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Turner says his relationship with Cutler off to great start

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For the first time since Jay Cutler was acquired three weeks ago, offensive coordinator Ron Turner explained the scholarship offer that never happened for the quarterback at Illinois.

Cutler and his family felt jilted by the Illini when he was coming out of high school, and comments were made in recent times as well. Cutler believed he had a scholarship offer from the school and when he made his official visit in December of his senior year he found out that was not the case. It's over and done with from Turner's perspective, and he even managed to get a good laugh out of the situation.

"Basically it was a misunderstanding,'' Turner said Thursday morning following the Brian Piccolo awards ceremony. "Jay and I have talked about it. It's in the past. I never in my eight years there offered a scholarship to someone, had them accept it and then pulled it back. That never happened to anybody.

"Scholarship offers only could go through me. I was the only one who could officially offer a scholarship and officially accept a scholarship because you've got nine assistant coaches out there and you don't know what they are going to say. They might have to say something to a kid, `Oh yeah, sure you have a scholarship.' But they had to officially come through me.

"Anyway, it's behind us and things happen for a reason. It worked out well for Jay. He had a great career. Things worked out. If it hadn't have worked out that way, I'd still be there.''

Cutler and Turner have been working to strengthen their relationship. They're meeting on a daily basis for four hours. If Cutler hits 90 percent of the dates in the voluntary workout program, he collects a $100,000 bonus.

"I couldn't be happier with his work ethic,'' Turner said. "I know people have been talking about some other stuff but I couldn't be happier. He is here every day, early. We're throwing every day. It's exciting. We're developing a great relationship and there is great communication, great dialogue.''

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"If it hadn't have worked out that way, I'd still be there.''

Is Turner saying if he landed Cutler in College then he would still have that job?

I think Ron Turner is doing a good job. Consider the lack of talent he has had at the skill positions since he's been with the Bears. A few decent players, but but and large not an outstanding group. He's done in my opinion, "more with less" then many offensive coordinators in the NFL.

Turner can still be a head-scratcher. Personally, I don't want to see any WR screen plays to Devin Hester when Hester's lining up as a flanker. That was literally a play I had to run as a WR in MIDDLE SCHOOL, and just like then, when Turner would run this play, Hester would be isolated on one side or just as bad paired up with Rashied Davis. If Greg Olsen and Bennett are on the same side as Hester, maybe I can buy that play. Other wise its good for -2 to 2 yards anytime you try it.

On the other hand, there's a huge difference in Chicago running on 3rd down last season versus in seasons worked last year! I hope to see more creativity with Hester's medium-long routes while at the same time a commitment to getting Forte over 4.0 YPC and always having the option to toss him a pass in the flat

"I couldn't be happier with his work ethic,'' Turner said. "I know people have been talking about some other stuff but I couldn't be happier. He is here every day, early. We're throwing every day. It's exciting. We're developing a great relationship and there is great communication, great dialogue.''

Like I said to many people have the wrong idea about this kid because they listen to stupid Bronco fans who are suffering from sour grapes. You do not complete 60% of your passes unless you can read a defense, and you cannot read a defense unless you study a lot of film. You don't go to Vandy and get named team captain 3 years in a row if you are a lazy drunken moron. The kid works and he works hard.

Everyone has been talking about him being seen with Olsen and he had a drink in his hand. Well he has not missed a meeting yet and is working out everyday. So he is putting in his work and showing up early.

Now go get that boy a reciever.

I agree completely with your statement. I think that people need to really see that you can have a good qb, but if there's no bonafide talent around them it's useless. Peyton Manning has #1 wide receivers for a reason, they produce. The bears need to learn that they need to spend money, shop hard for talent, and stop wasting draft picks. Cutler did not bring Royal and Marshall with him and we don't have anyone that plays like them. This will only go as far as the front office will take it, he can throw until the cows come home but it doesn't matter if you don't have receivers that can create plays. The league changes so fast and players move around so quickly, but one thing is for certain, they want to play on teams that contend every year and they WANT TO GET PAID-players like Reggie Wayne and Hines Ward aren't cheap, they paid alot of money for them. You could get the world's best oc, but if you are in the habit of being cheap, they're not coming because they want real talent. The bears need to spend money and they need to understand that you can't get by on mediocre talent and expect an aging defense to pull you out everytime. Great offensive minds deserve better players, not just becasue they're cheaper.

Creighton-agreed, I also read somewhere (the trib?) about Jay working concrete in the summers in high school,sissy's and cry babies dont work concrete or trash sanitation.

The Denver media hated Cutler since he said he had a stronger arm than Elway, and he was given a bad rap by angry fans. Friends of mine that are Broncos fans and know football beyond ESPN commentators are very upset over the trade and give me some jealous looks.

Can't wait to see the draft, not sure what I hope to see most, either way if last years group goes 9-7, with Cutler and the new Oline we have to at least go 10-6.

Heres hoping Pace buts Jared Allen's cousin dating self flat on his back. What are the chances of Pace doing a hog tie on Allen after a pancake?

It Seems "Coach" Turner Is Finally Acting As If He Cares. Unfortunately, Any Time A Team Sends 11 Professional Offensive Football Players, Out Across The Large White Line, Only To Have These Same 11 Return A Minute Or So Later, After A 3 & Out? The Blame Lays Squarely With The OC. If You've Paid Any Attention At All? "Coach" Turner Continually Call's The Wrong Play At The Right Time. It Seems He Operates In Some Sort Of "Play It Safe" Fashion.. Time & Time Again, His Offense Is Directed To Play "Not To Lose" A Game, Instead Of Pushing To Win It... And Our Post Game Is Always Filled With "Bad Execusion".. And "We'll Make Changes Prior To Next Week"... And "Blah-Blah-Blah" I'm Glad That With Our New Quarterback Situation, Turner Will Finally Be Tested In The Forefront Of The Big Stage. If He Improves His Play Calling? Wonderful.. But If He Can't? Send Him Packing. His Game Plan Of Scoring Three Points, Then Attempting To Kill The Clock And Hope & Pray To Win, Is Just Frustrating.

Jack & Nicole,
Glad to see there are some here who realize that Ron Turner is a very good offensive coordinator. He's done quite a bit with virtually no talent. I'm really sick of people who don't know what they're talking about bashing him, like Jimmy. Fans overvalue their own players and don't realize how bad the Bear offensive players are. Even in 2006 the Bears got to the Super Bowl with a mediocre (at best) quarterback, no No. 1 receiver, a right tackle playing left tackle, and a below average right tackle. Ya can't get water out of a rock, folks. If management doesn't give Turner anything to work with, that's not his fault and there's nothing he can do about it. On the rare occasions when Turner has been given even a little talent, such as Eric Kramer, he has produced high powered offenses. His offenses continually overachieve considering their lack of talent.

You Are Correct That The Team Did Get To The "Big Dance" In 2006.
And If You Remember Correctly? They Did That Riding The Shoulder Pads Of One Thomas Jones, And His Rushing/Ground Game.

Where You Not Clear My Friend, Is That Once There? "Coach" Turner Drew Up A Game Plan That Consisted Of Way Too Much Of His Mediocore Quarterback (Your Words), Throwing The Football All Over The Field, And The Running Game Being Pretty Much Non-Existant. If I Do Remember Correctly? (And I Do), Those Colts The Bears Faced In The 2006 Championship Game? Were Not Exactly Great Run Stopper's That Season And In Knowing That, A Good Coach Would Use It To His Teams Advantage. As History Show's Us All.. This Was Not The Case.

As For "Bashing" The OC? I'm Not. (I Did Say I Hope He Can Prove Himself) I'm Just Pointing Out What's Already Been Under-Accomplished From Behind The Glass Of That Lofty Booth.

*As For Untalented Offensive Players? I Have To Believe The OC (Who Is Considered "Managment") Has Quite A Bit Of Input On Who/What College Player's The Team Is Interested In Drafting.

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