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Will expiring contracts shape draft plans at defensive end?

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If little happens between now and the 2010 draft, the Bears could find that defensive end is more significant to their plans than wide receiver is in this draft.

That is because starter Adewale Ogunleye, Mark Anderson and Israel Idonije are all coming out of contract. Now, Anderson will not be a free agent unless the NFL and the players association can work out an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement. In an uncapped year, which is what the sides are on track for right now, players do not become unrestricted free agents until they have six years of service in. That will be one motivating factor for the players to reach an agreement on some type of extension. In Anderson's case, that means the Bears would control his rights in an uncapped year.

Idonije is a role player right now who has never been more than a spot starter. He's been moved back to end and that should make him better on special teams again. Ogunleye will be 32. The bottom line is the Bears will have all the cap space needed, and then some, to address their own players if they choose to do so. But it's worth wondering if the contract situation will play a factor in decisions made this weekend with the draft.

"They are going to be out of contract but that doesn't mean they are not coming back,'' coach Lovie Smith said. "So a lot is on the line there. Defensive line is always a priority. You look at our history, we are always looking for a defensive lineman, just like DB's, skill guys, you keep all of those options open."

One guy making a late push with the Bears is Rutgers' Jamaal Westerman. He came in on an official visits and was viewed as a priority free agent type. He might have worked his ways into the plans as a late-round pick, but Westerman would be a project just as last year's seventh-round pick Ervin Baldwin is.

What will be interesting is if the team looks at the position earlier than that. It might not because as general manager Jerry Angelo said, the Bears are content with their line for this season as is. They better hope Rod Marinelli makes a substantial difference because the lack of a pass rush was easily the team's biggest problems defensively in 2008. Stay tuned.

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I say let Ogunleye and maybe Anderson (thoguh I'm still undecided in a way for him) go and keep Idonije who from what I saw can be a benefit for the team. They're probably going to rid themselves of the injury-prone Dusty and then look to either the draft this year or FA next year to fill in those holes and hopefully we can return to the deadly D that we are feard for.
One thing I greatly dislike about the whole final year of contract situation is that that seems to be the year that those players seem to do their greatest performance. Unfortunately it is all about the money and I really wish it wasn't.

Go Bears.

Rod Marinelli is not the Dahli lama, and his coaching will only take people so far, we need younger, faster, and more explosive players, that can run over, around, and through, these massive offensive lineman, that are playing in this league. I really like the players that the Bears have, but let`s face it, we don`t get to the quarterback nearly as much as we need to, and this problem needs as much attention as the wide reciever position does. Like it or not, a reciever can`t catch anything, if the defense can`t get off the field.


Why does the media think that Marinelli can turn things around for the D-Line, can someone give me an example of a player that he has made a big difference with (besides Sapp as he would have been great player already). As a fan, I am very frustrated with the Bears organization in thinking that Marinelli can make a huge difference. He got hired for a simple reason, he was Lovie's good friend. Hopefully Rod turns out to be a better hire than Lovie's other friend - Babich.

Stevenson's Scouting Service tags the Bears for the following picks in the draft:

49 Bears WR Mohamed Massaquoi Georgia
99 Bears (COMP) OT T. J. Lang Eastern Michigan
119 Bears WR Brandon Gibson Washington State
154 Bears OLB Victor Butler Oregon State
190 Bears OLB Stephen Hodge Texas Christian
246 Bears (COMP) DE Tim Jamison Michigan
251 Bears (COMP) C Edwin Williams Maryland

Butler is a Mathis-type DE converting to OLB for the NFL, but could be a situational pass rusher for us. (6'2, 240 lbs.) Might be a bit early, but 21.5 TFL in 2008 is not a small amount. I need to watch some film on him to learn more.

Brandon Gibson was a surprise. I had forgotten all about him, and he could be an interesting mid round prospect.

According to the breakdown of the mock, Gibson was taken 3 picks after McBath, with Corvey Irvin and David Bruton taken shortly after. He had Ogletree going at 195, right after we took Hodge.

Either way, there are a ton of ways this thing could go once it gets started. I have seen no additional receivers in the first after Crabtree and Maclin, and I have seen 6 in the first round. Oher has gone anywhere from 7 to 25, and Sanchez from 4 to 13. I am going to enjoy this...

Cards have reportedly lowered their asking price to get Boldin to a second rounder and other considerations, so I say let's get after him as soon as possible. Why not offer Izzy, our 49 pick, and next year's 5th rounder....Let's get this problem solved before we start tomorrow....

A report on stated that the Cardinals are now asking for a 2nd round pick and additional compensation for Boldin. JA would put the Bears in Super bowl Contention with this acquisition. Wouldn’t that be the best choice to go after a proven commodity who can step in and play instead of a rookie who won’t develop for 2 to 3 years if at all.

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Not the Dahlillama, you are absolutely right that the Bears need new and improved talent on the D line.

But I do believe that Marinelli will help the line despite his last few years in Detroit, he was well respected in Tampa Bay, enough to land a head coaching gig. We will see but I would like to pass judgment after his first year on the job.

Joe, on the pick of Massoquoi at #49, is that not a reach? I just don't realize what he brings to the table? I know his stock has been rising lately on the draft boards, but why?

Could anyone enlighten me on this guy as a pick at #49?

umm...Brando...that was just guys hate on Creighton waaaay too much..he's one of the few guys on the board that actually knows football..especially Bears football..and while I dont agree with him on everything, he's still a Bears fan, and a knowlegdable one at that.

Seriously...why can't we just talk football on this board? Everytime i post something football, my posts usually get ignored (except by Creighton)...and now all you seem to do is post bad stuff about Creighton...most of the time even before he says anything..i mean, come on dude...if you want to chat go somewhere else..we are here to talk CHICAGO BEARS football.. as for Massaquoi, i watched him play a few times and i liked him...i would love to see him in a uniform..but NOT at #99..i dont know why he's rising so far..maybe he's not...every year people say people are rising and falling, well really its usually BS. I dont see him being drafted that high..he's a solid possession reciever..hes not overly fast, he doesnt have the greatest hands and hes not that tall either...but he's smart, can run routes, block and catch..but he should be a 3rd/4th rounder. we'll see.

Mark Anderson is a one-trick pony whose trick has run out. Adewale Ogunleye's best days were with Miami when he had Jason Taylor to occupy the attention of offensive linemen. He'd be a very good third end, but as a starter he's no more than a little above average at best. Replacing these guys sooner rather than later with top players, along with fixing other defensive problems, would be a good way to begin rebuilding the defense.

Dahli, Massoquoi is a big reach at pick 49, he has nice size and decent speed but he has really bad hands, drops the ball a ton, he even got benched for it in college. His production was not impressive and if you consider it was Mr. #1 overall Pick in the draft throwing him the Ball on an excellent Bulldog offense, there are some real questions, he is ranked all over the place some have him as a second round pick and others rank him as a fifth round pick.

The Bears have fallen in love with his size and as we all know Angelo does not care if a guy drops the ball a lot. Notice the pattern of Bear recievers with bad hands.

Britt and Robiskie are the best fits and you should hope one of them falls.

we could get boldin now, but he played with larry and curt,and they passed a lot. here we run a lot and he wants 9 million. the question
here is is he worth that much money in our offense. i think he is because unless we draft a eddie royal type, it will take 2 years to develop a reciever and two years of wasted money. plus what about our d ends who are free agents after the season. boldin makes us a better team now and if we can draft denfense and get a reciver in the later rounds who we can develop that would be cost effective and
the team would be great right now.

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