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Wildcat lookout? Bears bring in Kent State QB Edelman for look

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The Bears brought in a quarterback to Halas Hall on Monday.

But they might have other plans for Julian Edelman. Some clubs believe the Kent State quarterback projects as a wide receiver in the NFL or perhaps a contributor on special teams. He could run the wildcat also after becoming the second quarterback in school history to pass for 1,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards in the same season. The first? Cleveland Browns electric return man Josh Cribbs.

The interest seems genuine. Edelman worked out for the Bears at his school last Thursday and then the club flew him in for a visit to Halas Hall, a trip that likely included a medical evaluation. He is making the rounds this week. According to the Record-Courier, Edelman will visit Miami on Wednesday and San Francisco on Friday, the last day draft prospects can make official visits to clubs. The Dallas Cowboys have reportedly shown interest in Edelman also.

He's a shade under 6-foot, 195 pounds and was clocked in the 40-yard dash at his pro day in 4.52 seconds. He's a good athlete with a 10-3 broad jump and a 36 1/2-inch vertical jump. He was a punt returner for the Golden Flashes and also was a safety on the punt team. Teams could be lining up to woo him as a priority free agent based on the late interest.

We have added Edelman to the list of official visits and private workouts right here. More on another MAC player the Bears are keeping close tabs on soon. Check back.

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No more WR projects. Can't we just get someone who played JUST WR? Hester is a work in progress, Drops Davis enough said. So please draft 2 WR or 1 WR and pick up Holt.


Kent States Julian Edelman is definitely a rookie free agent type, especially for a guy that doesn't even have a definite position. His ability to return punts is probably why the Bears like him. I wouldn't mind the Bears getting another player that could return punts. This would allow Devin Hester to concentrate solely at playing receiver. I don't think Hester will ever be the same game breaking return man he once was as long as he is a full-time receiver.

Chicago could bring Edleman in as a rookie free agent, place him on the practice squad, develop him for a season or two, and he might turn out to be a pretty good player to help out on special teams and as a #3 receiver. just a thought GO BEARS!!


I can't agree with that line of thinking dude. There is no such thing as a late rounder, or UFA who is not a work in progress. First and foremost, the Bears need more playmakers. If the guy fits that bill, I'm OK that they want to check him out. In the second place, versatility is the name of game for bottom of the roster players. The more hats they can wear, the better chance they have.

What if he winds up as a kick-@#$% free safety? Stranger things have happened. Ever hear of a player named Tony Dungy?

Hester reverts back to form this season. He will bring 3 to the house and break the all time record to own 14 return TD's. Teams will look at last season and overlook him and he will punish them like he used to. Can't wait for the draft and Training camp.


MS: I am all about players that can do more than 1 thing. My only problem is that our WR's are pretty terrible and all it seems they are looking at are guys that can do more than 1 thing. I would rather have a player who can play 1 position at a high rate, than play 3 positions at a mediocre rate. We need STUD WR's not another guy to take up a roster spot. There are always gems and I hope we find some in this draft.


Great, another midget project. No thanks.

Tom relax they are looking at special team players. As for Hester you will probably see less of him on Punt returns this year. The Bears want him at WR and if special teams gets in the way then they will remove him from special teams. The only wat you are going to see him doing a lot of returning is if he is in the Slot. Which the Bears have showed no sign of doing, they believe he is a number 1 and they want to prove that.

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