's.

Outside of injury concerns, 3 time Pro-Bowler Boldin should be in a Bear uniform for years to come; and here is how the Cardinals and Bears can finally make this obvious trade happen - listen up everyone.

The Cardinals before last year's trip to the Super Bowl were considered an inglorious NFL franchise. They have kicked around the NFL since 1920 having only experiencing some success in 1923 with an NFL “best record” title and won a championship in 1947. Now, having not finished the job, they are like the 2006 Super Bowl Chicago Bears – they want to get back to the Super Bowl.
Speaking of the Chicago Bears, Jerry Angelo has a new pro-bowl quarterback and a new glow and is basking in his new found celebrity: He is even fearlessly opening his mail these days with a sharp edged letter opener. The acquisition of Jay Cutler and a slew of other off season moves have made the Bears’ brave and with 2010 Super Bowl aspirations. But Jerry and Lovie Smith know that NFL history suggest that they will not get there with a group of unproven and average receivers. They must get Anquan Boldin if they want to get to the Super Bowl.

Here’s the best trade for both teams: Anquan Boldin to Chicago for Chicago’s 2010 2nd round draft choice and TE Desmond Clark. Bam! Done…

Why the Cardinals should make this trade:
The Cardinals don’t need Boldin. Like the rest of the world, the period of excess is over and we enter the days of downsizing and efficiency. Kurt Warner led the NFL's second best passing game by throwing to only the fifth teammate receiver threesome in history with 1,000 yards apiece – Larry Fitzgerald (1,431), Anquan Boldin (1,038) and Steve Breaston (1,006). Without Boldin that’s almost 1,500 yards and Arizona was 3–1 in Boldin-less games. Boldin is asking for $9 million per year and the Cardinals are already paying his receiver mate Fitzgerald $10 million per year. That’s $19 million to just two receivers while the Cardinals stated higher priority is to re-sign inside linebacker Karlos Dansby and strong safety Adrian Wilson. Arizona can posture all they want, but they ain’t going to do a new Boldin contract.

Arizona has the NFL’s worse running game and although Edgerrin James was scape-goated out of town, the truth is: head coach Ken Whisenhunt has been desperate for a tight end since arriving in Arizona. This year he signed 3 non-descript TE’s to one year deals. One of them is Anthony Becht who is best known as a blocking tight end with 178 catches in his 9 year NFL career. The very durable Desmond Clark has 344 catches in his career and his catching production would immediately help the Cardinals in their goal to get back to the Super Bowl as the pass catching TE Arizona needs to take some of the attention off their pass/receiver orientated offense. With Clark’s contract expiring at the end of the year that is one less player contract the Cardinal’s have to worry about if he doesn’t work out.

Why the Bears’ should make this trade:

The Bears really, really need Boldin – to put the shine on the Cutler trade where they paid a King’s ransom. With Cutler, the Bears’ receivers will be good, but not good enough to get to the Super Bowl. They could take 2 to 3 years to develop into an NFL Super Bowl group of receivers. By then, the defense will have aged and Lovie and Jerry would be gone. Can we say, "time to rebuild." The Bears want to win now. Boldin is a pro bowl receiver with many years left in his career if he can manage injury – the Bears and Cutler will be much more successful with him. The young receiver group can develop with this proven and productive teammate.
When the Bears signed TE Gaines they officially made Desmond Clark and his expiring contract expendable. Gaines is a better blocker than Clark and with decent pass catching skills. Gaines will immensely help the Bears in their woeful short yardage package.
So in the off season the Bears would have improved the offensive line, and acquired a pro-bowl quarterback and receiver. Should the Bears win the Super Bowl with Boldin, this off season would go down as one of the NFL best ever for a team.

The slick and crafty super agent Drew Rosenhaus tried along with the Cardinals to get the NFL teams to believe it would take 1st round picks for Boldin. The draft has come and gone, the smoke has cleared and Boldin is still an Arizona Cardinal. If you don’t think Boldin can be had for a second round, remember this 2007 headline: Raiders trade Randy Moss to Patriots for 4th round pick, the 110 selection in that year’s draft.


I think what they mean be "over the middle," is more akin to what Marty Booker did for us earlier in the decade or what Muhsin "Where quarterbacks go to throw-up" Muhammed did for the Bears. Going over the middle doesn't mean slot, it simply means slants, deep ins and post routes. I think Rashied Davis gets the first shot at the slot but I predict by week 5 (the bye week), we will be giving Johny Knox the slot gig and there will be a 3 receiver rotation on the outside with Bennett, Hester and Iglesias. Depending on the package and situation, you might want a bigger package with Devin on the sideline. These are just my thoughts but I think that Iglesias becomes a Bobby Engram type of possession guy, dangerous in the Red Zone and 3rd downs.

ahhhh.....sorry but al of you loosers are WRONG. hester is sloty guy ans a slpit end. benet is a split end ans ans do is knox ans iglessias...but we don thave a flanker! or we do have a flanker but he hides under my bed ans scares wehn i go to sleep. you see that loosers? i use footbal terms ans it makes it sound like i actualy now waht im talking abot!

today my mommy tooks me to teh bears expo at soilder field ans i saw...STALEY DA BEAR!!! i was so happy i went tinkel ans teh nice sekurity guard tooks me somewere else. gues its not so cool wehn you do tyhat ans youer 49 years old! heeheehee!

but you gus now me, er, i mean you dont now me! we neverr met! (im going undercovers becuase brando is such a mean bully!)

ps dont tel me mommy i was up so late...loosers!


It would be idiotic for the Bears to make a trade like that. They'd just be trading one problem for another. Gaines is strictly a blocker like Gilmore, and Olsen is strictly a receiver. Without Clark the Bears would have a tight end on the field who either could not block or who posed no danger in the passing game. And if you think it doesn't matter, you're wrong. Without Desmond Clark, Greg Olsen would be the starter, which means the Bears would have no running game. What do you think THAT would do to the passing game you're so hung up on.

And yes, I said hung up. Teams generally win championships because they have superior defenses and top notch lines, not because they have top receivers. Receivers are just icing on the cake; if you don't have the basics, you won't win even with great ones. I agree that the Bears badly need at least one good, proven receiver, but trading away your only competent tight end to get one would not improve the offense.


Wishful thinking.
The cards wouldn't take a 2nd round draft pick from the Bears during the draft. What makes you think that they would take one now. The addition of a tight end that is in his twilight of his career? You got to be kidding. The Bears would have made that deal in a flash if the cards were really interested in trading Boldin. The cards want a first round pick for him and maybe with that, they would also need a tight end like Desmond to close the deal. They might have considered a second rounder if the Bears were really really bad so that the second rounder would end up being a very early second rounder. But the Bears will most likely end up in the early 20s for a draft pick. Cards won't bite on that.
You got a better chance of pulling someone out of retirement.

Iggy is not that fast hes a hands and feet recvr,and has good vision.Knox and Hester should work slot,and Davis and Bennett and Iggy can post,slant,and curl.Cutler will have it in thier chest so its up 2 them .I still think we should go after Plaxico...or M.Harrison,or someone else with sticky hands!!!

The easiest schedule AND the second coming of J.C.* and the Bears are only two games better? Man, they're worse that I thought they are.

* JC -- the first one was Jesus Christ. The second one is Jay Cutler.

The key with Iglesias will be giving him just one spot to concentrate on and letting him play. The guy is gonna have a lot to learn as it is let alone the three different positions at receiver. I say put him at one spot [probably the slot] and let him learn while still getting productions from the guy.

It sounds like having to learn all three receiver positions is what killed any chance for Earl Bennett to get on the field and contribute as a rookie. The difference with Bennett and Iglesias is with Bennett as a rookie, Chicago had some veterans in front of Bennett, so there was no real need [at first] for Bennett to get on the field and contribute as a rookie. So Chicago had the luxury of taking it slow with Bennett and teaching him all three positions. With Iglesias, its probably a good idea to get some production from the guy as a rookie with no one really established in front of him other than Hester. Playing just one spot will hopefully ease Iglesias into the game, and Iglesias will be able to contribute as a rookie GO BEARS!!

kenicoe nice production but not sensible. Do you actually think the Cardinals would give up a Pro Bowl reciever for a 32 yr old TE and a 2010 2nd rounder I don't think so knowing soon there will be a servicable TE released soon. Nice try but not very likely, this is not the NBA were expiring salaries are as vital.

"""Without Clark the Bears would have a tight end on the field who either could not block or who posed no danger in the passing game. And if you think it doesn't matter, you're wrong. Without Desmond Clark, Greg Olsen would be the starter, which means the Bears would have no running game."""

Olsen had just as many snaps as Clark did last season so you could look at Olsen being a starter already. CBS.sports has Olsen starting (7) games and Clark all (16) so the reallity is that the Bears first play from scrimage in (7) games last season used a (2) TE set formation. That is the difference between the two players, after that Olsen put up much better numbers.

Gaines is a blocking specialist but to say he is no threat as a WR is wrong. He had (23) catches for (260) yards and a TD last season with (13) FD's and an (11.3) yard per reception average. Clark had (41) receptions for (367) yards, (1) TD, (18) FD's and a (9.0) yard per reception average. Based on average, Gaines had a better season catching the ball then Clark did !!!

Olsen even though he was not the primary starter had a great year. (54) receptions for (574) yards, (5) TD's, (31) FD's, (10.6) yards per reception average....

Go Bears !!

I think the Bears were lucky to get Iglesias. Rarely has a player with all the skills and football smarts that he has been available at the level he was picked. He can come right in, start, and make an impact. He is probably the Bears' best route runner, does not drop the easy ones , and can make the circus catches if needed. With Cutler throwing, the circus catches won't be needed much except for those slightly tipped passes. He should have a great season.

I don't know if it will be Iglesias, but I do think there is going to be a receiver, maybe more than one, "discovered" on the Bears roster this year. It could also be Bennett, or even Riddeau. Davis never did click with Orton like he did Grossman. Maybe he hits it off with Cutler.

Somebody will.

One of the many reasons you want a franchise quarterback is that francise quarterbacks always find somebody to play catch with. It will happen with Cutler and the Bears. It's going to be fun to see who comes out of the pack to be Cutler's guy.

That's just the wideouts. I'll bet the tight ends are all having wet dreams about getting in the game with Cutler. Denver's tight ends caught over 70 for over 1,000 last year. IMHO with Cutler doing the throwing Chicago has better receivers at that position than Denver.

Don't sleep on Kinder either. I think he is the best candidate on the roster to be a split end, and will likely go into a rotation with Bennett at the X spot. The Z will be Iglesias and possibly Hester in a rotation. Then Hester and Knox will play in the slot. There's your 5 WRs for the season. I think Davis will only stick if they go 6 WRs on the roster, but one of them will not be active in some weeks. I think we already know that Davis has a ceiling, and he has already reached it (even back-slided some). Rideau has been a preseason star, but we wouldn't have drafted 3 WRs this year if we were convinced that he could cut it.

I see all 3 of the draft picks making it to the opening day roster, and we will have a quick, aggressive group of wideouts for Cutler to throw to.

I think the Bears are going to surprise a lot of teams this year.They will have no predictable receiver where oposing defenses will concentrate, which will help spread the field for a diverse offensive attack with 2 excellent receiving TE,a home run threat in Hester,a an above average catching RB in Forte ,a second year seasoned Bennett and a surprising young receiving corp by draft, which I see Iglesias NFL ready to perform in good route running and after the catch threat. J Clayton wrote he finds the BEARS to be the 2ND surprising team in the NFL due to their so called NFL easiest schedule (.414)but how can you base on past year records to judge easiness, when you have to consider this year improvements to judge that Base on what say the Bears play a tuff schedule. Lets see, 1st this year play 4 teams that were conference finalists from which 2 were in the Super Bowl and have made improvements this year,PLAY 4 OUT 6 first games in the road, play as vistors at Seahawks and Bengals withtheir QB'S back healthy and at Ravens ,play 2x The VIKES and 2x always competetive GB Packers.But as I see defense will be better rest from superhuman efforts from previous years.


You are right about Kinder and Knox being in the mix. I'm a little afraid to get too attached to them because they remind me a lot of Monk and Currie. In that order.

You also wonder about the numbers game at receiver when the whole stable has such a steep learning curve. There are no real vets for the coaches to go easy on in camp. How many practice reps is a guy like Kinder going to get? He is on a rehabbing wheel and has to really shine very early to win more reps. That's going to be tough.

Maybe Brad could enlighten us on that one. Brad, it seems likely that the first thing a new player for the Bears has to do is "win" enough reps on the practice field to show their stuff to the coaches. When does that weeding process start? How far up the depth chart, for each position, do you have work yourself in camp to get enough reps to matter?

I don't know if Kinder is going to make it. However, I've seen film of Knox, and he is definitely going to create problems for defenses.

Yes, I do think the Cardinals would give up Boldin for a 2nd rounder and an NFL old TE, if that is only what the market will "Bear." Guess what folks, after months of 1st round draft pick demands for Boldin by Arizona and his super agent, BOLDIN IS STILL A CARDINAL!

Let us take Boldin to the Bears out of the equation for a moment. Everyday Bolden remains in Arizona, the Cardinals lose more in their "wishful" thinking for top trade compensation. The Boldin "pay me or trade me" public affair is costing Arizona any leverage they might have in negotiations. Any player thrown in with a draft pick, especially a need player for Arizona such as a blocking and catching TE (read: Clark)is soon to be a gift.

Next, Boldin might NOT be as good as advertised. He is often injured and what NFL teams know: When his receiving stats are reviewed when he is lined up against the better DB's in the game there is a considerable drop off in his production. Which means, there is some NFL question of Boldin's potential success as the #1 receiver. Why do you think Arizona has not gotten their 1st round pick? When the Cutler sweepstakes/soap opera were going on, did Denver have any trouble getting some team to bite (Da Bears)?

I am not being a Homer or involved in wishful thinking, it really comes down to an economy of scale. Do you believe Arizona is going to give in to Boldin (for the second time)and pay him the big $9 million with 2 years left on his current contract, along with all the other salary obligations and demands they have? We are in a global recession and Arizona and the NFL are not immune. The answer is No!

The Bears. The 32 year old Clark is gone after this year. The Bears will not resign him; that is the whole Michael Gaines point.
I might be wrong here, but wasn't the great blocking Desmond Clark a Chicago Bear this past season when the Bears could not gain a yard in short yardage? Gaines, as pointed out earlier, is not strickly a blocking TE. He was on an 0-16 team and caught 15 fewer passes than Clark and again, a much better blocker. And Greg Olsen is a terrible blocker and truly a receiver. So a Boldin, Gaines, and Olsen combination cures Bears problems on many fronts and positions them as a complete and very high power offense that is difficult to defend.

There might be a team out there willing to roll the dice and give a 1st round for Boldin, but that would just prove Arizona lucky. But the gift is under the Bears Christmas tree. Ho! Ho! Ho!

""You are right about Kinder and Knox being in the mix. I'm a little afraid to get too attached to them because they remind me a lot of Monk and Currie. In that order.""

The difference is they didn't have a pro-bowl caliber QB throwing them the ball like Kinder and Knox will....

Go Bears !!

"""The Bears. The 32 year old Clark is gone after this year. The Bears will not resign him; that is the whole Michael Gaines point."""

Clark is signed until 2010..... And your right, After Clark's deal is up (2010) he will not be re-signed.

Olsen is the future. Hopefully Kellen Davis can be in the mix as well... Gaines is the hammer and if he does well this season he should definetly garner a nice contract extension. Clark should be expendable if not this season, defiently next.

Go Bears !!

Wow! Kenicoe you make some salient and well thought out points. But your piece should more appropiately be titled, "Boldin still on the market and how the Bears can get him."

As you point out, both teams are trying to get back to the Super Bowl THIS NFL year and the Bears need Boldin and Arizona needs the veteran Clark. The Edge is gone and the Cardinals have no one else to blame for that dismal running game. Interesting how you point out Arizona has acquired three TE's this off season, and these readers still say Arizona will not take an aging TE. One TE,
Two TE, Three TE, Four!

Someone rebutted that Arizona did not take a second round pick before, and why would they take one now? Arizona is slowing coming out of the clouds. Because no one has fallen for the Rosenhaus hype and the Arizona smoke and offered them the first they demand - simple!

One Bear fan devoid of facts, is clinging to Desmond Clark as a must keep. In a Ron Turner TE orientated offense, Clark only caught a little more than 40 passes. In fact, Clark is not even listed on anyone's list as one of the top twenty Tight Ends in the league. I don't believe you are saying Michael Gaines is a premier TE, but Cutler throws the ball to him 40+ times and the Bears are successful in short yardage situations and Clark is replaced and forgotten.

Jerry Angelo and Bear fans should just wait this out. If Arizona does not find a sucker, I mean taker for their first round pick demand, the Bears have more than enough to land Boldin.

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