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Scouts arriving Wednesday for final draft preparations

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The Bears' draft room is going to get busy.

The club's area scouts will descend on Halas Hall beginning Wednesday as preparations for the April 25-26 draft ramp up. This is when general manager Jerry Angelo will begin the process of putting the final touches on the team's draft board. There are a myriad of issues at play and much has changed since the group was last fully assembled after the April 2 trade for quarterback Jay Cutler.

There is a lot of information to go through, not the least of which is the medical reports the club has gathered on each player. Each player is assigned a grade based on their medical history and that weighs heavily in the final grade assigned to the player. Interviews, information gathered by the scouts over the course of the past year-plus and game film all go into it. With 10 days to prepare before the start of the draft, the scouting staff and coaches will be able to confer after the coaches have been out to conduct some private workouts.

Here are the Bears' scouts:

Greg Gabriel, Scouting Director
Chris Ballard, Southwest
Marty Barrett, West
Rex Hogan, East
Ted Monago, Rockies & Plains
Mark Sadowski, Southeast
Jeff Shiver, Midwest

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Brad, are these scouts held accountable when a player they recommend is a bust? Who scouted Benson, Grossman, Michael Haines, and the other high draft picks that flopped? Are they still around? Angelo gets all the heat but how much heat should be put on the scouts that liked these players? I hope these scouts know what they are doing!!

Is 6 scouts typical for a NFL franchise? Seems a bit light considering how much territory each one has to cover.

Hadji, you raise a valid point. Unfortunately you have no passion for MY team and I can tell your frail mind wouldn't know what to do in this situation. Do you have passion, Hadji? Would you know it if you saw it on the sidewalk? Can you even call yourself a man when you look at your pathetic self in the mirror? Come to think of it, just go away. You disgust me.

I just emailed Jerry Angelo expressing my concerns with the unacceptable amount of high draft picks that have turned into busts. You can bet old Jer' has never heard anything like this before. But I told him to get scouts who know talent when they see it. How brilliant is that?

I bet you insignificant ants are wondering what makes a good scout. While I don't usually lower myself to the likes of the rest of you, I'll make an exception this time.

First, you have to have passion. Second, you have to have passion. And third, you must have PASSION!!!

Passion, passion, passion!

And remember, if not for me, the Bears would have never acquired Cutler. Therefore I will be expecting donations from you underdeveloped insect larvae to build a solid gold statue, as high as the Sears Tower, in my glorious image.

Truly yours,

THE #1 Bears fan, Bill


Hadji makes a good point, Is there a way of finding out what the scouts records have been (since JA) and what players they have recommended that have had success and failure?

How long have these scouts worked for the BEARs?

Im pretty confident Chicago is gonna go receiver at #49, especially since they haven't made any off-season moves at the position other than cutting Marty Booker and letting Brandon Lloyd go. The player I would like for Chicago to take at #49 is Ohio States Brian Robiskie. Robiskie should be the most NFL ready being the son of longtime NFL player and coach Terry Robiskie. His upbringing and refined technique should give him an edge over other prospects. At 6-3 207lbs, he's your prototypical split end. Robiskie had his most productive season with the Buckeye's at split end when he was a junior hauling in 55 catches for 935 yards and 11 touchdowns. As a senior he played flanker, and his numbers dipped a bit, although he still had 8 touchdowns. A freshman QB probably didn't help his numbers any either. I hope he's there for the Bears at #49, if not go with Georgia's Mohamed Massaquoi, who is also your prototypical split end at 6-2 210lbs. The only way I wouldn't go receiver at #49 is if a player like Missouri's Ziggy Hood somehow slips to the Bears, I doubt it, but it could happen.

The next pick in the third at #99 is going to be interesting. I would like to see the Bears go with Eastern Michigan's T.J Lang, who they could bring in to groom as an eventual starting right tackle. If not Lang at #99, the Bears could still land a young tackle in Florida's Jason Watkins later on in the 5th-6th round. I would still like to see Chicago land a young tackle during some point of the draft.

Another possibility in the thrid is Georgia Tech defensive tackle Vance Walker. Scouts say he is a one-gap tackle who has the arm length and agility to corrall and bring down ballcarriers in space. Walker could be a nice fit in Chicago's scheme. Walker is also very effective using his hands to rip off his man and pressure the quarterback, and Chicago needs help in this area also. He'd be a nice pickup. Chicago needs some help at defensive tackle, especially with Tommie Harris having the knee problems and Dusty Dvoracek having durability problems his entire career, to me, thats to many question marks at the position, the Bears might want to address the position early. Best case scenario would be for Missouri defensive tackle Evander Hood to slip to the Bears at #49, if not, Walker would also be nice at #99, we'll see GO BEARS!!

Kevin - I agree on the 3rd rd pick of Lang. He could be really solid down the road and is noted for being an intense, hard working player. In the 2nd Robiske, Hicks, or Britt would all be great picks. Massaquoi is a one year wonder. Those players almost never work out.

If the right WR is not there in the 2nd they should grab the best player available. There are a lot of very fast WR's they can look at in the 4th or 5th rds. Also, Cutler is going to improve the WR's the Bears have now and more will become available after the draft.

If the right WR is not there at 49 Hood would be a great pick, Barwin LB/DE, or an OL that may have fallen because of a run on WR's.

You are one messed up individual lol

Kevin A you posted this earlier:

"I know a lot of people don't like Massaquoi, but he is your prototypical split end. He's got the size you like at the position 6-2 210lbs. He had a case of the drops during his first three years at Georgia, but came on as a senior. Massaquoi caught 58 passes for 920 yards to go along with 8 touchdowns last season."

Kevin just a thought but dropping a ball on a regular basis for 4 years, yes 4 years is not a case of the drops. It is called bad bad bad hands. Let me point out to you that he had one of the best QB's in college and was in one of the most prolific offenses in college and his numbers for 1 year out of 4 are almost decent in that offense. He dropped a lot of passes again this year, he will not block, he does not like contact and for a guy who will have to play on the line that is bad and he will not go over the middle.

Just a thought but if your going to make a guy your first pick you may want him to be consistant and if he is a WR, you probably want him to have good hands. This guy is niether.

However last year you liked Chris Williams a lot and kept brining up his name as the draft got closer and sure enough the Bears drafted him and that worked out great. Both you and the Bears ignoring the warnings about his back.

This year you are brining up Massaquoi more and more as the draft gets closer. Word is the Bears like him a lot too.

You Kevin may very well be the Harbinger of draft pick doom.

And when he had chosen the second pick, I heard the voice of the fourth beast(Kevin) say, Come and see.

And I looked, and behold a pale Bear: and his name that sat on him was Angelo, and bad drafts followed with him.

Just a thought, but what if we traded back? I know that will be an unpopular tactic, but I've been looking at where we draft and there are several good trade scenarios. The one I like best is we give up our 2nd and move back 20 spots with Dallas into the high 3rd round and get both their 4ths, and a sixth. The value would be pretty even on the point system and having 2 thirds and 3 fourths would allow the Bears to address multiple needs by drafting 2 good wide out prospects, still take a safety fairly high, get an o-linemen for the future and fortify our secondary. All before the 5th round. Plus, historically, the third, fourth and fifth rounds are where Angelo tends to hit well.

I think you will find that of the 32 teams, most are slightly different in how they organize their scouting departments. Back in the early 90s (I think) two groups emerged in the NFL that basically functioned as "scouting collectives". Teams would combine their scouting reports, giving the same type of information on prospects that they would share with the other members of the group. They obviously protected their own rankings, and their personal evaluations, but shared the common assessment with the other teams.

By belonging to one of these groups, they expand their scouting "reach" without putting feet on the street. That reduced the need for larger fleets of scouts scouring the countryside

Are the Bears still part of the same group, and do they still function like they have in years past, or has that type of thinking fallen off as more video and game footage has become available?

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