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Wow! Heyward-Bey heads to Oakland

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Maryland wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey comes off the board at No. 7 to the Oakland Raiders.

There should be at least four more receivers selected in the round--Michael Crabtree, Jeremy Maclin and Percy Harvin.

I would look for offensive tackles Eugene Monroe and Michael Oher to come off the board in a hurry here. Guessing, both are gone in the next three or four picks.

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This will be yet another bad move by Oakland. This guy is a straight-line runner who will not make it to the next level because basically he's soft and the corners he will face might not be as fast but they're tougher and smarter.

Crabtree soured many with his character.


This is a running game pick. Oakland is a running team. With speed on both out side WR's, how many teams can bring the safety up close often? Once the running game is mauling you, now is the time to take the chance deep with Bey or Johnny lee. Russell need some more time to develop and a running team takes the pressure off him.

I don't care what anyone says. The raiders coud have traded their pick and drafted this guy later on in the round. I dont know what the heck they were thinking. Typical though, he's a thug that smokes the ganja. Oakland is a perfect fit.

This is just exactly what to expect from the team that has made nothing but the DUMBEST first round picks for the past Five years! With all this draft media blowing up so big, hopefully Vegas will start letting us bet on who made the best picks, and who made the DUMBEST (RAIDERS is a sure bet, for DUMBEST).

I think it is a solid pick. Mike (two posts above) calls him a thug that smokes pot...I haven't seen anything at all about this guys character other than he is known to have GOOD character. I believe that although Crabtree LOOKS like the pick, we KNOW his character is circumspect at best, and is prone to injury. As stated above...Darrius is a solid pick, maybe not worth 7th overall, but nonetheless a solid pick.

DeAndre (thewrongway)is a sure pick for a Dumb standard lemming who is just a hater that listens to media hype instead of actually using his brain. What could be better than Higgins lining up with Heyward-Bey for the deep threat after getting the ball ran down your throat by Fargus, McFadden, and Bush! Oh yeah do not forget about Zach Miller and now Jeff Garcia is here to save the day to light a fire under J Russel's ass!

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