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Vikes' Jared Allen fixing to go Bear hunting

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We didn't find this one on our own, credit for that goes to and before them, but Bears fans will get a kick out of this. Or something.

Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen, who totaled 4 1/2 sacks vs. the Bears last season, has a good friendship with new quarterback Jay Cutler. In fact, when Allen was traveling overseas, someone played a joke on him and text messaged him that the Vikings had landed Cutler. Well, when Cutler made his way to the Bears last week, it was Cutler's turn to congratulate him.

"Congrats, I guess you got out of Denver,'' Allen recalled messaging him when appearing at the Country Music Awards in Las Vegas. Check out Allen's cowboy hat.

Then, he talked about his plans for the future now that he'll get to face Cutler twice per season like he did when he was in Kansas City and Cutler was in Denver.

"Twice a year, I am going to peel the back of his head off the turf,'' Allen said. ``I love the guy but business is business.''

Allen sacked Cutler 1 1/2 times when both were in the AFC West. Of course, the Bears have Orlando Pace to protect Cutler's blind side now. General manager Jerry Angelo was quoted as saying one of the reasons the Bears made a move for Pace is because they saw on film how well he handled Miami's Joey Porter last season. Pace allowed two sacks in 14 games.

Stay tuned. We'll be posting Four Down Territory soon.

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Someone should tell Allen that St. Clair no longer works here!!

Hate Minny, Love Jared...

Allen's a douche. I'd rather not have to look at his nasty mullet and jacked up teeth twice a year. At least he won't be running his mouth anymore during Bears games.

...Ever notice how much he looks like Drama on MTV's Rob & Big and Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory?? Scary.

I refuse to consider Jared Allen a human being. Did the police do the hog-tie sack dance when they nailed him the second time on a DUI? Hopefully he shaves another mullet, too. He offers me so much to hate, even if he wasn't an amazing player, which he is, I'd wish to never have to think of him again.

Allen is probably just saying that in good fun, I am going to wait and see what Cutler says.

By the way someone should tell Allen to take his fingers out of his wifes mouth, thats just being rude to her. Last I checked Allen got 2 sacks off the Rams in 06 but I don't know if he got them off Big O. By the way thats Orlando's nickname, if you wanted to know. Before he plays he likes to have his QB tell him Big O it's show time. Lets hope he puts on a show against Allen.

Allen's just pissed that he's stuck in a loser Viqueen organization that will never win a Super Bowl. At least he has his mullets...

So does anyone think that John St Clair was good or average or....anything other than poor last year.

This scumbag will hopefully get what he deserves via karma. The more you brag and boast the more hatred and likelyhood of future failure you line up in front of you. For example, look what happened to the Queens with not only their arogance but also their lies and deceipt, the Eagles whomped them (I still love the daylights out of that hit T-Jack took from the Eagle D-Lineman). I, as always, pray that we beat them, but when I see scumbags like Allen and the Williams' Wall who do nothing but lie cheat and steal, and produce huge excessive egos, I pray we anhialate them and then smile in their faces.

Go Bears!

Who cares what Allen thinks about anything?

Wow! When did Allen start looking like Ernest T. Bass from the old "Andy Griffith Show?" Is he going to throw a brick through Jerry Angelo's window next?

No actually he looks like Ernest[Jim Varney] I guess he found Vern.

When is Jared Allen due at his KKK meeting?

jared allen is a freaking putz! you and i, one on one you drunken hillbilly! vikes SUCK, BEARS RULE!

You can see that he only hunt Bear that are already dead. The post is right under it's head. You really can't insult a hillbilly so why try.

How can anyone not thinking he is just talking trash? I am sure cutler will give it right back.... All you Allen haters are just jealous he's not opening up lanes for Urlacher. Just know when "big o" gets tired and is gaspin for air in the 4th, Allen will be salivating and just getting warmed up. And then your precious qb will be one bull rush away from putting bears fans in the same qb situation as vikings fans I'm bitter :).....

Barry maybe Pace will get tired by the 4th qt but I don't think Allen will be all that fresh after battling him all day considering he is giving away 50-60 pounds. Not mention by the time the 4th qt comes, that ultra weak secondary of yours will have been lit up like a Christmas tree.

WOW! I had no idea there were this many crybaby football fans out there. Jarred Allen is one of the best in the game. The article itself said him and Cutler are friends, yet you're on here whining like little girls about how "mean" he is? lighten up. And the williams wall? what are you talking about?! they aren't T.O. They don't do interviews and brag about how good they are! thats your conscience telling you how good they are. Lay off the Hater-ade and grow up. P.S. You want to talk about ego?!?!? What about Cutler? the biggest Crybaby to grace the grid iron?

Hey Maniac,
Have you paid any attention to anything ? There wasn't anything bad said about Cutler, by anyone, until Mcdaniels become head coach. Now all of a sudden in 2 months he is a baby.
His own Denver teammates nominated him captain, 2 yrs in a row, his first 3 years in the league. That is pretty impressive. I highly doubt any veterans on that team would have put up with any cry baby antics, if there were any.
If you would do any homework, "intelligent" people do that! You would know that in his career from high school. college, and in the pro's. He was a highly respected individual. He speaks his mind, he is very passionate. He has spunk.
The Bears now have an all-pro QB.
The queens are in year 4 of the T Jackson experiment. Now that is funny.
Good luck with tjack, rosenfels, spielman and chidress.

We can talk trash too though minn and Barry! right?
That's why we got Big O! and as far as him blowing in the 4th, well he's been through the wars enough to know how to Pace himself huh?

Of Course we would like to have Allen! Who wouldn't. But we don't, so why even worry about that? We have Pace! nuff said.

HAHAHA, Reading all these comments, and now seeing how much J.A. is kicking ass this year makes me laugh. Just a bunch of haters. You might hate the guy but dang does he have game. Go vikes!!!

LOL... Bears fans are pathetic. Jay Cutler is not only the ugliest quarterback of all time (Orton a close 2nd), but he brings along a lack of talent as well. How'd ya'll like that butt whoopin? If we weren't so classy in the great state of MN, we'd be crying about Jared eating your your QB for breakfast as well.

This guys crazy! Bears are awesome though!

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